The Most Important Information On Bigfoot That You Will Find Anywhere

Probably more than a year ago, I made a reference in one of my blog post articles about Bigfoot, that if people wanted definitive proof about Bigfoot, they should go look up a website called “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoots”, because this website had an archive of actual newspaper articles going back through the early 1900s and 1800s on Bigfoot sightings in the United States.

I was upset that I could no longer easily find this website “Lawnflowers, Jerky, and Bigfoots”, it was no longer active, it looked like the author had abandoned it, and there was only a small mention of it on the internet still.

My belief was, that a university biologist, Department of Agriculture biologist, or U.S. Department of Game & Fish biologist created this website and had to keep it on the down low in order to not cause himself problems in his job.  I believe that he had to eventually abandon it because of his job.  Every U.S. Government department and bureau, Bureau of Land Management, Department of Agriculture, National Parks, Department of Game & Fish, Department of Forestry, their strict policy is to not ever acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot.

Today, a reader named “Tom” left me a link to this website which I could no longer find:

I am very grateful to Tom for this link.  I encourage everyone to go look at this website and read the historical newspaper articles about Bigfoot sightings that occurred in the 1800s and 1900s.

Also, everyone always asks or says, “If there were Bigfoots, don’t you think the government would know about them?”  The government does know about them, here are over a hundred documented cases of government employees seeing, following, finding, shooting, capturing, being chased, or being attacked by Bigfoot, from this website I am talking about:

Review Of Los Cabos Family Mexican Restaurant In Dickinson, North Dakota

On Saturday afternoon, when it was windy, cold, and rainy, I helped my neighbor pick up and move some equipment that required two people to carry from his flat bed trailer to some wood pallets that he had set up.  He said thanks, I’ll buy you dinner.  Do you want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings or Sanfords Pub & Grub?  I said either was O.K.  He said lets go at 7:00 p.m.

I didn’t eat anything that afternoon because I was now expecting to eat a large cheeseburger and fries later that night at 7:00 p.m., I was not very hungry, and I was also on a diet.  I spent the rest of the day driving back and forth to hardware stores and working outside on a personal project.

When my neighbor and I left that evening to go eat, he asked me if I had tried the new Mexican restaurant that had taken over where Don Pedros Mexican restaurant used to be.  I said no, I hadn’t tried this new restaurant, but I had liked Don Pedros very much.  He said well this is better than Don Pedros.

This new restaurant is called Los Cabos Family Mexican Restaurant.  It is not a chain or franchise restaurant, it is a family created, owned, and operated restaurant.  It is located on 12th Street West, just down the street from Ace Hardware, across the street from Army’s West.

As soon as we walked in, a very professional and nicely dressed male maitre d’ asked how many were in our party, quickly led us to a booth, and handed us menus.  The restaurant which has two medium size dining areas, was either completely full once we took our seats, or very nearly completely full.  There was one long table with a party of about twenty people adjacent to us, who were all very happy and enjoying themselves.

Next, an assistant waiter immediately brought us some complimentary tortilla chips and salsa to eat while we looked over the menu.  Soon, our waiter came and took our drink order, and he asked us if we needed to take a few more minutes to place our food order.  There were four or five pages of very interesting and appealing entrees to choose from:  beef, chicken, seafood, steak, burritos, enchiladas, fajitias, carne asada, tortas, taco platters, salads, vegetarian options, and more.

I want to emphasize how professional the maitre d, assistant waiter, and waiter were in their dress, manner, alertness, and quickness.  They were all adult men, who were very serious about their job, and the service could not have been better.  This was the best and most professional restaurant staff that I have ever seen in Dickinson.

We ordered two appetizers, the guacamole dip, and the queso dip.  Both were very good, and the assistant waiter had to bring us three or four baskets of tortilla chips, which he did without us having to ask.

I ordered the Steak Maya, which was marinated char-broiled steak accompanied with sauteed onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, pineapples, and sauce, served with four corn or flour tortillas, for $20.  This was very, very good, and though I was hungry now after not having eaten anything all day, I could not finish my entree and I had to take half of it home with me in a to-go box.

My neighbor had some kind of giant burrito dinner platter, and he ate the remainder of the guacamole, queso, and salsa appetizers.  No, I didn’t ask my neighbor to pay for my steak dinner like he offered to do for me helping him earlier, we split the bill which for the two of us was $55 with our drinks, two appetizers, free salsa, and our two entrees.

