Second Criticism Of Local Companies In Dickinson, Nepotism

In my previous blog post I explained that when I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in 2011 to work in the oil field, one of the problems that I saw in company management, was the failure to properly delegate work.  Existing companies could not keep up with the demand for work partly because owners and managers could not see or understand that they needed to delegate work to competent people in order to be able to handle the increased demand for work.  The second big problem that I saw was nepotism, the hiring of relatives and friends.

I will try to get right to the point, whenever I have worked at a company where the owners or managers hire relatives and friends, everyone else suffers and pays for it.  Ultimately, it costs the company tremendously, if it doesn’t cause the ruin of the company altogether, which I have seen happen, in Dickinson.

First, is it a good idea to hire someone for a position at a company, if you know that they would not ever be hired for a similar position at any other company, or that you would never hire them if they were not a relative or friend?  How could this ever be a good idea, to hire someone that you know is not capable of doing the job?

I experienced this at one of my first jobs out of college.  The owner of the company that I was working for, hired his much less capable brother to manage the estimating department.  In compiling estimates, it is most important to not leave anything out, and to total the costs as completely and accurately as possible.  The owner’s brother would waste everyone’s time with daily memos on the new required font type for weekly reports, who was required to use green marker pen, red marker pen, blue marker pen in making comments, who was in trouble for not using the most recent new required font type, etcetera.  After a while of causing problems and causing work to have to be repeatedly re-done in the estimating department, the owner’s brother was put in charge of the sales representatives instead.  He drove the sales reps up the wall, causing some of them to quit.  Eventually the owner’s brother irritated the owner himself so bad, that he had to let him go, but not before he had irritated and upset everyone at the company, causing more than several people to quit.

The hiring of relatives and friends of the owners and managers has occurred at every company that I have worked for in Dickinson.   The third company that I worked for in Dickinson, this caused the failure of the company.  When I first started working for this company in May of 2013, the company had a lot of intelligent, competent, skilled technicians and workers.  The main company that we performed work for, liked all of the technicians and workers because of their intelligence, ability, and work performance.  But then, the owners of the company hired one young lady who was a niece, and one young lady as a favor to a friend.

Neither of these two young ladies had any construction experience whatsoever.  Not even hammering a nail or digging a hole with a shovel.  Some of the technicians and workers who had been working in construction for ten years or more resented this.  Several of the best technicians left soon after these two young ladies were hired.  They resented that they were being paid within a few dollars of what they were making, that they weren’t any help, that they would have to show them how to do every single thing, and that they were not interested in construction, only the opportunity to get paid a lot of money by being present on the job.

The company owners’ response to several lead technicians quitting within a few weeks, was to move their niece right up to driving the service truck and taking the lead.  The company that we did the work for did not like this, nor the did the end users.  It was obvious to everyone that the twenty year old niece had never done any kind of construction whatsoever, and that this was not an acceptable replacement.

At this same time, the second young lady that was hired, she came to work with the crotch of her jeans missing, a hole about the size of a dinner plate.  I figured she was going to try to have some kind of sexual harassment claim if anyone said anything to her.  The company that we did the work for, several of their employees complained to the owners of my company about this.  What is wrong with her, and do not ever have her come to work for us like this again.  The work that had already been awarded to the company I was working for was completed, and they never got any more work awarded to them, ever.

The most recent company that I worked for in Dickinson, the effects of hiring relatives and friends was very noticeable.  There were people in management positions that probably never would have been placed in a management position at any other company.  There were people that were hired, that would not have been hired most other places.  There were people working there, that would have been let go a long time ago anywhere else.

The net overall effect of all these relatives and friends working there was very bad.  There were areas of responsibility that no one was taking responsibility for, or even paying attention to.  There were people not showing up for work, without any preparations having been made to cover their absence.  No one was very concerned about anything, because they were not in fear of losing their jobs.

This most recent company that I worked for in Dickinson, I have seen the very beginning signs of bankruptcy, and I think that this will become common knowledge within about one year.  The failure of this company might not have occurred if the owner would have hired experienced managers with degrees in business administration, accounting, economics, finance, or construction management, instead of relatives and friends with little experience and no business education.

Criticism Of Local Companies In Dickinson, Failure To Properly Delegate

Ever since I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in 2011 to work in the oil field, I noticed that the local Dickinson companies had a strange and different way of doing things.  I will start out by giving the following brief example.

