A Russian Woman Explains What Russian Women Want From Men

Ever since people in the United States gained internet access via their home computers in the 1990s, I heard about and read about American men seeking “Mail Order Brides”.

It was appealing to American men, to be able to pick out a Russian woman or an Asian woman who was physically attractive, who they believed would be more appreciative and grateful for what they had to offer.

For a while, it did appear that men who were not very desirable to American women because of their looks and personality, could get a very nice Russian or Asian bride, who did not object to their looks, personality, or other flaws, but instead chose to appreciate other qualities that they had, such as being faithful, attentive, sober, educated, or professionally successful.

It had been a joke, but it turned out to be true, that Russian women and Asian women would be good wives so long as they didn’t have any contact with American women.  Should a Russian wife or Asian wife ever get a job outside of the home, their American women co-workers would immediately set out to “set these women straight”.  Informing them that they didn’t have to go home right after work, they didn’t have to cook dinner for their husband, they didn’t have to keep house, they didn’t have to listen to their husband, they could divorce their husband and find a much better looking guy.

Whether you have a Russian, Ukranian, Serbian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, or South American wife, it is only a matter of time before she reads enough magazines, watches enough television, or talks to enough American women before she becomes ruined.  It is not enough to have a place to live, a vehicle, clothes to wear, and food to eat in order to be happy.  Inevitably, you will hear, “I want Lexus”, “I want Mercedes”, “I want new house”, “I want divorce”.

I had always assumed that foreign women wanted to get out of poor living conditions so badly, that they were willing to marry American men, just to get out of their current situation.  Once they were safely out of their poor living conditions, living in the United States, and married to an American, then it was time to launch the remainder of their scheme.

The remainder of their scheme could involve changing their husband, improving their husband, dominating their husband, killing their husband, causing their husband to divorce them, or asking for a divorce.  Who knows what they were thinking.

Here is a video from a Russian woman, explaining what Russian women want:

I was fooled by this video, she had me fooled, until I read the comments that viewers left to this YouTube video.

It wasn’t that she was fearful of “men sitting on the sofa” and not doing anything, she wanted men to work so that she could be the one sitting on the sofa.

People who have first hand experience with Russian and Ukranian women in Europe, wrote that they are notorious for trying to be slave drivers with their husbands and men.

I finally had the answer to why Russian, Ukranian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Phillipino, and South American men did not complain or object to their attractive women leaving and going to the United States.  It was because they wanted to be left the fuck alone.


Losing Your Home In A Lawsuit Judgement

In my previous blog post about getting stopped by the Police in Dickinson, North Dakota, I explained that it was very important to me, to have a drivers license that shows the address of my “primary residence” or “homestead” in Idaho.  Once you lose the ability to legally demonstrate that the home you own is your “primary residence” or “homestead”, you lose specific legal protections that can result in you losing your home.

I want to tell a true story of how this happened to someone that I knew.  In the area that I grew up in, there was a man who was about forty years old, who was poor, and he did not make very much money.  This man’s mother died, and she left to him in her Will, the family home that he had grown up in.

He lived in an old, beat up, single wide trailer.  He drove an old, beat up Ford truck, with a homemade wooden bed, because the metal truck bed had rusted out.  But once he inherited this modest, old, single family home, he figured that he could rent this home out for $500 to $600 per month, which would be a big financial help to him.  The home was probably worth about $80,000.

He rented this home out to a Mexican family.  With a big, fat, cow-legged, cankle-calved Mom, Dad, and several young children.  Within about one month of moving in, Big Momma lost her footing on the front steps.  Ay Chihuahua!!!  K-Boom!

Big Momma was taken to the local hospital emergency room, where it was determined that she had broken bones, etcetera.  If it would have been a person of normal weight and health, they would have been able to catch themselves or minimize their fall, and sustained a sprained ankle or sprained wrist.  But Big Momma hit the ground like a ton of bricks.  The hospital bill was like $40,000 or more, plus more costs for rehabilitation.

The Mexican family did not have health insurance, so they needed to sue somebody else to pay for Big Momma’s medical bills.  The Mexican family hired and attorney, and they sued the home owner for “faulty steps”, “negligence”, and so forth.

