Amazement And Enjoyment When People In Dickinson Get What Is Coming To Them

Though most people would think that it is perverse, sinister, and sick, that I get so much enjoyment out of bad things happening to people in Dickinson, I not only admit to it, I want to talk about it.

Never, ever in my life had I personally witnessed so much cruelty and hatred towards other human beings, as I saw and experienced in Dickinson, North Dakota during the oil boom that occurred from 2007 through 2014.

There is no where in the United States with more vacant, barren, undeveloped, unoccupied cheap land, than in the Dickinson area, but due to greed, wickedness, and evil in the hearts of people in Dickinson, there became a false and manipulated “housing shortage”, in order to fleece, extort, abuse, and take advantage of the people who came here for work.

The local people in Dickinson were mean and cruel to the out of state workers in just about every way.  As neighbors, co-workers, business owners, and landlords the local people in Dickinson were mean, hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, hateful, undermining, and sabotaging.

I relish, savor, rejoice, and give thanks when something very bad happens to people in Dickinson who did something to me.

In my mind, I keep a list of everything and everyone who has done something bad to me in Dickinson, and I check them off every time something bad happens to them.  I would like it even better if I created a written list to look at, of very bad things happening to people who did something to me:

D.S. – interfered with me having a place to live – dead

N.F. – interfered with me having a place to park my equipment – stroke, paralyzed

J.K. – interfered and endangered me at work – skull crushed

M.C. – interfered and endangered me at work – cancer

M.D. – interfered and undermined me at work – cancer

C.S. – interfered with me at work – lost business, left town, end of career here

J.M. – caused me problems at work – being sued for money, lose professional license

R.V. – interfered with me getting hired – arrested, lost job, publicly humiliated

K.H. – interfered with me at work – lost job, arrested, left town, publicly humiliated

E.D. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town

D.C. – interfered with at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

R.R. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

L.F. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town

M.G. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

W.H. – nasty/disrespectful to me at work – lost job, left town

H.W. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

Steve ? – interfered with me at work – lost job

Kelly ? – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

I honestly and truthfully like it when bad things happen to people who did something to me.  I hope that more, and more, and more bad things happen to the people in Dickinson who deserve it.

I am not claiming that nothing bad will happen to me, it probably will.  However, regardless of what happens to me, I want to live and endure long enough to see everyone in Dickinson get what is coming to them.

I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, to list the specific terrible things that I want to happen to specific people in Dickinson, and perhaps I will write this list too.

The Jordheim Building Should Become A Mosque In Dickinson, North Dakota

The Jordheim Building in downtown Dickinson, is the tallest building in Dickinson.  Though it is only six stories in height, it looks much, much taller than this.  This building is currently unoccupied, and it is up for sale.

Here is a brief description of this building which I copied from the website

Excellent commercial building opportunity in the heart of the Bakken. Jordheim’s Plaza, 6 story building located in downtown Dickinson, ND. First, 2nd and 3rd floors have been extensively remodeled. Floors 4, 5 and 6 have tremendous development potential. First floor has been finished into office/retail space. 10 remodeled baths with 9 being handicap accessible. First and 2nd floors have central air. Floors 4, 5 and 6 have not been remodeled. Floors 4, 5 & 6 used to be used as hotel rooms. Electrical and new heating systems were completed for the first 3 floors in 1997. Parking lot to the East of the building was resurfaced in 2008. Ground level for building was stuccoed in 2008. Building is located in the Renaissance Zone in Dickinson which might qualify for property tax credits with approved application.

I picture in my mind, a gleaming white building with all commercial signage removed from it, with minarets added to each corner of the building roof, and one large taller minaret in the center of the roof, from which a muezzan calls Muslims to prayer:


If you read the description up above about the current floor plan, you will see that there is space for the Mosque worship area, classrooms for religious instruction, classrooms for a Muslim school grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, space for civic meetings, space for social gatherings, and rooms for lodging.

In the grounds adjacent to the Mosque building, and the City park next door, there could be a Mediterranean market with food, clothing, rugs, jewelry, and other merchandise.

Believe it or not, there is already a large Muslim population in Dickinson, due to the people from African nations that have moved here for work.  Why not make Dickinson an inviting destination for more Africans with the largest Mosque in North Dakota, and fill up all of this vacant new housing?

Look For People With Phones Taking Pictures Of Your Property In Dickinson, North Dakota

In May through July of this year, I had to telephone the Police in Dickinson about seven times due to the theft or attempted theft of my property, or other people’s property in downtown Dickinson where I live.

