Roers Road Failing In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written several blog posts where I stated that one of the reasons why I wanted to remain in Dickinson, is to see everybody get what is coming to them.  Local people took advantage of the out-of-state workers tremendously, gouging them on housing and quadrupling the rent in Dickinson.  Now that the oil boom is over, I wanted to see everybody who tried to get rich by taking advantage of other people, get what is coming to them.

In my mind, the epitome of the property owners and property developers who were trying to get rich by taking advantage of the out-of-state workers, was the Roers family.  In 2013, I remember a friend of mine, an electrician named Dwayne, telling me that he had worked on the construction of the Roers West Ridge Apartments.  He said that the rent for these apartments was $2,000 to $3,000 per month.  My friend Dwayne, he was sleeping in his Jeep Liberty at the Tiger Truck stop and at vacant lots around Dickinson for about six months, he didn’t make enough money to afford what they were charging for rent in Dickinson.

Back in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 uninformed people, ill-intentioned people, and liars, used to like to repeat the phrase, “Everybody is making $100,000 per year in the oil field.”  This was far from being true.  This false statement, was used as justification to take advantage of the people who came from out-of-state to work in Dickinson, and as justification to quadruple the rent.

The people who did make over $50,000 per year in Dickinson, about 95% of them did so by working 30 to 40 overtime hours per week, week after week.  I don’t know how many of you readers have done this, working 30 to 40 hours of overtime per week, for many weeks in a row, it is a big personal sacrifice and hardship.  You barely have time to eat before you have to go to sleep, but you still have to do grocery shopping, wash dishes, wash clothes, and pay bills.  Everything in your own personal life gets neglected.

I hate it, and I am angry about it, that property owners and property developers felt entitled and justified in trying to fleece working people who were trying to get ahead financially by making the personal sacrifice of working 30 to 40 hours of overtime every week.

To me, the following story from the Dickinson Press Newspaper, is like the hand of God coming down and shoving the Roers family faces in shit:

Dickinson works on fixing problems with West Ridge Drive, by Grady McGregor, October 4, 2017

“The nearly mile-long road on Dickinson’s northwest side connects 30th Avenue West with about a dozen businesses including Menards, Wells Fargo and Buffalo Wild Wings. The road was completed in 2013 as part of Roers Development’s West Ridge Development, but city officials have noticed problems with the road that may call for costly repairs, if not complete reconstruction, of the concrete road.

City Engineer Craig Kubas said the city was first made aware of problems with the road almost immediately after it was constructed when they noticed water valves along the road were settling deeper into the ground than initially expected.

City residents complained in 2015 that manhole covers were rising out of the road, which could be potentially hazardous to users and present problems to snowplows in the winter….

One option is to rebuild the entire road at a cost of over $4 million. Another option is to hire a company to inject foam into voids beneath the road to stabilize them, Kubas said. The third option is to do nothing and patch problem areas as they pop up, but this option would be inefficient and could cause problems in winter months, Kubas said.”

If you do not believe me that the $2,000 to $3,000 per month rent for the West Ridge Apartments was gouging back in 2013, why are these rents $800 per month now?


My Facebook “People You May Know” Is Becoming Very Peculiar

My Facebook profile is kind of boring.  I don’t have very many photographs of myself, maybe six, and these photographs aren’t too interesting.  I also have about five photographs of some of my vehicles.

I didn’t include very many photographs of myself, things in my life, places that I go, or write very much about myself or the things that I do, because I wanted to have some privacy.  I didn’t want Everybody, to know all the details of my life, and I didn’t want to cause problems for myself.

One thing that helps me, is that I have a fairly common name.  There are several of me in telephone books from any town.  There are probably several hundred people with the same name as me on Facebook.

For this blog website, I write anonymously, I don’t ever mention my name.  WordPress, the hosting service for this blog website, uses a proxy service to register this website, so that my name is not associated with this website.  However, I have contacted several people in the past, in order to write a blog post about something they were involved in.  And, I have written blog posts about people, who know who I am.

It was a surprise to me about ten days ago, when I saw on my Facebook page on the list of “People You May Know”, a well-known British author who writes about the paranormal, and a radio talk show host who has a radio program about the paranormal.  Both the author and the radio talk show host have recently been researching and discussing a topic that I wrote about.

The only way that I know that people get added to the list of “People You May Know” on Facebook, is if you viewed their Facebook profile, they viewed your Facebook profile, they are friends of your Facebook friends, they live in the same town, or they went to the same school.

Recently, I have been getting more and more people on my list of “People You May Know”, who are from very far away places, and I have never looked them up on Facebook, and they are not friends of my Facebook friends.  Which leaves, they have been looking at my Facebook profile.  Why would this be, my Facebook profile is not very interesting?