Normally, a standard “homeowner’s insurance policy”, comes with coverage for accidents or injuries occurring to persons on your property.  This is what the insurance policy for this house had.

However, was this a “primary residence”, “homestead”, or was this an “investment property” ?

Because the man who had inherited this house from his mother was not living there, and he had rented the house out, it was not his “primary residence”, it was an “investment property”, and the homeowner’s insurance policy on this house was void.  The insurance company was not legally liable for Big Momma’s medical bills, and of course they wouldn’t pay.

There was a lawsuit judgement, against this man for his “faulty front steps” and “negligence” which led to Big Momma’s injuries, which took this house away from him, that was his family home that he had grown up in, that he had inherited from his mother.

In his whole life, this was all that he was ever going to have, and he lost it within less than a year, his family home, to a Mexican family that were probably in the United States illegally to begin with.  He committed suicide.

This is what happens when you can’t prove that the home that you own is your “primary residence” or “homestead”.

Getting Stopped By The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written again, and again, and again, and again about not being able to go out at night in Dickinson, North Dakota because the Police are so eager and aggressive in stopping people for DUI, or trying to discover illegal activity.

Probably about two or three years ago, I gave up on going to bars in Dickinson, or having any alcohol drink at a restaurant in Dickinson, because I know how aggressive the Police in Dickinson are about stopping people for DUI.  When I am tired, have allergies, the flu, or am dirty from working, and have had no alcohol, I am worried that the Police in Dickinson are going to stop me, question me, and try to give me a DUI, even when I have had no alcohol.

As this Winter in Dickinson has gone by, November, December, January, and February being so cold, and dark outside, with nothing to do, and no where to go, I have become more and more depressed.  The only place in Dickinson to sit down and socialize at night, would be a bar, but you can’t drink in Dickinson, because the Police are so aggressive in stopping people for DUI.

In WalMart, Menards, Runnings, a grocery store, a restaurant, or the West River Community Center in Dickinson, it is not appropriate or acceptable to try to talk to and socialize with employees and customers.  In other towns that I have lived in, where everyone is more trusting and everyone does not have their guard up, you can joke around and talk with people wherever you go, but not in Dickinson.

I had Wednesday and Thursday off in Dickinson.  I had no where to go, and nothing to do.  I thought if there was anything that I needed to shop for and buy, but there wasn’t anything.  At 4:00 p.m. I decided to go to the King Buffet Chinese restaurant.  I took my Dodge truck, which I have driven maybe once in the past three months.

At about 5:00 p.m., I drove from the restaurant to visit my friend at his home, who is old and in bad health.  At about 6:30 p.m., I drove to Dairy Queen and got an ice cream cone.  I was driving home from Dairy Queen on Villard Street, when a Dickinson Police car made a U-turn, came after me, followed me, and stopped me.  This turned an ordinary evening and outing, into an unwanted stressful situation.

I am so sick of this in Dickinson, being followed by the Police, so that they can think of a reason to pull you over, to try to give you a DUI, or find something else to charge you with.  If you do a Google search for “Police in Dickinson, North Dakota”, about the 3rd or 4th search result is an article that I wrote titled, “Liking And Hating The Police In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  In this article, I explain that it is like the Police in Dickinson are stalking people, and I am sick of it.

I know that I have a headlight out on this Dodge truck.  I bought a replacement bulb, which is in a package on the front passenger seat, but it has been too cold to get the old bulb out and put a new one in.  Even when it is 50 degrees, the plastic light bulb base and the plastic headlight socket are so tight, that it takes many tries, cutting my fingers, and almost breaking the bulb and the plastic socket, trying to twist and force the parts to lock together in the socket.  I can’t imagine doing this when it is below freezing.

The Police Officer who pulled me over knows me, and he knows that he pulled me over two blocks away from my apartment.  He still wanted my driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.  He asked me why I had not gotten this truck registered in North Dakota.  I explained that I went to the Dickinson Motor Vehicle Department, and they told me that in order to get this truck registered in North Dakota, I would first need to bring in the vehicle title, and get the title changed from Idaho to North Dakota.  I don’t have my truck title, it is back at my house in Idaho.

