Recent Complaints And Why I Write

A couple of days ago a YouTuber named Prepper Princess made a video about me that was very critical. As far as I could tell, of the 1,500 comments that her video received so far, about 80% of the commentors were siding with Prepper Princess. This is not too surprising, it is her YouTube channel.

So far, of the 20,000 views that Prepper Princess’s video received, it looks like about 6,000 of these viewers came to look at my blog website, because this is the amount of extra views that I received in the past couple of days.

However, what this means, is that only 30% of Prepper Princess’s viewers even bothered to check to see if I was stalking, harassing, and threatening her as she says. 70% of Prepper Princess’s viewers just took her word for it, without questioning whether there was any evidence.

As for my blog website, over the past five years I have written a little over 800 articles. The amount of complaint comments that I received has been less than 1%, it has been 0.2 % . If you take into account that my complainers leave two or three complaint comments, the number of readers who complain about my blog website articles is 0.1% .

Approximately 300 of the negative comments regarding me that were submitted to the Prepper Princess video were insulting and threatening towards me. This was annoying because like I just got done explaining, 70% of the Prepper Princess video viewers did not even go look at my blog website article to see if I was in fact stalking, harassing, or threatening Prepper Princess.

Prepper Princess, and the angry threatening commentors chose to focus on the blog post articles that I have written about women. I estimate that over the past five years, 10%-15% of my blog post articles have been about women. Most of the time I write about other things.

It is frustrating and disappointing that angry commentors would dwell on the blog post articles about women, and they don’t even know why I have written these blog post articles at all, though I have explained it more than a hundred times. For probably the 150th time, here goes:

There is a shortage of women in western North Dakota. The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is currently about 3:1. In areas like Watford City or Williston, the ratio of men to women is currently about 5:1, maybe even higher than this.

There is a scarcity of attractive women in western North Dakota. The women who are here, have taken advantage of the shortage of women. Because of the shortage of women here, the women who are here are overweight, unkempt, sloven, slopily dressed, hostile, mean, and unfriendly.

I have explained nearly fifty times, that the only way that a person in western North Dakota is going to see an attractive or normal looking woman, is to find some nice looking woman on the internet, on a site such as, Chaturbate, or YouTube.

For commentors living elsewhere in the United States, they have not paid any attention to my explanation of why I am writing about women elsewhere, because there are practically none here, except for the Jack-O’-Lantern women.

It would be like commentors complaining that an author kept writing about female deer over and over again, like he was obsessed with female deer. It would not make any sense to them, unless the readers knew that the author was a male deer.

Just like my “About” page for my blog website says, I began writing this blog so that readers from out of state could learn about Dickinson, so that people who had been here for a short while could see that they were not alone in trying to figure Dickinson out, and so that the local people here could see what other people felt and experienced in Dickinson.

Now that I write this, it makes me angry that the recent complaining commentors to my blog website are totally ignorant to the purpose and circumstances of the experiences that I am writing about.

From 2007-2014, there were probably about 250,000 workers from out of state who were lured to western North Dakota by widely publicized claims that everyone here was making $100,000 per year due to the oil boom. To get an idea of how extreme this influx of workers is, the entire population of the state of North Dakota is less than 800,000 people.

Not only did the majority of people working in western North Dakota not make $100,000 per year, tens of thousands of workers were forced to sleep in their vehicles in places like Walmart parking lots, truck stops, recreational parks, and industrial parks. In North Dakota, September through May, nine months of the year, it gets very cold at night.

Me personally, when I first came to Dickinson to work, I spent May-November of 2011 sleeping in a $500 truck bed camper on the back of my Dodge truck. Then, May-November of 2013, I spent sleeping in a 7’x14′ utility trailer. That was where I slept, my after work waking hours were spent in restaurants, bars, truck stops, and laundromats. Remember, at that time the rents in western North Dakota were higher than in San Francisco and NYC.

2014-2016, I lived as a renter in Dickinson in the home of a curmudgeonly older local resident. 2017-2019 when rents finally came down in Dickinson, I was able to rent a 2br/1ba apartment in downtown Dickinson, but crime was very bad.