I would recommend this restaurant to people who are very hungry, who want very quick, attentive service, and large food portions.  I would also recommend this restaurant to families with children, couples on dates, larger groups of people dining together, and even Dan Porter.

Here is a link to this restaurant where you can look at their menu items, appetizers, drinks, prices, daily specials, and hours of operation

The Deadly Crosswalks Of Dickinson, North Dakota

Stopping at the crosswalks on Villard Street in Dickinson for pedestrians is like watching pheasants, ducks, or house pets get run over.  The pedestrians in the crosswalk have this mistaken belief that all of the vehicles are going to come to a stop.  No, they aren’t going to stop!

Whether I am in the right lane, or the left lane on Villard Street, when I slow down and come to a stop when pedestrians are entering the marked white-striped crosswalk, and I watch the pedestrians begin crossing the street in front of me, it never fails that a motorist travelling in the adjacent lane continues driving at 30 mph, oblivious to the fact that I have stopped in the middle of the road at some white-striped pavement markings and street signs the read “Crosswalk”, and that there are pedestrians about to emerge from in front of my vehicle.

It is really scary and nerve wracking, to watch a mom and her little kids make it across the first two lanes of traffic, pass in front of your vehicle, and then when they are just about ready to step into the last last lane and cross, Wrvroom!, some ignorant, inbred, piece of shit going 30 mph nearly kills the whole family.

Most people in Dickinson can’t read, there is no way they can understand signs, or understand pavement markings.  They can’t understand something like, “Pedestrians in the crosswalk have the right-of-way” or “Yield to pedestrians” or “Crosswalk”.

Everyone Faces The Danger Of Informants

It is customary for people to expect confidentiality to be maintained when they discuss personal, private matters with their attorney, accountant, medical doctor, priest, or their own spouse.

Though it is not regulated by law, professional licensing, or industry, people also naively expect confidentiality to be kept by bank tellers, coin dealers, art dealers, gun dealers, safe installers, vault installers, safe-room building contractors, and emergency shelter dealers and installers.

How would you like it, if a bank teller told their friends about a very large cash deposit or withdrawal you had recently made?  Or if a coin dealer told people about the large amount of gold coins that they had sold to you over the years?  Or if a gun dealer told people about each of the firearms that they had sold to you?  Not only might you not like other people knowing your personal business, this information that you didn’t want shared could put you at risk for robbery or burglary.

To take this breach of confidentiality to an even worse level, how would you like it, if you paid a seller and installer of emergency shelters $250,000 to install a large underground shelter on your property, so that you could store all of your emergency survival supplies and all of your firearms, and even before the installation was begun, they informed on you to the Federal Government which led to your arrest, three years in prison, and confiscation of all of your firearms?  This is exactly what happened to Steve Pruitt of Texas in 2013.

Steve Pruitt was the owner of a surveying company in Midland, Texas, an area where there was an oil boom.  Roughly sixty years old, Steve had had a successful career, raised a family, and had pursued hobbies such as drag boat racing, long distance shooting, tactical shooting, and firearm customization.  In west Texas, Steve had leased seven sections of land from a long time friend, in order to spend his free time outdoors shooting and experimenting with firearm modification and customization.

For those of you who don’t know, a “section” of land is one mile wide by one mile long, equal to about 700 acres.  If you leased or owned seven sections of land, if you walked from one property corner diagonally to the opposite property corner without stopping, it would take you about two hours.

Steve wanted to have an underground emergency shelter installed on the land he had leased, in order to safely and securely store his emergency supplies, firearms, and ammunition.  He found what looked to be the most widely known underground shelter company and he contacted them about doing an installation for him.  This company handled both the sale and installation of pre-fabricated underground shelters.

The owner of the underground shelter company wanted to come and meet Steve on his property in west Texas.  When the owner of the shelter company arrived to meet Steve, he took an interest in Steve’s firearms that he was working on, and some of Steve’s other possessions.  By the end of the day, the owner of the underground shelter company had asked to purchase about $25,000 worth of Steve’s possessions that he was interested in, which included some of Steve’s firearms.

What Steve did not know at the time, was that the owner of the underground shelter company had committed at least six felonies for such things as assault and theft of over $20,000 per charge.  He had also been involved in about twenty-five lawsuits.  However, the underground shelter company owner had never served any time in prison, probably because he was an informant.