During my first month of working for an oil field service company in Dickinson, the manager of the company would come out to the job site to operate a crane.  During the rigging, lifting, positioning, and connecting of very heavy steel, the manager would routinely answer his telephone and talk on the telephone while operating the crane.  This should have never, ever happened.

When I was about 27 years old working for a tunneling company, it was explained to me that I could not talk to the tunneling machine operator while he was working. This was explained to me by the crane operator, who was in charge.  The crane operator explained other operator positions where the operator could not talk while working, sometimes mandated by law, such as the elevator operator in mining, because of the loss of life that could occur if the operator was distracted.

This oil field service company that I was working for in Dickinson, had one of the highest injury rates.  And, while I was working there, this manager did have an “at-fault” operator error while operating the crane that caused a significant injury.  Then my co-workers discussed aloud, “Maybe we should hire a crane operator, to just operate the crane.”

Although the manager of this oil field service company was knowledgeable, hardworking, honest, and fair, he wasn’t “managing” very well.  Prior to the oil boom that began in 2007 in North Dakota, this oil field service company had much less work, and fewer employees.  Prior to the oil boom, this company did not have enough calls for work, to require this manager to stay in the office all day.  To maintain profitability, this manager also performed work in the oil field.

Now in 2011, this manager needed to stay in the office all day, and deal with the customer calls that came in.  No more going out into the oil field and working.  There was a wait list or backlog of work, where work requests that were called in, could not be gotten to for six to eight weeks.  This company needed to expand, but it didn’t.

One of the reasons why this oil field service company did not expand was because the company owners and the manager did not see or understand how to delegate work properly.  The manager could no longer receive from the workers every request they had for a tire, wrench, hydraulic hose, grease fitting, leaf spring, lifting strap, bolt, belt, etcetera; go look up every one of these parts in a catalog; place the order for every one of these parts; receive telephone calls from the work crews explaining and describing their problems;  think about, solve, and explain problem solutions to the work crews; and receive telephone call work requests from every customer describing their problems and what they want done.  This was too much work for one person to do, and too much work for one person to do well and handle completely.

The manager needed to have someone serve as “field superintendent”, “project manager” or “operations manager”.  The easiest way to do this in the case of this oil field service company, would have been to appoint one of the most knowledgeable and competent workers that they already had working there.  Out of several possible candidates, the decision might have come down to how easily that particular person could be replaced on their work crew.

The “field superintendent” could then take over the responsibility of assigning work orders to the work crews, making sure that they had proper instructions, material, and equipment, and receiving all the telephone calls about problems from the work crews.  The manager then could have handled all calls from customers requesting work, discussions with the company owners, purchasing additional or new equipment, hiring, counseling, and firing workers.

This particular oil field service company never expanded, and its wait list and backlog of work increased.  The oil companies like Continental, Marathon, Occidental, and Whiting needed to have their work done more quickly than this.  Other existing oil field service companies had similar problems to the ones that I just described above.

In Dickinson, out of nowhere and overnight, the two oil field service companies Titan Oil Field Service and SM Fencing & Energy Services were formed by owners in their twenties, and they quickly grew to where they each had over fifty employees and millions of dollars in equipment.  The reason for their creation and their rapid growth was that the existing oil field service companies in Dickinson could not keep up with the demand for work.

Downtown Dickinson Preservation And Revitalization

In my previous blog post titled “Downtown Dickinson Association Seeking Executive Director” where I offered some proposals for downtown Dickinson, some of my ideas were better than others.  I should not be a nuisance to the Downtown Dickinson Association.  I should be helpful and supportive because what they are doing will make Dickinson a better place to live.

If you didn’t think very much about it, and jumped to conclusions, you might think that the Downtown Dickinson Association seeks to gain attention for downtown Dickinson in order to bring customers to businesses and tenants to the property owners.  Yes, it does do that, this is part of the plan.  A healthy and attractive downtown benefits all of Dickinson in many ways, not just the downtown business owners and property owners.

In most cities and towns that have grown, shopping centers and shopping malls were built beyond the old sections of town.  With one massive multi-acre parking lot, people would park their car, enter the shopping center or mall, and walk from store to store.  Later, without people really noticing, Wal-Mart and Target began to replace the shopping centers and the malls, because people could buy everything very cheaply inside just one store.

