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Women And The Meth Life In Dickinson, North Dakota

In the beginning of May I bought a house in the Dickinson area.  For those of you who don’t know, Dickinson went through an oil boom from 2007 through 2015 where the housing prices quadrupled.  Though the oil boom has been over for five years, the real estate prices remain artificially and ridiculously high, way out of proportion to what the local economy is now and will be for the foreseeable future.

I recommend not buying a house in Dickinson at this time, because the real estate prices are too high and they are headed for a long downfall.  But, I bought a “For Sale By Owner” house that was not advertised, appraised, or handled by a realtor so I got it for about 30% of what houses here are being advertised.

I am kind of numb from everything that has been happening in my life recently, good and bad, ups and downs.  I can hardly believe that I have enough property now to park my vehicles and trailers without anyone bitching at me, wanting to charge me money, the Police wanting to Red Tag it for being parked on the street, or the Meth addict thieves trying to steal things every night.

The apartment building where I had lived in downtown Dickinson for the past three years, I can’t believe that I lived like that.  I try to make sense of it, 75% of the people who live in this building are just trying to live a normal, peaceful, stable, productive life, but there has always been this constant turnover of white-trash drug-addict short-term renters that have made this apartment building a ghetto flop-house.

Now that I think about it, moving out of this downtown apartment building is kind of like getting out of prison for me.   I’m not really sure if I’m free or not, and I’m not really sure if I can let my guard down from getting robbed, stabbed, stolen from, or conned by the low-life drug-addict thieves in downtown Dickinson.

During this past week, I have had to do a lot of shopping for my new home.  In one of the stores that I have been going to, I met who I thought was a nice, intelligent, friendly young lady.  No, I want to make it very clear, this was not some woman working at a convenience store, gas station, liquor store, restaurant, or bar.  She was more like a salesperson or manager at a furniture store, flooring store, or building supply store.

Because this woman was acting so friendly, which is not normal for Dickinson, I asked her where she was from.  She is from Montana.  The second day that I saw her and talked to her, she told me a little about what she had done in Montana, when she came to Dickinson back in 2009, and what she had done in Dickinson.   She came to Dickinson with her boyfriend that she had been living with, they got married, and now she is divorced.

The first time that I saw this woman, I got the impression that she was in her mid to late twenties.  I thought that she was plain looking, and I didn’t have any interest in her.  But, since she was friendly, which is so unusual in Dickinson, and I was able to talk to her, she seemed like she was a decent person and that she was wanting to make friends.

This woman seemed to be fairly intelligent, responsible, even-tempered, reasonable, and easy to get along with.  One of the reasons why I thought this about her, was because she was the manager of the business where she worked, and she said that she had paid off her own home.   She was in her early thirties, not her mid twenties like I had thought.

The third time that I went back to this store, I asked this woman if she would like to go with me to the Mexican restaurant tonight or tomorrow night.  She said that she couldn’t, that she had to work.  I thought that this was a stupid answer, because her store closes at 6:00 p.m.  I thought that she just didn’t want to go with me.

Out of politeness or guilt, she began explaining to me that her business was short-staffed, and that she had to work every day.  Then, she began explaining that she had sole custody of her eight year old daughter.  Then, that her ex-husband was a Meth addict who had destroyed all of the walls and windows in her home, that he had been No-Trespassed from her home, and that she had had to go stay at the women’s shelter for two weeks.  And, that her ex-husband lives a couple of blocks away from her.

Prior to asking this woman if she wanted to go out to dinner with me, I had thought that she liked me.  She seemed that she liked me.  Did she like me because she was lonely, bored, alone, wanted company, thought that I was different, thought that I had money,….. I don’t know.

Me, I thought that she would be or could be good company because she was friendly, intelligent, reasonable, responsible, and decent acting.

When she did not want to go out to dinner with me, I was surprised, and I wondered what had caused her to change her mind about acting friendly toward me.  It didn’t really matter at this point, because her mind appeared to be made up.  At first her explanation just seemed like a stupid excuse.  As she elaborated on her situation, I thought that she was just trying to make me lose interest in her and give up on ever asking her out again.

But, if I would have just stopped and listened to what she was telling me, that her ex-husband was a Meth addict who had destroyed all the walls and windows in her house, was No-Trespassed by the Police, that she had had to go stay in the women’s shelter, that her ex-husband lived a couple of blocks away from her and that they had an eight year old daughter together, why the fuck would I want to get involved in that situation?  I just got out of a Meth-addict hell-hole living in downtown Dickinson.