Finally, in May of 2020 I was able to buy a small home. This home is not 640 square feet as Prepper Princess described in her derogatory video about me. The basement, which is probably the original footprint of this home, the basement is about 600 square feet, the main floor is about 800 square feet, so the total living area is about 1,400 square feet. The yard is 100’x150′.

So if anyone had been following my blog website from the beginning, or made an attempt to see what my blog website was about, they would have known that myself and tens of thousands of out of state workers started out by sleeping in our vehicles for nearly a year at a time. Then transitioned into housing that was undesirable, unpleasant, and overpriced. Ever heard the word “man-camp”?

After all of the really horrible, unpleasant, unsafe, dangerous, hostile working conditions and living conditions here in western North Dakota, I was finally able to pay for all at once and move into a 1,400 sq.ft. home on a large lot. But none of this would mean anything to the dumb fuck commentors who never worked in the oil field when it was -40 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and went home to sleep in a freezing vehicle or camper.

20 thoughts on “Recent Complaints And Why I Write

  1. I think a broader issue is being missed here, which is when ordinary people like PP try to garner video views to scrape together an income on YTube. Some people even dream of becoming affluent. So they get irritable when their channel is questioned.

    YT content creation seems to be a pretty pointless endeavour for the average person anyway.

    For a start you have to project an image and show some sort of original content (genuine or fake), and hope that the result is marketable into views / $$.

    To achieve that, you need to appeal to a mass audience and that means to drop the standard of the content to the lowest common denominator possible.

    As George Carlin said, “You know how dumb the average American is: well, 50% of the population is even dumber than that”. That would seem to apply on YT.

    Next, the channel owner is dependent on the YT/Google platform, of which TOS are so vague they can ban or demonetize any channel/video at any time, upon which the precarious income disappears.

    To maintain views, any channel has to keep producing “interesting” content regularly, for example at weekly intervals.

    That means a lot of content will necessarily become inferior bullshit filler, such as “my dog caught a skunk”, or useless speculations about the further progress of the scamdemic.

    In PP’s case, the content appears to be broadcasted from a cheap property in a less-than-premium area of a city in the Arizona desert that can get as hot as hell in summer. So PP reacted negatively when it became known that her house is not exactly premium quality build and location, and the front yard looks like a cleared demolition site.

    And then how many YT views do you have to get to make a dollar? A recent article* stated “on average the YouTube channel can receive $18 per 1,000 ad views. This equates to $3 – $5 per 1000 video views”.

    That seems pretty optimistic to me. I read elsewhere that these figures depend on the country where the views occur, so if they are from click farms outside the US the payment may only be a fraction of the above.

    I personally use an adblocker because I do not wish to have stupid bullshit ads pushed down my throat. So no view of mine will earn a cent for PP or any other content provider.

    That may be why so many YT channel owners go to Patreon in addition to try and hawk content there. Which means they have to keep the YT standard down so that the Patreon clients have the feeling they are getting something special.

    Bottom line: The average YT channel owner will probably have to sweat to eke out an meager income, audiences are fickle, and the income can disappear at any time by action of Google.

    Much better to learn a skilled trade or IT qualification and earn money by selling those services via a custom website.



    1. Adam V.,

      Thank you for the well thought out comment, with some interesting things that you explained and elaborated on. I wish that other commentors would show that they thought about what they were saying. I wrote a blog post article a couple of days ago explaining that I didn’t want a dog, but that I was probably going to have to get a guard dog, which is unfortunate, some naer-do-well would probably try to poison it. One of Prepper Princess’s commentors read this blog post article of mine, and left a comment to her YouTube video, saying “Let’s go poison his dog”, and it got thumbs up from other people. Who would thumbs-up poisoning a dog?


      1. Sure thing. I wouldn’t be too concerned about YT comments. For one thing they don’t earn a cent for the channnel owner. And when there are hundreds, individual comments become difficult to locate especially if they are in a sublevel in a reply thread. Then, the average quality is so pathetic that they are not worth wasting time on.

        It is even worse on Twi(a)tter or Fa(u)ce(k)book because there, pukeworthy in-your-face video clips and photos can be embedded into comments. These make a worthy addition to the general infantile crap and insults in the comment texts.