The shopping centers, shopping malls, and Wal-Mart are very formatted and controlled according to what corporations want.  There are no shade tress, benches, or tables outside, because they do not want their parking lots to be comfortable, attractive, and appealing.  They want there to be nothing in their parking lots to distract, delay, entertain, or amuse their customers, such as a shady spot or comfortable spot where customers going in, might meet and talk to their friends coming out.

Inside the shopping centers, malls, and Wal-Mart, there are aisles and lanes for shoppers, that are not really conducive to stopping, standing still, or sitting.  There are designated food courts, that are minimal, and not very comfortable.  The shopping environment is very controlled with bright lighting, generic music, neutral decor, standardized layout, uniformed employees, and store rules.

Shopping centers, malls, and Wal-Mart have their purpose, which is to get in, buy as much as you can, and get out, quickly.  I don’t enjoy going to shopping malls or Wal-Mart, because they have the barren no-mans land parking lots, and inside they are somewhat bland, generic, dull, uninteresting, crowded, and full of stressed out people who are in a hurry.

As cities and towns grow and expand, there are more and more chain or franchise restaurants that are owned by corporations, shopping centers that are owned by corporations, and apartment communities that are owned by corporations.  All these corporation owned restaurants, shopping centers, and apartment communities look the same, and are built the same.  To minimize costs, for ease of construction, for ease of maintenance, standardized accounting and management, lease-ability and re-sale ability, everything is built the same.

A relief from the monotony and drudgery of everything looking the same and being the same, the barren parking lots of the shopping centers and Wal-Mart, are the old downtown historic areas.  Where every house and yard is different from the one next to it in a thousand different ways, every building is different, and every city block is different.  A variety of different businesses, professionals, and services.  Wealthy homes, middle class homes, lower middle class homes, all mixed together.  Old people, middle aged people, families, and children all mixed together.

In downtown Dickinson, the residential neighborhoods surround the schools, churches, municipal buildings, and gradually give way to the businesses in the center of town.  Traffic is not bad downtown, and it is very pleasant to walk or bicycle in the old historic section of town.  It is an oasis of green with many kinds of large tall trees, hedges, shrubs, flowers, and lawns.  Home to many birds, squirrels, and cats.

In the afternoon the downtown bars and restaurants open.  Most of them have seating and tables outside on the broad sidewalks.  There are many attractive women who work downtown, you can go and look at them, and leave them money.

In the Spring, Summer, and Fall there are outdoor events and concerts in downtown Dickinson.  There are a few locations that have enough space inside to host events and live music in the Winter.

Downtown Dickinson is the most social area of Dickinson due to the blending of residential, municipal, business, bars, restaurants, events, and concerts.  All kinds of people, every type of person comes downtown.  It is the Downtown Dickinson Association that is not just promoting the businesses and the property downtown, but it is also preserving the character and social aspect of downtown Dickinson.

Downtown Dickinson Association Seeking Executive Director

The Downtown Dickinson Association is seeking an Executive Director.  The application deadline is August 15.

I don’t know if I should apply or not?  If this goes like most things in Dickinson, they would try to not hire me, because they actually already have someone else in mind.

If I were Executive Director of the Downtown Dickinson Association, here are things that I might do:

  1. In cities like Key West, they have tours of the city.  A trolley or carriage-like vehicle with no sides, towed a second trolley/carriage trailer with passengers.  The host, who was not necessarily the driver, had a microphone attached to a loud speaker, and he/she would describe the local history, the name and significance of each important building, and who lived there, and who did what, etcetera, as the pre-planned drive loop proceeded.

In Dickinson, the tour could begin at the downtown Dickinson plaza in front of the Court House.  The drive route would cover and include most places of interest in Dickinson.  The Court House, the old Woolworths building and how important this used to be, the Elks building, the Odd Fellows Lodge building, the Masonic Lodge building, the Post Office building, the Library (Carnegie) building, Bernie’s Esquire Club (Supper Club), Dickinson State University, Paragon Bowling Alley, Train Depot, the Haunted Old St. Joseph’s Hospital, the Haunted New St. Alexius Hospital, homes and businesses of local celebrities.  And, maybe even a tour inside one of the downtown underground radiation fall out shelters.

Most people don’t know the importance and significance of the buildings in downtown Dickinson.  Just taking the Woolworths building that is across the street from the Post Office as an example, there are local people in Dickinson in their late forties and older that can describe that Woolworths used to be a really big deal and the focal point for downtown.  People from Belfield, New England, New Hradec, Richardton, Gladstone would plan on making a trip to Dickinson that would last half a day, and the centerpiece of it was shopping and eating at Woolworths.