What my neighbors noticed in June, was that people would walk beside our vehicles with their phone held out in front of them or beside them, taking pictures of what was inside our vehicles.

In late June, one of my neighbors got in his vehicle, and he tried to follow and take a photo of one of the people who was doing this, but he tried to turn away, and get away in order to not be photographed.  This particular person was arrested out on the street about three hours later for several different charges unrelated to the photographing of property inside people’s vehicles.

Since then, I have caught two other people photographing what was in the back of my truck or inside of my vehicle.  In July, one of these people was a young, plump, red haired girl that was about 14 years old that was out walking her small dog.  I was across the street sitting in my truck talking on the phone one evening, watching this girl walk around the corner and walk down the sidewalk, then she stopped at the back corner of my other vehicle, took her phone out, and began videoing what was inside this vehicle of mine.

I had to stop my phone call, quietly get out of my truck, crouch down below the roof of my other vehicle across the street, sneak over there, and when I stood up at the front corner of my vehicle, the very first thing that she did was try to hide her phone.  I was not mean to her, I explained to her that I had had my property stolen from my vehicle recently, why was she videoing what was in my vehicle?

I waited for her to walk away and around the corner, then I drove down a parallel street, until I could see what house it was that she returned to.  Was she spotting things to steal for an older brother, or do people pay kids to locate things to steal?

The second person that I caught videoing what was in my truck, was in late August.  Me and my neighbor were working on his car on one side of the street, and I looked over to see a skinny man about 27 years old, walking on the other side of the street where there is no sidewalk, walking in the street, passing just an inch beside each vehicle, with his phone held out in front of him, pointing inside of these vehicles.

No, he was not on his phone having a conversation.  No, he was not out getting some exercise.  I waited for him to get to the next corner, where he made a right turn to head east.  I got in my truck, and I followed him, staying about a block away.  At the very next corner he made a right turn, to head south.  When he got to the next corner, he saw me, and he stopped.

It appeared that he lived about one block away, whether it was the shitty house on the corner, or the apartment building across the street, I don’t know.  But he saw me, and he knew, that I knew what he was doing.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, people leave things in their vehicle:  phone, phone charger, music CDs, wallet, purse, laptop computer, camera, radar detector, tools, etcetera.  Rather than stand there for a minute looking through a car window at the dashboard, front seat, back seat, back window, and trying to determine what is there, what kind of stereo is there, what is it worth, is there a car alarm, the thief can just walk by with his phone and video everything in one pass.  He can look at the video later to see what is inside each vehicle.

It appears, that if the people who are doing this are spotted and followed, especially if they are followed all the way back to where they live, and they realize that they have been followed, they temporarily give up their theft plans for that route where they were caught.

Vote Fails For Funding New High School In Dickinson, North Dakota

On September 10, and previously on May 7 of 2019, voters in Dickinson overwhelmingly voted down a bond scheme to fund the construction of a new $89 million high school.

The main reason why people in the Dickinson area voted against building a new high school, is because it would have cost the average homeowner about $500 more per year in property taxes, and the average apartment dweller about $250 more per year in rent.

In general, the people in Dickinson are cheap, so cheap, that they would rather have repeat offender meth addict drug dealers and thieves running loose on the streets of Dickinson, than have to pay to keep them in prison where they belong.

I am glad that the vote for funding the construction of a new high school in Dickinson failed, because I want to see everyone in Dickinson get what is coming to them, after the way the people here treated the out-of-state workers during the oil boom.  No new school for you.

If you drive through the downtown main street of Belfield, New England, Richardton, Taylor, or Gladstone, this is what Dickinson would have looked like, had it not been for the oil boom, a ghost town.  And, this is what Dickinson will return to.

Even though I want Dickinson to whither and decay out of hatred, the local people in Dickinson want this same thing, only they think that it would be great if everyone moved away.

Besides me and the local people in Dickinson wanting everyone to move away from Dickinson, the Governor, North Dakota legislators, and everyone in Fargo, Jamestown, Grand Forks, and Bismarck would like everyone to move away from Dickinson too, so that the oil revenue money could be spent elsewhere, not wasted on services and infrastructure for the backwards, primitive, oil-field trash in Dickinson.

The blue-collar, oil-field trash in Dickinson will buy a $50,000 to $80,000 Ford or Dodge pickup, then go pay another $2,500 for big tires and wheels, they probably spend about $1,000 per year on cigarettes, but hell no they won’t pay $500 for a new high school.

