My Thoughts On George Floyd, Police, Protests, And Autonomous Zones

For readers to have some frame of reference if they see this blog post a few years from now:

On Memorial Day Monday May 25, 2020, an employee of a Minneapolis grocery store telephoned 911 saying that a person who appeared to be either drunk or on drugs had used what appeared to be a counterfeit $20 bill.  When 44 year old White Police Officer Derek Chauvin arrived at the scene, several Police Officers were trying to get the handcuffed 46 year old Black suspect George Floyd into the Police car while he resisted saying that he was claustrophobic.  Police Officer Derek Chauvin restrained suspect George Floyd face down on the ground by placing his knee on his neck.  Due to a combination of the knee on his neck restricting his breathing and blood circulation, intoxicants, and heart problems, George Floyd died at the scene.

In the nights and days following George Floyd’s death, there were protests and riots which began in Minneapolis, but spread to many other cities in the U.S.  Four days later on Friday May 29, Police Officer Derek Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

On May 28 the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct was set on fire and destroyed by protesters.  Stores in Minneapolis such as Target and T.J. Maxx were looted and then set on fire.  “Officers continue to be hit with rocks and bottles thrown by people who are also breaking into buildings, looting and destroying property,” Police in neighboring St. Paul said on Twitter.

By May 30, twelve states had called up the National Guard to maintain order in cities.  It was reported that as of June 9th, “The Star Tribune estimated 570 businesses in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area had been vandalized or destroyed, including 67 destroyed by fire.”

At a June 7 rally, nine of the Minneapolis City Council’s thirteen members pledged to disband the city’s Police Department.  On June 8 protesters in Seattle, Washington took over a six city-block area claiming it to be an “Autonomous Zone” where Police are prohibited.

A few of my first thoughts about all of this should be obvious.  Police Officer Derek Chauvin had George Floyd pinned in a choke-hold for too long.  From the video recorded by witnesses at the scene, George Floyd was no longer struggling or resisting Police after being pinned for several minutes, he was having difficulty breathing, both bystanders and other Police Officers were advising Police Officer Derek Chauvin that he was excessively cutting off George Floyd’s breathing and circulation.

However, just because this White Police Officer used excessive force and caused the death of a Black suspect does not make it necessary or justify the looting and destruction of 600 businesses in Minneapolis, hundreds of other businesses in U.S. cities, and the assault of hundreds of Police Officers and civilians in other cities who had absolutely nothing to do with this.

There are two main reasons why the rioting, looting, destruction, fires, and assaults take place.  When a Black person is apparently wrongfully killed, the rioters want to cause so much property loss, damage, havoc, and chaos, that everyone is forced to see it, as many people as possible are affected, and there is a consensus that “We don’t want this to happen again.”, so let’s try to do something.

The second main reason for the rioting, looting, destruction, fires, and assaults it that the rioters are dissatisfied with their lives.  They are just acting out and misbehaving because they feel like they have nothing, no opportunity, no good employment, no money, no income, no good place to live, no automobile, and no way out.

But again, the Police, business owners, and citizens outside of Minneapolis did not have anything to do with the death of George Floyd, nor the fact that the rioters don’t have good jobs, good income, a nice place to live, a nice automobile, or opportunity.

My thoughts on the Police, one of my first thoughts is that Police Officers are just as tired of arresting Black people, as Black people are tired of being arrested.  Citizens and business owners in Black communities call the Police to request them to respond to assaults, shootings, robberies, burglaries, and drug dealing, and the Police have the expectation of getting shot, stabbed, hit, kicked, run over, resisted, verbally abused, and complained against when they respond to these calls.

If Black communities decide that they do not want Police in their communities anymore, do you know who will be the happiest of anyone?  Can you guess?  If the Police are banned from Black communities, do you think that the Firefighters, Paramedics, Hospitals, U.S. Post Office, FedEx, UPS, Telephone Company, Cable Television Company, Electric Company, Gas Company, and Water Department will operate in these communities?  Probably not if they believe that there is no Police response available in an emergency.

Altogether, the rioting, looting, fires, destruction of property, assaults on citizens, disbandment of Police, and “autonomous zones” will make the cities totally unlivable very quickly.  Many of the damaged or destroyed businesses will not re-open.  It will be more difficult to obtain goods, services, and employment.

The first people to leave the blighted city areas when the businesses leave, will be the people who have enough money to afford to leave.  What will remain is people with little or no money, in an area with more and more businesses shutting down, with less and less employment.

This has nothing to do with, and does not affect the people in North Dakota.  Until you realize that these masses of rioters, looters, dissatisfied people from the failed cities will be headed to live in the civilized towns of North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho with no intention of working, fitting in, or obeying laws.  You just watch the influx of out-of-state licensed beater cars full of ghetto people that will begin arriving soon.

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