I Hate Ashley Timm’s Tattoos

This evening I saw for the very first time, a video from the TikTok account MsAshleyTimm. In this video, Ashley Timm was excitedly explaining that she was unexpectedly asked to interview for the operations manager position where she worked.

I thought that Ashley was very nice looking, attractive, well-spoken, intelligent, and likeable. However, I was horrified to see that both of her forearms were almost completely covered in awkward tattoos. I was so angry at her for doing this to herself.

Even though I knew it was mean, my anger was greater than my concern for Ashley’s feelings, and I wrote, “You could have been so beautiful without those tattoos, you diminished your potential so much, shows lack of good sense.”

In response, Ashley made a TikTok reaction video, as if I was telling her that she would never accomplish or amount to anything. That’s not what I meant at all.

I commented back to Ashley that she had come to the attention of higher management. I said that she would probably eventually meet the actual business owner or CEO, who might invite her to a dinner party or country club. If not for her tattoos, she could have socialized with the upper class, but those people worked too hard clawing their way to the top, to hang with street people.

Ashley replied back that she had already met the business owners, they liked her tattoos, so what I was saying wasn’t true.

I then did some research on Ashley, where she was working, where she was from, what was her background. She was an unusually interesting person.

Briefly, Ashley was from Corona, California. After graduating from high school in 2003, she worked for five years in human resources for a large retail store. Ashley then joined the Navy where she worked in operations for 12 years, receiving several commendations for competency. She was stationed in Japan, Bahrain, and the U.S.

When Ashley’s second enlistment was completed, she began attending college full-time, I believe studying Criminal Justice. At this same time, Ashley is working full-time at her job, and she has just completed writing a “Lesbian Romance Novel”. Ashley is quite vocal about being a lesbian.

In doing my research on Ashley, I watched approximately half of her TikTok videos. More than once she elaborates that she would rather be immersed in hot lava with piranhas and run through a wood chipper than date a man. She is adamant that she is absolutely not attracted to men.

The more I watched Ashley, the more I liked her. Even being as mean as she can be, Ashley comes across as nicer and friendlier than most women. Just about everyone comments that she looks and acts exactly like the actress Amy Adams.

I do like Ashley, her looks, her personality, her mannerisms, her humor, her competency. Even though she’ll deny it a thousand times, I believe that she likes some men, but will not accept these feelings because they go against everything she wants to believe.

My opinion, is that some of the things that Ashley does, staying excessively busy, the tattoos, engaging in minimalism, and some depravation, is to not allow or block out some feelings that she doesn’t want.

Of course, she blocked me. I don’t blame her, she shouldn’t waste her time and energy arguing with me. Thinking of her, even porcupines like to be picked up, held, and petted sometimes.

Here is the first video that I saw of Ashley:


nothing is final but… i’ve only been working here for like a month 😂😂 #fyp #movingonup #hotelbusiness #GameTok

♬ original sound – Ashley Timm

36 thoughts on “I Hate Ashley Timm’s Tattoos

  1. First off… why are anyone’s tattoo’s your business? If Ms. Timm finds her tattoos are not in keeping with her business/work life, she can wear long sleeves and/or use makeup to hide the tattoos.

    As for crushing on a lesbian… may I suggest you rent or stream the 1997 film “Chasing Amy”? dude, it never ends well. This lady is not ever going to be interested in you OR any other guy and when she tells you so — or blocks you –believe her.

    Ms. Timm sounds like a very self-actualized, successful, happy person who is deserving of her privacy and respect.


    1. In reply to Lola Montez,

      Ashley Timm with her approx 100 TikTok videos and hundreds of Twitter conversations is just as much in the public with her life as any YouTuber. You just got done explaining multiple times that Prepper Princess should have had no expectation of privacy for making videos of her life.


  2. she sounds like an Angry Dyke. most are.

    “More than once she elaborates that she would rather be immersed in hot lava with piranhas and run through a wood chipper than date a man. She is adamant that she is absolutely not attracted to men.”
    why describe in such detail this scenario if you Really don’t have any feelings for men ?

