An Introduction To Cambodian Girls

In yesterday’s blog post, I included a video showing a single Russian man named Oleg travelling from Thailand into Cambodia.  For more than thirty years, single men from the U.S., Canada, and England have been retiring to Thailand because of the low cost of living, easy relaxed life in a warm tropical climate, and the ability to rent or lease beautiful young women for only $10 per day.

Due to the rapidly growing number of foreign men retiring to Thailand, the Thai government has recently begun making this more difficult.  So men are now investigating retiring to neighboring Cambodia or Vietnam.

When I watched the video yesterday of travel into Cambodia, it scared me, and I personally would not do this if someone paid me $5,000.  I left a comment to the video, and someone replied to me that yes, Cambodia is dangerous, especially the lack of emergency medical care, and violent crime that goes unreported.

In today’s video, the narrator himself states right away that Cambodia is like the Wild West, and not a place to visit with women and children.  I agree with this statement, this is what I wrote yesterday, when to my astonishment I saw that some idiot tourists had brought their wives and children with them.

However, “Once Cambodian girls get to know you, keeping you entertained it their top priority.”


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