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Warning About A Great Depression Coming To Western North Dakota

There are many people who will wish that I didn’t write this blog post article, for a number of reasons. But I will explain why I am doing this.

For the most part, I do not like North Dakotans, primarily because of how they treated out-of-state workers during the oil boom from 2007-2015, quadrupling rents, gouging, taking advantage, being hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, and undermining to out-of-state workers.

But two “wrongs” do not make a “right”. Just because North Dakotans acted totally non-Christian towards others, does not mean that I should behave the same way. If I myself have any values, morals, ethics, principles, understanding of right and wrong, a sense of justice and injustice, then I should act accordingly.

I am writing this blog post article to help western North Dakotans, to warn them ahead of time, so that they have a chance to adjust and prepare, because I don’t think that they know what is going to happen.

The “Great Depression” occurred from 1929 through the late 1930s. The two main causes of the Great Depression were the U.S. Stock Market crash in October of 1929, and a severe drought that devastated farming in the early 1930s.

Shortly after the stock market crash, where stock market investors lost most of their investment money, there became a mistrust of financial institutions, so most people sought to withdraw their money from Banks. Because Banks loan out more than half of their deposits, there was not enough money in the Banks to pay all of the depositors when they showed up to withdraw their money. Many Banks failed, became “insolvent”, and many people lost all of the money that they had in their savings and checking accounts. There was no FDIC insurance back then.

The stock market crash, the failure of many large and small Banks, people losing all of their money in investments, losing all of their money in savings and checking accounts, was followed by high unemployment, property foreclosures, evictions, repossession of equipment and vehicles, a huge drop in crop prices paid to farmers, farm foreclosures, then there came a severe drought that ruined many farms in the Great Plains.

You can read about the Great Depression here:

Why western North Dakotans will soon face a disaster as large as the Great Depression, where many things went wrong all at once, is as follows:

  1. The North Dakota oil boom of 2007-2015 ended when the price of oil fell from over $100 per barrel, to below $40 per barrel.  With an oil company’s costs to drill and maintain an oil well, they could not produce oil at a profit when the price of oil was below $40 per barrel.
  2. The price of oil dropped in 2015 because of a World over-supply of oil, over-production and price-dropping by Russia and OPEC countries.
  3. The number of operating oil well drill rigs in North Dakota dropped from nearly 300 in 2014 to less than 10 currently.  Each operating drill rig in North Dakota creates 100 associated jobs, so nearly 30,000 jobs were lost.
  4. The out-of-state oil field workers leaving western North Dakota caused a contraction in the local economies.
  5. In January of 2020 began the effects of the coronavirus, World-wide travel bans, U.S. travel restrictions, non-essential business closures, banning of events, prohibition of public gatherings, resulting in more contraction of economies and layoffs.
  6. The coronavirus travel bans and shut-downs causing even more of an oversupply and less demand for oil.

The Biden Presidency January 20, 2021

  1. Immediate cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline that passes through Montana and South Dakota adjacent to North Dakota that would have created thousands of high paying jobs for North Dakotans.
  2. Imminent ban on hydraulic fracturing, which is the only method to extract North Dakota oil profitably.  Which means no new oil wells in North Dakota, no more oil revenue for land owners, no more oil tax revenue for the State of North Dakota, no more oil field jobs for North Dakotans, no out-of-state workers coming to North Dakota. 
  3. The Biden Presidency causing a shock to the stock market, investing, small businesses, business expansion, new construction, and new hiring.

The above lists are meant to show all of the bad things that are happening at the same time to affect western North Dakota.  One of the things that financial analysts and economists wrote about the Great Depression, is that the pessimism, fear of spending, fear of borrowing money, and hoarding of money made the Great Depression even worse and caused it to last longer.

This blog post article warning western North Dakotans about a coming Great Depression may be unwanted by many people because it could cause the kind of pessimism and fear that some scholars claim made the Great Depression even worse.  In general, Politicians, Mayors, Chambers of Commerce, Real Estate Agents, and Business Owners do not like this kind of talk.  However, in my opinion, these aforementioned groups like for people to be as unknowing sheep waiting to be fleeced.

I believe that it is necessary for the well-being of people, to be notified as far in advance as possible of a coming disaster, so that they will have the chance to prepare and think about what it is that they will do.

I don’t know if it will do any good or not, but in my next blog post article, I will try to discuss some strategies and recommendations that people might use to better survive the Great Depression that is coming to western North Dakota.

Most People Don’t Know That Kristi Noem Was Princess Of Barsoom Before She Was Governor Of South Dakota

Most people do not know that Kristi Noem was Princess of Barsoom, before she became Governor of South Dakota.  See for yourself.

Back then:

And now:

Why Third World Women Are More Feminine

When I was growing up in a small east coast town in Florida in the 1970s and 1980s, I took attractive women for granted.  Because of the year-round warm, laid-back, fun beach environment, beautiful charismatic women who could have lived anywhere, chose this area to settle-down, date, marry, and start a family.  I went to elementary school and high school with the daughters of these beautiful, agreeable women.

What spoiled me even further, was when I graduated from high school, I received an academic scholarship to attend a very expensive small private college in Virginia.  55% of the students were female, and most of them came from wealthy families in the northeast.  These young women were very healthy, attractive, well-mannered, nicely dressed, well-groomed, polite, and friendly.

My God, what a contrast from back then and there, to where I am now, living in the gulag of Siberia.  The women here have been bred for bitter-cold, freezing-wind, and hard labor.  Their short stature, cankle-calves, no-neck, ham-fists, built for pulling wagons, slogging through the mud clenching ropes in their teeth.  Staring, glaring, leering, and sneering, snarling, “We didn’t ask you to come here!”

I have tried to explain the difference between women here in western North Dakota compared to women elsewhere.  I have gotten the impression that 30% of readers don’t believe me, and 30% of readers don’t care, leaving about 40% of readers who take some interest, as if there is something to be learned about women.

From time-to-time I have shared some explanation of women provided by other people.  A couple of days ago, I saw a YouTube video made by a creator who calls himself “Coach Red Pill”.  After watching the video which I share below, and several more of his videos, I find this person to be slightly irritating because his repetition of his points does not always provide as much clarity as it does tedium.  However, in this video he does have some very good insight:

I found it to be true, that women who realize that they need men for their survival, make a conscious and considerable effort to be attractive and agreeable.  Also, women who realize that in order to enjoy an affluent lifestyle they will need the resources of men, they too make a great deal of effort to be attractive and agreeable.

On the other hand, women who do not expect to need the resources of men, because either their husband, ex-husband, or the government will continue to provide for them, they let their appearance go, become sloven, and disagreeable.

I Am Very Happy, Pleased, And Proud That Maddy Rose Is On OnlyFans

I am very happy, pleased, and proud that “Maddy Rose” is on the adult website OnlyFans.  Three years ago when I first saw her on Facebook, I wrote an article describing how exceptionally attractive and photogenic she was,

From her late teen years, Maddie enjoyed being photographed and taking photographs of herself to post on Facebook and Instagram.  She posted a couple of photos every day, which received many compliments.

In a way, I think that Maddie was an introvert, a little shy, maybe feeling awkward or out-of-place sometimes.  Maddie and her family were not from the United States, they moved here from Australia when Maddie and her younger sister Emma were in their pre-teens or early teen years.  Trying on and modelling clothes seemed to put Maddie into a mood where she was enjoying what she was doing.

I looked Maddie up to find out more about her, and understand her, and I read what she was saying to try to piece together what was going on in her life.  The university where she went to school, her romantic relationships, her friends, and family were things that sometimes stressed her out.  But modelling was something that allowed her to escape.

