Unwanted Sexualization!

When YouTube creator Isabel Paige uploads videos of herself bathing nude in a river, and if you are male and look at these videos, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

If a young woman wears tights and a sports bras at a public gym or fitness center, and if you are male and look at her, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

If a young woman wears a Bikini to a beach, a lake, a swimming pool, or park, and if you are male and look at her, you are probably guilty of Unwanted Sexualization.

Women will explain to you, that when women bathe nude and upload videos of them bathing nude, wear tights & sports bras to a gym, wear a Bikini to a beach, pool, or park, the last thing that women want is some man looking at them. This is Unwanted Sexualization!

Below I have included a few videos to further illustrate and clarify Unwanted Sexualization:

Here we have a young lady who has just finished swimming, she is now trying to dry herself off, and has someone videoing her drying off. Clearly, she doesn’t want any man looking at her, because if he did, he would likely be guilty of Unwanted Sexualization:

The young lady shown in the video below, who was just minding her own business at the pool while being videoed, and was asked to leave, shows us an example of Unwanted Sexualization by the property manager, the camera man, and her 1.9 million followers on TikTok!


They kicked me out after this 🥲🤣 #fyp #fakebody

♬ toma tussi – key 💋

Even older women like Mary Burke, are the victims of Unwanted Sexualization. Why can’t you just leave Mary alone! She doesn’t want you looking at her in the videos that she made and posted on TikTok, you perverts!

If you think that women wear tights and yoga pants in order to get the attention of men, as if they want men looking at them, you’d be wrong. Women wear tights and yoga pants for utility and practicality, as shown in this video below:


Re creating my first ever viral video😂 lets hope this one stays up 😅

♬ original sound – Rachel Foster

7 thoughts on “Unwanted Sexualization!

  1. The desire to breed with healthy young women is a sinful perversion…I believe the best course of action is to put all of the sinful perverts together into a camp where they can learn to spare those innocent fertile women from their thoughts and direct them towards children. Everyone knows it isn’t sin to want sex with a child because they don’t even know what sex is about.

    (Attention readers who may not understand/recognize what is called “sarcasm” or being “facetious”, the commenter Rusty Shackleford is not literally meaning that men should take their sexual interest away from women, and instead focus on children, instead he is trying to point out the absurdity, ridiculousness, idiocy, stupidity that women and society want to redirect men’s biological desire to have sex and reproduce with women, which is what they are SUPPOSED TO BE DOING TO PERPETUATE THE HUMAN RACE.}


    1. In reply to Rusty Shackleford,

      Besides pointing out that women and society trying to criminalize men looking at women with the thought of mating in mind, is trying to prevent what males are ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, and that this may be responsible for causing men to develop sexual interest in children, when you mention putting all men “perverts” in a camp, this scenario describes what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.

      Where men are criminalized for looking at women with the possible thought of sex, and putting all of these men “perverts” together in a camp, this describes Dickinson, North Dakota.

      In Dickinson, and the rest of western North Dakota, there is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women. The women who are here, have decided to not care about their appearance, health, hygiene, behavior, demeanor, or the way they dress. The city officials, like the mayor and chief of police, have decided to not only prohibit prostitution, but to create fake advertisements and entrap men who seek out prostitutes.

      In my opinion, I believe very strongly that the complete absence of attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota and other oil field towns, combined with not only the prohibition of prostitution, but the seeking to persecute and prosecute men who seek adult women prostitutes, causes men to begin to consider raping women and molesting children.

      If readers think that this is a leap, that when NO attractive women are available, men begin to consider raping women and molesting children, here is a North Dakota newspaper article about men sexually molesting horses & cows in Dickinson, North Dakota https://www.grandforksherald.com/newsmd/dickinson-officials-investigate-sexual-assault-of-horse


  2. P.S.

    Why do people still fall for this garbage when pornography is freely available in any flavor you desire?


