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Dining At The Best Restaurant In Dickinson, For The 2nd, 3rd And 4th Time

In the beginning of April, I wrote a blog post article titled, “The Best Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Secret”.  In that I article I described my first dining experience, how good the salad bar was, how good the main course was, and what a nice pleasant, clean atmosphere it had.

On my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th visit to this restaurant, I came to appreciate even more, the complete absence of the filth and grotesqueness that is normal for Dickinson.  There were no obese, land whale women paddling their fat arms through the air trying to gain extra thrust and speed towards the restaurant entrance.  There were no meth addict waitresses standing outside the restaurant entrance smoking a cigarette.

Each time that I went to this restaurant, there were clean, healthy looking, nicely and appropriately dressed men and women.  Everyone was very polite, well behaved, and quiet.  No one used bad language, no one yelled across the room, and no one started a fight.

On my 2nd visit, the main course was not memorable.  On my 3rd visit, they served battered fish, with rice pilaf, mixed vegetables, and chicken alfredo.  I am usually scared to eat fish in Dickinson because of its appearance and its smell.  It is hard to get good fish in Dickinson because it has to go through so many different steps in the shipping process to get here.  This time, the fish that I had was very good.

On my 4th visit to this restaurant, the main course was just O.K., but the vegetables and several different kinds of pasta were very good.  I have never been put-off by anything that they have served at this restaurant, and I leave feeling very full and pleased with everything.

For those of you who did not read the first article that I wrote about this restaurant, I can’t publicize or tell very many people about this restaurant, because most of the people in Dickinson behave so badly, that they would ruin this restaurant very quickly.

Update 4/23/19:

Because the dickhead manager on duty, who I believe was Aaron Zummer with Sodexo, let this restaurant run out of silverware, plates, glassware, and food this evening by 7:00 p.m., and he was standing around in a navy blue blazer glad-handing everyone, instead of correcting this shit, this changes everything.

The name of this restaurant is “The Perch”, and it is located on the far east side of the Dickinson State University campus, in the downstairs of the DSU Student Center.

I am now going to tell all of the worst, dirtiest, sloven, over-eating, problem people exactly where this restaurant is, how to get there, that it is all-you-can-eat for only $10.75.

I am going to make flyers for this restaurant, and put them up in the Tiger Truck Stop, Southside Bar, Paragon Bowling Alley, County Line Truck Stop, laundromats, and anywhere there are drunk, vagrant, hoodlum, homeless people.  I am going to pick up homeless, dirty, smelly, drunk, mentally ill people, and drop them off at the DSU Student Center with $10, and tell them that they are welcome to stay for hours.

Fuck you, you dickhead Aaron Zummer.  There could have been DSU students, with no vehicle, with no extra money, who were depending on this place for dinner.  You ruined my dinner.