Immediately after purchasing the firearms from Steve, which he was not allowed to purchase because of his felonies, the underground shelter company owner contacted the FBI to inform on Steve.  Though Steve had five licensed silencers for five of his firearms, he had made a couple more himself for the long range rifles that he practiced with.  One of the firearms that Steve sold to the underground shelter company owner was a semi-automatic rifle that had been modified to fire full auto.

Though Steve had never been arrested for anything in his life, because he unknowingly and unintentionally did business with a long-time felon with many charges for assault and theft, who wasn’t in prison because he was an informant, Steve was informed on and he spent nearly three years in prison, and had to spend $1 million in attorney’s fees to keep from being sentenced to thirty years in prison.

Here is the video which I start at the twenty minute mark, where Steve tells his story to someone who is not a professional interviewer or journalist:

Often times, ordinary people can get the impression that Law Enforcement and the FBI’s use of informants, allows very, very criminal people to go around committing crimes again and again without punishment, and sends mostly law abiding people to prison.  The public would be much better off if the informant was kept in prison where they belong, and the mostly law abiding people were left alone.  Where is the common sense or ethics of Law Enforcement and the FBI?

Perhaps the biggest take-away from all of this, something to think about, if you have ever tried to put your money into gold, silver, art, or firearms to protect your wealth and own something of value, or have a safe, vault, or bunker installed, did the individuals that you were dealing with go and report you to the Federal Government, Law Enforcement, or thieves?

Hope That New Chamber Director Christina Jorgensen Will Be On-Board With Hygiene Program For Dickinson, North Dakota

I hope that the new Chamber Director, Christina Jorgensen, will be on-board with a hygiene program for Dickinson, North Dakota.  Any journey begins with the first few steps, and I hope that Christina will keep this in mind as she begins trying to make Dickinson a place that normal people would want to live.

Just think about how much better and nicer Dickinson would be, if people would take pride in their appearance, clean themselves up, wear clean clothes, and act appropriately.  With some determination, perseverance, vision, and adhering to this hygiene program, I think that Christina can improve the image of Dickinson.

Here are some of the tenets of this hygiene program:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Shower or bathe daily using soap, water, and shampoo.
  • Brush teeth regularly with toothpaste and a toothbrush.
  • Clean under fingernails with a brush or nail file regularly.
  • Use tissue paper, paper towels, or a handkerchief to blow one’s nose.
  • Use toilet paper.
  • Use deodorant products sold in stores.
  • Use feminine care products sold in stores.
  • Wash clothes regularly using soap or laundry detergent.
  • Wear clean clothes regularly.
  • Get a hair cut by a barber or stylist every few months.
  • Do not use tobacco products at the dinner table, especially in public restaurants.
  • Do not fornicate with animals.

Besides teaching the above principles, Christina can set a good example by her own behavior.  This means not being late to events, not being late to work, not showing up wearing pajama pants and a hoodie, not wearing clothes that reek like cigarettes, and not driving around Dickinson or standing in the parking lot with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Now, you might be thinking, how could Christina Jorgensen ever take the place of Sarah Jennings Trustem, Queen Of Dickinson, Duchess of Marlborough, as Chamber Director?  Well, I did my research using Google, and it turns out that Christina Jorgensen is also a very famous person.  The Scandinavian Society of New York, once named her Woman Of The Year, for her contribution to the advancement of medical science:

The Lack Of Silverware, Plates, And Glassware At DSU Is An Indication Of A Bigger Problem

On April 23 I went to the Dickinson State University Dining Hall restaurant at 7:00 p.m. for dinner.  After I had paid to get in, I soon discovered that I could not find any silverware, plates, or glassware, and there was hardly any food left.

I was very angry about this, and when I got home, I updated two previously very favorable blog posts about the Dickinson State University Dining Hall restaurant, to describe what had happened.  Unlike myself, with the ability to get in my vehicle and go someplace else to eat, there are probably some DSU students who paid for a Dining Hall meal plan, who don’t have a vehicle and don’t have money to go someplace else to eat.

When I thought about this situation some more, I realized several things.  The first, second, third, and fourth time that I had been to the DSU Dining Hall restaurant, there had only ever been a handful of plates, silverware, and glassware.  And the plates and glassware were old, worn, inexpensive plastic.  I am not complaining, I just realized that there was a scarcity of plates, silverware, and glassware, and that it was old and worn.