From my memory, I remember someone describing to me that Bernie’s Esquire Club that is now a bar, used to be called something like the Supper Club in the 1950s and 1960s.  There was a restaurant downstairs, and people used to get very, very, dressed up to go to this.

As some of you know, and others do not know, there are at least five currently still existing radiation fall out shelters beneath downtown Dickinson.  The one that I have been in, is below the old Dickinson Press building.  The others I believe are located beneath the Sax Motors building, the Rock Bar, and the Green Drug store on Villard.

I don’t know if the tour host should point out, mention, or explain about Radar Base Hill.  At one time, Radar Base Hill was occupied by several hundred, if not more, military personnel.  It was not a weather station like they used to tell the Dickinson residents, but an intercept and tracking radar station in defense of the ICBMs in North Dakota.

If the open sided carriage/trolley vehicle and trailer are not considered to be enjoyable between September through April, a regular shuttle bus could be used instead.

     2.  Cages for people downtown.

It often happens, that someone who has something wrong with them, consumes alcohol downtown, and then they go on a drunken tirade.  The Dickinson Police eventually get called to deal with it, but not before everyone has been irritated, upset, and accosted.  There should be cages downtown.

Off the top of my head, the dirt parking lot behind the Elks building might be a good place for two cages.  The downtown bars could get the menace people in the cages at night, the Dickinson Police could come and pick them up later, or Kristi could let them out in the morning.  I am sure she would want to let them out because they would probably be yelling by 9:00 a.m. when she got to work.

Another good place for two cages would be the field between the Ukrainian Culture Institute and the Paragon Bowling Alley.  The people in the cages could probably still order food from the Paragon up until 2:00 a.m. Monday through Thursday, and 24 hours on the weekends.


3.  Downtown Dickinson Cat Association.

I will write about this in a future blog post, but I can tell you now that I will recommend Kevin Holten for a leadership position in this.


4.  Indoor Concerts At Masonic Lodge Building ballroom.

I will write about this in a future blog post.

82,000 Views And 54,000 Visitors

I feel a sense of accomplishment with my blog website because of the number of people that I have been able to inform about Dickinson, North Dakota.  When people anywhere in the world perform a Google search for “living in Dickinson”, “moving to Dickinson”, “relocating to Dickinson”, “people in Dickinson”, “guide to Dickinson”, “what is Dickinson like”, “would you move to Dickinson”, “economy in Dickinson”, “women in Dickinson”, “police in Dickinson”, “entertainment in Dickinson”, “chamber of commerce in Dickinson”, “Catholic Church in Dickinson”, “corruption in Dickinson”, my blog website comes up near the top of the first page of search results.

I get to tell everyone in the world what Dickinson, North Dakota is like, what went on here, and what is happening now.  I have such a sense of purpose, direction, and conviction in doing this.  I feel that there is so much I have to repay Dickinson for, almost every step that I have ever taken in Dickinson, I have been mistreated or cheated, like nowhere else I have ever been.

The people in Dickinson are hostile, hateful, unfriendly, uncooperative, angry, greedy, mean, and treacherous.  I have written before that if someone wanted to know what living in Dickinson, North Dakota is like, they should watch the movies “Deliverance”, “The Grapes Of Wrath”, and “Planet Of The Apes”.  Though these three movies have cruelty in them, they don’t have nearly the level of hate.

I have held back for two years from saying this, but what I have felt truly describes the level of hate that these German Catholics here have for people, is what I have seen in watching documentaries on Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau concentration camps.  First, there is this unshakeable belief here in Dickinson in each individual that they are better than other human beings.  Second, the individuals in Dickinson proceed to act on this belief by treating others with hatred, hostility, unfairness, usury, and treachery.  Third, the individuals in Dickinson will deny to the end that they have done anything wrong.  Fourth, they have no remorse or shame in what they have done.

I can’t apply for a job, work at a job, open a bank account, purchase equipment, get a tire repaired, shop at a grocery store, ride my bicycle, without experiencing hatred, hostility, anger, unfriendliness, and treachery from local people.  Living in Dickinson is like being in prison, you learn to expect the worst things from people, and this is what you deal with every day.


Homeless Shelter In Dickinson, North Dakota

There is no homeless shelter in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There should have been one built within a couple of years of the most recent oil boom that began in 2007.  Now that the oil boom is over, and many people will lose their jobs and their homes, this is another reason why Dickinson needs a homeless shelter.