    Women with tatts are funny. I see many female cops with tattoo sleeves. but they still need a man to change their flat tire, or back them up when a male suspect doesn’t behave . Yeah. look at my tatts, I’m so special, same thing goes for many males . Skinny little forearms all tatted up are so intimidating.

    Annapolis Fuckin Md.


    1. In reply to Ray,

      I ask that you look at MsAshleyTimm on TikTok, especially her most recent videos, because she looks and sounds so much like Amy Adams the actress.

      Even after being in human resources for five years and the Navy for twelve years, at first seeing & listening to her, she doesn’t appear used-up, worn-out, and jaded. Nor would most people guess that she is 37 years old, she looks more like 24 years old.

      I fault the Navy for having her once it was discovered that she was a Lesbian. All I could think of, in an environment of thousands of men, 95% men, you put an attractive female in their work environment, and she’s a Lesbian??? Could anything be more frustrating and irritating??

      Of course women are going to say something stupid like, “that shouldn’t matter” or that “shouldn’t make any difference”, but put a dozen men with a couple thousand women on a military deployment where they can’t leave and see if men don’t try to take advantage of the situation.

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      1. If you’re frustrated because you can’t get a girl, that’s your fault, not hers. Take your stupid ass misogynistic crap out of here. You wonder why women would say they hate men when you spew this nonsense.


      2. In reply to Do Better,

        If you women are smart, you will think about what I write, or you will pay attention to what is happening around you. You women have gone too far, but you seem to not know or understand this.


    2. You’re a douchebag. Plain and simple. What kind of narcissistic mysogonistic weirdo actually does this? You dude, are a creep, a stalker and have no life obviously. This is weird. She should report this to the cops.


    3. I have 27 tattoos and I am a 36 yrs old female. I never knew just cause a woman has tattoos, that it’s perceived to be manly to have tattoos. Ashley is beautiful from head to toe. Her attitude is awesome. Her personality is awesome. Someone with nothing better to do has all the time in the world to complain about a woman having tattoos. You must live a pitiful life with the all the time you have to do is complain about someone else. You must miserable too. So lame..you sir/mam are her biggest fan. Follow the 3 F’s in life. If you don’t feed her, finance her, or f$&k her , your opinion doesn’t matter. At the end of the day/week none of these opinions including mine change her check stubs. Move along.


      1. In reply to DeezNutz,

        I think that it is very sad and concerning that you have 27 tattoos. Up until approximately 1980, most degreed medical doctor psychiatrists, ( MD doctors, not Phd academics), would examine and evaluate you as having a mental illness. Up until 1980 it would be obvious to most people that there is something mentally wrong with a woman who has 27 tattoos. A medical doctor psychiatrist would identify the excessive amount of tattoos as an unhealthy desire for attention from others, trying to force a reaction from others, an act of self-harm, an indication of self-loathing, being overly vulnerable to a bad influence from others, or being the victim of abuse & control by others, or schizophrenia.

        Throughout history, there has been a time in every advanced culture and civilization of over-indulgence, decadence, immorality, and hedonism that immediately precedes the collapse of that civilization. We are at this time of impending collapse in the United States, because logic, accountability, responsibility, values, morals, and ethics have been replaced with foolishness, nonsense, idiocy, and insanity.

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  3. In other news, Isobel Paige’s original tiny house scam is back on again after a short but presumably expensive interlude in the UK– if that was even real and not a studio production.

    Looking at the comments under her latest vid, the IQ there has dropped even further after it was already at an all time low, even for social media. Most likely the results of quadruple vaxxes and wearing N95 masks 12 hours a day.


    1. In reply to Shannon,

      Yes, a commenter named Buck Q Johnson told me a couple of days ago that Isabel & Logan had abruptly returned home, giving an explanation that her sister was getting married and that her family needed her.

      I don’t see how there is very much more for Isabel to do on that property that would be very interesting.


    1. In reply to Bob,

      In most of her videos, Ashley has a nice appearance and a pleasant disposition. But the more that I watch her videos, I am beginning to detect quite a bit of anger. I don’t know all of the reasons for her anger, I could speculate, but much of her anger is directed towards men. I don’t want to be the one to try gain her confidence, persuade her to open up, unpack her experiences, sort these out with her, again and again, because the likelihood of cooperation and willingness from Ashley is low. She wants to hold on to her anger, hate, bitterness, saving it up like venom, marking her skin with tattoos like a poisonous snake warning people to stay away.


