Bigfoot Guidelines For Adams, Bowman, And Slope County North Dakota

In the southwestern corner of North Dakota, in Adams, Bowman, and Slope Counties, large animals thought not to be common in North Dakota seem to show up:  bear, mountain lion, and wolverine.  These counties are sparsely populated and mostly undeveloped, which make them appear inviting to large predators that may be traveling through from the equally unpopulated and undeveloped land in upper South Dakota and southeastern Montana.

Bigfoot have probably been roaming through this area of southwestern North Dakota for thousands of years.  In the past one hundred years, farmers and ranchers in North Dakota have probably had to deal with Bigfoot occasionally, which most likely involved trying to shoot them, kill them, and run them out of the area.

With the death of the old-timers in North Dakota, their failure to mention or pass along any information about Bigfoot to the next generation, and the arrival of many new people from out of state, I have decided to write some guidelines for dealing with Bigfoot in southwestern North Dakota:

There are at least four different species of Bigfoot in the United States, but for the sake of brevity, I will lump the first three species into what is commonly called Bigfoot, and the fourth species I will refer to as Dogman.

The Bigfoot in North Dakota usually travel and live in small family units consisting of a mother, father, and several juveniles.  The adult males and females can reach up to nine feet in height and nearly 1,000 lb in weight.  These Bigfoot prefer to travel and hunt at night, staying out of sight of humans.  But these Bigfoot can and do come out in daytime when there is concealment or when they are forced to.

Bigfoot are omnivores, they will eat vegetables, fruit, grain, insects, fish, rodents, small game, and large animals such as deer, elk, and domestic cattle.  Bigfoot are wary of humans, and try to avoid contact and conflict with humans.  But sometimes, water and food sources are so abundant on farms, such as animal feed, vegetable gardens, chickens, pigs, goats, and cattle, that Bigfoot will try to take these things from farms.

Usually at night, but sometimes during the day, one or more Bigfoot may enter onto a farm or ranch in search for food.  These Bigfoot may be just as startled to see you, as you are to see them.  As with all animals, you do not want to run when you see a Bigfoot, you want to try to back away as calmly as possible to put as much distance as possible between you and them, in part to allow them to feel that they can safely leave.

You do not want to shoot a Bigfoot if at all possible, because even if you are successful in killing this Bigfoot, there may be additional Bigfoot that will close in on you to take revenge, even if it takes them all day or all night trying to get at you.

In some cases where Bigfoot are merely curious or would like for you to leave the area, they may follow you, chase you, throw things at you, throw things at your car, throw things at your house, bang on your car, bang on your house, growl, and howl.  Bigfoot do not usually try to break into people’s homes or vehicles in order to get them, unless they are very, very angry.

People have been torn apart by Bigfoot when someone has shot a member of their family.  Bigfoot have entered people’s houses and beat them when they removed a food source that the Bigfoot had been relying on.  It is recommended that you do not leave food out for Bigfoot either unintentionally or deliberately, because they can become very angry when this food that they were relying on is no longer provided.

Some farmers, ranchers, and land owners do come to long term agreements and understandings with families of Bigfoot, which may include planting a vegetable garden much further away and all by itself solely for the Bigfoot, allowing them access to fruit trees every year, allowing them access to water sources, or leaving food for them at a specific location a comfortable distance from the house.  In these cases, the agreement is that the Bigfoot leave the humans alone, and the humans leave the Bigfoot alone.

Dogman is something entirely different:

There is a species of Bigfoot, called Dogman, that is much different.  Dogman can reach up to nine feet in height, but they are distinctly different in appearance because they have a head that looks like a dog’s head, and their lower legs resemble canine legs and feet.

No, this is not a joke, and I only mention this species of Bigfoot called Dogman out of necessity, because they are always, always life threatening toward humans.  Thankfully, they are much less common than the other three species of Bigfoot.