At the same time that I was realizing how low on supplies the DSU Dining Hall was, I had recently read a Dickinson Press Newspaper article about how a group of 39 local business people and DSU alumni had raised $750,000 in order to purchase the previously occupied DSU Alumni and Foundation building.

This brought to mind newspaper articles that I had read about DSU alumnus Jerome Strom and his wife Rosie Strom donating $1 million to Dickinson State University in 2007 to form the Strom Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  When the Strom Center was closed in 2016 due to lack of funding, Jerome Strom said that he was very disappointed with the closure, lack of communication, and not much of an explanation as to what happened.

I remembered more newspaper articles, such as five banks, American Bank Center, Choice Financial Group, Dacotah Bank, Western Bank, and Kirkwood Bank & Trust suing Dickinson State University for non-payment of loans to construct the Beisiot Activities Center on the DSU campus.  And, First International Bank And Trust foreclosing on the DSU Foundation’s Hawk’s Point Assisted Living Facility on the DSU campus for nonpayment of $5 million in debt.

Here is my question, and my puzzlement, this money, $750,000, $1 million, $5 million, and more, gifted, borrowed, lost, and not paid back, have these financial dealings gone too far astray from benefiting the students who actually attend Dickinson State University?  Wasn’t there, or isn’t there even $500 available to buy some new plastic plates, plastic glassware, and silverware for the students to eat with in the DSU Dining Hall?

Don’t anyone dare gift any money to Dickinson State University for new plates, glassware, and silverware for the DSU Dining Hall, because God only knows where that money will disappear.

I recommend going on the internet, ordering some commercial restaurant plastic plates, plastic glassware, and silverware, and having them shipped to:

Dr. Thomas Mitzel, Dickinson State University, 291 Campus Drive, May Hall 104, Dickinson, ND 58601.  Phone 701-483-2326,


Here is a link to a commercial restaurant/cafeteria supplier:

 I am recommending the tan color plates, in order to match what the DSU Dining Hall already has, instead of the white plates, this is the product description for the tan color, 9″ diameter plates: (you should be able to just click on this product link in red type below to see a complete brochure description)


1 – 2 3+
$21.49 $20.43
Note that a pack of 12 of these plates, only costs about $21.
As far as glassware, I recommend the red color plastic tumblers, which are the same as what the DSU Dining Hall already has, here is the product description:  (you should be able to just click on this product link below in red type to see a complete brochure description)


Reg. 3 – 5 Lots of 6
$5.59 $5.16 $4.96

Note that a pack of 12 of these plastic tumblers only costs about $5.

Beautician’s Interrogation

In Dickinson, North Dakota, I did like getting my hair cut at Luke Simon’s Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.  However, since Luke is the District 36 Representative for North Dakota, he has been working in the legislature in Bismarck for the past four or five months.

Some readers may recall my blog post article about what happened when I went to De Porres House of Barbering in Dickinson, and why I won’t be going back.

I am not very pleased with some of the other barbers that I have tried in Dickinson.  Though my preference would be to go to a men’s only barber shop, it has come to the point where I have been considering going to a beautician.  But, I don’t want and don’t think that I can handle a Dickinson beautician’s interrogation.

I shouldn’t have to explain what I mean by a beautician’s interrogation, especially to men over 30 years old.  Most, or all men over 30 years old, are tired of women service providers’ attempts to find out how much money they make, how much money they have, what they do for a living, where they work, and where they live using a not very clever, overly aggressive, pushy manner.  Beauticians are the worst of the worst when it comes to asking customers way too many personal questions to determine if they are married, if they have kids, if they have a girlfriend, what they do for a living, where they work, and if they have money.

Beauticians can be almost, but not quite as bad as female bartenders, in burdening customers with all of their personal problems and difficulties, apparently not ever realizing that customers don’t go to a beautician or bar in order to listen to the server’s problems.

The concept of being professional and providing good service to a customer is so lost in Dickinson, that I wanted to share a video below of a female barber in Turkey.  During her twenty-five minute session with a customer, not once did she ask him any prying questions about himself, nor share any of her personal problems:

What is absurdly funny, is when women watch these videos showing a very tranquil barber shop where the customer is receiving a very relaxing massage or shave, they say, “Oh, that looks so relaxing, I would like to have that done.”  American women don’t even realize that what they are watching is so relaxing, because there is no woman asking a hundred prying questions or complaining about her personal problems, which is what American women do when they provide customer service or personal services.