      1. Women are lesbians because they like other women, not because they hate men. Maybe her “anger” stems from guys like you that just can’t accept the simple fact that she doesn’t want you, so you stalk her and make up ridiculous excuses. She didn’t ask for, nor does she need your opinion on her body. If a woman doesn’t want you, maybe you should just leave her tf alone.


      2. In reply to Bob,

        In my previous comment to you, and in a recent comment that I wrote to a reader using the name “Your Mother”, I wrote that I was tired of helping people, and that I’m not going to do it anymore. The easy thing for me to do, would be to walk away, ignore, and not help Ashley. This most recent comment of yours, has made me reconsider if just leaving Ashley alone is the right thing to do. So I began thinking on this, and I began to wonder if Lesbianism isn’t a sign of Demonic possession?

        In the Bible, there are many instances of descriptions of Demonic possession. In World history, in more journalistic reports of Demonic possession, particularly in interviews given by Father Malachi Martin, Demonic possession is preceded by either an individual or close family member becoming willingly involved in Satanism, such as involvement in Satanic rituals, sacrifices, or cults. Young people playing around with a Ouji Board is one manner in which an individual can begin to have a Demonic attachment.

        So I wonder, did Ashley as a young person or teenager play with a Ouji Board, and summon a Demon which became attached to her, causing her to have unnatural, wicked, and perverse desires, causing her to do such things as become a Lesbian and begin getting tattoos?

        I wonder if what Ashley needs is an intervention type Exorcism, to force the Demon attached to her to leave? I believe that there are many experienced Pentecostals in the area where Ashley lives, that could perform an Exorcism. What harm could it do?


  4. There is so much misogyny and bullshit spewing on this page that my head is spinning. What difference does a persons sexual preference make let alone if they have any tattoos? Would you refuse a surgeon who is about to save your or a loved ones life because they’re covered in tattoos? No, because it DOES NOT MATTER. Stop being an asshole and worry about yourself, not anyone else.


    1. In reply to Zoe DeBartolo,

      If women in their own mind, held an affection and attraction for other women, this in itself might not be harmful. If these women acted upon the desires in their own mind, and propositioned, tried to seduce, or became paired with another woman, this might not be harmful either. However, homosexuals don’t appear to have been satisfied with having the ability to practice their homosexuality, but instead have sought to try to create a different World, and change civilization. Maybe homosexuals never intended to destroy civilization, but that is what they are doing.

      For at least several thousand years, humans have survived primarily through the formation of a family unit, in conjunction with extended family, a tribe, or a village. Almost always, the males were the hunters, warriors, builders, heads-of-households, leaders; and women were gatherers, caregivers, keepers of households. For the past fifty years, women and homosexuals have been trying very hard to undermine and destroy the traditional family unit that has preserved humans for several thousand years.

      There are a hundred ways women and homosexuals are destroying civilization, whether they know, don’t know, care, or don’t care. An easy example: Young women make an effort to be sexually attractive to men, not just in outward physical appearance, but in behavior, speech, expression of their intentions, and being seemingly interested in engaging in sex. This is to obtain a male to provide them with a home, automobile, food, clothes, children. But, for most women in these modern times, this was just a trap, as these women do not have very much interest in doing anything in return for what their husband provides them. Somehow, in the past fifty years, it has become the case that civilization does not punish women for luring and tricking men with a false scheme, but even rewards women for committing this fraud through Court, Law Enforcement, and Corrections enforcing payments from men.

      Women may think that this is a victory, that they are winning. But men have begun to notice more and more through what they have seen happen to their fathers, uncles, brothers, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, that the sacrifice that men make to provide for their wives and children, is not rewarded, but these men were tricked into something very costly and disastrous. Not only have men begun to recognize that they do not want to become a victim of women’s matrimonial and child bearing pay-day schemes, they don’t want to be involved in their sexual-harassment, sexual-assault allegation schemes either.