One tactic or practice of Dogman, is to remain on all fours at a distance, because humans usually can not judge exactly how abnormally large they are at a distance, and might only observe that they appear to be an unusually large dog or large wolf.  It is not until a Dogman is within range to make a kill, that it will stand erect, and walk with equal agility, completely upright.

It appears that Dogman kill humans at every good opportunity they get, for food, out of maliciousness, and to eliminate what they see as a threat and an adversary.  If a person encounters a Dogman, the very first thing that they should do is seek safety if possible to retreat.  If a person spots a Dogman before the Dogman has detected them, and they are unable to retreat, they should remain very still, crouch, and remain hidden, while watching the Dogman, even if they possess a firearm.  The reason why you do not want to shoot at a Dogman if possible, is because you may not kill it with several shots, and there may be more than one of them.

If you do see or encounter a Dogman, you need to contact both the Sheriff and Fish & Game right away, even if you are afraid that they will not take you seriously.  You need to report it right away, so that the Sheriff and Fish & Game will have been alerted that there is something out of the ordinary in the area.  That way, when they respond to other calls about cattle, horses, livestock, or people being harmed with unusual evidence or circumstances, they will begin to know more quickly what they are dealing with.


North Dakota Fish & Game Will Install A Tracking Collar On Your Daughter

On November 9, 2018, the following bulletin was posted on the City of Dickinson, North Dakota Police Department Facebook page, and then this bulletin was repeatedly shared as many times as possible, as quickly as possible, by other Facebook users:

“DPD is asking for public assistance in locating three runaway juvenile females from Dickinson.  All three are suspected to be traveling together, and failed to show up for school this morning.

The juveniles are Athena xxxxxx, Madison xxxxxxxxx, and Tate xxxxxxxxx.”

I removed the last names of these three runaway juvenile females, though the City of Dickinson Police included their full names on this Be On The Lookout bulletin so that their friends, family, classmates, associates, and the public would know exactly which girls were missing, so that they could be found as quickly as possible.

What got many people in Dickinson even more worried, was when later that day the car that these three girls were travelling in, was found with a flat tire on the side of the interstate in Montana.  Many people lept to the conclusion that “somebody must have gotten them”, or that “the sex traffickers must have gotten them”.

By the end of the following day, all three of the runaway girls were back in Dickinson, no one had gotten them, and nothing bad had been done to them.  Upon their safe return to Dickinson, some Facebook commentors were making mention that they hoped that a serious ass whipping would follow, with a belt.  Yes, I agree, there should have been a serious ass whipping with a belt applied to each of these girls, not just because of what they did, but because they were too stupid to know what could have happened to them.

If you have a daughter like this, or if you suspect that you have a daughter like this, the North Dakota Fish & Game will attach a tracking collar to your daughter, according to the following schedule of fees:

2018 Schedule of Fees North Dakota Fish & Game, Juvenile Tracking Collar Program

  • Measure, Fit, and Affix Neck Tracking Collar……….$350 (one time fee)
  • Measure, Fit, and Affix Ankle Tracking Collar………$300 (one time fee)
  • Monthly Rental (non-event)…………………………..$100 monthly
  • Emergency Locate In-State……………………………$200 per request
  • Emergency Locate Out-of-State……………………….$300 per request

Optional Services

  • Monthly Charting & Mapping Report……………………..$100 monthly
  • Weighing & Measuring………………………………………$200 per request
  • Trapping & Tranquilizing……………………………………$300 per request

The reason why the North Dakota Fish & Game offers this program, is to provide a public service to North Dakotans, and to give new officers more experience in practices, procedures, and use of equipment.

Dixie Cryptid YouTube Channel

About a week ago I began watching YouTube videos from a YouTube channel called “Dixie Cryptid”.  The narrator and producer of the videos, Cameron, is from Mississippi.  Cameron reads Bigfoot and Dogman stories that were given to him by friends, acquaintances, and viewers.