My blog website does get views from many different countries every day, I don’t know why exactly, but it does.  When I go and look at my blog website statistics, there are approximately thirty different countries that have viewed my blog.  I am starting to wonder if somehow in other countries, the WordPress proxy registration of my website, hasn’t completely hidden my name?

This is just my speculation on why people from very far away places are now being added to my list of “People You May Know” on Facebook.  What is even more strange and peculiar, are the people and the places that they come from.

I scroll through the list of “People You May Know”, and I can tell from their names and towns, that they are in Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania, and so on.  The first ones that I look at, are the beautiful women in bikinis.

Unlike Dickinson, North Dakota, the women in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and Turkey, are very conscious about how they look, what they wear, and how sexually appealing they are.  They are actually very competitive about being attractive and sexually appealing.  They are proud of how they look, and they like to show people what they look like, with hardly any clothes on.  It is almost like, this is their job.

The women in France, Greece, and Italy are also very conscious and aware of how they look, and how they dress.  They want to look nice, and it is important to them to look nice, but they are more subtle in showing off their attractiveness.

All of these women from these foreign countries, except England, are much freer, natural, and uninhibited in showing their beauty, and seeking beauty.  I like to look at their photographs of themselves, but also the photographs that they take of the places that they go.  These women typically have photographs of beaches, harbors, gardens, picturesque towns and streets, jewelry and clothes that they like.

Eventually, I get around to looking at the Facebook profiles of other “People You May Know” from far away countries.  In my mind, I have always thought of other countries as being poorer than the United States, and the people there having a lower standard of living, but from looking at their photographs, they have lives that I am envious of.

I have always thought of Romania as being a poor country.  I looked at the Facebook profile of someone from Romania, and I was astonished at how beautiful and civilized it was:  beautiful mountains, lush forests, picturesque villages, clear lakes and rivers, many public gardens, property owners taking enormous pride in their homes and towns.  It was completely different than the United States, in a good way.

All of the Facebook profiles that I looked at of these people in these other countries, showed some things that are missing from the United States.  I would say that these people have a greater appreciation for beauty, a higher sensitivity to beauty, and a more highly developed sense of beauty.

Everywhere in the United States, and here in Dickinson, we have crowded four lane highways with tacky plastic looking McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Arbys, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and then this repeats every few miles.  Overweight unkempt women in sweat pants with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth in a Chevy Suburban going through the drive thru to get a McRib sandwich.

In other countries, women try not to be overweight, to not over eat and eat junk food, to walk where they are going, to get dressed, to put on ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, to have a nice appearance.  To have homes, yards, streets, parks, public gardens, and towns that are beautiful.

Terrible Amount Of Property Theft In Dickinson, North Dakota

All of the older, long-time local residents in Dickinson, North Dakota have told me that there used to be very little theft in Dickinson.  And if there was a theft, the Police or the Sheriff’s Department would not let up no matter how long it took to find the perpetrator.

Everyone in Dickinson used to leave their house doors unlocked, their garage doors open, their car doors unlocked, and their car keys in the ignition.  They had better not do that now.

Dickinson now has the worst amount of property theft, of anywhere I have ever lived.  And I am sick of it.  This is terrible, Dickinson only has about 20,000 residents now.  Please, go read the Dickinson Press Newspaper “Police Blotter”.

Here are the reasons why, I think, that Dickinson has so many property thefts now, and there is one common factor:

  1. There are young people in Dickinson, ages 13 to 35, who have begun using marijuana, meth, heroine, oxycontin, and hydrocodone, who are stealing property and money in order to buy drugs.  (Yes, I included marijuana, because how else is a 13 year old going to get money to buy marijuana.)  The perpetrator’s mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person in their home is going out at night, and returning with money and property, or they always have money and no job, and the relatives are saying nothing.
  2. Local people and out-of-state people who have lost their jobs, or don’t want to work, have begun stealing property and money, and these perpetrator’s mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person in their home is going out at night, and returning with money and property, or they always have money and no job, and the relatives are saying nothing.
  3. There are local people who are buying, storing, housing, or transporting this stolen property, and the perpetrators’ neighbors, mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, whoever they live with, are aware that this person has a tremendous amount of property, or they always have money and no job, and the neighbors and the relatives are saying nothing.

I honestly and truly believe that there are so many property thefts in Dickinson now, not because there are more criminals, but because neighbors, family, and relatives are allowing it, by not stopping or turning in these criminals.

Please, do not think that these thieves’ mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors are innocent bystanders, blameless, guiltless, innocent, and long suffering. They are not innocent, they are the reason why there are so many property thefts in Dickinson now!

If you read the Dickinson Press Police Blotter, the last eight of them, you will see again and again that there are property thefts and crime on Mike Street, Meadows Drive, and 8th Street SW.  What the fuck is wrong with you people on these streets?  Particularly the 1200 block of Mike Street, and the 700 block of 8th Street SW.  The Police should just stay on Mike Street and 8th Street SW.