No matter who you think you are, you really do not know what is going to happen to you.  You may think that you have thought of everything to ensure that you will always be O.K., but I can assure you that you will not always be O.K.  You are mistaken if you think that it is only other people whose lives fall apart.

The people who do not want a homeless shelter in Dickinson, foremost do not see this as something that they personally will ever need.  Secondly, they see homeless people as being nothing like them.  These first two attitudes and beliefs need to be addressed, because they are not true.

Most personal bankruptcies in the United States are due to catastrophic illness or injury.  Most of these people never saw this coming.  Some had health insurance, but the medical costs greatly exceeded what the health insurance would pay.  Yes, part of the equity in a home is protected in bankruptcy.  But after bankruptcy related to a catastrophic illness or injury, how likely is it that the person will be able to return to full time employment doing the same work?  Bankruptcy proceedings are meant to uncover all assets that a person owns, to determine their ability to pay their debts.  It is unlikely that anyone who goes through bankruptcy will have hidden money that will allow them to not have to work.

Experiencing a catastrophic illness or injury, can and does lead to people losing their homes and becoming homeless.  You could argue that a person could or would go on Social Security Disability, but not if they were determined to be recovered.

Another example that I will give comes from a news article that I read this past week titled, “Honey, you’ve been scammed.”  A woman of about 60 years of age heard about a mortgage refinance opportunity which she applied for and was enrolled in.  The new mortgage company was fraudulent, and it never took over or applied any of her payments to the existing mortgage.  The woman’s home was foreclosed on that she had been living in for the past thirty years, and she was evicted from her home.  The fraudulent mortgage company was found to have done this to thousands of other people, the perpetrators were arrested, but it is not expected that any of the victims will ever recover any money.

The 60 year old woman that was the victim of the mortgage fraud, was a single mother that had to work hard and be smart with her money in order to buy her own home thirty years ago.  She was not stupid, anyone can become the victim of a fraudulent mortgage company.  Any mortgage, finance, or investment company can steal funds, which clients may never be able to recover.

I am trying to explain that many of the things that cause people to become homeless can also happen to you.  You might think that you can rely on friends and family, but in a town like Dickinson, everyone might experience financial difficulty at the same time.

A homeless shelter is sometimes necessary for people who aren’t bad people, or poor people, or people who made bad decisions, but people who experienced some type of catastrophe that could have happened to any of us.

Don’t think that I am trying to make my argument about the need for a homeless shelter by using the rare example of good innocent people.  I am trying to make you understand that the life events that cause people to become homeless can happen to anyone.  I hope that you will finally see that anyone, including yourself could possibly become homeless.

Honest, hard working people, who have done nothing wrong, sometimes live in an area where there is economic decline.  They may be positive an optimistic about finding work where they live, and wait too long.  When they finally do decide to travel to a different state to find work, they may be driving a vehicle that is not very nice, and have very little money.  They may not be able to pay for a motel.  This describes many of the people that came from out of state to work in Dickinson.

I don’t see anything wrong, and I do see everything right about having a big warehouse where these people could sleep, eat, and take a shower.  What harm would this cause the people in Dickinson?  I have heard people comment that Dickinson doesn’t want to become a magnet for vagrants by having a homeless shelter.  I don’t think that it is right for people to be treated badly supposedly because we don’t want a bunch of vagrants to come here.  If Dickinson became known as a friendly hospitable place, all kinds of people, not just vagrants might want to live here.


I Didn’t Realize That No One Knew, Or Everyone Forgot About What Happened In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have been writing about the hatred, hostility, unfriendliness, lack of cooperation, and usurious gouging that the local people in Dickinson treated the out of state workers with, but I didn’t realize that many people don’t know what I am talking about, or they have forgotten.  I must now re-tell what happened.

Having made one preliminary trip to Williston in May of 2011, where I had to sleep in my truck, I purchased a 1975-78 truck bed camper for $500, for my return to North Dakota.  When I arrived in Dickinson in mid-May of 2011, I slept in my truck bed camper in the Wal-Mart parking lot and in the Tiger Truck Stop parking lot for a few days.

Within a few days I was able to get a job with an oil field service company.  I was told that I could stay in my camper on the company property, but arrangements were being made to find a house trailer for me and two other new hires to live in, we would each have to pay some of the cost in rent.  Soon, my local Dickinson co-workers complained and protested so much about the company trying to find a house trailer for us new hires to live in, that the company withdrew the offer.  My other out of state co-worker was stuck sleeping in a small Chevy Astro van that he had borrowed from a relative.