I enjoy hearing stories about Bigfoot and Dogman, and the stories that Cameron tells are interesting, entertaining, colorful, funny, and sometimes amazing or terrifying.  I am going to include three videos below from Dixie Cryptid, which range from an example of friendly Bigfoot behavior, to slightly frightening Bigfoot behavior, to very frightening Bigfoot behavior.




Truth About The Work Situation In Dickinson, North Dakota

In the past two weeks, I have written three blog posts about three different couples that I have seen moving out of the low rent older apartment building where I live in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota.  Each of these three couples had moved to Dickinson about six months ago, and now they are leaving Dickinson.

Every day there are radio advertisements from local companies in Dickinson about how they offer competitive wages, paid family health insurance, and $3,000 to $6,000 sign-on bonuses.  About once each week, there is a representative from North Dakota Job Services talking about hundreds of job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson.  Yet when I log on to the North Dakota Job Services website and I search for jobs in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, there are fewer than forty current job openings in each of these towns, and one third of them are for medical professionals.

What is really going on?  To explain, I want to write about an experience that I had yesterday on Saturday November 10, 2018, in Dickinson:

I went to a gas station in Dickinson that I normally do not go to.  Working at the cash register, was a man that I had worked with in Dickinson seven years ago, back in 2011.  He is about 6′-3″, 300 lb, able-bodied, fairly intelligent, and he is from Dickinson.

In 2011, this man was the operations manager for the small oil field service company where I worked.  He was in charge of the crew trucks, equipment trailers, skid steers, backhoe, scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, lull, generators, compressors, compactors, and other tools.  He operated equipment in the company yard, and at the job sites where we worked.

This company where we worked constructed pump jack concrete foundation pads at oil field locations, salt waters disposal facilities, steel warehouse buildings, and performed work at several different refineries.  The operations manager ordered material for the work that was performed, and he sometimes supervised the work that was performed.

The operations manager did a pretty good job over all.  He worked at this small oil field service company for several years, before going to work for a supplier of oil field tools and equipment for several years.

Why is this big, strong, able-bodied, fairly intelligent, competent, local person, with ten years of experience working in the oil field, working as a cashier at gas station in Dickinson, if there are supposed to be hundreds of job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson?

In my recent blog posts titled “The Truth About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”, “Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”, and “Even More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota”,  I have tried to explain that business people, property owners, property managers, and oil field companies are trying to “keep things going” by spreading false information.  They want to keep people moving to Dickinson to do business, so that the value of their properties remain high, to rent or lease properties, and to have a large pool of skilled labor in order to keep wages low.

Even More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota

Today, Saturday November 10, 2018, I am yet again watching a couple move out of the low rent older apartment building in downtown Dickinson, North Dakota where I live.  No, this is not an across town move, because they have a pickup truck and a U-haul trailer, and they are very carefully trying to fit absolutely everything they own into this truck and trailer, because they are leaving Dickinson.

In the past thirty days, I have written two previous blog posts about two other couples who were moving out of the older apartment building where I live in Dickinson.  Both the first couple, and the second couple, the husband was truck driver.  Both of these two couples moved to Dickinson about six months ago.

On the radio in Dickinson, North Dakota for the past several months, there have been advertisements from local trucking companies about how they need truck drivers, they offer competitive wages, paid family health insurance, and a $3,000 to $6,000 sign-on bonus.

Why is it that truck drivers come to Dickinson for work, then they leave about six months later?  No, they didn’t make so much money that they are leaving.  I talked to them, I saw how they were living, I saw that they had very little, I sometimes saw and heard these couples arguments that continued through the parking lot and into the building, the kind of arguments that people have when money is scarce.