What I mean by “What the fuck is wrong with you people on these streets?” is, you obviously have a criminal in your neighborhood, there are so many and so frequent property thefts, this thief is taking all of this property back to where they live in your neighborhood, their neighbors, family, and relatives aren’t saying anything, and you other residents on these streets just allow this to continue.

Here is what you can do, and what we started to do in my neighborhood here in Dickinson.  When I saw my neighbors outside their house, I would go and talk to them, sometimes I ended up talking to them for twenty minutes.  I would tell them to be careful to shut their garage, lock their car doors, and don’t leave anything in their car, because some of my neighbors had things stolen.

Some of the neighbors would say that they found someone in their garage recently, and I would pass this along.  Some of my neighbors and I, we all saw the same person that we did not know, who did not live here, hanging around the parking lot with a back pack on.  Several neighbors had things stolen out of their car like a tool bag or a phone charger.  Several of my neighbors have said, “Look, if we all start watching out for each other’s stuff, maybe we can catch or stop these people.”

We asked the Police to please get the athletic shoes down from the overhead utility lines that were advertisement for drug dealers in the neighborhood, and we turned in the drug dealers in the neighborhood.

The old people, middle-aged people, young people, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, local people, and out-of-state people all wanted the crime to stop in our neighborhood, and mostly all it took was people to start talking to each other.

Some Of The Flaws With Companies In Dickinson, North Dakota

I won’t be able to cover everything that is wrong with companies in Dickinson, North Dakota, but I want to point out some of the things that are wrong.  I hope that this will give company owners and managers in Dickinson some things to consider.  I hope that this will give people who are planning on moving to Dickinson some things to watch out for and be aware of.

The company that I recently worked for in Dickinson, starts most new-hires out as laborers, whether they are equipment operators or not.  They want to see if the new-hire can do physical work, if they can follow instructions, if they can get along with others, if they have sound judgment, if they are normal, and….so that they have enough laborers in order to complete the work.  This is not a bad idea, it works O.K., except some experienced equipment operators would quit before long, after getting tired of being a laborer.

When the opportunity arises at this company, a laborer can sometimes get in a piece of equipment and run it, in order to demonstrate his operating ability, and increase his chances of getting to be an operator in the future.  This is O.K. too.

When the need arises for a foreman at this company, they pick one of the equipment operators to be a foreman.  They do this because they believe that the equipment operator has enough knowledge and job experience to know what is going on, what needs to be done, and how to complete the work.  This is a problem if the equipment operator who is chosen to be a foreman is a bad person and unfit to be a manager.

Stop and think about this, why would you think that a person with no education, no management training, no management experience, who is not a very good person, would be a good manager?  This happens all the time in Dickinson, and none of the company owners or company managers ever spot this as being one of the biggest flaws in their company.

I will try to point out and explain why promoting equipment operators to foremen, and foremen who used to be equipment operators to superintendent, can be a very bad idea that hurts both the company and the other employees.

A company owner, or a company manager, often seek to hire the most competent and skilled employees.  As far as the company owner or the company manager are concerned, the more qualified, experienced, and skilled an applicant is, the better, they would be an asset to the company, with potential to move up.

To an equipment operator who was promoted to foreman, or to a foreman who used to be an equipment operator who was promoted to superintendent, a competent, skilled, qualified, experienced new-hire is not an asset, it is a threat to them.

An equipment operator without any education, without any management training, without any management experience, looks at someone who is a better equipment operator than them, a more experienced equipment operator than them, a more qualified equipment operator than them, a physically stronger person than them, a more intelligent person than them, a faster learner than them, a more likable person than them, as a threat to them.

A person with training in management, a person with higher education, a person with more broad management experience, a highly intelligent person, or a good natured person, would recognize a skilled, experienced, qualified new-hire, as an employee with potential, someone who could help complete the work, take more responsibility, be in charge of portions of the work, a person to depend on, a good example for other workers.  A good manager would utilize a new-hire in the most effective way to get work done.  A good manager would just use a skilled, experienced, qualified, talented, intelligent worker as a tool or resource to get work done, not look at them as a threat.

Perhaps the biggest problem with companies in Dickinson, is that they promote a person to manager, who is unfit to be a manager.  Yes, a person who has been with the company for a while, who has performed many aspects of the work, does probably know how to complete the work.  But many of the workers in Dickinson who have been promoted to manager, do not like workers who are more experienced, more qualified, more knowledgeable, more intelligent, a faster learner, quicker, stronger, or more likable than them.  They see them as a threat.

