A Very Strange Email That I Never Read About A Girl That I Like

A couple of years ago I met a very friendly, funny, attractive young lady working at a business in Dickinson, North Dakota. Just seeing her and being around her made me feel so much better. I regretted very much that I had not met her sooner. She had been in Dickinson for years without me meeting or seeing her before.

Of course I wrote a blog post article about her. Several months after I wrote the blog post article about her, she saw it while she away at college. She sent me a kind of curt reply in response to the article, which wasn’t so friendly.

Unlike all of the other women that I have ever written about, she was the only one that I ever contacted to ask if I could see her again. This was just before Christmas of 2019. She ignored me, but I am sure that she showed my email to some of her friends so that they could all laugh and make fun.

It is very common for women of all ages to shriek at me, saying that I have no business trying to become involved with young women. Oh, I completely disagree. Young women who have not outwardly turned mean yet, they are the only ones that I look forward to seeing.

Yesterday I was going through an email account that I do not use very often, when I saw an email from January of this year, that I had never seen or read. It was from a foreign man who I will call “Adam”, and it was about this young lady that I have been talking about so far in this blog post.

Adam was a few years older than me, and he was very enthusiastically saying that he felt exactly the same way as I did about her. You will not believe the rest of his email. In the case of this particular young lady, I honestly think that there is a 50% chance that Adam’s story is true, and an equal 50% chance that someone is pranking me.

I swear that I did not make this up:

“Hello dickinson58601, 

I came across your blog while looking for new blogs to follow and this entry lit up a youthful part of my otherwise aging body. 

I know the girl you blog about in this entry. I met her at (redacted), the one in Dickinson (I live in Taylor) and we spoke for a few minutes while her shift was ending. I knew she was special when she spoke; her voice and youthful glow, I’m sure you felt the same feeling. That rejuvenating passion only a young woman holds. God is good isn’t he, and he spent extra time with her.

I returned in a week’s time thinking she’d left for college, but “Aphrodite” (as I call her) was there and we had a chance to speak for a long unforgettable time. She told me about college, her promiscuous deeds, and the boys she liked. There was a list! What a popular girl. 

We ended up speaking for an hour or so before we made our way to the Brickhouse on main st. and had a night to remember. I ate steak and potatoes and she had a salad and plenty of bread! We kept laughing together, I shared stories of my old loves and soon we found ourselves agreeing on spending the night together. 

I can’t explain the beauty of her youth. Her fair skin was ecstasy when touched, her voice expelling passion as I explored virgin land, her back arching as I showed her all I knew. It was like riding a bike, she needed my help. She was passionate and fun with me. My bed became ours for the night.

 We still talk and share. I would love to share stories and even photos of us if you would enjoy those.

Let me know, 

your friend. “

What do you make of that? Even if this story is made up, what “Adam” wrote is how I felt about her too. And I wouldn’t put this past her, this is what she seemed like to me, it’s possible that this happened.

I think one of the reasons why women of all ages shriek at me for trying to become involved with younger women, is they know that younger women will do it.

3 thoughts on “A Very Strange Email That I Never Read About A Girl That I Like

  1. That e-mail from Adam sounds like it wants to make a “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” out of something as simple as a good Phuqq!!

    Movie quote of the day:

    “She got her brains f****d out! Period!”

    (Victor Ziegler to Bill Harford, in the billiard room scene from the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick)


  2. Hi, I’ve been reading some of your posts and find this one to be quite interesting.

    most people don’t like being written about though and that’s why she got annoyed and wrote you a snappy email.

    As for you dating younger women, the way I see it; if they’re past 18, hear in the UK and I think it’s 20 in the US, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, and you’re not hurting anyone, and have their consent, go for it!

    It’s interesting how sex is such a taboo subject that mentioning that you’re going out with someone older than you or younger than you can be seen as wrong. What happened to, we’re adults and can make our own choices?

    I went to see a sex worker about a year or so ago called Zoe, if she would have allowed it, i’d have gone out with her and even dated her, it would have been interesting and yes, she’s in her 40s I think while I’m in my 20s. As I said before, if you have consent; I don’t see an issue with dating older or younger women at all.

    One more question and I hope this doesn’t offend, I’ve been reading rreddit and have come across one of your posts where you were called an incell, would you say that’s true? You do seam to obsess over women a bit in what could be considered concerning to some, I’ll admit I did write on that thread that perhaps you could be helped by a bit of theropy but honestly? I don’t know you and honestly think it would be cool to sit down and chat so while I might find some of your posts a bit concerning, I still think you’re a cool guy.

    Also, I think you might want to move to a place where women take their health a bit more sireusly as you don’t like fat women 😛

    I like chubby women personally, I’m completely blind so looks aren’t that important to me but even I’d have my limits. I’d probably not date a woman over 500 pounds, or if I did; she’d have to be working on losing the weight along side me.


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