Also on the radio in Dickinson during the past sixty days, I have heard representatives from North Dakota Job Service talk about the great need for workers in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, about several hundred job vacancies in Williston.  Yet when I log onto the North Dakota Job Services website, and search for job openings in Williston, Watford City, and Dickinson, I see that there are less than forty current job openings in Williston, and less than thirty current job openings in Watford City and Dickinson.  One third of these job openings are for Registered Nurses, Travel Nurses, and Medical Doctors, more job openings in the medical professions than there are in the oil field.

What is going on?  I know exactly what is going on, and what is happening.  Business owners, property owners, property managers, and oil companies want to “keep things going”.  The business owners want customers, the property owners want their property to continue to be worth money, the property managers want tenants, and the oil companies want to have a large pool of skilled trades people so that they can keep wages low, have the threat of easily replacing workers, and being able to replace skilled trades people like they were shop rags when they get worn out.

In my previous blog post, I found a short way to put it, if you are not from this area, you are treated like a migrant worker.  No matter if you have a college degree, management experience, or a great deal of work experience, if you are not from this area you are treated like a migrant worker.

What does this mean, being treated like a “migrant worker”?  It means that you will be followed more, stopped more, and treated with more scrutiny by the local city Police.  You are a good candidate for a DUI, a good source of revenue for the city when you pay your court fines, and how the local attorneys stay in business with the $3,000 retainer fee you will pay.

If you are not from this area, you will be treated like a migrant worker in many businesses, establishments, city, county, state, and federal offices in Dickinson.  At work, you will be disliked, mistrusted, mistreated, and undermined by your local co-workers, local administrators, local managers, and local company owners.

The truth is, that there are some job openings in Dickinson, and the wage rates are still above average, because no one wants to live or work in Dickinson.  The local people are unfriendly and hostile, the real estate prices are way too high, there is not a lot to do, there are very few places to go, and the local employers and the local co-workers treat out of state workers like shit.

More Truth And Lies About Living And Working In Dickinson, North Dakota

About ten days ago, I wrote a blog post article about a poor truck driver and his wife moving out of the low rent downtown apartment building where I live in Dickinson, to return to the state where they came from.  When they moved in six months ago, back in May of 2018, they arrived with a thirty year old beat up car that they had borrowed from someone.  The only progress they made financially during the past six months was being able to buy a twenty-five year old beat up pickup truck for about $2,000.

During the more than one hour drive that I have to and from work, and while I am at work, each day I hear on FM radio stations advertisements for truck drivers wanted in Dickinson, North Dakota, where the companies are offering sign-on bonuses of $3,000 to $6,000, and family health insurance plans.

How can it be, that even though this truck driver neighbor of mine worked long hours and I hardly ever saw him, how could this be that he and his wife were so poor?  How could this be that when he lost his truck driving job in October, he was unable to get another truck driving job and had to return to the state where he came from?

This same exact thing that I saw happening ten days ago, where this truck driver and his wife who arrived here six months ago were moving out of the apartment building where I live in Dickinson, happened again two days ago.  Another couple who arrived here six months ago, where the husband drives truck, they are moving to Bismarck.

I ask the readers to please stop and think about this, every day I hear on FM radio around Dickinson, advertisements from several different trucking companies about their immediate need for experienced truck drivers, where they offer competitive wages, anywhere from a $3,000 to $6,000 sign on bonus, and family health insurance plans.  Why do poor truck drivers from out of state move here with their wives and belongings into the least expensive apartment they can find, to take a truck driving job in Dickinson, never appear to get ahead, and then leave Dickinson after six months?

These truck drivers leave Dickinson because they were lied to, and were misled.  All out of state workers who arrive in Dickinson are treated like shit, both at work, and outside of work.  If you are not from Dickinson, you are treated like a migrant worker.  You will not receive fair treatment, or good treatment, the whole time you are here.

The companies in Dickinson, the Chamber of Commerce, and North Dakota job service will continue to put people on the radio talking about the great need for workers, the shortage of workers, and that companies are desperate for workers.  Yes, they do need workers, because they treat everyone like shit, and they leave.  This is why people will not come back to Dickinson to work.