Ashley Southern Belle Is The Trophy Wife I Would Have Wanted

When I was in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college, I always expected and took it for granted that I would one day marry the “Trophy Wife” that I always wanted.

In my mind, I saw my parents as being pretty successful. They never, ever seemed to worry about money. They owned a couple of buildings, a couple of houses, three businesses, fishing boat and sailboat, cars, motorcycles, and an airplane. My family thought, and I thought, that I was smarter and harder working than they were, so obviously I would probably be more successful than they were.

When I was in high school, college, just graduating from college, and starting out in my career, it still looked as though I had the potential to become wealthy. One of the reasons why I didn’t become wealthy, is because the way I was going to have to do it, I just couldn’t take living like that anymore.

I couldn’t stand the one-hour drive across Tampa in the morning, and the one-hour drive home ten hours later, just to be trapped inside a gated community for the evening, unable to go anywhere. Saturday and Sunday in Tampa were even worse. Other people lived like that for twenty years and maybe they became a millionaire eventually, but I wasn’t going to, I couldn’t stand it.

In Florida, and after I moved to the western U.S., to places like Texas, Arizona, and Idaho, the women that I would meet, one of the first things they wanted to know, was, “What do you do for a living?” Of course this was primarily so that they could assess how much money I made, how much money I had, and what my future earning potential was. Since I had kind of bailed out on the plan of becoming wealthy, not only was I not making much money, was unlikely to be making much money in the future, I was not interested in being some woman’s financial support. I was not going to even pretend like I was in order to get in her pants.

But still, the picture of the woman I wanted to marry, remained in my mind:

This woman on TikTok, AshleySouthernBelle, is exactly who I would have wanted to marry. With a great deal of money, I suppose that it would have been possible to keep her entertained and content in marriage for a few years, maybe longer, if there was no indication that the money was going to run out. But a different problem, would be her having free time and being propositioned every day, wherever she went. Boredom and temptation would be there, and for someone like her, doing what she wants and getting what she wants are what she is used to, probably even feels entitled to.

Even with a great deal of money, there is an 80% probability that I would eventually lose her. She got what she wanted, but then she wanted more, something else, became bored, dissatisfied. And at the same time there were always better offers being presented to her. I can’t see it going any other way than this.

There is an expression for this type of thing, “Thank God for unanswered prayers.” It’s lucky that I didn’t get what I wanted. There is another expression, something about what a curse it is to have success early in life. Part of the reason why early success is bad, is because a person just assumes that they are always right because they haven’t suffer any failures, but one of the other reasons is that they are not prepared for future failures, because they never had to cope with adversity. “You haven’t had the advantage of my disadvantages.”

I wanted to see what AshleySouthernBelle was like, so I looked her up on the internet. I couldn’t find her real name, like I wanted, so that I could learn where she grew up, where she was from, where she had lived, and what kinds of things had she done. I soon did find that she had many OnlyFans photos and videos, as AshleySouthernBelle.

As I looked at what photos and videos of AshleySouthernBelle were available without joining OnlyFans, I was a little shocked and disappointed, just like when I looked up Piper Blush and saw her porn videos. The mystery was gone. It was also as if intimacy was never going to be possible, because everybody had already been there and done that.

In my opinion, this is what it looked like to me:

AshleySouthernBelle had started out being a fashion model. As indicated by one photograph that I saw, she was on the cover of Vogue magazine once. I believe that she began a relationship with a photographer/videographer that she had met and worked with, because she was comfortable with him and she needed support.

As AshleySouthernBelle became older, her fashion modelling career not being profitable enough, she began transitioning to more risque modelling, nude photographs, and pornography.  I believe that her boyfriend was a professional photographer/videographer that not only did not try to steer her away from this, but was a partner with her in this nude photography and pornography.  I say this because of the daily TikTok and OnlyFans content that is filmed inside her apartment, outside her apartment, around her neighborhood, on the beach, and on the water.

Update 10/8/22:  I went on with my life after creating this blog post article, and a few days later a new TikTok video of AshleySouthernBelle came up on my phone, She is 56 years old!  I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t know.

I feel kind of bad, as if I owe her an apology.  I was thinking that she was just some dumb 28-38 year old blonde who had aged-out of fashion modelling.  I didn’t know that she was 56 years old.  She looks very, very good for being 56 years old.  I thought that she was silly and air-headed, but she probably isn’t if she’s 56.  She’s probably been through and experienced more than I was giving her credit for.

6 thoughts on “Ashley Southern Belle Is The Trophy Wife I Would Have Wanted

  1. too bad she didn’t find any stray electrical current while frolicking in storm water. I find these attention whores very annoying. Sure, she’s a hot piece of ass but after that she’s nothing but aggravation.
    The trophy wife. Just ask Tom Brady about that. If a man like Tom can’t keep a trophy wife who can ? Tom disappointed me. He is now a public CUCK who will never regain his manhood no matter how many rings he ends up with. NEVER let a woman dominate you, the man. The bitch is gonna leave anyway. His money is gonna leave anyway. Leonardo Decrapo had this woman before Brady. Leonardo never marries , he trades his money grabbing Whores in every 5 years for a new and younger one. Source At east Sly is tryi.g to hide money from his bimbo whore wife. She even forbid him to get a dog, he covered his upper arm tattoo of her face with the new dogs face tattoo. Class move bruh ! I love it. Bottom line is, women are Evil whores that use men to finance their lifestyle and when she becomes bored or finds that new improved man she moves on without hesitation.
    Under that “pretty ” face made possible by layers of clown makeup lies an evil self serving hollow soulless witch.

    land of the entitled,
    Annapolis Md


    1. In reply to Ray,

      Ray, I didn’t know until today, that AshleySouthernBelle is 56 years old. I think that she looks very, very good for being 56. I have a bit more admiration for her now, not just for her very good physical appearance, but for continuing to be young & fun. Many women are done being fun by the age of 30, and prefer to stand in their own kitchen, glaring and sneering at their boyfriend or husband, constantly trying to give orders to everyone, someone everyone tries to avoid.


    1. In reply to Rusty Shackleford,

      All women are naturally malleable, adaptable, flexible, subject to their conditions, circumstances, and environment.

      Throughout history, when tribes were sworn enemies, and the men fought to the death, or were tortured and killed upon capture, the women in the losing villages became the slaves and concubines of the victors, without much protest. The women just went right along with it.

      That’s why women shouldn’t have the right to vote, hold any public office, hold any leadership position anywhere, hold the priesthood, because women don’t have convictions, principles, morals, and ethics like men, women just pretend like they do.

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  2. I’m sorry I stumbled upon this blog and read a few of your ramblings. Thank god time will eventually rid the world of your misogynistic hateful views.


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