The Escape Of Sierra Smebakken From Dickinson, North Dakota

The first time that I became aware of Sierra Smebakken, was back in 2014-2015 when I was looking on Facebook to see if there were any attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There certainly were no attractive women in Dickinson on internet dating sites like, or out in public in the evening when I got off work.

On Facebook, once you found one attractive young lady, if you looked at her “Friends”, you would usually see more attractive young women, and looking at these attractive young women and their “Friends”, you could keep on sightseeing.  This is probably how I happened upon Sierra Smebakken’s Facebook profile.

Her name stuck out to me.  If you were in North Dakota, you would know that the oil boom that lasted from  2007 through 2014 was due to a vast, deep underground oil reserve called the “Bakken Formation”.  Poor girl, she just missed being a “Bakken”.

What also caused Sierra Smebakken to stick in my mind, was that she was thin, attractive, long-legged, scantily dressed, and standing on a balcony in Miami in her Facebook photographs.  Unlike most women in Dickinson, she was far from the hideous no-neck monsters that we have here.

How could the Ukrainian immigrants who settled the Dickinson area have such ugly offspring, when Ukrainian women are typically not ugly?  Just go look at the website, where most of the escorts are Russian/Ukrainian, and you will see how beautiful these women are, and there are so many of them that they are common.

I have begun to believe, that the forbearers of the people in Dickinson, were offspring of the female Yeti that was captured in southern Russia in the 1850s named “Zana”, who human men mated with.  Zana’s offspring, according to their description, look and act like the people in Dickinson.  Here is one scientific article on this subject

Not wanting to be trapped and mated with the local ape people in Dickinson, Sierra made her escape to Miami, and I don’t blame her.  Below is a short biography of Sierra:

Sierra Drew Smebakken was born in 1993 to Darrell and Rosemary Smebakken.  Her mother, Rosemary, owns and operates a small restaurant in Dickinson called “Country Rose Cafe”, where Sierra was sometimes forced to work as a waitress.

Sierra graduated from Dickinson High School in 2011.  In the Fall of 2011 she began attending Dickinson State University.  She later transferred to Iowa Western to study Fashion Marketing & Merchandising from 2011 through 2014.

In 2016 Sierra Smebakken began receiving international publicity when she was seen several times, sitting first row with her boyfriend, multi-millionaire Dennis Leebow at Cleveland Cavaliers NBA basketball games.  Dennis Leebow founded a steel processing company in 1979, Majestic Steel, in Cleveland.

In the entertainment industry, there is a saying, “All publicity is good publicity”, and Sierra certainly did get a tremendous amount of publicity all of a sudden.  Her boyfriend, Dennis Leebow, a multi-millionaire, is 68-70 years old, although he does look younger than this.  Dennis Leebow has gotten attention for wearing furs and acting very visible while front row at NBA games, and allegedly having as many as twelve young girlfriends, at the same time.

What Sierra did, can be a lesson for other young women, if they don’t already know what I am going to explain.  Many attractive young women become “Instagram Models”, meaning, they create an Instagram account and begin uploading photographs of themselves “modeling”.

Believe it or not, many of these young attractive women “Instagram Models” don’t plan on or expect to be successful fashion models, because they know that they are not tall enough, thin enough, or distinct looking.  However, they do know that they are hot enough for successful men to want to date them.

Young women move to Miami, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, or Dubai, places where there are plenty of millionaires, celebrities, professional athletes, and become “Instagram Models”, making sure to show their location and contact information.

If these “Instagram Models” are contacted by some man claiming to be a millionaire, celebrity, or professional athlete, they can look them up on the internet, and then decide if they want to accept their invitation to meet.

If you want to see photographs of Sierra, here is a link to many of her photographs provided by Google

Cutting Ties With Friends Who Are Too Much Trouble In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have had to cut ties with friends who are too much trouble, several times in Dickinson, North Dakota.  These friends were people who were always having problems, often because they used poor judgment, and they would frequently ask me for help, which began to make my life full of problems too.

I had to cut ties with my oldest and best friend in Dickinson this week, because he was always having problems, and trying to make his problems my problems too, like I owed him help and was obligated to help him.  I want to try to explain this.

In the winter of 2013, I was staying in my small trailer on a person’s property north of Dickinson, with electric hookup, but no water and no sewer hook up.  For people not familiar with the oil boom in North Dakota, housing was so scarce and expensive during the oil boom, that many people paid hundreds of dollars a month in rent to sleep in a tent in someone’s backyard.  Many people slept in their vehicles at Tiger Truck Stop or WalMart, even though they had full-time jobs, because rent was so expensive.