Something else that I thought about, what does this say about this woman’s character and judgment, that she dated, married, and had a child with a Meth-addict, white-trash hoodlum?

When I described meeting this woman, I said that she did not work at a convenience store, gas station, liquor store, bar, or restaurant, which is where you will usually find the Meth-addict women in Dickinson.  But I guess it doesn’t matter, the people in Dickinson aren’t even at the blue-collar level or low-class level of people, they are at the Meth-addict level.  See, I didn’t get out of prison after all, I’m still here in Dickinson with the Meth addicts.

Very Successful Porn Actress Found Homeless And Living In Storm Drain Tunnel Under Las Vegas

This past month I wrote a couple of blog posts about talking to the drug addict women who live at the “Drug House” at the end of the street that I live on.  I liked two of these drug addict women because they were straightforward and direct when talking with them, and unlike most women in Dickinson, North Dakota, they were thin, petite, feminine, and sexually appealing.

When I looked up one of these two drug addict women on the internet, I couldn’t believe how successful she had once been, with a high paying job, nice home, husband, and two young children.  I was shocked at how far she had fallen, to where now she had no job, no money, and she was being evicted.

When I thought about trying to help her, I realized that her employer, her co-workers, her friends, her family, and her husband had probably all tried to help her.  If she couldn’t even pull herself together for the sake of her husband and her two young children, what did I think I could do?

The women’s shelter in Dickinson is a very neutral, non-judgmental, safe, free-of-charge residence for homeless women, why couldn’t she just go there?  The answer is, because she is not done yet with using drugs, she still wants to use drugs.

Tonight I was looking at YouTube videos, and I saw one about a very successful porn actress, “Jenni Lee”, who was found by a Dutch film crew as they were making a documentary about homeless people living under Las Vegas, Nevada in the storm drain tunnels.

“Jenni Lee”, whose real name is Stephanie Sadorra, was found homeless and living in the storm drain tunnels.  She is 37 years old now, and in this video she is still nice looking, even though she was caught by surprise and wasn’t very cleaned up.

There have been over 3 million views to this video as it was shared on YouTube, in addition to who knows how many millions of views from television news broadcasts.  There are thousands of mocking comments that have been left by YouTube viewers, however there is some insight among the comments.

It was pointed out by YouTube viewers that there are thousands of average, ordinary, plain men who would be willing to help “Jenni Lee” and provide her with a place to stay, and basic necessities like food, clothing, transportation, and help getting medical care.  There are probably even quite a few wealthy, successful men who would be willing to take her in and try to help her.  However, she is not done using drugs yet, she doesn’t want help, she wants to continue to use drugs.

Here are some photos of “Jenni Lee” before she became homeless:

Warning!, these photos were provided by Google Images, the top several rows of photos are not X-rated, but if you keep scrolling down past the top several rows, the photos become more pornographic:


The Sad And Tragic Story Of Who This Drug Addict Girl Is, In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post I described how I came to meet a drug addict girl, who I will call “Teresa”, following the theft of my property in downtown Dickinson where I live.  In late June, Teresa came walking down the street from the Drug House where she lived, to where I was, working on my vehicle parked on the street beside the apartment building where I live.

At first, I was interested in talking to Teresa, in order to try to find out who had stolen my bicycle in the beginning of June.  The longer that I talked to her, I began to notice that she was good looking, in a way that most women in Dickinson are not.  She was very thin and muscular, with no body fat at all.  But her appearance wasn’t from diet and exercise, it was from drug use and not eating.

Because of the way that Teresa looked, and because she was so forward with me, I was attracted to her, and I wanted to have sex with her.  Her whole reason for walking up from the Drug House and talking to me, was probably to see if I had any interest in her, because she needed help.

I knew from talking to the landlord of the Drug House a day or two earlier, that Teresa was likely one of the three people who were being evicted from the Drug House.  Teresa told me that she was being evicted, but that she was going to court to fight her eviction.

It appeared that Teresa had no job, no income, no vehicle, and no money.  I thought about how I could help her, but I also thought about how much trouble she could cause me.  If I allowed her to stay in my apartment, sooner or later she or her friends would probably steal whatever they could from me.  Or, she could make an abuse allegation against me, and the Police would likely arrest me and remove me from my own apartment.

I realized that if I wanted to know who Teresa really was, I could look up her landlord’s name on the North Dakota Court Repository website under Civil/Traffic court cases, where he would be the Plaintiff, and she would be the Defendant in a pending eviction court case.