    1. In reply to Rusty Shackleford,

      Throughout history, women have thought up, shared, and passed on, a repertoire of deceit, treachery, and schemes. In the Bible, there is the story of “Pontifer’s Wife” who falsely accused Joseph of sexual assault after he rebuffed her advances, and the story of “John The Baptist’s Beheading” where the king’s daughter tricked the king into executing John The Baptist.

      In modern times, women trick men into marrying them and having children with them, in order to divorce and force men to provide them with housing, health insurance, and monthly payments enforced by the government. Women demanded the right to equal employment, but once hired, in order to get out of work, women seek maternity leave, make claims of “hostile work environment”, and “sexual harassment”.

      When no one is watching, women taunt, harass, attack, lash out at men in order to cause a physical fight, with the intention of calling the Police, getting a restraining order, causing the man to go to jail, lose visitation with his own children, lose his employment, lose his vehicle & housing due to unemployment and legal costs.

      Women dress provocatively, then go to public places where they know men are, ESPECIALLY GYMS, try to get the attention of men, then begin complaining to management, other people, making videos on TikTok and YouTube about how men won’t stop looking at them, in order to gain attention, sympathy, and play VICTIM, cause men to lose their gym membership and/or employment.

      So to answer your question, women have a whole bag of tricks that they use to cause problems and destroy things. Women can’t build houses, buildings, roads, bridges, utilities, power plants, refineries, automobiles, ships, airplanes, trains, helicopters, it’s 98% men building things. So the only thing that women can do, is try to destroy things and cause problems.

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  3. Once a Man see’s a woman for what she really is, it cannot be unseen. I’m divorced and currently single, not dating. I see and speak with many pretty and available women, but I cannot bring myself to get involved with any of them. I see them for what they are, and it’s just too much bullshit involved even just casual dating today’s woman. I pity the young men that have to deal with, sort through and date today’s empty headed, self absorbed superficial selfie taking immature women while seeking a potential wife.



    1. In reply to Ray,

      What I see in women ages 18 and up, they want a man that is handsome to them, interesting to them, has some characteristics that they like, such as being funny, athletic, popular, talented, or well-educated. There is nothing wrong with this, they are attracted to what they like, admire, value.

      However, whether it’s biology, survival instinct, or evil scheming, (it doesn’t really matter why) women have this underlying objective to get men or use men to provide them with everything that they want. This underlying plan or objective in women is so strong, that women are practically the same thing as fleas, ticks, mosquitos, or leaches on men.

      Even 18 year old women have this underlying objective to get their 18 year old boyfriend to provide or assist them with housing, food, transportation, travel, recreation, clothing, entertainment, money, or labor that is useful to them, like helping them move, or fixing their car.

      For a man my age, 53, I can not imagine a woman aged 18 and up, dating me, and not having the expectation that I would pay for one or more of the following: their vacations, their automobile, their automobile repairs, their housing, their education, their medical bills, their kid’s medical bills or other bills, their clothes, their jewelry.

      One way that women trick men my age into paying for a whole bunch of things that they never intended to pay, is to pretend that marriage is so important to them, to coax someone like me to marry them. Then, THEIR credit card debt becomes joint marital debt, THEIR medical bills become joint marital debt, their new car that they go buy becomes joint marital debt, I imagine that even their $20K-$100K student-loan debt might even become joint marital debt.

      So when I see a very hot, in-shape woman at the gym or grocery store, I see about $20K in credit card debt, plus $30K in car-loan debt, plus $40K in student-loan debt, plus about another $50K in upcoming medical bills, looking for a victim to attach to. I don’t want that.


      1. What 18 year old would want your old ass? 😂
        Also L, you’re painting women with broad brush. The ones that are smart enough to have it together and don’t NEED you also don’t WANT you, that’s why you mad.
        The ones that want to trick you – only way you’d end up with a “trophy wife” – also makes you mad.
        Hmmmm. Think I see the problem here. You’re not desirable to women – even the hairy ones in Dickinson – and that’s their problem??? Nah. 🤣


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