        In a larger frame, YT itself is becoming increasingly problematic owing to censorship, as contributors like PP have already found out. There is no way to verify independently the displayed YT view counts. So they could easily be manipulated and probably are. When YT deplatforms a channel for displaying content they don’t like, the view count goes to 0 of course.

        This guy has explored many alternative tech solutions like Bitchute, Brighteon, Daily Motion, Library, Subscribestar etc. You can ignore his appearance because he has sensible things to say. The whole channel is quite good, but I recommend hearing him out on this one:


  2. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE PIECE OF SHIT, GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR STATE! If you have no respect for anyone, especially women, then you have no place here. Kindly either go back to where you came from or fall off a fucking cliff, you absolute douchbag! Or just come down to the Esquire in Dickinson, ND and hit on someone inappropriately and see how that plays out for you. WE TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN!!!


    1. You forgot “racist”.

      Your post is a great advertisement for ND and the obviously intelligent, civilized, and cultured population there, I just can’t wait to visit.


  3. Let me start off by saying I am in no way a fan of Prepper Princess. I only found out about her through the video you are referencing as it was sent to me by my significant other, nor am I a fan of you, quite the opposite actually. First, why are you writing articles about what it is like to live in Western North Dakota like you have been here your whole life? You moved here during the boom, as you have stated. It seems to me you probably should have done some research on the state before moving here if you could not handle the cold. Second, you complain about living in the back of your vehicle multiple times. Again, it seems like poor planning on your part. It was YOUR choice to move here, it was YOUR choice to work in the oilfield. It has become obvious that most people that moved here during the boom were looking for some “get rich quick” scheme, and if you fell for that the blame should be on yourself, not others. Start taking responsibility for your own choices. I understand that your “About” section is for people moving here, but I would say that what you are typing about Dickinson is giving a very false image of what this state is, and this city. It is not a perfect state or city, but it certainly is not a shit hole. I do not speak for all of Western North Dakota, but from those I have spoken to, we don’t really care whether or not you like it here. You chose to move here, I didn’t make that decision for you.

    Now, to the part about women. Are all women here saints and perfect? No, as you can say about any other place in the united states. Is every women here “overweight, unkempt, sloven, sloppily dressed, hostile, mean, and unfriendly”? No, they are not. I would tell you to start looking for women at different places if those are the only kinds you are finding around Dickinson.It would seem to me you have a skewed expectation of what women should act and look like, as is evident on the websites you suggest to find “some nice looking women”. Could it be that maybe that some of the younger women are disgusted by a 50 some year old man hitting on them and trying to get them into his bed? More than likely.

    Now, I am not white knighting for women, I am only a concerned citizen responding to disturbing ideas that have been written by yourself. This is not the first time I have seen something from your blog post. The other times I was quite disgusted with what I read from you. I am writing this because now it is known which town you live in. It is disturbing to me that someone like yourself who has expressed certain ideas about younger women, and women in general, lives in the town that you do. There are people who live there that are close to me, which is the most disturbing to me. Now, I am not advocating that anything happens to yourself, or your property or anything else that might be in your possession. Quite the opposite actually. I just want you to know that everything you do, everything you write is being watched.

    From a concerned citizen of Dickinson, North Dakota.


    1. WIthheld,

      You ask why do I write about North Dakota? Why wouldn’t I write about North Dakota? Why wouldn’t I write about my experience here? Why wouldn’t I write about what I learned? Why wouldn’t I try to point out the lies, omissions, and misrepresentations of this area?

      In your comment, you try to start denying, deflecting, spinning, and white-washing the truth about what happened in western North Dakota and what it is like here. The fact that the local North Dakotans quadrupled the price of housing during the Oil Boom, you are trying to blame the people who came here by saying that they “should have done research” or “should have planned better”. No, the North Dakotans should have had some ethics and morals.

      The fact that the business owners, property owners, Chambers of Commerce, newspapers, television stations, government spokespeople, and politicians in North Dakota kept announcing and proclaiming that everyone was making $100K per year in the Oil Field, you are trying to turn it around and blame the out of state workers by saying they had a “get rich quick scheme”. No, the out of state workers planned on working.