A good manager would look at a talented employee, and think, “Good, finally, thank God, now we can get work done, now I don’t have to watch someone all the time, this will make less work for me.”  However, the workers that get promoted to manager in Dickinson think, “I have got to get rid of this person, I have got to make this person leave, I have got to try to find a way to make them leave, I have got to get other people to help me make them leave, …or they will take my job.”

At this company that I recently worked for in Dickinson, there was a young man who was much quicker than any of the other workers, he had much more energy than any of the other workers, he was more intelligent than any of the other workers, he remembered how to do things more than the other workers, he was always coming up with ways how to complete the work quicker, and he was an equipment operator.  I didn’t like him at first, until I worked with him some, and then I had to hand it to him, he was quicker, faster, better, more intelligent, and more knowledgeable in the work that we were doing.

He was not treated very well by the foreman.  The foreman appeared to resent him, and not want him around.  This young man told me that the foreman had done a few things to try to get rid of him.  This foreman’s life would have been so much easier, if he would have given this young man a written list of work projects in the morning, told him to take the people that he needed, that he was responsible for getting it done, and to go do it.  More work would have been completed, and probably completed better, with less work required from the foreman.  Instead, the foreman didn’t utilize this young man like he could have, and tried to make him not want to work at this company.

Warning To Mexicans About Speaking Spanish At Work

I recently worked for a construction/oil field service company in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There were a group of new-hires that started at about the same time.  This company usually starts everyone out as a laborer, whether they are an equipment operator or not.  They want to see if all employees are capable of doing physical work, if they are normal, if they can follow instructions, and if they can get along with everyone, before they put them in an operator position or a position of more responsibility.

The make up of the laborers was approximately 30% White, 30% Native American, and 30% Hispanic.  Two of the new-hire Mexicans were above average in just about every way: they worked harder, they worked faster, they had more common sense, they had good judgement, they had a lot of work experience, and they were good equipment operators.  One of the new-hires, Jose, could have or should have been a foreman before long, except for one thing, he kept speaking Spanish, and he didn’t know how much this was hurting him.  I will try to explain very clearly why speaking Spanish at work is a very bad idea, and how it hurts Mexicans.

When I was riding in the crew truck with two Mexicans, they would begin conversing in Spanish about personal and family things, and this would continue on to include talking about workers, about work, and about work plans.  As far as the discussion about work and work plans, I needed to be able to understand what they were talking about so that I knew what was going on, and they knew what was going on, because work instructions from the foreman and the superintendent changed about every fifteen minutes.

For instance, if they were discussing going and picking up a trailer, I would need to know this to be able to tell them, “No, don’t try to get that trailer, the trailer jack on that trailer is broken, go to the other yard” or “You will have to turn around and get the ball hitch back, they took the ball hitch off this truck and put it on another truck.”  If they were talking about removing erosion control straw bails, I might need to know this to be able to say, “We don’t have a sledge hammer in this truck to break the stakes, we need to get one off of the other truck before we leave.”

But what hurt the Mexican new-hires even more was this.  The foreman of the equipment operators had met a young man who was about 28 years old, who had received trades school training on operating equipment such as dozers, backhoes, skid steers, and excavators.  He had work experience operating equipment, and his father was a life-long equipment operator.  The foreman of the equipment operators liked everything about this young man, and told him to apply with the company.  He started out with the other new-hires, working as a laborer for two weeks, but then the equipment operator foreman intervened, and began putting him on equipment, because this it what they had planned for him all along.

When this young man was riding in the crew truck with two Mexicans, they talked on and on in Spanish, and he did not understand what they were talking about, and when they turned and looked at him and started laughing.  He did not like this, and he was sick and tired of the Mexicans talking in Spanish like this.

I did not like it, the new-hire who has now moved up to the next level and will be a foreman eventually did not like it, the equipment operators do not like it, and the foremen do not like it.  Just about everyone on the job site who is not Mexican, does not like it when the Mexicans go on and on speaking in Spanish, so they are certainly not going to be promoted, because no one likes this when they can’t understand what they are talking about.

In order to be able to complete the work without mistakes, and without re-work required, everyone needs to pay attention, and clearly let everyone else know what is going on:  Do not dig there, there is a fiber optic cable there;  Do not drive on that land, the land owner has already complained;  No one drive on the embankment, it is too wet and you will rut it;  Do not park there today, the scraper has to remove most of the dirt there today.  There are all kinds of things that people need to know throughout the day, and this communication doesn’t happen when the Mexicans keep speaking Spanish.  This is one of the reasons why the Mexicans are not promoted to equipment operator, or foreman, because they keep reverting back to speaking Spanish, and not everyone can understand Spanish.

Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young

Note to Readers:  My previous blog post is a Preface to this article that explains how and why this article came about.