      Whether modern heterosexual women with their fake “I like men” pay-day schemes, or homosexual women with their “I don’t like men” ideology, women have become the enemy of men. Whether women like it or not, not only are men beginning to not have very much interest in women, have no intention of providing for women any longer, but do not want to help women. Soon, why wouldn’t it be the case that men begin to eradicate women? Why would men allow something so damaging and detrimental to them, to continue to exist? Is this a victory for women, and for homosexual women, to become the enemy of men?


      1. …does that mean that the men will leave us alone? Because I see this as an absolute win:


      2. In reply to Dani,

        To answer your question, there are three main common reactions of men towards women with tattoos: 1) Some men see women with tattoos, as a sign of mental illness, instability, low self-esteem, poor decision making, and take this as a warning sign to stay away. 2) Some men see women with tattoos, as a sign of coming from lower-class, broken family, dysfunctional family, involvement in criminality, involvement with drugs, and take this as a sign to stay away. 3) Some men see women with tattoos as having low-self esteem, poor judgment, coming from lower-class, coming from a broken family, involvement in criminality, involvement with drugs, and take this as a sign of the woman being easy prey for a casual hook-up, no-strings-attached sex, sex for a small amount of money, rough sex, someone to abuse, use, take advantage of, and discard.

        Regarding #3, For me, in most cases of women with tattoos, if the woman is moderately attractive or attractive, I consider her to be easier to seduce, trick, manipulate, take advantage of, use because she likely suffers from mental problems, poor decision making, habitually uses bad judgement, has low self-esteem, has a sense of low self-worth, doesn’t think ahead about the consequences of her actions. I don’t feel bad about trying to use her or take advantage of her for sex, because I see her as a dirty-whore, low-class, trashy, criminal, drug addict, from the gutter, who doesn’t care about herself, who has already ruined herself.


  5. Oh my 🤣 what in the world did I just read 😬
    You have WAY too much time on your hands 🤣


    1. In reply to Ashley follower,

      It is going to take a great deal of time, effort, energy, and work to restore the natural order, where women behave correctly. I suppose that so much was happening in the World, especially technological advances and economic improvement, that not enough attention was paid to what women were doing and what women were becoming. I sometimes wonder if we all might have been better off if Germany had won WWII.


  6. What makes you think that any of her business your business? The fact that you researched her the way you did makes you kind of a stalker. Just mind your own business and move on. She doesn’t really care what you think and neither does anyone else.


    1. In reply to Conservative Critic,

      It took me a while to realize that the majority of people who watch TikTok and YouTube, the same majority of people who vote, drive automobiles, shop at Walmart, and have children, are 100 IQ, that’s the peak of the Bell Curve.

      People like you write or say things like, “What makes you think that any of her business is your business?” Which means that you don’t even realize the absurdity and nonsense of what you are saying. Can you stop and think, and recognize that this person, Ashley Timm, has a TikTok account where she presents and shows herself, her life, her beliefs, thoughts, goals, hobbies, relationships, personal history, and occupation?

      Second, you wrote, “She doesn’t really care what you think and neither does anyone else.” If Ashley Timm did not care what I think, why did she make 2-3 TikTok response videos to what I said, and why are you leaving a comment about what I said?


  7. What we are seeing here in full display is the fantastic success of the government project “MEN ARE PIGS” or “SEPARATE THE SEXES”.

    The guiding principle: divide and rule by the creation of societal divisions. Here: Lesbians on the one side and MGTOW on the other.

    Heterosexual relationships, being naturally biologically driven, are far too autonomous and therefore far too little reliant on government nannying, or on big spending on the products of global corporations and the pharmaceutical industry. Natural heterosexual relationships are simply not profitable enough.

    A case in point is the obviously faked up court case, hyped by the presstitutes, with Depp (that is German for “Moron”) and Heard (here obviously: Herd). This is to encourage men and women to hate each other, sling mud etc etc, that is to invite emulation.

    In the end, reproduction of the human species in the US will be the exclusive domain of migrants, and the middle class will be destroyed.


