Do Not Purchase A Fuel Filter Solvent Trap Configured Like A Silencer Advertised On YouTube

For the past several months from time-to-time I have seen an advertisement on YouTube for a “Fuel Filter” that is configured identical to a firearm silencer. The men shown in this YouTube advertisement make the assertion that this “Fuel Filter” can not be classified as a firearm silencer until a center hole has been drilled through the end cap.

I was expecting this YouTube advertisement to be taken down within a few days, but it continued to appear for the past several months. Because of this, I came to believe that the ATF was not concerned about this “Fuel Filter” that was one step away from being a functioning firearm silencer. A few nights ago, I was about to place an order for two of them.

I was going to order two of these “Fuel Filters” to have handy in case I needed one. I wasn’t going to drill a hole through the end cap until I actually needed to use it as a firearm silencer. Yesterday, a reader submitted a comment to one of my blog post articles, stating that the ATF came to his house to seize his AR-15 because they had tracked down that he had purchased one of these “Fuel Filters”.

I began doing some research, and to my surprise and horror, not only is the ATF coming to people’s houses to take these “Fuel Filters” away from people who ordered them off of the internet, in some cases the ATF is charging the person with one felony count of possessing a silencer for each “Fuel Filter” that they ordered.

In most cases, it appears that the internet orders for “Fuel Filters” configured like a silencer, are being shipped from a manufacturer in China. U.S. Customs has become aware of which shipments from to China to watch out for, and they are intercepting many of these “Fuel Filters”. U.S. Customs, also known now days as part of ICE, is identifying the purchaser/addressee and sending them official letters about what specific laws have been violated.

When U.S. Customs has failed to intercept these “Fuel Filters” and the purchaser/addressee actually receives them in the mail, within a few days or a few weeks, Homeland Security Investigations, also known as HSI, contacts the purchaser to explain to them what laws have been violated and that the “Fuel Filters” need to be turned over. HSI has actually gone to people’s houses.

If U.S. Customs/ICE, and Homeland Security Investigations/HSI fails to contact the purchaser/addressee, then the ATF will either telephone the purchaser or show up at their house. In some cases, local Sheriff Departments have been tasked with going to the homes of purchasers to confiscate these “Fuel Filters” purchased over the internet.

While I was doing research on this, there were some young men who said that if the ATF showed up at their house, they would tell the ATF to shove it up their ass. If someone actually said this to U.S. Customs, Homeland Security Investigations, the ATF, the local Sheriff, this would change the situation from confiscation of a cheap “Fuel Filter” firearm silencer, to the confiscation of all of your firearms, immediate arrest for felony possession of a silencer, and tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees to keep from going to jail for up to 10 years.

For the time being, this is the best video that I could find showing this “Fuel Filter” advertised on YouTube, just watch the first few minutes of this video:

The YouTube channel that created this video, “Mrgunsngear”, he personally has many different licenses for silencers, that is why he is not in much danger of arrest by the ATF. However, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE FOLLWOING COMMENTS FROM HIS VIEWERS regarding the above video:

“Just the idea of a Sheriff department “tracking people down” for ordering these is repugnant abuse of power.”

“”Local sheriff’s” I got a nasty letter from UCBP + ATF when customs seized one I got.”

“From what I understand, the people who are getting in trouble are the ones who live in states where suppressors are illegal. There have been a bunch of arrests in Massachusetts.”

“Owning with intent to Form 1 is just ATF candy. File form 1 at the very least before buying it.”

“Jail Bait. Yeah, I saw the advertisements, I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10’ pole.”

“Sheriffs hell my friend at work’s son got a call from homeland security about a month after he got his in the mail. Luckily he hadn’t done anything with/ to it and mailed it all to DHS. Don’t screw around with these as DHS is monitoring the websites if not actually running some to jam people up!”

“Bought one from a Chinese seller on eBay before the Covid craziness. Never showed up but a special agent from Homeland and ATF did. I showed them my approved form one and other traps I legally converted. No problem with them. Long story short don’t buy from Chinese sellers do to customs and immigrations definition of what is considered a suppressor.”

Please watch the first part of this short 4 minute video below:

Lastly, I want to show some of the comments that were left under the following CRS Firearms video, where this channel creator is not taking the ATF threat seriously.  Just watch the first few minutes of this video, the viewer comments are more important:

“You are mistaken about the solvent traps. On November 19th 2019 homeland security, atf, the Detroit police kicked in my door because of these exact items. The Discovery paperwork on my case is 1600 pages. The search warrant is 37 pages long. They say that if there is a center mark of any type showing the center, it’s a silencer. Even if it’s just the tube.”

“I bought one of those things and United States border and customs intercepted the package and seized it. And sent me a letter (I have actual documentation) almost a month later saying so and what it was to them that is. One of the options was if I wasn’t to do anything they will seize it and nothing will happen. -I let it go because I didn’t know what it was-. My thing is how did they even know what was inside the package??”

“I ordered a fuel filter on wish it was confiscated by customs and i got to have a nice meeting with the Department of homeland security telling me it fits the criteria for a suppressor and not to do it again. So good luck”

There are many more comments under this CRS Firearms video from viewers who explain what happened to them after they ordered a “Fuel Filter” on the internet that was configured like a firearm silencer.

2 thoughts on “Do Not Purchase A Fuel Filter Solvent Trap Configured Like A Silencer Advertised On YouTube

  1. First let me start by saying that the ATF lacks the authority to make the determination that a solvent trap is a silencer. This is something that not even Congress can do. However, they have done just that. Now if you read the actual law in which a silencer is described anyone with little to no legal knowledge can see where the determination made by the ATF is 100% illegal. Nowhere within the NFA is there a description of what “can be” made into a suppressor / silencer. It simply states “anything that reduces or eliminates the sound of a gunshot”. Its very simple and to the point.I am leading the charge in fighting the ATF, Homeland Security Investigations Customs and Border Protection as well as state, county and local police who chose to use solvent traps as a way to obtain illegal warrants and to arrest people and seize their firearms. If you have been charged and or convicted please join my group on Facebook (Solvent Traps ≠ Suppressor). Not only will we help you beat your charges but also will help you to file a lawsuit to hold them accountable for their illegal warrant. You can read my story here .


    1. In reply to John Andrews,

      One of the first things that comes to my mind regarding your argument that solvent traps are not silencers, is that law enforcement/ATF/customs-border-patrol will start out with a theory of “intent” and try to get the receiver of a solvent trap to admit or acknowledge that the solvent trap was to be used as a silencer. I am not saying that your legal argument is wrong, the solvent trap can’t quite function as a silencer yet, but it has so many components that it is easy for law enforcement to come up with proof of intent.

      Right now, the only comparison that I can think of, would be if law enforcement got a search warrant for a residence, and during their search found 12″ lengths of threaded steal pipe, pipe caps with a hole drilled through, fuses, steal pellets, detonators, and chemicals needed to compose explosives, though these individual components might not be illegal, it would appear to a reasonable person that there was intent to manufacture bombs.


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