I explained to this Police Officer that I was sick of getting followed and stalked by the Police in Dickinson.

This Police Officer warned me that I could get a citation and fine for not having my vehicle registered in North Dakota.  I was aware, that I could also be given a citation and fine for not having a North Dakota driver’s license.

I wish that I would have had the presence of mind to say to the Police Officer, that my Toyota which I normally drive every day, has North Dakota registration.  I wish that I would have told the Police Officer that I had only driven this Dodge truck once in the past three months.

Here is what I explained to the Police Officer, only not this well, and I will probably eventually be explaining this in court in Dickinson one day:

There are people who own a home in one state, which they claim as their primary residence, but work in another state.  If you do not claim a home that you own as your primary residence, you lose several very important legal and financial protections.

In every state that I have lived, your home that you claim as your primary residence, is exempt from lawsuit and legal judgments.  For instance, if you were in a fight with someone and blinded them in their eye, they could sue you for damages, and if your home that you own was not your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, it would be property that was susceptible to a lawsuit judgment.  Even something as simple as someone falling down your front steps, could result in you losing your home if it is not your “primary residence”.

Secondly, if a home that you own is your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you receive a very large property tax exemption.  If the home that I owned was not my “primary residence” or “my homestead”, my property taxes would double.

Legal tests for your home being your “primary residence” and “your homestead”, are where does your driver’s license say your address is, are you receiving the “homestead exemption” on this property, what does your address say on your income tax returns, and do you pay income tax on the basis of being a resident of this state.

It is very common for wealthy people to own a home in more than one state, to work in more than one state, and to conduct business in more than one state.  These wealthy people have more than one vehicle, and the vehicle that they are driving may or may not be registered in the state that they are currently in.  Yet they do not get warned by the Police.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I do not know if anyone has had to go to court yet, to explain that they own a home in a different state which is their primary residence, which is the state that issued their driver’s license.  Some oil field workers, and oil field contractors, though they are working in Dickinson, also work in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The people who are from Dickinson, North Dakota, and who have never lived anywhere else, may think that everyone in Dickinson needs to have their vehicle registered in North Dakota, which means having their vehicle titled in North Dakota.  Why would you want to get your vehicle titled in North Dakota, if you are only living in North Dakota temporarily?

In the past six years, I have worked in Idaho, Utah, Texas, and North Dakota, sometimes for only three months at a time.  Can you imagine what a waste of time and money that would be, trying to change your vehicle title, registration, and license plates, every three months or six months, on multiple vehicles?  You North Dakotans wouldn’t do it.

Once you give up the drivers license that shows you as residing at the address of your “primary residence” or “your homestead”, you lose very important legal and financial protections on the home that you own.  Under the law, it becomes more possible for the home to be classified as “investment property”, where you are no longer entitled to the “homestead exemption” on your property taxes, you could be assessed for back property taxes for falsely claiming the “homestead exemption”, an insurance claim on your homeowners policy could be denied because you should have had a different type of policy, someone being injured on your property while you are away could result in your home being susceptible to a lawsuit judgement because it is “investment property”.

On my articles titled “Don’t Believe The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota” and “I Want To Beat The Chamber Of Commerce In Dickinson North Dakota”, I write that there is no where to go in Dickinson, nothing to do, the Police try as hard as they can to stop everyone for DUI, so you just need to stay home, there is no point in trying to go anywhere in Dickinson.

I don’t want to live in Dickinson, I am just here temporarily because I can currently make more money here than in Idaho where my home is.  My house, and 90% of my personal property, furniture, tools, equipment, clothes, electronics, and vehicles are at my home in Idaho.  I have just a bare minimum of belongings here with me in North Dakota, this is not my home.  I don’t know why this is hard to understand.

