Talking To Drug Addict Women From The Drug House In Dickinson, North Dakota

Due to the successful theft and attempted theft of my property in downtown Dickinson where I live, I started talking to the drug addict women who live at the Drug House down the street.  This is probably going to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Following the successful theft of my white color Mongoose Mountain Bicycle on June 6, one of the people who I stopped and talked to while looking for my stolen bicycle, was a young lady drug addict who was pacing around outside of the Drug House down the street.

I had seen her before in our neighborhood, she is in her late twenties, blond hair, about 5′-3″, 105 lbs.  The last time that I had seen her, I was talking to my neighbor, there was an undercover Police Officer in a Chevy Suburban parked twenty feet away from us, and this girl came and sat down in the street with her dog about fifteen feet from me.  She was probably very high, sitting down in the middle of the street like that, right in front of the undercover Police Officer, two blocks from where she lived, so all of us just ignored her.

The next time that I saw her, when I stopped, got out of my truck, and walked over to her, I can’t remember if she made much of an attempt to get away or not.  I vaguely recall that she made a half-hearted, ineffective attempt to get away, by turning around.  I kind of had to catch her, but it wasn’t hard, there was a thick hedge beside the sidewalk preventing her from heading in that direction, and she was probably drugged.

When I began telling her about my stolen bicycle, she stopped, she listened, and she looked at the photograph of my stolen bicycle on my phone.  When I said to her that this happened at 2:20 a.m. in the morning, she became more alert and she said, “You have this on video?”  I thought that this wasn’t good, that she became alarmed when she found out that I had this bicycle theft on surveillance video.  Then she said, “I can’t really see this photograph in this bright sunlight, can you send this to me by texting it?”  And she gave me her phone number to text it to.

I didn’t mind texting the photograph of my stolen bicycle to her.  I figured that she had to show this to her friends or boyfriend to decide what they were going to do with this stolen bicycle now.  It was funny to me that she gave me her phone number just like that, most normal women would never do this.  Either it was important to her because she had something to do with the stolen bicycle, or she was high on drugs.

I am not going to tell this girl’s name at this time, because many people would know who she is, and I don’t want to cause her problems, much of what I am saying about her is not flattering, nor are my thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

On Sunday July 14, her friend’s Honda Civic got stolen.  Later that day, when this drug addict girl saw me at the grocery store, she waited for me outside the store, then she came up to me and asked me if I could look at my security camera video to see if it showed who stole her friend’s Honda Civic.

At first I was angry at her, I thought that she and her friends had stolen my bicycle, and I told her so.  Then I calmed down, and I talked to her drug addict friends sitting in their vehicle in the parking lot.  I knew what this Honda Civic looked like, it was lowered, and painted primer-grey.  I said that I would look at my security camera video, when did they think that this happened?

When I got home, I had to look through five hours of surveillance video at 4x speed, which takes fifteen minutes per each hour of video.  Finally, at something like a video time stamp of 4:34 a.m., it showed the lowered, primer-grey Honda Civic with no headlights on going past.

I didn’t have a USB flash drive to download the surveillance video, so I drove to her apartment down the street, talked to her, and got a USB flash drive from her.  I went back to my apartment, downloaded the video, brought the USB flash drive back to her, and I talked to her some more outside of her apartment.

I asked her, “How much was your boyfriend’s car worth.”  She didn’t correct me and say that this wasn’t her boyfriend, she said that he told the Police it was worth about $1,000.  If this was her boyfriend, he is kind of a sad fellow.  He is doing so badly, that I don’t even want to describe any more about him, except to say that it appears that everything has gone wrong for him.

Besides this guy in her apartment, there were two other women.  As I wrote in my previous blog post, at this Drug House, there are people who live there who are not renters, they are people who have no where else to go, and they won’t leave.

I have written about this many times, in Dickinson the ratio of men to women is about 3:1, there is a shortage of women.  Most of the women who are here, are overweight, unattractive, mean, and unfriendly.  There are no prostitutes, the City of Dickinson Police post advertisements for escorts or prostitutes, then they try to arrest the responders and sentence them to twenty years in prison under sex-trafficking laws.

This young drug addict girl, was thin, cute, friendly, and she was not trying to get away from me.  I looked her over pretty thoroughly as I was talking to her, and yes, I wanted to have sex with her.

Part of the attractiveness of drug addict women, is that they don’t have the fear, hesitation, or reservations about having sex like normal women do, especially not when they are high.  Normal women have a hundred reasons in their mind why not to have sex, everything from what would their friends think, what would their neighbors think, what would their children think, what if they got pregnant, what kind of job does he have, whereas drug addict women don’t think like this, they are risk takers, they live for the moment, not for the future.

I left this drug addict girl without once ever saying anything even slightly related to me wanting to have sex with her, though she probably knew that I did.  The more that I stay away from her, and the more that she stays away from me, this will never happen.

This particular girl is not that bad of a person.  However, there is an even more attractive drug addict girl from this Drug House, that is even more forward with me, who is a very bad and dangerous person, who I am having a some difficulty avoiding, which I will try to explain in my next blog post.

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