In order for the reader to understand what Maddie wanted to show and show more of several years ago, here are a few links to some of her Facebook photographs:

Back in 2017-2018, at least several times Facebook closed Maddie’s Facebook page because viewers were reporting that her Facebook profile was fake, because “nobody looked like that, she can’t be real.” Several times she had to send a copy of her driver’s license to Facebook to prove that she was a real person, in order to get her Facebook page back. This was one of the ways that Facebook and people tried to censor her.

I am happy that Maddie is on OnlyFans, because now she can be photographed however she wants, without anyone being able to censor her, and get paid for what she is doing. She received an enormous amount of views and compliments in the past, but now she gets to be paid.

I am very pleased that Maddie is on OnlyFans, because now I get to see more intimate photographs of her. (Maybe one day I can, but OnlyFans won’t accept my American Express card or my VISA card.)

I am proud of Maddie, because she has a talent, she has something that is very sought after, admired, and valued, and she can get paid for it now, just like an artist, musician, athlete, actor, or entrepreneur. She enjoys what she is doing, and people enjoy seeing her. I feel like she is being open and generous, and I wish that more women could be like her.

Before any people start protesting me on her behalf, she invites people on her Facebook page and her Instagram to go see her on OnlyFans.

Subscribe to my onlyfans 😍🔥😛

Side Note 1/17/21:  On Saturday night 1/16/21 when I tried to sign up for OnlyFans and use my American Express credit card, and then my VISA credit card to subscribe to Maddy Rose, both of these credit cards were declined, or the charges would not go through.  Then there was a very strange-to-me, “authentication/verification” page with a requirement that I submit to something like an online videoing/photography of myself to verify that it was me when using OnlyFans, which I was not going to do.  This just seem bizarre/fraudulent to me, and I don’t understand it.

On the following morning at 8:10 a.m. Sunday morning, my phone was ringing with a 1-844 number marked as “Potential Spam”.  I was so angry at receiving a spam/scam call first thing on Sunday morning that I answered this phone call.  The caller said that they were from the Bank that issued my VISA card, had I tried to make a payment to OnlyFans recently?

Then I was really, really mad, believing that the OnlyFans sign-up page had been hacked, and now a scammer was calling me to get my credit card information.  As I let this caller continue, it began to appear that this was not a scam, this “Bank” was not really wanting to gather any additional personal information, they were trying to see if this was a fraudulent charge attempt or not.

Whether this customer service employee was supposed to tell me this or not, when I asked her to explain what was this was all about, she said that so many people had tried to cancel their subscription to OnlyFans by reporting it as a “fraudulent charge” to their credit card company, rather than go through the OnlyFans customer service, that this Bank began to treat most of the first-attempt OnlyFans sign-up charges as “possibly fraudulent”.  I never did give any of my personal information, but this customer service agent was very decent and polite.

Honda West In Dickinson North Dakota Would Not Sell Me A Motorcycle

In the Spring of 2020, my health was very bad, I was having more and more heart problems. When I was younger, for two years I had worked as a caregiver for terminally-ill people. I was familiar with diseases such as COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it’s effects, and how it progresses. I was having heart pain, irregular heartbeat, heart palpitations, and occasionally difficulty breathing, and all of these things were getting worse.

I spoke to my father about this in the Fall of 2019, because I thought that I would probably die before too much longer, and that my father would have to deal with my home back in Idaho, and my other property. I didn’t know it, because my father denied to me that he had any health problems, but he had COPD, and unexpectedly to me, he died in April of 2020.

My father left half of what he had to me, and half to my sister. I was so sick of living in a low-rent apartment in a high-crime area of downtown Dickinson, that the first thing I did was buy a small house with a big yard, in order to not have to deal with crime, drug addicts, and theft like I had been, because it was all around me where I was living.

The second thing that I wanted to do, was buy a nice, new, reliable Enduro motorcycle, the kind that you can ride both on-road and off-road. I owned a 1976 Yamaha 125cc Enduro, and a 1975 Kawasaki 125cc Enduro, but they were always not starting, not running, and quitting when I was far from home.

Because of my bad health that had been getting steadily worse over the past year and a half, I wanted to buy a nice, new, reliable motorcycle while I could still ride one. I went to the Honda West motorcycle dealership in Dickinson in May/June of 2020. They sold both new Honda and new Kawasaki Enduros.

I liked Kawasakis, and I was interested in the Kawasaki KLX 230 in the Honda West showroom, it was about $4,800. I looked at this motorcycle, waited, looked at all of their other motorcycles, waited, and I could not get any salesperson to help me. So I left.

I went home and looked up the Kawasaki KLX 230 on the internet, and I saw that its top speed was only 77 mph, which means you would not be able to ride it safely on Hwy 22, Hwy 85, or the Interstate because you could not get out of the way of cars and trucks.

I looked up the Kawasaki KLX 250 on the internet, which they also had in the showroom of Honda West, and it had a top speed of 85 mph, which I thought was good enough. This motorcycle costs about $5,400. I went back to Honda West the following day to buy this Kawasaki KLX 250, I waited for a salesperson, I walked around and looked at all of the other motorcycles, waited some more, but I still could not get a salesperson in order to buy this motorcycle.

I went home, and I wasn’t really all that happy about this KLX 250 only being able to go 85 mph, it would be difficult to ride it very far on the Interstate. I was just wanting to ride on rural dirt roads in North Dakota, did I really need an Enduro, maybe I should get a street bike?

After some more thought and research, I decided that I wanted to buy both the Kawasaki KLX 250 Enduro, and the Kawasaki 400 Ninja Sport Bike that they had in the Honda West showroom in Dickinson, which would total about $11,000. I went back to Honda West for the third time that week, in order to buy these two motorcycles. It was the same thing, wait, wait, wait, and no salesperson to sell me these two motorcycles.

Finally I went looking for a store manager or store owner. There was a dark-haired man about 50-60 years of age in the parts department area, who said that he was one of the owners of this store. I told him that this was the third time that I had been to his dealership to buy a motorcycle, I now want to buy both the KLX 250 and the 400 Ninja, but I can’t get a salesperson in order to buy these two motorcycles. The dealership “owner” said, I can’t help you.

This was the most fucked-up dealership experience that I had ever had in my entire life. All I wanted to do was pay for these two Kawasakis and they couldn’t help me. I tried to understand why they wouldn’t help me, and didn’t care, and I thought that it was probably because of the oil boom.

From what I could tell, it wasn’t the oil field workers so much that were buying motorcycles, it was the land owners and farmers who were receiving oil revenue money that were buying four-wheelers and side-by-sides for $20,000 that was making them not care about selling me anything. I thought, just as well, I wonder what it would be like trying to get my two new motorcycles dealer-prepped and serviced here? It would probably take forever.

This winter, due to the Corona virus adversely affecting the economy, people not having money to buy things, and people needing to sell things, I began to see some very good deals for motorcycles on Facebook Marketplace and elsewhere on the internet. I was able to buy a very good-condition BMW R1100R street bike, and an almost new BMW G310GS Dual-Sport bike, both from very nice older people.

Caturbate, Live Nude Cat Models

Shortly after I found the live nude models on the website “Chaturbate” six months ago, I began thinking that there should be a website “Caturbate” for cats to watch.

I was thinking, cats who live in a rural area, they might not have a chance to meet other cats. Then I was thinking, what about cats who live in the city in an apartment, not only do they not get to go outside, they have even less of a chance to meet other cats.

Also, it is often dangerous for cats to go outside to try to meet other cats, they could get attacked by a dog, run over by a car when trying to cross the street, or get into a fight with another cat.