Beauty Beyond Belief

I was wandering around on the internet late at night, and I saw the photograph of a girl.  I clicked on the photograph of this girl, and I then saw a photograph of her in a very minimal bikini.  I looked at this photograph of her, and I admired how perfect her body was.  Here is this photograph:

L'ubka boat

I admired this photograph of her, and then I read what she wrote:

“The foundation of love, is understanding. From here other components grow outwards like tree branches; trust, loyalty, honesty, non-judgement, kindness, compassion, joy and friendship. All these things create a love that continues to expand. The more you water and nurture your love, the more it will grow and the healthier and happier it will be. This relates to self love and understanding ones-self. This relates to the love you have for your friends and family; understanding others. This relates to a romantic love – your intimate relationships; understanding that someone elses pain is your pain too, similarly their happiness is also your own. And it also refers to the collective love we share; the interconnectedness and unconditional compassion and empathy we share as human beings; understanding we are never alone and our main purpose here on earth is simply to construct and design vast webs of kindness, warmth and gentleness with as many other people as we can. Our one and only mission here is to love and to be loved. To submit to the beating beneath our breasts and sacrifice our own ego for the well-being of others.
That’s all this life is. That is why we were given permission to breathe; so we could come face to face with other beings, harmonise our breaths with theirs, press our hearts against one another and truly understand that we are all one. We are all tiny stars, glowing in solitude. Yet when we come together, we become a galaxy full of light and love.”

Did you read that?  I believe that she wrote this herself, and English is not even her first language.  You might doubt that this is her in the photograph, or that this is her writing, but she has more photographs of herself, and more things that she wrote, which I will show later.

It is amazing when I find someone like this, a girl that is so beautiful, so intelligent, so thoughtful.  But it is also very saddening to me when I see this.  Living in this prison work camp town, things like this don’t exist here, it’s just ugliness and meanness.

Update 3/8/18:

Obviously this girl is beautiful, very thin, and in shape.  I saw more photographs of her, doing yoga exercises.  From what she wrote, and her yoga exercising, I could see that she was expressing a type of Hindu philosophy, where she wrote:

“And it also refers to the collective love we share; the interconnectedness and unconditional compassion and empathy we share as human beings; understanding we are never alone and our main purpose here on earth is simply to construct and design vast webs of kindness, warmth and gentleness with as many other people as we can.”

I thought, what a sincerely nice person.  How can she afford to be so nice?  Most people are worn out, and they don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be nice to others.  Also, it is kind of hard for very attractive women to be nice to everyone, because everyone wants to be their friend, talk to them, correspond with them, spend time with them, do things with them, or date them.

It turns out that she may not have written these beautiful things, or believe these things.  She was just trolling for attention, and posing as someone with a trendy philosophy.

Prank Phone Call To Fake Microsoft Support Center In India

Several weeks ago, I wrote two blog posts about a Microsoft Warning Alert computer scam, where a pop-up screen would appear on your computer, saying that your computer had been infected with a virus, and that you needed to call the 1-800 telephone number to reach Microsoft Support.  This was a scam, because the number you were directed to call was not Microsoft Support.

A man named Russel, repeatedly telephoned the fake Microsoft Support call center in India, posing as an Arab named Abdo, whose computer had been infected with a virus from watching pornography with goats.  Russel, a.k.a. “Abdo”, wasted so much of their time, that the Indian customer support operators became exhausted and began yelling that they weren’t Microsoft Support.

There is some bad language in this video from the customer support operators in India who lost their cool:

Warning, Some Bad Language:


Here is one more prank phone call to a call center in India, with very little bad language:

How The World Will Soon Change In Receiving Information, News, Entertainment, And Education

From using Google, Facebook, WordPress, and YouTube, I can see very clearly that the World will soon change in how people receive Information, News, Entertainment, and Education.  It’s not that I want things to be this way, it’s just that this is inevitable now.

When I was a kid, people watched the evening news on ABC, CBS, and NBC, these were the only television networks available in most towns.  Most people received a local daily newspaper at their homes, which they read in the morning, at lunch, or in the evening.

Now, anyone can access the internet at any moment of the day or night, and read news stories from thousands of local, national, and international professional news organizations, and also from hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens who write posts and upload videos using Facebook, WordPress, and YouTube.