I found Teresa’s real first and last name, plus a second first and last name that she sometimes uses, which comes from her middle name and a previous marriage last name.  Using court records, LinkedIn, a wedding registry, company records, and Facebook, I was able to see a very sad and tragic story of who Teresa actually was:

Teresa grew up in, and graduated from high school, in a small town in Indiana.  From 2000 to 2004 she attended and graduated from a good state university, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

While attending university she was employed in business administration, and she continued to have steady employment in business administration after she graduated from university.  In her late twenties, with the amount of work experience and long-term steady employment that she had had, she probably earned $35,000 to $40,000 per year.

In 2010 Teresa moved to Virginia in order to attend a business college, to actually get a degree in Business Administration.  With her previous extensive work experience in business administration, taking the additional classes in accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and management, would probably allow her to begin earning $50,000 to $80,000 per year.

Her first semester at this business college in Virginia, Teresa met a fellow student in one of her classes, who had just gotten out of the military.  Soon she became best friends with him, later she became engaged to him, and a couple of years later she had two children with him.

Her fiancee that she met at business college in Virginia, I will call him “Jeremy”.  Jeremy had a good personality, he was funny, handsome, athletic, and in good physical condition.  The photographs of Teresa and Jeremy from this time period at business college in Virginia, both of them about 30 years old, they looked very happy, and very healthy.

When Teresa and Jeremy graduated from business college in Virginia in 2013, soon after that, they moved to Dickinson, North Dakota, which was experiencing an oil boom.  Teresa got a job in business administration in Dickinson, with a very large company, her job title was assistant manager.  After about a year of working for this very large company in Dickinson, Teresa was promoted to manager.

As manager of this company, Teresa was responsible for the intake of about $200,000 to $300,000 per month, the deposits, the bookkeeping, some human resources, employee management, sales, marketing, public relations, dealing with customers, and more.  She earned probably $60,000 to $70,000 per year.

From the civil and criminal court records that I saw, and from her Facebook timeline of photos and comments, it looks like everything began falling apart in approximately 2015.  Teresa was no longer with Jeremy, the father of her two children, and it looked like she was no longer employed.

What I saw on Teresa’s Facebook page, was that she was “in-love” with her “soul-mate”, a convicted felon thief, drug addict, and drug dealer from Bowman, North Dakota.  In her Facebook photos and comments, and in court records, from 2016 onward, it looked like she became completely immersed in a drug addict lifestyle.

Jeremy was awarded custody of their two children.  Teresa was arrested for failure to appear in court, following an arrest for driving without a driver’s license.  She was arrested for possession of marijuana.  She was evicted by three different property management companies in Dickinson for failure to pay rent.  She had four separate court judgments against her for $4,500, $2,000, $1,000, and $1,000.

What was shocking to me, was the contrast between the Teresa that had just graduated from business college, was the manager of a large company earning $60,000 to $80,000 per year, with a new Dodge Charger, with a home, a husband, and two young children, and the Teresa who was homeless, with no children, no job, and walking the streets of Dickinson looking for things to take out of garbage dumpsters.

It is said that a drug addiction is a mental illness.  I don’t disagree that drug addiction is a mental illness, but I think that Teresa must have had some kind of mental illness completely separate from trying, using, and becoming addicted to methamphetamine.  The reason why I say this, is how in two or three years of using meth, could she not see that she had lost her job, her career, her home, her husband, her children, her friends, and was living on the street, and not want to change?  The women’s shelter and rehabilitation is just one mile away.

I couldn’t believe how far Teresa had fallen.  But I had to tell myself, how in the world could I help her or deal with her, don’t I realize that her husband, her family, her employer, and her friends must have all tried to help her?

Probably one of the biggest obstacles to Teresa leaving this drug addict lifestyle, is her “soul-mate” boyfriend, who despite being arrested for felony theft and felony drug possession with intent to deliver during this past year, he is not in jail, but on probation.  I don’t know when the judges in Dickinson will understand that allowing convicted felon drug dealers to walk around free in Dickinson, is not a good idea, and not helpful to anyone.

Talking To Drug Addict Women From The Drug House In Dickinson, North Dakota

Due to the successful theft and attempted theft of my property in downtown Dickinson where I live, I started talking to the drug addict women who live at the Drug House down the street.  This is probably going to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Following the successful theft of my white color Mongoose Mountain Bicycle on June 6, one of the people who I stopped and talked to while looking for my stolen bicycle, was a young lady drug addict who was pacing around outside of the Drug House down the street.