One time in Idaho, my male cat named “Batman”, he went to a party/barn dance, and he got beat up by a group of male cats for dancing on his hind legs.

For each live nude cat model on Caturbate, they could have a list of how many tokens they charge, like this:

  • Get petted…………………….5 tokens
  • Play with toy mouse………8 tokens
  • Play with bird on string…..10 tokens
  • Eat canned cat food………..15 tokens
  • Take off collar………………….20 tokens
  • Go outside……………………….25 tokens

Just in case someone already created a website of live nude cat models named “Caturbate”, I did an internet search, and sure enough, this website already exists: WAIT!!!!  STOP!!!  I was tricked!!!

When I clicked on the link , the first page that comes up has a gallery of cats, in the same exact format and template as the live nude human site Chaturbate.  However, when you click on one of the cat photographs in the Gallery of Caturbate, it doesn’t take you to cat videos, it takes you to Chaturbate human models.

For the time being, if you want to see a cat being petted in Amsterdam where they don’t have the same laws as in the U.S., here are some links:


The Chamber Of Commerce, Real Estate Agents, And Employers Are Not Telling The Truth About Dickinson North Dakota

For a little over six years I have been writing about Dickinson, North Dakota and trying to explain it. In many ways, Dickinson is not normal, and not like other places.

Perhaps the main reason why Dickinson is different from other places, and not normal, is that the local people here truly do not like and do not want people from out-of-state moving here.

I will explain it like this. I grew up south of Daytona Beach in the 1970s-1980s when this city’s population was about 50,000 people. The biggest part of Daytona’s economy was tourism, entertainment, and real estate development.

Everyone in Daytona was accustomed to tourists from across the U.S. and around the World, visiting for such things as the beach, warm weather, NASCAR, and bike week. Many of these visitors decided to stay and try living in Daytona for a while. More than half of the people living in Daytona were not originally from Florida.

When I graduated from College and moved to Tampa, it was similar to Daytona in that half of the population was not from Florida, and a large part of the local economy was real estate development.

When I lived in Flagstaff and Phoenix in my mid-thirties, half the population of these cities was not from Arizona. Everyone was accustomed to meeting and interacting with people from all across the U.S. , and occasionally foreign countries.

Let me show you some of the census data for the growth of these cities:

  • Daytona     population 1980  50,000       population 2020   70,000
  • Tampa        population 1980   271,000     population 2020   400,000
  • Flagastaff   population 1980   35,000      population 2020   75,000
  • Phoenix      population 1980   790,000     population 2020   1,700,000

What I was trying to show with the above data, was the continued growth of these cities, that growth and real estate development was probably the main ingredient that fueled their economies.  Not only did growth happen, but it was welcomed, it brought prosperity.  What this small table of data above does not show, was the literal doubling and quadrupling of the populations on the outskirts of these towns, that is where the real growth occurred.

Getting back to the subject of Dickinson, that Dickinson is not like other places, that Dickinson is not normal, I have tried very hard to explain this, but I have not been able to convince everyone.  A few days ago, a lifelong North Dakotan submitted two comments to my blog website.  I looked this gentleman up, he is approximately 84 years of age.  Due to his age, disposition, and nature, he did not hold back with his thoughts and beliefs.

The two comments that I received from this elderly Dickinson man, are very important in letting out-of-state newcomers know where they stand and what to expect in Dickinson.  As you will see, the true feelings of many local people in Dickinson are not pro-growth, pro-development, and welcoming to newcomers:

“Why don’t you just end your blog. You are obviously not from Western North Dakota. Your blog comments are disturbing/unsettling to us locals. It is not your job to change ANYTHING around here. Way more than enough damage has already been done. It is time to get things back to where they were before all the influx of outsiders coming here to “make things better for us”. The state of our social and economic situation is far worse now thanks to outsiders like you. Take yourself and all the niggers you love back to your home town. We do not need to be diluted by you and your selected kind. GO AWAY!!!”

“This is in response to “Mr Name Withheld” (, let’s call him Tex, and his rant concerning how ugly North Dakota girls are, how stupid North Dakotans are and how terrible the Catholic Church is.
Tex is correct in describing Western North Dakota as wind swept, cold, barren, unattractive, unyielding, hostile, etc. It is not a vacation destination. That is why the people are the way they are. It is a hard life and everything is EARNED and earned the hard way.
But goes on to say that he is going to remain in Dickinson after expressing his profound hatred of Western North Dakota and the locals.
Firstly the local females are not here to lay down for slime ball Texans/Niggers or fans of those types. They are ours as we are theirs. And if they do we shame them. Isn’t it enough that you have been offered a TEMPORARY job here to work until it is over and then you LEAVE! So we are being told by Tex we have to provide Tex with a bed mate as well. Bring your own while you are here sir.
Then Tex starts sharing his vast wisdom about the history of North Dakota’s oil booms. And how stupid we are for not accepting everyone that wants to come here and exploit us. True, the oil companies have been given free rein to be out of control by our state regulators only so the State can collect the measly taxes, while the Texans not only own the oil companies and reap the wealth but bring in their Texas workers to do the work for the most part. ALL the wealth is hauled back to Houston. This, agreed is a seriously monumental problem that NEEDS to be addressed soon. There was always a local group of us that worked the North Dakota oilfields from 1978 to 2005 and were treated status quo as per what we did. As things changed we were blatantly eliminated/discarded for reasons possibly implemented by our newly intelligent state regulators. Allowing this to continue is not very intelligent!! In fact it is stupidity. And then turn around and tout the ‘North Dakota SMART crap”. That is a serious complaint of ours!!! At this point we do not need outsiders here and yet they remain, there are plenty of area people to take care of the jobs available. We don’t need anymore “smart” Texans here, GO HOME TEXANS, don’t trip or get tangled up at the cattle guard-just keep moving back to where you came from or anywhere else. There is a reason people hate Texans. Texans think everyone loves them and are puzzled when they are not welcomed with open arms. Texans are fucking everywhere and are everywhere to exploit others!!!!
Tex also spends a lot of space complaining about how the drug/narcotic community in North Dakota is mistreated. You Tex are most likely are a drug criminal with all this wisdom and those complaints. Maybe that is why you say you will not leave, you are a drug felon and are not allowed to cross state lines.
Then Tex complains about how hostile North Dakotans are to outsiders and that is why the population doesn’t grow. Firstly when most of these outsiders arrived here they conducted themselves as if they had never been across the county line before. To them it was a free for all, riot, melee. Yes we live in a remote low populated area and intend to keep it that way. There is no spot here for hillbilly Texans.
To touch on Tex’s hate of the Catholic Church. It has been here since the beginning and yes the Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, etc. populate the parishes. What religion are you Tex? Are you a Baptist or some other mindless robotic Evangelical that is stupid enough to think that backing the Jew’s/Zionist’s evil will make you “chosen” and ensure entry into the promised land???
Before our final thoughts, just what were the Dickinson city leaders thinking when all these Blacks were allowed to infest the town? Were they looking for population growth no matter who came in? Did they think it would make Dickinson appear to be a progressive, modern looking town? It is obvious THEY have never experienced life beyond their county line other than a vacation or surfing the net. If so, they forgot to consider the big picture. Dickinson is where it is, Dickinson is what it is, Dickinson will continue to be what it has been. The only way to change it is to pay people to come here or set up a Siberia sort of prison to force people to come here. There is only so much that can be done with Dickinson. Dickinson City authorities must be keenly aware they are playing with fire in who they condone residency to. To “experiment” with this African bringing in thing WILL backfire. This whole scene is an embarrassment to locals and non locals alike. Almost all these blacks have a home somewhere where they came from. OK, now there have been black births in Dickinson. At that point these blacks are now natives of Dickinson. City leaders, do you realize just what you have now created in a small, poor place that is not capable of answering to or supporting the DEMANDS that will soon arise. Nice job Dickinson Dolts. That’s what happens when people are put in positions long before they are qualified to fill them. They govern on emotions and by what they absorb from television.
And finally no there is not oil laying in formation in every state Tex. You said every state has oil and North Dakota should not be so proud thinking they are unique. Again Tex you say a lot of off-the-wall things, we will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant oil in Auto Zone or O’reily’s.
Overall Tex we stress that if you hate Dickinson as much as you convey. Move back to where you came from and take all the Texans/Southerners/Niggers with you. In fact why don’t you just go away period.
But in reality, with some of the things you say, we believe you are actually originally from the Dickinson area or very nearby. You just got in trouble and turned Texan on us.
As a note, Texans and Niggers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. To be labeled a Texan/Nigger is not a compliment. It is a term that describes an undesirable quality, attitude and way of approaching non Texans. Texans are disliked everywhere, de facto HATED!!”