I began working in the Oil Fields of North Dakota in 2011, several years after an Oil Boom occurred due to advances in hydraulic fracturing technology that allowed oil to be extracted from what was called the “Bakken” formation approximately 6,000 to 7,000 feet below ground.

I did not know very much about the oil industry or the oil fields when I arrived in North Dakota.  What was puzzling to me, was why had oil been called a “fossil fuel”, and been attributed to decaying plants and animals that had lived thousands of years ago?  How did 6,000 to 7,000 feet of earth get over top of the decaying plants and animals that lived thousands of years ago?  This didn’t seem possible.

I lived in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Dickinson had a Dinosaur Museum containing Dinosaur bones and fossils that had been uncovered in North Dakota.  Yes, these Dinosaur artifacts were evidence of animals and plants that had lived thousands of years ago, but these artifacts had been found within a hundred feet of the surface.  Again, why did scientists and the oil industry claim that oil came from prehistoric plants and animals, when oil was extracted from 6,000 to 7,000 feet deep?

The following year, I went to work in the oil fields of Vernal, Utah.  Vernal also had a Dinosaur Museum containing bones and fossils that had been uncovered in Utah.  I began to think, “Does everywhere that oil has been found, have a Dinosaur Museum?”  I began to think about it, and the answer was probably yes, everywhere that oil has been found, there have been Dinosaurs uncovered.  Maybe this was why geologists and scientists working in the oil industry came up with the idea that oil was a “fossil fuel”.

This seemed strange to me.  Did oil men and geologists actually go searching for geological formations to find oil, or did they just try to find out where Dinosaurs had been uncovered and then go there?  The smart ones probably did, and they just didn’t tell anyone what they were doing.

I was in Vernal, Utah for several days thinking about this, when it dawned on me that about fifteen years earlier, I had heard on the overnight talk radio show “Coast To Coast AM” hosted by Art Bell, about a very strange place in Utah called “The Skin Walker Ranch”.  Could the “Skin Walker Ranch” be located near here?

Back in approximately 1996 when I first heard the radio broadcast about the Skin Walker Ranch, many of the details of the people involved and the actual location were kept secret.  By 2012 when I looked it up on the internet, there was much more information about it, and yes, it was located just outside of Vernal, Utah, near what is called the Fort Duchesne, Uintah Indian Reservation.

First of all, a “Skin Walker” is a Native American term for a medicine-man or shaman, who has the ability to transform his shape into that of an animal, typically a large wolf.  Most Native Americans are very sensitive and uncommunicative about this subject for two reasons.  One, most Native Americans who were raised in their traditional culture, actually believe that some Native Americans can transform themselves into an animal such as wolf, for sinister purposes, and have had family members who in private have claimed to have seen one.  Two, most Native Americans don’t want to discuss this subject with outsiders because it is part of their spiritual beliefs, and they don’t want to be either ridiculed, or demanded to explain it to someone else’s satisfaction.

In approximately the early 1990s, a family purchased two hundred acres of land outside of Vernal, Utah adjacent to the Uintah Indian Reservation.  The family purchased the land in order to raise cattle, and there was a small farm house on the land that was approximately fifty to seventy years old.  When the family first moved in, there was a very large wolf that seemed tame, that came right up to the family and a calf that they had in their corral.  When the large tame wolf grabbed the snout of the calf with its teeth, the new ranch owner quickly got a pistol out of his truck and he shot the wolf several times, and it just walked away, appearing to be unharmed.

The family did not know what to think of this, this large tame wolf that came right up to them, and was unharmed after it had been shot several times.  It was not a natural, normal animal like they had ever seen.  In the following weeks, the wife saw wolf-like animals on the property several more times, but they were not exactly wolves.  Then, the family started to see glowing orange and yellow orbs that would float around the property.

The family began to notice that there were large metal rings embedded in concrete just outside of their back door and front door of their house, where the previous owners had apparently kept dogs on a chain.  The neighbors said that yes, the previous owners kept to themselves very much, but they had several very large guard dogs.  The family found that the closets in the house had bolt locks on the doors, on the inside of the doors.  Why had the previous owners of the house had the need to chain guard dogs outside of their front and back doors, and lock themselves inside their closets?

As time went on, the family spotted strange large pre-historic-like animals in trees at night, more glowing orbs floating around their property, disembodied unseen beings speaking a strange language, and witnessed a portal opening up in front of them above the ground.  Eventually the family was very upset, and frustrated with all of the phenomena, they would go bankrupt if they didn’t succeed in their ranching operation.  The rancher sicked his two dogs on one of the floating orange orbs, his two dogs chased after it, and after they got behind some trees, he heard his dogs yelp, and that was the end of his two dogs, all that remained was two grease spots on the ground.