In the evening after work, I would go to the Tiger Truck Stop to use the internet.  Soon, I began talking to the “regular customers” that I would see every evening.  It turned out, that most of these regular customers were sleeping in their vehicles at the truck stop.  Some people didn’t even have vehicles, they were sleeping on the ground way at the back of the parking lot.

When motorists on interstate I-94 would take the Tiger Truck Stop exit ramp, they would see campers and tents at the back of the truck stop parking lot.  This attracted other out of state workers to park there, and it caused local Dickinson residents to try to put an end to this.  The Tiger Truck Stop received many complaints about people staying in their parking lot.  Some local Dickinson residents went so far as to make formal complaints with the City of Dickinson.  The City then informed the Tiger Truck Stop that they were not licensed as a “camp ground” and could not allow people to stay there over night.  The Tiger Truck Stop staff had to inform people every night that they could not stay there in a trailer or camp there.

The Tiger Truck Stop had not seen the harm in allowing people who didn’t know where to go and what to do, the chance to park and find out if they could get a job and a if they could find a place to live.  There was no homeless shelter in Dickinson.  The local Dickinson residents who complained, did so out of maliciousness because this was a completely industrial area, and these people weren’t hurting anything.

Other places that the out of state workers slept at night in their vehicles, on the ground, or in the bushes were:  Wal-Mart parking lot, Patterson Lake, T-Rex Mall parking lot, under bridges over the Heart River, the deep wooded ditch behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, vacant lot behind the Grand Dakota Lodge, DSU Agricultural Research Center woods, Dickinson Trap & Skeet Club woods, Enchanted Highway metal sculptures, I-94 rest areas, storage units, industrial areas, and construction sites.

I estimate that on any night, there were 300 to 400 homeless workers in Dickinson.  About 90% of them were currently employed.  For most of these homeless workers, the cost of a motel room in Dickinson per week, was more money than they would take home in a week.  The least expensive old one bedroom apartments in Dickinson were $1,500 per month, with $1,500 deposit, if you could even find one that was available.  Most out of state workers came to North Dakota because they were having financial difficulty where they came from, they didn’t have $3,000 to get into an apartment.

I called all of the RV Parks in Dickinson, none of them would allow trailers or motor homes that were older than ten years old.  Lot rents were about $700 per month, plus utilities.  Many out of state workers thought that they were going to be O.K. with their older motor home, truck bed camper, or trailer that they brought with them, but instead they found that the trailer parks would not allow them, and that the local Dickinson residents hated them.

The local Dickinson residents had this scheme, that they were going to fleece the out of state workers in every way possible, to the greatest extent possible.  The local people in Dickinson did not want there to be enough housing.  The local people wanted there to be a scarcity of housing, so that housing prices would double, triple, and quadruple, which they did.  When the City of Dickinson and Stark County had to review permit applications for “Man Camps” which would have helped to alleviate the housing shortage, the local Dickinson residents protested so strongly, that they were not allowed.

The local Dickinson residents then proceeded to rent tents or camper spaces in their backyards for $700 per month, until the City of Dickinson later had to pass an ordinance against this.

In the evenings after work in Dickinson, I met many normal workers from out of state who had a home, a wife, and children back where they came from.  I would pass the time with them in the evening, while they waited until it was dark enough and late enough to go back to a construction site to sleep, industrial area, or parking lot, wherever they had to hide at night.  All of the homeless out of state workers had to hide at night, because the local Dickinson residents didn’t like the “oil field trash” getting away with not paying them $700 per month to sleep in their backyard, or $1,500 per month for their garage apartment.

The local people in Dickinson absolutely did not want there to be a homeless shelter because this would have meant more people getting away with not paying them.

In my previous blog post I wrote that soon it will be unnecessary for me to write about and criticize Dickinson for what it has done.  There is going to be an economic collapse in Dickinson, where all of the gouging and scheming local residents will get their just rewards for what they have done.  The local Dickinson residents mistreated the out of state workers who came here after facing an economic collapse where they came from.  Now the Dickinson residents can experience the exact same thing, losing their jobs, not being able to pay their bills, losing their possessions and their homes, having to go to a different state where they have never been and don’t know anyone, with not enough money to pay for a place to stay.