I think that this Dickinson resident who submitted these two comments above has the right to his opinion and to freely express his thoughts, feeling, and beliefs.  The local people in Dickinson might have been better off if they stated and published these common beliefs before, during, and after the North Dakota oil boom of 2007-2015.  By publish, I mean via newspaper, radio, television, internet, mayor, chief of police, city commissioners, county commissioners, everywhere.

The Chambers of Commerce, real estate agents, and employers should or could be honest with people from out-of-state, but they are not going to.  They are going to continue to try to lure people here with false information, which is just going to result in unhappiness for the newcomers and the local Dickinson residents.  Local Dickinson residents do not want growth and development.

I Realized That I CAN Afford A Mistress

Several years ago, I began to realize that the least costly relationship that you can have with a woman, is with a very expensive prostitute. Not even addressing the subject of marriage, if a man such as myself were to get a woman pregnant, a judge would probably order me to pay child support in the amount of $400-$800 per month for the next 18 years, costing me as much as $180,000.

If you look at the website, these girls are all very beautiful, and they cost $250 per hour. Me personally, I would very much look forward to visiting one of these escorts once per week. Even if I spent $1,000 per month, it would be much less costly than getting a girl pregnant, and much less costly than getting married.

Something else that I have realized as I have gotten older, is that I don’t think that I could stand having a girlfriend or wife in my home for very long. Either out of wanting to be close, wanting to save money, or some other scheme, women want to move in together, I don’t.

Some examples of things that women would do in my home, that would irritate me greatly: Throwing out old clothes and old shoes that I planned on wearing while doing dirty work; replacing my furniture; dumping the cat litter box in the toilet so that the sewer becomes clogged; leaving the front door unlocked; killing the cat in the clothes dryer.

The fact that I don’t want any women living with me, that I would rather pay an escort, the Dickinson Police won’t allow any escorts, and the fact that I have a 2-bedroom apartment in Dickinson that I am not using, all coalesced in my mind to where I got the idea that I could have a mistress.

Prior to this revelation, I just assumed that there was no way that I could afford a mistress. I would have to pay for a place for her to live, give her money, possibly provide her with a vehicle. But I am already paying rent and utilities for an apartment that I don’t use, I already have extra vehicles. If I am willing to spend $1,000 per month on an escort, I don’t think I would have to pay any more than this to have a mistress, if I provided her a place to live, and a vehicle.

The two problems with my idea that I can see, is that this is Dickinson, and the Dickinson Police are always meddling with people trying to have sex.

The first problem, that this is Dickinson, is that there is a scarcity of attractive women. Possibly the only candidates would be girls recently graduated from high school, and Dickinson State University girls. Maybe I could post an ad on a DSU or West River Community Center bulletin board that went something like this:

“Seeking Arrangement:  Wanted single, attractive young lady, healthy, physically fit, non-smoker, not overweight.  Will be provided with 2-bedroom apartment, vehicle, and expense money.  Contact via email for details.”

With the current environment at DSU, I imagine that every chubby blue-haired women’s studies student would rip this advertisement down in such a frenzy it would wreck the bulletin board, long before any attractive young lady got to read it.  At the West River Community Center, the older, physically-fit housewives would probably read the ad, and maybe take it with them, because “just in case, you never know”, and give it to a friend/enemy of theirs to help/hurt them.

As for the Dickinson Police, I don’t know how I would counteract their plot to entrap me.  This is going to require much more thought and planning.

More Response About ND Armstrong, Cramer, And Hoeven Not Objecting To Presidential Electors

A few days prior to the January 6 session of Congress to certify Presidential Electors, North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer, Senator John Hoeven, and Representative Kelly Armstrong published a statement that they would not speak out and oppose any Presidential Electors.

In their statements, they said things such as it was not within the scope of Congress to object to Presidential Electors:

I have seen the evidence of vote fraud, this fraud is very well documented, it has been proven beyond any doubt. What I have also seen, beside the vote fraud, is a conspiracy among the mainstream media, many local, state, and Washington politicians, and all of the courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, to wrongfully prevent President Trump from serving his second term as President.

Here is what I want to say to Kelly Armstrong, Kevin Cramer, and John Hoeven:

Kelly Armstrong:  If and when you are up for re-election, would it be O.K. if thousands of dead people voted against you, if made-up non-existent people voted against you, if out-of-state non-residents voted against you, and you lost your election?

Kevin Cramer:  If and when you are up for re-election, would it be O.K. if Republican observers were blocked from watching the vote count, and hundreds or thousands of the same Democrat ballots were run through the voting machines multiple times, resulting in a vote count that far exceeded the number of registered voters, and you lost your election?

John Hoeven:  If and when you are  up for re-election, would it be O.K. if Republican observers were sent home due to a “water leak”, several large pieces of hidden luggage containing thousands of ballots were pulled from under a table, and you lost your election?

These things would certainly not be O.K. with you, when you lost your election.  So why would you stand by, let these things happen to President Trump, and not protest or dispute this?

Regarding the statement that it is not within the scope of Congress to dispute Presidential Electors, this behavior of Kelly Armstrong, Kevin Cramer, and John Hoeven, is the same as what went on in Germany prior to World War II, as described in a famous quotation by Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

More Hot Facebook Marketplace Sellers

As you may have heard, there are very few attractive women in western North Dakota. Three or four times per day I go look at Facebook Marketplace to see what good deals there are for vehicles and motorcycles. When I scroll through the ads, I get distracted by the good looking women who are modeling clothes for sale.

When I see these good looking women, I click on their ad, then I click on their personal Facebook page to see who they are and where they are from. One of the reasons why these women are attractive, is because they seem to be happy and enjoy what they are doing.

Women like attention and admiration. They also like trying on clothes, modeling clothes, and taking pictures of themselves. So I guess this is why they appear happy and enjoy what they are doing. In North Dakota, women mostly just scowl, glare, leer, and sneer.

Below I have provided links to some nice looking Facebook Marketplace sellers:

“Ashley Nicole” of Alabama

“Andrea Bolivar” of Texas

“Aleksandra Kaleta” of Ohio

“Victoria Barboza” of Texas

“Jacquelyn Hahn” of Florida/Georgia

“Aubrey Lou” of California

Maybe I will include some more listings as they show up.

People Ask Why Hasn’t Anyone Ever Shot And Killed A Bigfoot

Whenever the subject of Bigfoot is brought up or discussed, skeptics always say, “Why hasn’t anyone ever shot and killed a Bigfoot by now?  Why aren’t there any specimens?