The family got in contact with the National Institute For Discovery Science, and they began investigating.  So much was happening at the property, that NIDS offered to buy the property from the family, and they gladly sold it to NIDS and moved away.  NIDS conducted scientific experiments and investigations at the property for a couple of years, but then the paranormal activity mostly ceased.  From approximately 1995 until I visited the Skin Walker Ranch in 2012, and continuing to this day, the ranch is guarded 24 hours per day by security guards.

I went to the Skin Walker Ranch in 2012, it was a little difficult to find, but once I got to it, it matched up with the photographs and maps of the property that showed the concrete security barriers at the front gate, the farm house, and the rock hillside that rises behind the property.  At that time, you were allowed to park about 1/2 mile from the property on a hill that overlooked the property.  You could see the observation towers that NIDS had constructed in the pasture, and two security vehicles that patrolled the property and parked at each end of the property.  I watched the property for several hours with binoculars, which was fun and exciting at first, but then got boring when nothing happened.

Later that evening when I left and drove to a busy convenience store on the Fort Duchesne Reservation, I walked up to a Uintah Tribal Police Officer in the parking lot and told him that I had been watching the Skin Walker Ranch for several hours, but I had not seen any floating orange orbs, had he ever seen any.  He looked around to make sure that no one could over hear him and he said yes, many times.  He said that that was not even the best location on the reservation to see orbs, there were more orbs in other places.  As I continued to ask him questions, he answered that they commonly had very large UFOs pass low over the reservation, that he and the other police officers would stand and look at the UFOs together while they were on duty.  He concluded by saying that the Native Americans have no desire to report this to anyone, they would only be questioned, ridiculed, and cause unwanted people to come to the reservation.

At some risk of losing my job working for a respected oil field service company in Vernal, I asked the company owner about the Skin Walker Ranch.  To my surprise, the company owner replied that yes, he knew the family that had owned the Skin Walker Ranch and that he was aware of all the problems that they had had.  Besides this family, another family that he knew that lived not too far away, had a large skinny six foot tall wolf like creature that walked on its hind legs, come and try to sun itself on the metal roof of their shed.  The wife called her husband to come home and do something about it, and when he drove up, the creature stood up on its hind legs, climbed down, and ran away.

Months later, when I was reading the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website which lists sightings by region, I saw a Bigfoot sighting report for Uintah County, not too  far from where my employer lived.  I told my employer about this particular Bigfoot sighting report, and my employer replied that his cousin had seen a Bigfoot on two separate occasions while hunting in the Uintah Mountains.

When I went back to my home in Idaho for the winter, I asked a thirty year old girl that I knew named Roben, who was from Vernal, Utah, about the Skin Walker Ranch.  She said that since I brought this subject up, it reminded her of something that had happened to her.  About eight years ago, she received a telephone call from a producer who worked for the television show “Unsolved Mysteries”, they wanted to know if she was the correct Roben from Vernal, Utah.  They had information that her grandfather had found three mummies inside a cave in the mountains outside of Vernal, Utah many years ago, what could she tell them about the mummies.

Roben explained to them that yes, her grandfather had found three mummies inside a cave in the mountains outside of Vernal while he was hunting.  He carried them down, and he took them home.  He turned over two of the mummies to the Smithsonian Institute, but he kept one of them.  She said that she remembered the one mummy from when she was a kid, it was very small, and it was sitting cross legged.  People kept taking it down and handling it, and it became so dry and brittle, that eventually it just crumbled and disintegrated.

Roben told me one more story from Vernal, Utah.  When her mother was a child, about eight to ten years old, a UFO flew over their house very slowly, it left these white whispy wafts in the tree branches, and her mother picked them out of the trees and played with them.

So in Vernal, Utah, and outside of Vernal in the Uintah Mountains and the Fort Duchesne Uintah Indian Reservation, there have been low flying, slow moving, large UFOs sighted for many years, Bigfoots, wolf-like creatures, other pre-historic-like creatures, floating orange orbs, disembodied unseen beings conversing in a strange language, mummies in caves, Dinosaur remains, and portals seen opening up.  I believe that the ancestral sacred land of the Uintah Native American tribe has a portal to a different dimension that has orbs, UFOs, Bigfoots, other creatures, and beings passing through it.

In 2013, I went back to Dickinson, North Dakota to work in the oil field.  The owner of the house where I lived, he, his parents, and his grandparents had lived in this area of North Dakota for their entire lives.  He told me that he remembered very clearly that in the 1970s, twenty miles south of Dickinson in the town of New England, there was a rash of UFO sightings, some of them up close sightings where the UFOs actually landed.  Farmers and ranchers were coming into town in New England and discussing with everyone and each other what they had seen.  Then, the Air Force came to town and told all of the farmers and ranchers to shut up about it, or else.  They did shut up about it, and no one wanted to talk about it any more.