    1. In reply to Ledbetter,

      I think that even before the ancient Greek philosophers, mankind recognized “penis envy” in girl children, who first noticed that they did not have a penis between their legs, and the builders, warriors, leaders, and heroes were men, not women.

      In general, little girl children were raised in one of two ways: 1) to recognize male superiority from a young age, or 2) to allow the little girl to contend with boys up until she reached puberty.

      In general, only a family with an unusual amount of resources could indulge a girl child to continue to contend with men beyond her teen years. What benefit would there be to having to continue to provide for an unmarried girl child into her adult years?

      Maybe it was the higher standard of living in the U.S. beginning in the early 1900s that allowed more families to indulge their daughters with the belief that they can strive and compete with men.

      Recently, the “best female fighter of all time” was matched with an amateur, unranked male MMA fighter of small stature, who defeated her embarrassingly. One of the William sisters tennis players, ranked #1, was defeated 6 sets to 0, by a male ranked in the 700s. The U.S. women’s Olympic soccer team was defeated by a boys high school team. Women’s high school and college sports records are being broken by below average male athletes.

      Yet women still desperately persist in their false, disproven belief that women can do everything a man can do, (when it suits them). On the other hand, Registering with Selective Service on their 18th birthday for the Military Draft is an occasion in which women will voice that women are not the same as men, and should not be expected or required to do the same things as men.

      Indulging women in the belief that they can, and should contend with and strive against men, is something that must come to an end.


  8. @dickinson58601 True all of that (“before the ancient Greek philosophers”)

    But specifically, this woman Ashley Timm saying stuff like ” rather be immersed in hot lava with piranhas and run through a wood chipper than date a man” means
    either she has a mental disorder, or she is being paid by the “men are pigs” project to act the part. That line was most likely written by some creative writing nerd in their employ, not by her.

    There are likely to be large numbers of such actors, otherwise the project could not have been brought so rapidly to its current stage. Same principle as the crisis actors on projects like the Capitol Jan 6 assault (the horned guy for example) and all the faked mass shooting events.


    1. In reply to Ledbetter,

      I do not believe that Ashley Timm is the member of a “Men Are Pigs” clandestine operations group, however, it is easy to see that U.S. Universities and Colleges foster, support, encourage, promote, back almost every anti-male, anti-family, anti-conservative, LGBTQ, communist, socialist, liberal, Democrat group or individual. (Ashley is currently attending a University right now, studying Criminal Justice.)

      Journalists and reporters, who are all a product of liberal, communist, socialist, LGBTQ, anti-male, Democrat,anti-conservative Universities/Colleges, slant and bias everything they report in favor of their agenda and beliefs.

      The Federal Government bureaucracies, departments, and regulators are disproportionately filled with liberals, Democrats, socialists, and LGBTQ. They are attempting to change all branches of the military to also have a disproportionate number of liberal, Democrat, socialist, LGBT.

      President Barrack Obama was not only the first Black President, he was the first openly homosexual President, as it is now almost completely open that Michelle his wife, is actually male named Michael that Barack Obama has had a long relationship with. The Media was crucial in not letting this info out before the election or during his Presidency.

      It’s Universities, Colleges, the Media, Federal Government, and ultimately probably some of the Secret Societies that seek to destroy the foundation of the U.S. which had been the traditional, male head-of-household, conservative, Judeo-Christian family.


  9. Presenting the most desirable woman in America 2022 for all the phony-outraged commenters above:


    1. In reply to Ledbetter,

      I clicked on the link in your comment, and I saw the tweet about a very obese young lady. The person who posted this tweet, said that when he was growing up, he never saw women who looked like this, they didn’t exist back then.

      In the small town where I grew up on the east coast of Florida in the 1970s, the adjacent small towns each had a population of roughly 10,000 people. In public elementary schools that contained grades 1st through 6th, there might have been one girl in the entire elementary school that was proportioned like the obese girl shown in the tweet. Meaning, where I was from, an obese girl child like this only occurred in the population about once every six years.

      Regarding a girl child proportioned like this, in one of the local small-town elementary schools, it would be more likely on a given day that no one would make fun of her, or intentionally say anything mean to her, because her physical condition would be looked at by everyone as being very unfortunate, and tragic.