The answer is, that many Bigfoot have been shot and killed.  In the video below from professional Canadian hunting guide Steve Isdahl, this is a typical example of what happens.  I am starting this video at the 8:10 mark:

Whether it’s in the United States or Canada, whenever Law Enforcement of any kind receives a phone call or radio dispatch regarding a Bigfoot attack or a Bigfoot body, there are government employees on standby that specialize in covering these things up, as you heard in the video above.

Once again, for skeptics, I am providing a link to a catalog of historical newspaper records of Bigfoot being shot, killed, or captured:

I Am Surprised And Disappointed In North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong

I am surprised and disappointed in North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong for stating that he will not challenge the Presidential Electors sent from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin where there is a great deal of evidence that organized voting fraud took place.

Here is an article from the Dickinson Press newspaper explaining Congressman Armstrong’s position:

My opinion of Kelly Armstrong, is now the same as my opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court, what good are they if they will not take a stand against the worst corruption we have seen in our lifetimes? Yes, it always is easier to sit back and do nothing, to not put in any work or effort, to not risk anything personally. Do you stand for anything? Do you accept whatever happens to you? Do you realize what is at stake?

When I began to try once again to gather together all the pieces of evidence to present my case to readers, I came across this video made by Mark Levin, where he explains everything better than I can. North Dakotans, please, please watch this video below, that explains Senators’ and Representatives’ roles in Congress on January 6:

On January 6, in Congress, when the Presidential Electors from each state are presented, the Republican Senators and Republican Representatives should contest and protest the Presidential Electors from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

My Favorite Facebook Seller Of Women’s Clothes

Five months ago, I wrote a blog post article titled “Can Facebook Marketplace Be Used To Find Attractive Women?” You have to remember, I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, where there is a shortage of women and a scarcity of attractive women. I am literally scared to go to local bars, restaurants, and convenience stores because of the jack-o’-lantern women and the coconut crab women.

When I was looking at Facebook Marketplace, I was interested in cars, motorcycles, and boats. At first, when I kept seeing listings for very short cut-off women’s jean shorts, this was a nuisance for me to have to scroll past. I was thinking, “Who would wear shorts like this?” Then I realized, “Why don’t I go look and see.”

Now, when I click on my Facebook Marketplace tab, cars, motorcycles, and boat listings do not come up first, but instead listings for very short cut-off women’s denim shorts, summer dresses, and evening dresses.

Everyday when I check Facebook Marketplace, I recognize just from the photo, the dress listings from my favorite seller:

I like Aleksandra very much. She lives in Ohio, but is originally from Poland. Because she is from Poland, I think that she is probably much more practical, reasonable, and agreeable than American women. I get the impression that she is very hard working and no-nonsense. I think that she has very good genetics, and will keep her figure and attractiveness for the rest of her life.

I sent Aleksandra one compliment, one time. I do not want to communicate with her because I do not want to waste her time. I think that she could find a good boyfriend and future husband if she doesn’t waste her time on men who are not marriage oriented or marriage material.

As a side note, if you want to see very good listings for women’s clothes from a private seller, as far as quality and consistency of modelling and presentation, look at Hannah Lee Duggan’s Depop Shop:

Prairie Business Magazine’s 2021 Top Women Need Yvonne Denault Photography

Last year I happened upon a news item titled, “Prairie Business Magazine announces its ’25 Top Women in Business’ for 2020”.  This article begins as follows:

“Forum Communication Company’s Prairie Business Magazine has announced its ‘Top 25 Women in Business’ for 2020.

These women are leaders in their careers and communities, women who truly stand out in their professions, and we are happy to profile them here. Read all of the profiles below. Congratulations to everyone on this list!”

Now, in case you haven’t heard, there is a shortage of women in western North Dakota and a scarcity of attractive women, so I am interested to see what kind of women they have elsewhere.  I even look at Facebook Marketplace listings of women selling clothes to get a chance to see what normal women look like, instead of the jack-o’-lantern women and the coconut crab women that we have in Dickinson.

If the truth were known, about 80%-90% of the men looking at the ’25 Top Women in Business’ article were primarily interested in seeing what these women looked like.  So, I went ahead and wrote the following blog post article:

I enjoyed writing this blog post article, because I got a chance to express my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires while I am stuck and confined in the Dickinson prison.  Try actually finding and meeting an attractive woman here, and you are more likely to get a 10-20 year prison sentence.

For 2021, I think that it would be a good idea for Prairie Business Magazine to hire Yvonne Denault Photography of Fargo, to photograph each of the women featured in the ’25 Top Women in Business’.  Here is the link to Yvonne’s website:

From Yvonne’s website, she begins by making a statement about her “Boudoir” photography, but her “Lifestyle Editorial” photography is probably more suitable for Prairie Business Magazine:

“We live in a society that defines beauty by years, measurements and scales. Those definitions couldn’t be further from the truth. True beauty exists in variety and comes in different heights, weights, color, shapes and ages. YOU are true beauty. A boudoir portrait session is a celebration of beauty that each woman should experience at least once in her lifetime. It may be as a gift for someone special – or simply as a gift to yourself. “

“Lifestyle Editorial”:

“Our lifestyle sessions are defined by simple, elegant images and are not necessarily defined by attire. Outfit ideas might be include a cocktail dress, jeans and a sweater, or a flowy sundress. Portraits are just as beautiful and alluring as a boudoir session, but with less skin showing and reflect more of a candid, in-the-moment living experience. This session is ideal for women not interested in boudoir or pinup, but would like a set of photos that she can share on social networking sites, or simply leave as a photographic legacy for her family.”

Check out each of these links:

Will Donald Trump Remain President Or Not

Leading up to the November 3rd Presidential Election, I believed that Donald Trump would win, but I wasn’t certain. The West Coast states and the Northeast states have voted Democrat in my lifetime, the interior states vote mostly Republican, but it was hard to tell what Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin were going to do.

On election night, the reporting was showing that it was going to be a close race, but once Florida was called for Trump, and Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan were edging toward Trump, I thought that he had it. As I waited for the final results, it bothered me that several states like Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin didn’t get their vote counting done by midnight of the election.

In the days following the Presidential Election, there was all kinds of evidence of fraudulent voting and vote counting: Republican poll observers being barred and blocked from voting places; very suspicious transport of large containers full of ballots to polling places after midnight of the election; hidden suitcases full of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta; U.S. Postal Service truck driver reporting incident with shipping pallets full of ballots being transported from New Jersey to Pennsylvania; Dominion voting machine data showing huge spikes of votes counted for Joe Biden on machines not capable of processing that amount of ballots in that time frame; Dominion voting machine data showing a run of several hundred thousand votes for Biden and three thousand for Trump, a 100:1 ratio in an area where the vote had been close to 50%-50%. Plus thousands of sworn affidavits from witnesses.

I was shocked at the obvious, blatant vote fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. When these state courts refused to hear legal arguments about vote fraud, these state legislatures refused to hear complaints about vote fraud, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear any legal complaint about vote fraud, and the U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that there was no evidence of widespread vote fraud, it was like I was watching the President Kennedy assassination. These conspirators are criminally overthrowing the U.S. President right before our eyes.

When I was expressing my disbelief and astonishment at what was happening to a friend of mine, he explained to me that in 2018 Donald Trump had drafted and signed a Presidential Executive Order that was to be used in case of “Foreign Interference In a U.S. Election”. Under this Presidential Executive Order of 2018 regarding Election Interference, on December 16, the Director of National Intelligence was required to submit a summary report concluding whether there was election interference, and if so, under this Executive Order, the President could implement Martial Law as needed to investigate and restore a fair election.

