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Dickinson City Commissioners Study Wage Rates, But I Can Tell You What Is Wrong

A couple of months ago the City Commissioners in Dickinson, North Dakota discussed examining City of Dickinson employee wage rates to determine if they were normal, too high, or too low in comparison to wage rates elsewhere in the U.S.  Then, the City Commissioners even hired a wage analyst consultant to conduct a study/audit on what City of Dickinson employees were paid in comparison to elsewhere.

I don’t mind that the City Commissioners wanted to find out where Dickinson stood in regards to compensation for City employees.  This is probably something that needed to be done for a number of reasons, such as making sure that all City employees are paid fairly, and that Dickinson tax revenue money is not being wasted.

However, what the City Commissioners forgot to take into account, and what the wage analyst consultant probably doesn’t fully understand, is that Dickinson is a very difficult and very unpleasant place to live.  The wage rates are relatively high in Dickinson, because people don’t want to live here.

I want to explain as completely and as thoroughly as possible why the wage rates in Dickinson are high, due to the fact that Dickinson is a very difficult and very unpleasant place to live, thus wage rate comparisons with other areas are almost irrelevant and meaningless.

To begin with a quick anecdote, me personally, I get paid more than twice as much in Dickinson, as I would be paid back in Idaho where my home is.  In Dickinson at my place of employment we sometimes have difficulty filling job openings, whereas back in Idaho, if this job paid half as much, like $9-$10 per hour, there would probably be over 500 applicants for this job.  But the cost of living where my home is in Idaho is less, and daily life is easier in just about every way.

I now want to explain in an organized and thorough fashion, why and how Dickinson is a very difficult and very unpleasant place to live, and thus why the wage rates are higher in Dickinson because no one wants to live here.

Lack of opportunity for social drinking, dining, and relaxation in Dickinson:

  • Police in Dickinson are too over-eager and over-aggressive in trying to stop people for DUI in Dickinson.
  • Where the restaurants and bars are located in Dickinson, Villard Street, State Avenue, and Main Avenue, the Police drive by again and again, spot vehicles in restaurant and bar parking lots, stop patrons as they leave or are on their way home.
  • People in Dickinson can not safely go to bars and restaurants in Dickinson to relax, socialize, and have a few drinks, because of the high risk of DUI, losing their driver’s license, and losing their job.

Very poor service at bars and restaurants in Dickinson:

  • Widespread practice of hiring drug-addict women from Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, and the women’s prison for bartenders and servers in Dickinson.
  • Widespread practice of bartenders and servers in Dickinson acting nasty and incompetent so that customers leave, so that they don’t have to serve anyone.
  • The server’s process in Dickinson is 1) Stand outside smoking a cigarette until the customers enter, find a table, and start looking around for their server.  2)  Take drink order, bring drinks, take food order.  3)  Go back outside and smoke a cigarette until after customer’s food is cooked and waiting.  4)  Deliver food to customer’s table, ask if anything is needed.  5)  Go back outside and smoke a cigarette, and talk on the phone until customers are getting up from table to leave.

Shortage of women and lack of attractive women in Dickinson:

  • Most women in Dickinson are overweight and unattractive, they usually sneer, leer, glare, and scowl.  Usually unkempt, with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth.  Overweight women in Dickinson can be seen trying to paddle through the air with their arms as a means of locomotion.
  • When women in Dickinson stop mid-way across a parking lot to glare and scowl at passing vehicles, it is not just out of meanness, it is partly because that is as far as they could walk without stopping to rest.
  • Shortage of women in Dickinson has led to many acts of sexual perversion such as many recent criminal charges of  “Gross Sexual Imposition on a Minor” and sexual assaults of horses and cattle  https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/2187378-dickinson-officials-investigate-sexual-assault-horse
  • Prostitution is not permitted in Dickinson.  The Police in Dickinson place fake advertisements for women wanting to have sex, then arrest the men who seek to meet these women.

Over-aggressive Policing of  law-abiding people, while criminals run loose in Dickinson:

  • The easiest and safest people for the Police in Dickinson to pull over are law-abiding non-criminals who are on their way to work, to the grocery store, or home from a restaurant, so this is who the Dickinson Police target the most.
  • Criminals, especially thieves and drug-addicts, continually run loose in Dickinson, using drugs, dealing drugs, stealing, and burglarizing.  When these thieves and drug addicts are apprehended in Dickinson, within a few days they are out of jail and loose on the streets again, doing the exact same criminal activity, only they become more and more emboldened each time they get caught and are quickly released.

Over priced real estate in Dickinson with no justification:

  • During the beginning of the oil boom from 2007 through 2010, the rents and house prices in Dickinson doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled.   Due to the gouging on rents and house prices, most workers who came to Dickinson made up their minds that they would eventually have to leave Dickinson and that there was no way that they could afford to move to Dickinson permanently.
  • The oil boom is now over, oil field workers and others continue to lose their jobs, most of the oil companies are downsizing, people are leaving Dickinson, people don’t want to live in Dickinson, yet rents and house prices remain unjustifiably high.