      A little more frequent in the local small-town public elementary schools, about 3-4 male students per elementary school, showed such femininity, weakness, sensitivity, lack of masculinity, that it was obvious they were going to be homosexual. The teachers made an effort to try to keep other students from picking on the extremely effeminate acting boys, but the teachers were just as aware as everyone else that these boys were different.

      The point that I am trying to get to, is back when I was a kid, when I was growing up, society sought to not mistreat individuals who were different. What obviously began changing for the worse in the 1980s, was that progressively people with differences were granted special status, actually a more advantaged status, maybe even an exempted status.

      For instance, back when I was a kid, it was the goal of society to not mistreat Blacks. Now, in 2022, Blacks are allowed to walk into Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot in California, gather together in duffle bags or shopping carts as much as they can fit, leave without paying, and store personnel are not permitted to stop them, and Police will not come and arrest them.


    2. That photo just gives a further boost to the worldwide reputation of USA for the phenomenal beauty and grace of their womenfolk!
      They must be in such demand from rich foreign men LOL


  10. Men will never be like women, and in the best sense. Reading all of these comments goes to show the ignorance and airheads that think their comments and opinions actually MATTER to this beautiful, successful, and kind woman! You’ll never amount to anything like her and that’s for the best. Men like you will never find a wife because all us women see right into your cold heart and how you treat them just because you can’t get a date with a proud lesbian. Even more pathetic to sit behind your screen and write a whole blog about it to make yourself feel better! Do everyone a favor and keep to your fucking self 🙂


    1. In reply to Doesn’t Matter,

      On the drive home from work today, I was thinking about how beautiful, soft, and affectionate young Hispanic women are. Should I court a young Hispanic girl who is 17 years old, still in high school, and get married to her in Montana? If she was from a poor family, her life would be greatly improved.

      While I was at work, my young wife could clean the house, do laundry, tend to a garden, play with the cats, talk to her mother, grandmother, and sisters on the telephone. Then, later in the afternoon, she could begin cooking dinner, so that it would be ready for me when I got home from work.

      Should I pay for my young wife to go to college to become a nurse, a beautician, a bank teller? Fuck No! The nasty whore white women at college, would get my young wife to begin smoking, drinking, using bad language, being flirtatious, being disobedient, being disrespectful. My young Hispanic wife must be kept away from white women, and under no circumstances can any white women, or men, come to our property while I am at work.

      But still, I can see my young Hispanic wife, putting on the pounds, becoming louder, becoming more demanding, becoming meaner as she grew older. I might only get five years of happiness out of her, and then, I would have to start all over again.


  11. What kind of 1920’s back woods, misogyny bullshit it’s this! Guess what, not everyone believes or practices your religion. Homosexuality has existed forever. If fact, the human race is the only animal on earth that condemns it. No woman needs you to help her see anything as we are living int the 21st century and not the 19thn


  12. Dude wtf😂😂 she’s a lez, she doesn’t want you or that tiny pee pee. You must be some 60 year old no pussy getting loser to sit there and write an entire post on someone you don’t know. The fact you took time to research this beautiful women means you don’t have a life; or you are insane and need help because that screams stalker. In another post you aid “women to behave correctly” excuse fucking me? You think YOU are behaving correctly? No. Just because you have a dick doesn’t mean you get to spew bullshit on whether you think a women is acting correctly. Kindly take a seat and stfu and even if she was straight I’m sure she’d rather poke her eyes out with a hot poker, cut herself and pour salt on the wounds than go on a date with you!


    1. In reply to Mind ya business,

      Not long after reading about Ashely Timm, her life, and what her current circumstances are, I decided that I do not want to take up too much of Ashley’s time. She is busy with school, working full-time, and she just received a job promotion that will require more energy, effort, time, and responsibility from Ashley.

      I am not daunted or put-off by Ashley’s lesbianism, there are thousands of ways to get women to do what you want, but knowing this, one must decide if they really want this woman, and what are the consequences. I think that Ashley is better off, staying on the path that she is currently on, headed in the direction that she is going.


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