Not long after this was explained to me by a friend of mine, I did begin seeing within various news organizations, some reporting about this particular specific Presidential Executive Order, that it did in fact exist, it did stipulate the required December 16 Report from the Director of National Intelligence, that it did provide for Martial Law, Military investigation, and so forth. You can read for yourself, this actual, real Presidential Executive Order here:

Within a few more days, it was pointed out to me that because some of the Dominion voting system computer servers were located and seized in Germany, plus the foreign ownership of the Dominion voting system company, that these things alone constituted proof of “foreign interference in a U.S. election”.

However, I could not believe it when December 16 arrived, and the Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, informed the President that the Report on Foreign Interference in the Election was not complete yet, his subordinate directors and department heads said that they needed more time to investigate. Holy Shit! How could the DNI tell the President the report was not ready? This seemed like just more of the same election fraud and corruption shown by the state courts, state legislatures, U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. Attorney General William Barr. Is everybody involved in this coup d’etat?

I asked why didn’t President Trump just go ahead and institute Martial Law now, because so many people in the courts, legislatures, U.S. departments, and U.S. agencies, seemed to be corrupted through greed, bribery, or blackmail? It was pointed out to me, that the longer Trump waits, the more that he tries to proceed one step at a time through each legal channel, the more these perpetrators and traitors publicly out themselves through their own criminal or traitorous actions.

If I were President Donald Trump, I would have instituted Martial Law by now, because I would not have been able to stand or put up with the amount of corruption, criminal behavior, and treason, especially once people like U.S. Attorney General William Barr and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, maybe even the Director of National Intelligence appeared to be in on the plot.

However, as all of these different events have taken place, been reported, and analyzed, what looks to me like is happening now, is that some of the state legislators are waking up to the fact that they could end up in front of a Military Tribunal before long, so they are back-pedaling and trying to make things right, by doing such things as making two sets of State Electors, or either refusing to certify or de-certifying their State Electors.

Here is a short 3 minute video showing what the Pennsylvania State Legislators are now trying to do, in order to makes things right:

Whether the State Legislators pick a different set of State Electors that are pro-Trump or not, a different process opens up if several states refuse to certify their election results or State Electors. If this happens, Joe Biden will have less than 270 State Electors in the Electoral College, which will trigger there no longer being an Electoral College vote to determine who is elected President, but instead each U.S. State will cast one vote for President, which would most likely result in Donald Trump continuing to serve as President.

In other words, it looks like there is a legal U.S. election process that is currently unfolding, where because of the way that this Presidential Election will be contested because some states will not certify their election results or State Electors, instead each state will get one vote, and because there are 26-27 Republican states, Trump will win. In this case, Martial Law, Military investigations, and Military Tribunals will not be necessary, which is probably preferable to all of the guilty perpetrators who could face imprisonment or execution. No Civil War either.

However, I am still completely in favor of Martial Law and Military Tribunals to get rid of all of the corrupt career politicians, bureaucrats, judges, criminals, and traitors.

Please watch this 2 minute video from December 16, and read the comments below this video, to get some additional perspective on this:

Governor Doug Burgum Will Probably Not Lead North Dakota In Its Secession

In my two previous blog posts, I explained that due to the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, this will lead to either Civil War or a Secession of Conservative States.

North Dakota is one of the most conservative states, 65% of North Dakotans voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. North Dakotans dislike Joe Biden, particularly because he has spoken in the past about banning hydraulic fracturing to extract oil, and blocking the construction of oil pipelines.

Ordinary North Dakotans can see for themselves that Joe Biden has dementia, not knowing what location he is speaking at, mis-stating that he is running for Senate, publicly speaking about the Democrat’s most advanced voter fraud organization ever, being unable to complete his sentences because he can’t remember his thoughts, names of people, and even words to use.

North Dakotans can also see the evidence of voter fraud during this Presidential Election, suitcases full of fake ballots hidden under a table in Atlanta, Republican vote observers being denied access in Pennsylvania, Dominion vote counting machines in Michigan having a built-in 68% failure rate to allow manual vote override by poll workers, and thousands of sworn depositions from people across the U.S. reporting voting fraud.

It is preposterous and intolerable that Joe Biden would be permitted to be sworn in as President on January 20, because of his dementia, massive widespread organized voter fraud, and evidence that Joe Biden has received millions of dollars in bribes from foreign countries through his drug-addict son Hunter Biden.

What is even more alarming, is that it appears that Joe Biden is just being used as a manipulatable pawn by U.S. politicians and Chinese politicians to implement Socialism in the United States. Why Democrats are seeking Socialism, I understand, but why the majority of Republican politicians, Supreme Court Justices, Department of Justice, and FBI are just standing by letting this happen, I don’t understand.

Who doesn’t recognize, that if this election fraud is allowed to happen now, where the Socialists gain power, that there will never be another free and honest election again? Socialism doesn’t allow dissent.

If North Dakotans are going to escape being ruled and controlled by a totalitarian Socialist government, the time to act is now, before the U.S. Military is dismantled. The only hope of Conservative States being able to Secede peacefully, is with the protection of the U.S. Military preventing a Federal Government response.

A little bit of a problem for North Dakota, is that Governor Doug Burgum will most likely not lead a Secession. Though Governor Doug Burgum came from a small town in North Dakota, he was allowed to attend Stanford University in California, where he became more and more involved with liberal elites, particularly Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

Doug Burgum joined a company Great Plains Software in 1983, and he became its president in 1984. He sold the company to Microsoft for $1.1 billion in 2001. At Microsoft, Doug Burgum became the head of Microsoft Business Solutions. His friend and associate Bill Gates, is believed to be one of the evil masterminds behind a new One World Government.

Because of Governor Doug Burgum’s great personal wealth, and his friendships with liberal elites like Bill Gates, he doesn’t see a problem with the poor masses being stripped of all their rights, freedoms, and beliefs to become slaves under Socialism and a One World Government. Personally, Doug Burgum will not be affected by it, he might even have more peace and quiet when many North Dakotans are shipped off to the FEMA camps in railroad cars.

It is probably counter-productive to discuss Secession plans with Governor Doug Burgum. He is likely to be unsupportive, object, try to delay, and turn over the organizers and plans to the Federal Government.

Who will lead the Secession in North Dakota? I don’t know. And even if I did know, it would not be time yet to announce it. In a coming blog post, I will try to cover some of the things that North Dakotans need to begin planning to get ready for the Secession.

New Country The Conservative States Of America

Because the Supreme Court declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it looks like the American people are on their own in deciding how to handle this fraudulent Presidential Election.

It appears that the Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, information tech companies, liberals, and Democrats do not care about the law or the Constitution. They are corrupt liars, deceivers, and schemers, determined to install socialism in the United States.

Just because a handful of corrupt cities under liberal Democrat control were able to insert hundreds of thousands of illegal or made-up ballots into the vote count in four east coast states that didn’t have adequate supervision, does not make Joe Biden or Kamala Harris our President. This is a fraud, hijacking, and Treason. It’s Treason because it is an attempt to illegally subvert and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

This is like the hijacking of an airliner full of people by a few terrorists. Are we going to remain seated and allow this to happen? Are we going to remain seated and see what the terrorists are going to do with us?

But unlike a hijacked airline situation, we can get off this plane. We do not have to go along with this and wait and see where they are going to take us.

Without any violence or bloodshed, conservative states through their existing state legislatures could either have a popular vote within their state, or have a vote among the legislators themselves, to formally Secede from the United States. We don’t need permission from the Federal Government, at this point it’s like getting a divorce. Does a wife need to ask permission from her husband to get a divorce?