Lack of competent, professional medical care in Dickinson:

People in Dickinson experience hostility, nastiness, unfriendliness, undermining, and lack of cooperation from others and co-workers:

  • The people in Dickinson are mean, nasty, unfriendly, hostile, hateful, uncooperative, sadistic, cruel, and undermining, especially to people who are not from here, and especially at work.  Here is an example

Elks Lodge Calamity In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have heard from two different people that the Elks Lodge in Dickinson, North Dakota is giving up the upstairs main floor of their building, and will now operate out of the basement of the building.  This was shocking, upsetting, and depressing to me, and I am not even a member of the Elks Lodge.  The more I think about it, the angrier that it makes me.

What’s next, are you going to get a reverse mortgage on your basement, and then when that money runs out, start having your meetings at McDonalds?

Oooh, Oooh, it’s so hard to make money now, we can’t really afford to keep the upstairs to our building, it’s so hard to keep the building clean and pay the electric, with my arthritis and my hip problems, I can’t climb down those stairs anymore.  We aren’t going to live much longer anyway.

What the Fuck is wrong with you!  The Elks Lodge members before you bought the land, paid for the construction of a nice modern two-story building, with a large lounge, large bar, large kitchen, dining room, and ballroom.  All of this was long ago paid for.  From what I have been told, the previous manager “Ray”, built up $700,000 in retained earnings over his tenure.  All you had to do was break even with bar and restaurant sales, banquets and events, and only dip into that $700,000 in an emergency.

You can’t take a paid for building, and just break even with bar and restaurant sales?  All over North Dakota, bar and restaurant owners not only have to pay for their building, they have to make a profit.  And you couldn’t even break even with a paid for building, right in the middle of the biggest economic boom anywhere in the United States that went on here from 2007 to 2014?  What the Fuck is wrong with you!

1,000 Elks Lodge members probably contributed at least $100 per year, that’s $100,000 per year, and you still couldn’t keep a paid for building, even with a $700,000 emergency fund?  With the last little bit of money you have, you should hire an independent auditor to find out what happened to all the money.

In every city, and every state, the Elks Lodge members are comprised of the car dealership owners, car dealer management, real estate brokers, real estate agents, insurance company owners, insurance company agents, other business owners, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants.  All of these types of people formed, built, and kept the Elks Lodge going for 80 years, and now right after the biggest oil boom ever in Dickinson, you can’t even keep your building that was long ago paid for?

Something is wrong with you people.  I would be ashamed to be an Elks Lodge member in Dickinson.  You belong in a basement.

Supposedly, the upstairs to the Elks Lodge building has been acquired by the New Life Pentecostal Church of Dickinson.  This church has fewer than 100 adult members, and most of them are not wealthy people.  How can these 100 adults from a church afford to purchase, renovate, and maintain the upstairs to the Elks Lodge building, and the 1,000 professional and business people Elks Lodge members can’t even keep the upstairs to the building that they already owned?

Update 1/12/2018:

I do not know why this blog post article has been viewed by more than 100 people today, because I posted this article back in August, four months ago.  Here are some of the Facebook posts from the Elks Lodge in Dickinson:

November 16, 2017 – “PSA: We have set a date to close the top half of the Elks, our last day open this year will be December 16th! We are planning to renovate downstairs of the Elks and will reopen in 2018! We are really excited to see where this new chapter takes the Elks and all of our Members….”

December 14, 2017 – “Hey Everyone, As most of you know our last day upstairs is Saturday (16th) and we are requesting help from anyone who is interested!
We would like to start on Sunday December 17th……The Auction will be December 30th at 10:00 AM here at the Elks. Basically, we need to move the various equipment and furniture into trailers that we plan to keep for the lower level and organize the sale items in the building for the auction sale…..”

January 2, 2018 – “As most of you know we are officially closed for lower level renovations! We will be reopening at a later date in 2018….”

I drove to the Elks Lodge in Dickinson this evening, and I saw several work vans and equipment trailers owned by Simons Homes Siding & Windows parked beside the Elks Lodge building, because work was being performed on the upstairs of the building.  Simons Homes Siding & Windows is owned by Robert Simons, pastor of the New Life Pentecostal Church.

From the three quotations that I took from the Dickinson Elks Lodge Facebook page and listed above, it appears as though the Elks Lodge is moving into the basement of their own building, and vacating the upstairs of their own building.

I can not say for certain that the New Life Pentecostal Church will occupy the upstairs of the Elks Lodge building, but it looks like this will happen.

I do not want to express any more anger and outrage than I have already written, about how the Elks Lodge members from the past, could buy or build their own building in the worst of economic times, and then later the future Elks Lodge members would lose a paid for building in the middle of the best of economic times.

I will write an updated article with some other comments about the Elks Lodge in Dickinson.