It is at the point now, where for any particular event, anywhere in the World, an ordinary citizen with a cell phone can immediately capture the event on video, write a post, and upload this video on Facebook, WordPress, or YouTube.

Ordinary citizens can now report on any event more quickly, more thoroughly, and without any censorship, compared to professional news organizations.  Because of Google, an ordinary citizen’s post on Facebook, WordPress, or YouTube has just as much chance of being viewed, as a professional news organization’s article.

Because billions of people look at Facebook, WordPress, and YouTube every day to view content posted by billions of individual users, companies now buy advertising on each of these services, just like they used to do for television and newspaper advertisements.

Do you now see and realize, that most people on Earth, now receive their information and entertainment each day, from the posts of billions of individual people to Facebook, WordPress, and YouTube?

I will not even be able to fully explain what the ease of access to information on the internet will create and change as far as education.

Right now, if you wanted to know how to change the drive belts on a Ferrari, Mercedes, or Dodge, for any year and model, you would probably find at least one YouTube video on how to do this, posted by someone who was actually doing this drive belt replacement, on whatever vehicle you selected.

If you wanted to receive tutoring on Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus, you would probably find more than several YouTube videos showing instruction.  The same for Physics, Chemistry, Latin, French, or German.

People are beginning to question, is it really worth going to a traditional college campus and living on a college campus for four years at a cost of $40,000 to $100,000, when there is no guarantee of employment afterwords?  Or, if I want to be a nurse, why am I required to take, pass, and pay for, classes in Physical Education, a foreign language, and Art?

Think about this, how much time do young people have to spend in bathing, getting dressed, driving to campus, walking to class, waiting for class, walking back to their car after classes, and driving back home?  How much money do they have to spend on good clothes, a running vehicle, vehicle repairs, fuel, vehicle insurance, and eating out in order to attend college on a campus?

I don’t like the idea too much of eliminating traditional college campuses, but it looks like for young people who do not have a lot of money, the best thing for them, would be to work a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, come home, watch a couple of instructional videos for two hours each night, videos that they can pause, and take a test once per week.

What if someone is married or has a child, they might be interrupted to have to go to the grocery store, cook dinner, load the laundry machine, put the kids to bed, and being able to watch instructional videos when they have the time in the evening, being able to pause the videos, might be the best way or the only way for them to complete a course of study.

What I foresee, is that large professional news organizations, and prestigious colleges and universities, may lose their revenue and become almost obsolete.  This will be a huge change for society, because for several hundred years, newspapers, colleges, and universities have controlled who succeeds and who fails in the World.

Look at it this way, now the poorest person on Earth, whether in Africa or Alaska, can go to a library and get on a computer, and learn just about everything there is to know about Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Medicine, Accounting, Law, Astronomy, Foreign Languages, you name it.  They can learn as much as they want, for as long as they want.  There is no one to tell them that they do not have enough money, the proper experience, the proper credentials, a good enough academic record, too much of a criminal record, or that there is any other reason why they can’t learn about any subject.

I Want To Show An Example Of A High Crime Area

In yesterday’s blog post, I was complaining about someone almost stealing my winter jacket that I had lain on top of a table at a truck stop.  About two weeks ago, I was complaining about a drunk driver losing control of their vehicle on a 25 mph street, and crashing through a chain link fence on the side of the road where I normally park my vehicle.  Before that, I was complaining about thefts and attempted thefts in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I am going to show one YouTube video that I saw last night, that shows how bad crime can get, when people, neighbors, the police, and the courts don’t do anything to crack down on crime.  This video was taken in Tacoma, Washington, it shows an average house, in an average neighborhood, where throughout the day, people who pass by, continually try to steal packages from this house.  Can you imagine this happening in Dickinson?

After you have watched the above video, do you see that blacks, whites, pedestrians, and motorists, all try to steal a package from this house, basically everyone.  If the people in Dickinson don’t crack down on crime, meaning neighbors keeping an eye on each others’ property, police making a serious effort to catch thieves, and prosecutors and courts punishing criminals appropriately, Dickinson will become just like this.