Hopefully, the conservative states that wish to Secede, would recognize that it would be beneficial to have a union of conservative states, to form something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Below is a link to the Republican versus Democrat voting results for the 2020 Presidential Election:

As you can see from this map, the conservative states form the interior of the United States, and they are mostly contiguous to each other.

If I had to explain to someone from another country, the oddity that the states on the East Coast and the West Coast vote differently from the interior of the United States, it would be like this:

“The East Coast and the West Coast tend to be densely populated, with people crowded together in cities.  The people in these densely populate areas, the city-dwellers, they have given up much of their freedom, rights, liberties, and privacy.  For instance, every thing that they do tends to be strictly regulated, no smoking in public, severe parking enforcement, narrow allowance for animal ownership, noise restrictions, oppressive firearm laws, very limited personal space, forced reliance on public transportation.

The city-dwellers have given up many of their freedoms, rights, and liberties, but this is like a trade-off for them, because in allowing their lives to be so controlled by government, they expect the government to take care of them.  For instance, the city-dwellers expect rent controls, subsidized housing, public housing, public transportation, public welfare assistance, job training, job placement, jobs programs, food assistance, free healthcare, free day care, and free higher education.

In contrast, the interior of the United States is much less densely populated.  The people living in the interior of the United States, they resent and are suspicious of government scrutiny, control, or regulation.  They would prefer the government to leave them alone and stay out of their business as much as possible.

The people in the interior of the United States want as much control over their own personal lives and as much freedom as possible.  They are protective of their family, children, communities, way of life, religion, livelihoods, and want no outside interference.  They enjoy the outdoors, wide open spaces, freedom to do what they want, living apart from other people, engaging in their activities without interference from anyone.

As you can see, the East Coast and the West Coast are pro-big-government, and the interior of the U.S. is anti-big-government.  Can you see why the East Coast and the West Coast residents would be in favor of socialism, where the government controls everything?”

It is not necessary for the people living in conservative states to believe or be convinced of any bullshit about coming together and uniting for this cause of Secession.  They only need to recognize and be aware that they share a common goal, and that this goal is most likely to be achieved by working together.

It is a good idea for people in conservative states to think about what goals they have in common:

  • An adherence by government, courts, and public servants to the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
  • Fairness and diligence by the courts in upholding the U.S. Constitution and laws that have been passed.
  • No tolerance for corruption and graft in government, public office, or public servants.
  • Fair taxation and a tax code that is simple, easy to understand, and effective.
  • Only the least necessary amount of government regulation in all things, commerce, personal property, transportation, agriculture, education, healthcare, and public welfare.
  • Balanced state budgets with no deficit spending.
  • Public welfare with the intention of getting everyone to work to the fullest extent possible.
  • Goal of increasing or maintaining everyone’s standard of living through innovation, efficiency, elimination of waste, elimination of corruption, cooperation, fair policies, getting out of the way of business, and recognition of the importance of everyone working and having their own home.
  • Personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
  • Recognition of the traditional family unit as the important building block of neighborhoods, communities, towns, and states.

I hope that conservatives will consider and realize that now may be the last chance to separate from the socialist government intentions of the Federal Government, liberals, and Democrats.


Supreme Court Decision Leads To Secession Or Civil War

On Friday December 11, I saw that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This decision by the Supreme Court surprised me almost as much as the presidential election itself.

What other court is there to arbitrate the law concerning this presidential election? Besides the voters themselves, if the legislators and governors of other states believe that there was wrong doing by another state, where is this complaint supposed to be heard and adjudicated?

Myself and millions of others have seen plenty of evidence that there was a great deal of fraudulent voting and vote counting in this presidential election, especially in the states where the election was close. A few examples of this are the video of hidden luggage containing thousands of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta, a postal service truck driver testifying that he delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots from New Jersey to Pennsylvania that were mishandled, a batch of several hundred thousand 99% Biden votes being tabulated by a Dominion voting machine where the race had been close to 50%-50%.

There are thousands of people who have completed sworn affidavits describing the vote fraud and tabulation fraud that they witnessed. Rather than riot, make threats of violence, and make threats of retribution, millions of people were waiting anxiously to see everything come out in court. This was important not just to have a particular candidate win, but to see whether this election was fraudulent or valid.

It is ridiculous that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas complaint, which was supported in writing by at least eighteen other states. The purpose of the complaint was to begin addressing what happened in this election, as quickly as possible. The response of the Supreme Court, indicates that they have no interest in arbitrating the evidence of fraud in this election.

Myself and millions of others now believe that we can not trust or rely on the Supreme Court, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, liberals, Democrats, the mainstream media, or the information tech companies to follow any rules, laws, or the Constitution because of their corruption and lies.

It is clear now that our differences are irreconcilable, and that we should separate ourselves from this corruption, lawlessness, disregard for the Constitution, and attempt to institute socialism.

The most civil and least violent way to separate, would be through a legal process where individual state legislatures declare their state’s intention to secede from the United States. Further, the conservative states should probably form a union into something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Texas is perhaps the only state that could exist solely by itself if it wanted to secede from the United States, because Texas has sea ports, a border with a foreign country, international airports, energy resources, farming, industry, technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. But most states would need to ally with other conservative states.

This legal secession of conservative states would be nonviolent if the Federal Government did not try to prevent this. If they did, then there would probably be a Civil War.

I perceive that most liberals and Democrats, do not realize the resolve of conservatives to not accept Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as President. I can see that liberals and Democrats do not realize that there is going to be a Civil War over this.

What the liberals, Democrats, Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the information tech companies have not realized, is that all branches of the U.S. military and the National Security Agency will side with the conservatives, and there is no way that that the Federal Government can stop the secession or win a Civil War.

Now I Want To Irritate Dutch Pilot Girl

Because there is nothing to do in North Dakota, there are very few women, and because I’m mean, I now want to irritate Dutch Pilot Girl.

Possibly, you will see from this first video, why I want to irritate her:

Because Dutch Pilot Girl did a good job landing this 737 airliner, and she is pleased with herself, how can I not want to pull her tail, I can’t help it.

Unlike most YouTube women, Dutch Pilot Girl is almost completely honest about her background and her career. Yes, partly she is promoting herself, but she does provide so much truthful, honest, in-depth information, that she is a very good source for young people to know what is required to become a commercial pilot.

Dutch Pilot Girl is very intelligent. English is not her first language, but she speaks English much better and more precisely than most English people and Americans. I honestly do think that she is in the top 1% intelligence-wise, but combined with her ambition, perseverance, dedication, discipline, perfectionism, self-confidence, physical health, and self-control, she could have just as easily been an excellent medical doctor.

I believe that most women seek prominent or prestigious occupations out of vanity and pride, not because of a deep desire to perform this work, especially for careers as military pilots, commercial pilots, medical doctors, attorneys, or judges. In one of her YouTube videos, Dutch Pilot Girl alludes to the fact that she knows this, and warns people to be honest with themselves about their motivations.

There are a couple of cases that come to my mind, about women pilots who were in it for the prestige, accolades, and recognition, rather than really wanting to and deep down believing that they could perform this job. One was of a recent news story about a young female co-pilot on a small commercial airliner who was given the chance to land the plane, she mis-aligned the approach, was instructed to abort the landing, to go back around, and she began crying and sobbing to where the senior pilot had to take over and land the airplane. She felt that she had blown her chance, but that wasn’t completely true, until she began crying and sobbing uncontrollably while at the controls.