The person whose property I was staying on in my small trailer, he bought a diesel Ford F250 in December of 2013, and he began plugging its engine block heater power cord into the same electric power outlet that my small trailer was plugged into.  In the middle of the night when it got down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, the electric panel breaker would trip, leaving me without power and without heat.

Across the open field that I was living on, was a residential neighborhood where I had met one of the homeowners while working for a contractor in Dickinson.  I asked this homeowner if I could park my small trailer in his yard, plug into his electric, and pay him rent.  This homeowner explained to me that he was on an equalized payment electric utility plan, and that this would disrupt his payment plan.  So I asked him if he had a spare bedroom to rent.

This homeowner who was in his late fifties, he was overweight and in bad health.  His yard and his house were full of clutter.  He currently did not have employment, he sold items on E-Bay to make money, and his house and each room were full of inventory.  We cleared out one of the two spare bedrooms for me to stay in, and I agreed to pay him $450 per month in rent.

This homeowner, I will call him “Danny”, though that is not his real name.  In “Danny”, I had found someone who was struggling financially, was in bad health, had no friends, no one to help him, and no one cared about him.  He appeared to be eager to have some additional income, some company, and someone to help him.

In the little over three years that I spent living in Danny’s home, I paid him over $18,000 in rent, about $2,000 in storage fees for equipment parked in his yard, and I paid him about $1,500 for helping me in my self-employed work.  This $21,500 was tax-free, unreported income for Danny.

While living with Danny, I found out more about his health problems and his personal problems.  He had not been employed anywhere for almost ten years.  Even though Dickinson had been going through the biggest oil boom that it had ever had since 2007, Danny had been unemployed during this time.

Beginning in 2014, when I became manager of a small company in Dickinson, I was able to get “Danny” hired to work with me for several months.  I had difficulty with Danny trying to get him to complete his employment application to become hired.  He was frustrated by the application and unwilling to make the effort to provide the documentation that was requested.  While going through this with him, I could see some of the problems that caused Danny to be unemployed for the previous ten years.

Danny did not listen to my instructions on how to get to the job site in Watford City or how long the drive took, and he was late to work his first day.  He also forgot his suitcase and he had to drive back to Dickinson after work to go back and get his suitcase.

Initially, Danny became lost in Watford City a couple of times, though Watford City was a small town with a population of about 10,000 people, with about two or three traffic lights in the entire town.  Danny became unglued after becoming lost, he became extremely nasty with me and the hotel owner where we were staying, when we tried to give him directions on the telephone.

Within a week or two, Danny proceeded to make a complaint about me as a manager and co-worker, in an attempt to get me fired, in order to possibly get his cousin in Watford City hired in my place, or to try to make himself manager, or just out of spite.  Unbeknownst to me, the owner of the hotel in Watford City had made a complaint about Danny’s behavior at the hotel to the owner of the company, and the owner of the company told me, that we were never hiring Danny again after this job was over.

It was difficult and frustrating living in Danny’s home, after I had done him the favor of getting him hired to work with me, he had caused me a lot of trouble at work and he had tried to get me fired.  For those of you not familiar with North Dakota, it is very common for North Dakotans to try to get their out-of-state co-workers fired, because they are not from here.  I don’t know what Danny was thinking.

After living with Danny for a while, I could see that he did not have any friends, his brothers and sisters did not want to visit him or talk to him, his neighbors did not want to interact with him, and no one wanted to help him.

Because Danny’s personality was sometimes a “know-it-all”, sometimes arrogant, sometimes belligerent, I could see why he did not have any friends, his brothers and sisters did not want to visit or talk to him, his neighbors did not want to interact with him, and he had had difficulty obtaining or keeping employment.  The other thing that kept people away, was that Danny was always trying to get people to help him.

I learned from reading court records on the internet, that Danny had declared bankruptcy about twice.  He had had surgeries that were paid for by social services and other charitable organizations, but unemployment during these times left him with bills that he was unable to pay, so he declared bankruptcy.  He still had outstanding court judgments against him that had not been paid, after his bankruptcies.

I wondered if his neighbors and other people that Danny had had interaction with, had the opinion of Danny, that he was always trying to get something for nothing.  It appeared that they had this opinion.  Not just because of declaring bankruptcy in the past, or having health problems and wanting help, or recovering from surgery and wanting help, but always trying to get people to help him with something.