The person who owned the home where I lived, said that the Air Force then set up a station in New England.  I tried several times to find any information about the Air Force having any operation in New England, North Dakota, but I could not find even a brief mention of it.  In time, I did find other people that remembered there being an Air Force station in New England, North Dakota, but it was strange that there is no public information about it, this would have been a big deal for New England, its population was less than 1,000 people.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, on top of a high butte northeast of town, is Radar Base Hill.  Radar Base Hill was operational from the 1950s until approximately the early 1970s.  All of the people in Dickinson were told that it was a radar weather station.  It was actually a radar tracking station for aircraft approaching North Dakota after the nuclear armed Inter Continental Ballistic Missile underground launch facilities were constructed in North Dakota.  Additionally, the facility at Radar Base Hill in Dickinson was so large, had so many personnel, and had a large section underground that no one knew about, it was not known that Radar Base Hill was an operations center for personnel that would man the underground ICBM launch facilities.

All of the North Dakotans did keep their mouth shut about where the underground ICBM launch facilities were constructed, though each site was a large construction project.  Though it is hardly ever talked about, it is now mentioned briefly sometimes by local people where individual launch facilities are located not far outside of Dickinson.  There are very infamous incidents of UFOs approaching ICBM sites and causing launch sequences to start and overriding operator control in other states and countries, but no reports of this happening to ICBMs in North Dakota.  Did the UFO activity in New England in the 1970s pose a threat or interfere with the ICBMs in this area?

(Note, after doing more reading, I found out that UFOs did interfere with ICBM launch facilities in North Dakota on numerous occasions.  See Capt. David D. Schindele’s book “It Never Happened, Volume 1”.  Also, I later found more UFO sighting reports for Dickinson, New England, and the surrounding areas in the document “The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse, UFOs: A History, 1956: November-December” by Loren E. Gross, which is now a 91 page PDF document that has been uploaded to the internet.)

There are very few Bigfoot sightings in North Dakota, however there have been numerous Bigfoot sightings on the Fort Berthold Native American Reservation near the Killdeer Mountains.  The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website has some very good thorough reports on some of these sightings on or near the Fort Berthold Reservation involving many witnesses, over several days.

The Killdeer Mountains are sacred to the Native Americans.  This is one of the very few places in North Dakota where there are sheltered valleys with dense forests.  Native Americans lived in these valleys of the Killdeer Mountains for thousands of years until the United States Cavalry destroyed these villages, tipis, earth lodges, and food stores in 1864 when General Alfred Sully led an attack on the Sioux and other tribes in what was called the Battle Of Killdeer Mountain.

General Sully led 2,200 soldiers on an attack advancing up Killdeer Mountain in a formation meant to encircle the Sioux positioned on top of the mountain.  Not far from the top of Killdeer Mountain by the end of the day when it became dark, General Sully halted the advance believing that the Sioux were surrounded.  On the following day, there were only a handful of Sioux on the mountain.  What happened to the rest of the Sioux?

There was a cave on top of Killdeer Mountain, called Medicine Hole Cave.  It was believed that the Sioux entered this cave, and exited many miles to the west in what is now called Grassy Butte.  This is the Legend of Medicine Hole Cave.  There were early attempts by white men to find the exit to this cave, but they could not find it, though they could feel wind currents that indicated there was an exit to this cave.  In the 1970s, experienced cave explorers entered this cave with modern equipment and attempted to map out the interior of this cave, but again they could not find an exit, though the wind currents inside the cave again indicated that there was an exit.

Bigfoots in the Killdeer Mountains, and Native Americans escaping from General Sully who had them surrounded in the sacred ancestral lands of the Killdeer Mountains.  I wonder if there is not a portal to another dimension in the Killdeer Mountains.

Preface To Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young

About a week ago, I was logged on to my Facebook account, and I scrolled through the list of “People You May Know”.  This list is usually comprised of people whose Facebook profiles I have viewed, people who have viewed my Facebook profile, and people from the same town or the same school.  There were a couple of Facebook users on the list of “People You May Know” that stood out, because they were not from this area, and I had never looked them up on Facebook.

“Steph Young” was one of these Facebook users, she lives in London, United Kingdom.  When I read her Facebook profile, it was a professional/commercial profile, she is a writer, researcher, and author of books on the paranormal.  One of the subjects that she has been researching recently, is the disappearance and drowning of male college students in the United States and the UK, that are sometimes categorized as the “Smiley Face Killings” due to graffiti that had been found at some of the crime scenes.

I had written a blog post about a male college student drowning that was very suspicious and fit the profile of the “Smiley Face Killings”, that involved a family from this area of North Dakota.  Since I had never looked Steph Young up on Facebook, and the only thing that we have in common is that I wrote some blog posts about unexplained deaths and the paranormal, it appeared that Steph Young looked me up on Facebook.  I was flattered, and I would like to continue to think that this is what happened.