The second case is very well documented and written about. There was a female U.S. Navy pilot who was supposed to be the first female Navy pilot to be assigned to an aircraft carrier. Normally, it is written in stone that if a Navy pilot while in training misses and aborts more than one aircraft carrier landing, they are out of the pilot program. The reason being, is that there is no room for mistakes, the pilot must be able to land on the aircraft carrier deck every time, or he, his crew, and his aircraft will be lost.

This female Navy pilot while in training missed several aircraft carrier landings. In some of these cases she was instructed to return to dry land rather than be allowed to attempt another landing on the carrier deck because she was missing so bad and becoming flustered. Her flight instructors recommended that she not be allowed to continue, because they were describing her as letting the airplane get ahead of her, not being able to keep up with it.

If it weren’t for her pride and ego, trying to prove something, trying not to let other people down, she might have recognized that she was not up to this, that this wasn’t for her. She became frustrated at another missed landing on the carrier, maneuvered the aircraft in an erratic way that was known to cause an engine stall, at a low altitude and low speed the aircraft stalled, the backseater ejected just in time, but the pilot did not and she was killed.

I didn’t mean to get off onto such a serious tangent about a fatality, but I wanted to point out that I believe that some women, maybe even most women in my opinion, become pilots because of the prestige and attention, rather than really wanting a career as a pilot for what they will be doing and because they have a genuine aptitude for it.

Dutch Pilot Girl seems to be a very good commercial pilot, in just about every way. She does appear to have excellent ability, enjoys what she is doing, and is very proficient. Having said this, I want to begin picking on her.

The amount of annoyance that I want to arouse in Dutch Pilot Girl, is not to drive her crazy, but merely to make her nostrils flare with anger and disgust, and cause her to breathe hard. I am not sure that I can achieve this in just one blog post, but I will give it a try.

Here is another YouTube video of Dutch Pilot Girl that can be used to try detect any of her flaws and vulnerabilities:

O.K., Jesus that gave me a headache. Dutch Pilot Girl is so logical and full of facts. Possibly one of the few ways to get her off track with her normal self would be to get her drunk, but who knows what would actually happen. She might actually become more uninhibited and become even more enthusiastic about facts, figures, and information, now what?

But first, do you think that it is suspicious that she acts like and does her eyebrows like John Maclean?:

One of the reasons why I referenced this John Maclean video, besides the eyebrows and manner of speaking, is because it kind of brings to mind the question, do you think that Dutch Pilot Girl has a romantic preference for men or for women?

My opinion, is that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s strong personality, almost a domineering personality, is that she might prefer to seduce hot young women. However, because she has an amicable, and at times slightly flirtatious personality, she might like men too.

I was thinking, that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s flexible sexuality, intelligence, language proficiency, perseverance, dedication, determination, indomitability, perfectionism, and work ethic, she would make an excellent spy, maybe she is a spy! But for who?

In dating Dutch Pilot Girl, I expect that one would need to have a very neat, clean, fit, and tidy appearance. Perhaps a male with some ruggedness would be permissible to her. One’s home, vehicle, and possessions would also have to be neat, clean, and tidy. Men would be expected to have their life and career in order. Hot young women would be allowed to have some disorder in their home, and a small amount of confusion about their direction in life.

I believe that getting Dutch Pilot Girl drunk and uninhibited, causing her to let down her guard and abandon caution, would be rewarded with an outpouring of pent up lust, desire, and affection. I would be very disappointed if it didn’t.

How People Are Illegally Denied A Firearm Purchase In Dickinson North Dakota

In my previous blog post article, I wrote about how the manager of a gun store in southwest North Dakota was illegally using gun buyers’ personal information from their NICS paperwork that was kept on file at this store.

Although firearm purchases were being handled by store employees, who had the gun buyer complete the NICS paperwork, and then called the NICS system while the customer was standing there, at a later point in time after the customer had left the store, the manager of the store got into the gun buyers’ files, and used their personal information to look them up on the internet.

Some readers are thinking, “So what, what difference does that make?”  To many gun buyers, they believe that the Second Amendment To The U.S. Constitution where it says “the right to keep and bear firearms shall not be infringed” means what it says.  People who buy guns from an FFL licensed gun store know that part of the law now is that the store must have the gun buyer complete the NICS paperwork, the store will call this information in to the NICS center, and will receive the response “Proceed”, “Delay”, or “Deny” the purchase.  Many gun buyers don’t like this, but this is the process now.

What is not part of the process, is other people at a gun store who are not involved in the gun sale and NICS personal information transmittal, to later go back through gun buyers’ files and look them up on the internet.  If you read my previous article, all gun store employees must complete and sign and FFL Form acknowledging that they can not use the NICS information for unauthorized use.

The reason why I wrote the previous article and am now writing this article, is because a friend of mine has been prevented from purchasing a firearm for the past 2-1/2 months because of the actions of this particular gun store manager in southwest North Dakota.

My friend who is in his early 50s, in March-April of 2020 he completed classroom instruction, written tests, shooting tests, paperwork, photo submittals, fingerprinting, and FBI background check in order to receive his North Dakota concealed weapons permit.

One advantage of obtaining a concealed weapons permit, is that it certifies that the background checks have been completed, and that the permit holder is legally authorized to own firearms.  Usually, the NICS check and the FFL gun store firearm purchase proceeds much more smoothly if the buyer has a valid concealed weapons permit.

In May, my friend with his new North Dakota concealed weapons permit was able to purchase a 9mm handgun in Dickinson without any NICS delay.  In June he purchased a smaller concealed carry .380 handgun with no delay.  In July he had to return his newly purchased .380 handgun to the manufacturer due to a defect.  In August this manufacturer sent my friend a replacement 9mm handgun in lieu of repairing the defective .380 handgun.

In September my friend attempted to purchase a .22 rifle from a gun store in southwest North Dakota.  He was told by this gun store that his purchase was delayed by NICS, but no reason was given.  My friend could not understand this delay, nor could I, nor could his other friends.  He had a valid North Dakota concealed weapons permit, this should not have happened.

At first, when my friend was finally able to contact an actual person at NICS, they told him that he was purchasing too many firearms, that he would be delayed until the end of September.  Then, throughout October my friend was delayed in purchasing any firearm.  Then throughout November my friend was delayed in purchasing any firearm.  Being prevented from purchasing any firearm for September, October, and November, this isn’t really a delay, it’s a denial.

What happened?  How did my friend who obtained his North Dakota concealed weapons permit in May, who was able to purchase one handgun in May, one handgun in June, and receive a replacement handgun from a manufacturer in August, why did he become banned from purchasing any firearm by NICS immediately after attempting to purchase a .22 rifle from a gun store in southwest North Dakota?

My friend, myself, and his other friends began to believe that the gun store where he tried to purchase the .22 rifle had “Red Flagged” my friend.  By “Red Flagged”, we mean that the gun store made some kind of written or verbal statement to the NICS center that my friend was prohibited from owning firearms, such as being mentally ill, mentally incapacitated, a drug-addict, currently facing criminal charges, convicted of domestic abuse, or some such thing.

When I began talking to this gun store manager, that is when he admitted to me that he was going back into gun buyers’ files, and using their personal information on the NICS application to look them up on the internet, to see who they were, what they were doing, and decide what he was going to do to them.

Because of this gun store manager’s actions, my friend has been unable to buy any firearms at any gun store in Dickinson for the past 2-1/2 months, though he has a valid North Dakota concealed weapons permit.

If you are a gun owner in Dickinson, you need to think twice about trying to purchase a firearm from a gun store in southwest North Dakota, because a store employee could just Red Flag you to NICS after going through your personal information and looking you up on the internet.