In 2016, the small company that I was the manager of in Dickinson, it was not very busy, and I was able to get outside employment in Watford City on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Partly to help Danny, and partly to get someone to work the rest of the week for me in Watford City on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I again got Danny hired to work with me.

Danny caused me some difficulty at first when he started working in Watford City, because he was not doing what we were hired to do.  But after I got mad at him and told him that he wasn’t doing what we were being paid to do, he did what he was supposed to.  This job in Watford City earned Danny about $48,000 over the next thirteen months.

The $21,500 that I had paid to Danny as unreported tax-free income, the $8,000 that he got paid from working with me in Watford City the first time, the $48,000 that he got paid from working with me in Watford City the second time, was more money than Danny had made in his previous nearly ten years of unemployment.  And as a result of having some money now, in some ways Danny became more of an asshole.

Because Danny had money now, because of me paying him rent and getting him hired to work with me, Danny became more of an asshole, more arrogant, more loud-mouthed, and more belligerent.  He didn’t really need me as a roommate anymore, and he was obnoxious.  I moved out of his house in the Spring of 2017 because Danny was so offensive and belligerent.

For the next year and a half, after I had moved out of Danny’s house, Danny was unemployed, he could not get a job, and he did not have any income.  I learned that he was unable to pay his home owners insurance, nor his property tax which he was already in arrears.  He was selling his personal belongings to survive.

In the late summer of 2018, I got Danny hired to work with me again, because I knew that he was about to lose his home for non-payment of property taxes.  Even though Danny had caused me problems at work before, and Danny had caused me problems when I was living in his home, I still felt like I should help him, because he had helped me back in the Winter of 2013 when I needed a place to stay.

After Danny had worked with me for about four months, he was complaining that he should be paid more money.  He was complaining about wanting more money, after he had been caught and photographed sleeping while on the job several times, and he was close to being fired for cause.

After Danny had made about $30,000 working with me, he was buying new windows for his house and he was talking about buying a new truck.  After he had made about $40,000, he was talking about re-roofing his house.

In the past several months, I have had to come and give Danny a tow in his broken vehicle from downtown Dickinson back to his home twice.  A couple of weeks ago I drove a trailer to go pick up and load by hand 3,500 lb of roofing shingles for Danny’s house.

In this same time period, for some insane reason, Danny told some Mexican guy who I don’t know who recently got arrested, that I would give him a ride two hours one way to go pick up his vehicle.  And, Danny told some woman who doesn’t have any money that I would sell her one of my vehicles.

I got onto to Danny for telling these two people that I do not know that I would give them a ride two hours away or sell them one of my vehicles when they do not have any money.  I asked him what was he thinking, why was he trying to cause me problems?

For the past several months, Danny has been complaining about having difficulty and no one wanting to help him put in his new windows, replace the roof on his house, fix the furnace in his basement, or perform hip surgery on him.  His neighbors, his brothers, tradespeople, the doctors, me, we don’t want to help him because we already have helped in the past, he always wants help, and he always wants something for nothing.

A few days ago Danny was being very belligerent on the phone with me and complaining that no one wants to help him.  I told him that I was about ready to refuse to help him anymore, after I had loaded the 3,500 lbs of roofing shingles for him onto his trailer.  Danny said, ” Oh, I know, you never want to help me with anything.”

I can’t understand how Danny can be so stupid as to not recognize how many times that I have helped him.  I suppose that it is too painful for him to admit or acknowledge that without my help he would have never had employment income and rent income, and he would have lost his house and been living in a public assistance housing project apartment by now.

But this is the way that people are.  Because just about everyone that I have become friends with in Dickinson has acted this way, I have had to cut ties with everyone of my friends in Dickinson.  I don’t have the energy or resources to allow other people to try to make their problems my problems too.

The Joy Of Seeing More People Get What Is Coming To Them In Dickinson, North Dakota

I don’t like living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There is no where to go, nothing to do, a scarcity of attractive women, terrible drug crime, and I can’t even drive to work without getting stopped by the Police.  I am sick, miserable, and angry most of the time, way more so than what my blog posts indicate.

The only joy and happiness that I get, is seeing these mother fuckers in Dickinson get what is coming to them.  I want to share my latest happy news.

The company that I am employed with, has performed work at a large industrial site outside of Dickinson for approximately the past six years.  During some of these past six years, we have sometimes been the only contractor on this site.

In July of 2018, the owner of this industrial site informed us that work at this site was going to pick up significantly, to watch for other contractors and owner’s representatives arriving on site.  In late July I saw an older man ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle onto this site, and I stopped him to ask him who he was.  He introduced himself as “Henry”, and he identified himself as the site owner’s representative, and the project manager for this site.  ( I am not using this person’s real name.)

