Outlaw Sippin Band, My Fifth Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, North Dakota

The Outlaw Sippin Band is my fifth most favorite person/people in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I am mostly talking about the long time members Brady Paulson, Beni Paulson, and Emil Anheluk.  Brady, Beni, and Emil formed the band in 2008.  Brady sings and plays guitar.  Beni sings and plays bass guitar.  Emil plays fiddle, mandolin, keyboard, and accordion.

The Outlaw Sippin Band plays Rock, Country, and Pop.  They play at many venues and occasions in Dickinson, Belfield, Killdeer, and elsewhere.  As a separate business, they provide and operate sound equipment, speakers, and amplifiers for other bands that are touring and perform in western North Dakota.  Whether they are performing, or operating sound equipment for other performers, they always have a positive attitude and are friendly and pleasant.  That’s their problem.

Brady, Beni, and Emil could have been as well known as U2 if they just would have been angrier and wrote angry music about North Dakota.  Vocally and instrumentally they are just as talented, and probably even more talented than U2.  I am using the U2 analogy, because from here on, Emil will now be known as “The Edge”, for his accordion playing.  Unfortunately, being from North Dakota, the members of Outlaw Sippin behave like North Dakotans, they suppress and do not express their feelings, they do not get out-of-control, they do not rant, they do not go on tirades.

Why can’t you guys have more anger, hatred, and rage?  Because I like you, I want to tell you this.  Yes, people here locally like you, they like how you sound, they like your performance, you are friendly and easy to get along with, you are a “nice” band.  I know that you have talent, and I think that you can finish your careers being much more famous, even without leaving Dickinson, by writing just a few songs that really express how you feel, whether it’s angry like Metallica, melancholy like Johnny Cash, sad like Willie Nelson, or shitty like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

You don’t have to be nice all the time.  There are plenty of things around here that are bad, ugly, tragic, unfair, unjust, and wrong that you can write about.  You can even write about everyday things, everyday things that happen around here:  Lynyrd Skynyrd:  “In walked a man with a gun in his hand looking for you know who… he turned and screamed at Linda Lou, that’s the break I was looking for, you could hear me scream a mile away as I was headed out for the door…”    Jimmy Buffet:  “Some say you are the Stump Queen, honey I don’t think that’s true, so why don’t we get drunk and screw…”. Willie Nelson: “Good morning America how are you, don’t you know me, I’m your native son, I’m the train they call the City of New Orleans…”  Everyday things, that have meaning, that are common experiences, that are expressed in a way that make people feel it.

I already recommended to Jessie Veeder that she start writing about the bad things in western North Dakota.  Now that Jessie Veeder is in your band, I hope that you all can collaborate to find something you all experience that you feel strongly about even if it’s bad, angry, ugly, and mean.  I want you to write some songs that people will remember and make you famous.

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