      The women in western North Dakota have something wrong with them. This was caused by attractive women refusing to come here in the first place, attractive women who were born here moving away, and the unattractive women who remained here gave birth to unattractive women and the entire gene pool here became just overweight, unattractive, mean, unfriendly, nasty, hostile women.


  4. All respect for the tough job you have as an oil worker but it is wrong to dox someone for any reason. You know that we can put someone’s life in danger and you don’t care. Not cool at all. And I don’t understand your obsession with women, especially the close-to-underage ones. There are so many good ways to enjoy life, for instance having a good walk, reading a good book, tasting a really good meal, etc. No need to be creepy.


    1. Lukas,

      Your comment is fairly reasonable. As I stated in my blog post article about Prepper Princess, other commentors have written to Prepper Princess’s YouTube videos, and elsewhere, she gave out enough personal information for many/most people to be able to find her using this information. And, I removed the real estate listing of her house when she complained.

      I get so tired of explaining this, you can go for literally months in western North Dakota without seeing an attractive female. Instead what you have to deal with is overweight, unattractive, sloven, unkempt, nasty, mean, hostile, women.

      The reason why I seem to focus on close-to-underage women, is because they haven’t swollen to double-size like the North Dakota women, and they don’t have the nasty, angry, foul, hateful, sinister, bitter, meanness of the North Dakota women. I am so fucking sick of the North Dakota women, can I please just see some normal size, pleasant women for a change?

      There is no good food in western North Dakota, everyone just puts up with slop on their plate, just like they put up with fat, ugly, sloven, nasty women.


    1. Ben,

      I would rather stay and write about everything that is wrong, over and over again, until it becomes so obviously wrong, so blatantly dysfunctional, so embarrassing, and shameful, that things are corrected, fixed, changed.


  5. Just so you know, you’re a legitimate psychopath. I hope your website is taken down and I would say you should “get help” but there’s no helping a psychopath. You are a danger to society – especially children and women.


    1. Withheld,

      In order for you to not be an idiot and a fool, you should first find out if I have ever done anything to anyone before you make statements that I am a danger to children and women.

      Should action be taken against people because You Think that they might have done something, when in fact they have done nothing wrong? The Catholic Church has a history of torturing and killing people who did nothing wrong, as do the Nazis who tortured and killed millions of Jews. You are just like them in accusing me because you think that I must have done something wrong, when there is no evidence of any kind.


  6. This is one of the saddest blogs I have ever read, and I mean that sincerely. I feel bad for you. Firstly, why do you obsess over attention whores on the internet? They don’t care what you think, or anyone else for that matter, as long as they have attention. Leave them to it and stop wasting your time. Secondly, if you hate where you are living, leave. Life is too short, you have very little control over the actions of other people, and you could wish away the rest of your life waiting for others to do better (people don’t change unless they want to), when the only person you can really improve is yourself.


    1. DontBeDaft,

      I don’t know how many of my blog post articles that you read. I have explained several times, that because nobody wants to live in western North Dakota, the wage rate here is currently still about twice as much as where my home is in a different state.

      I learned the hard way, by making mistakes, that there can be high paying engineering and engineering related jobs in cities like Tampa where you can gain work experience and earn more and more money, but you can end up living your life in a city that you can’t stand, hating to get up in the morning and go to work. Or, you can live in a place that you love like Flagstaff, where you enjoy everything about it, the climate, weather, the people, the National Forest, but you there is no job that you can get or any work that you can do to ever buy a home there, you become poorer and poorer.

      Union tradespeople, welders, electricians, equipment operators, mill-wrights, most of them learned that in order to make the most amount of money, you have to relocate to whatever area the work is in and treat this experience as temporary, meanwhile you buy and pay for the home that is in the place that you want to live, no matter how far away that may be.


  7. You gotta love the moralizing, preaching, touchy-feely, hypocritical, fact free, holier than thou critics of this blog.

    In fact they are all too dumb to realize this blog is modern literary realism at its finest and deserves to be on the NYT best seller list.

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