I informed my co-workers and the owner of the company that I worked for, that the project manager of the site owner, “Henry”, was now on site.  Henry had some directives to pass along to us, such as we were not going to be permitted to use the on-site office trailer that we had been using for the past several years, and other miscellaneous instructions.

There was a problem, the owner of the company that I worked for, he was not getting the same information from owner of this industrial site, that I was getting from Henry, who had told me that he was the owner’s representative and the project manager of this site.

At the very last minute, my co-worker and I found out that there was a new general contractor coming onto this site to take over all operations, and that this new general contractor had let out for bid, the work that our company had been performing at this site for the past six years.

It turned out, that Henry was not really this site owner’s representative, nor was he the project manager of this site.  I don’t know if it was Henry’s ego, or if he believed that he would somehow benefit from trying to lead us to believe that he was the project manager, with more authority and importance than he actually had.  Because my co-worker and I believed that Henry was the owner’s representative and project manager, we were relying on him to tell us what we needed to know, however he did not tell us the most important thing, that the work we performing was being let out for bid.

The owner of our company was able to provide a proposal to the new general contractor of this site at the last minute, and we were awarded the work over other companies that had already been asked to provide proposals.  However, I believed that Henry, through his charade, had almost cost us the contract and our jobs.  Or, maybe he was deliberately trying to sabotage us?

Henry continued to work at this site in an administrative capacity, without very much authority.  I found out that Henry actually worked for a personnel company, he was not even an employee of the site owner.  Henry did not seem to contribute anything, supervise anything, offer his opinion, have any input in the work, or do very much work.  He seemed to try to keep out of the way, and perform some clerical duties.

One day when I was not at this job site, a certain employee received a set of four tires on a shipping pallet at this site for his personal vehicle.  My co-workers were shocked, because this was insane.  I will explain why.

Once the new general contractor took over this site, this site became very busy and crowded.  Some very strict procedures and rules were established to minimize the risk of accidents.  Only employees were allowed on site, and they were only allowed to move around on the site after they had gone through orientation.  When a crane was lifting something, all vehicles and personnel in the area had to stop and not proceed until the crane lifting operation was completed.

When any delivery came to this site, the delivery had to be stopped and held at the site entrance.  An escort vehicle had to be called, a laborer/spotter/flagger had to be called, a telehandler operator had to be called, a supervisor had to come out and inspect the delivery, and a safety person or two would come out to watch all of this.  Crane lifting operations had to cease while the delivery was unloaded.

Can you imagine an escort vehicle, laborer/spotter/flagger, telehandler operator, supervisor, and a couple of safety people being taken from what they were doing, crane lifting operations ceased, to unload a delivery, and it turns out to be four truck tires on a shipping pallet for some site worker’s personal vehicle?

The next time that this happened, I wouldn’t let the truck driver come onto this site when I found out that all he had was a Jeep bumper on a shipping pallet.  I said that we are not going through all of this for something that has nothing to do with this site, we are unloading this Jeep bumper right here, and the truck driver agreed, as he didn’t want to go through all of this either.

A laborer/spotter/flagger, telehandler operator, supervisor, and two safety people came over to get in on this delivery and ask why I wasn’t letting it on site.  I explained that it was a personal delivery of a Jeep bumper, that had nothing to do with this site, and that we weren’t taking five people to do this.

This turned into a dispute of sorts, as the truck driver and I placed the shipping pallet on the ground at the site entrance.  A couple of the people present had the opinion, let’s treat all deliveries the same way, just as if they were delivery of site equipment.  I disagreed.

At this time, “Henry” emerged from the office trailer, and he announced, “Me and my people, we have all got JC Whitney catalogues on our desks, we are going to continue to order parts, and we all have more parts coming.”

I got into trouble for the angry argument that I instigated, insisting that we are not going to treat personal deliveries of miscellaneous items, as if they were site equipment, taking five people, and ceasing crane lifting operations, to unload a set of four tires or a Jeep bumper.  Why are you even allowing site personnel to do this, this is wasting everyone’s time?

About one month later, “Henry” and all of his people with JC Whitney catalogues, they were all let go from this site on the same day.  Henry was telling everyone that he was being reassigned to Arkansas.

Yesterday, I looked Henry up on the internet, and I saw his LinkedIn resume.  He has been unemployed for the past ten months, ever since he got let go from this site.  Good, fuck him, he got what was coming to him, stupid fucker.