I had seen her before in our neighborhood, she is in her late twenties, blond hair, about 5′-3″, 105 lbs.  The last time that I had seen her, I was talking to my neighbor, there was an undercover Police Officer in a Chevy Suburban parked twenty feet away from us, and this girl came and sat down in the street with her dog about fifteen feet from me.  She was probably very high, sitting down in the middle of the street like that, right in front of the undercover Police Officer, two blocks from where she lived, so all of us just ignored her.

The next time that I saw her, when I stopped, got out of my truck, and walked over to her, I can’t remember if she made much of an attempt to get away or not.  I vaguely recall that she made a half-hearted, ineffective attempt to get away, by turning around.  I kind of had to catch her, but it wasn’t hard, there was a thick hedge beside the sidewalk preventing her from heading in that direction, and she was probably drugged.

When I began telling her about my stolen bicycle, she stopped, she listened, and she looked at the photograph of my stolen bicycle on my phone.  When I said to her that this happened at 2:20 a.m. in the morning, she became more alert and she said, “You have this on video?”  I thought that this wasn’t good, that she became alarmed when she found out that I had this bicycle theft on surveillance video.  Then she said, “I can’t really see this photograph in this bright sunlight, can you send this to me by texting it?”  And she gave me her phone number to text it to.

I didn’t mind texting the photograph of my stolen bicycle to her.  I figured that she had to show this to her friends or boyfriend to decide what they were going to do with this stolen bicycle now.  It was funny to me that she gave me her phone number just like that, most normal women would never do this.  Either it was important to her because she had something to do with the stolen bicycle, or she was high on drugs.

I am not going to tell this girl’s name at this time, because many people would know who she is, and I don’t want to cause her problems, much of what I am saying about her is not flattering, nor are my thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

On Sunday July 14, her friend’s Honda Civic got stolen.  Later that day, when this drug addict girl saw me at the grocery store, she waited for me outside the store, then she came up to me and asked me if I could look at my security camera video to see if it showed who stole her friend’s Honda Civic.

At first I was angry at her, I thought that she and her friends had stolen my bicycle, and I told her so.  Then I calmed down, and I talked to her drug addict friends sitting in their vehicle in the parking lot.  I knew what this Honda Civic looked like, it was lowered, and painted primer-grey.  I said that I would look at my security camera video, when did they think that this happened?

When I got home, I had to look through five hours of surveillance video at 4x speed, which takes fifteen minutes per each hour of video.  Finally, at something like a video time stamp of 4:34 a.m., it showed the lowered, primer-grey Honda Civic with no headlights on going past.

I didn’t have a USB flash drive to download the surveillance video, so I drove to her apartment down the street, talked to her, and got a USB flash drive from her.  I went back to my apartment, downloaded the video, brought the USB flash drive back to her, and I talked to her some more outside of her apartment.

I asked her, “How much was your boyfriend’s car worth.”  She didn’t correct me and say that this wasn’t her boyfriend, she said that he told the Police it was worth about $1,000.  If this was her boyfriend, he is kind of a sad fellow.  He is doing so badly, that I don’t even want to describe any more about him, except to say that it appears that everything has gone wrong for him.

Besides this guy in her apartment, there were two other women.  As I wrote in my previous blog post, at this Drug House, there are people who live there who are not renters, they are people who have no where else to go, and they won’t leave.

I have written about this many times, in Dickinson the ratio of men to women is about 3:1, there is a shortage of women.  Most of the women who are here, are overweight, unattractive, mean, and unfriendly.  There are no prostitutes, the City of Dickinson Police post advertisements for escorts or prostitutes, then they try to arrest the responders and sentence them to twenty years in prison under sex-trafficking laws.

This young drug addict girl, was thin, cute, friendly, and she was not trying to get away from me.  I looked her over pretty thoroughly as I was talking to her, and yes, I wanted to have sex with her.

Part of the attractiveness of drug addict women, is that they don’t have the fear, hesitation, or reservations about having sex like normal women do, especially not when they are high.  Normal women have a hundred reasons in their mind why not to have sex, everything from what would their friends think, what would their neighbors think, what would their children think, what if they got pregnant, what kind of job does he have, whereas drug addict women don’t think like this, they are risk takers, they live for the moment, not for the future.

I left this drug addict girl without once ever saying anything even slightly related to me wanting to have sex with her, though she probably knew that I did.  The more that I stay away from her, and the more that she stays away from me, this will never happen.

This particular girl is not that bad of a person.  However, there is an even more attractive drug addict girl from this Drug House, that is even more forward with me, who is a very bad and dangerous person, who I am having a some difficulty avoiding, which I will try to explain in my next blog post.