There are some other paranormal subjects that Steph Young writes about, such as the unexplained disappearance of people in National Parks and forests in the United States and the UK.  If you are unfamiliar with this subject, there are several researchers that have uncovered a tremendous number of cases of people who have just “disappeared” in National Forests without any trace whatsoever, without any explanation whatsoever.  The number of unexplained disappearances became so high, that long time National Park Service employees began to secretly seek out police investigators on their own, in order to clear their conscience after realizing that this phenomenon was frighteningly widespread throughout the National Park system and that something needed to be done about it.

What I don’t like, because it makes life much more complicated, and it means that our science and our understanding is so far behind and inadequate, is that there is growing evidence that much of paranormal phenomena must be the result of portals to different dimensions.  I don’t like this explanation, I don’t want this to be true, but this appears to be the case.  I can give specific examples, and explain why.  But first, I will give a brief general overview.

During the past two hundred years, newspaper reporters, journalists, and paranormal researchers would write about and document strange happenings that occurred in their local area, personally interviewing witnesses and reading witness statements.  For incidents that occurred further away, or further in the past, paranormal researchers would first learn about an incident from a newspaper report, and then have to go and track down witnesses in different states, or locate witnesses several years later, or many years later.

Because of the efforts of paranormal investigators, there are many strange and unexplained incidents that have been thoroughly documented, researched, and written about.  Even though these strange incidents can not be explained individually, taken together, they provide evidence that certain phenomenon are occurring, have been occurring throughout the world, and suggest certain possibilities of what is happening.

One of these very well documented cases, occurred in the United States on a farm in 1854, where a farmer named Orion Williamson disappeared in broad daylight while standing on his flat open yard in front of his wife, children, and an adult visitor to their farm.  These witnesses quickly ran to where the farmer had been standing, frantically searching for some hole that he might have fallen into, but there was none.  He just disappeared, and never returned.  It appeared that he unintentionally slipped into a different dimension.

The reason why I am citing this case of the farmer who just disappeared in broad daylight while standing in front of multiple witnesses, is because several of the disappearances of visitors in National Parks occurred in the same manner.  The park visitors were on a hiking trail several paces behind their companions in broad daylight, and then they were gone in an instant.  Their companions immediately searched the entire area, finding no trace whatsoever, and no concealed areas where they could have gotten to on their own or been abducted to in a brief amount of time.

It appears that some people just unintentionally disappear into a different dimension.  Because I am trying to write just a brief introduction to something that I want to elaborate on in more detail later, I will mention now that in England there are a couple of well documented cases involving prominent and respected people, where they passed into a different dimension or time, where they were briefly flying in a plane over Roman soldiers and encampments where there should have been modern English towns, or where they visited towns and shops that no longer exist.

Some of the disappearances of planes and ships in the Bermuda Triangle without a trace appear to have been passages into a different dimension.  In particular, the case of the missing half dozen Navy torpedo bomber planes that were on a training mission together that disappeared off the coast of Florida after sending strange panicked radio messages, and the subsequent disappearance of the large Navy sea plane that went searching for them that also disappeared.  There was never any wreckage from any of these planes found, or any sign that any of these planes had crashed at sea.

Besides the unintentional disappearance of people, planes, and ships, possibly into another dimension or time, there appears to be the intentional disappearance and reappearance of UFOs, strange beings, and strange animals throughout the world, that have the ability to pass in and out of this dimension or time.

We have all heard and read about UFO sightings, Alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, the Lochness Monster sightings, and sightings of other strange creatures.  In the past, I had always dismissed the idea that UFOs and Bigfoots were entering and leaving this dimension through portals.  UFOs are representative of highly advanced technology, and Bigfoots are representative of a surviving, reclusive, primitive ape-like creature possessing no technology.

It was not until later in my life, after reading paranormal reports for many years, reading more detailed accounts of local histories, talking to people about their experiences, travelling to many different states, and visiting paranormal locations, that I began to realize that there are many undisclosed details about what goes in the world, that we aren’t informed about because it would be too confusing and too unsettling for us, supposedly.  It was confusing and unsettling to me, what I began to find out, and I had to re-orient my thinking, and re-evaluate and reconsider my beliefs.

Later, I had irritation and resentment that all these phenomena are not more widely publicized so that they are part of everyone’s common knowledge.  That way, civilization could make more progress towards understanding the world and reality, which I now know we ordinary people do not fully understand.  Nor does mainstream science, physics, engineering, anthropology, history, or any branch of academia understand either.

In my next blog post, titled Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young, I want to report on, explain, and tie together, various phenomena which have occurred and are occurring in the Oil Fields of North Dakota and Utah where I have worked.  Some of these things have already been publicized extensively and are known world-wide, but I have found out more information which is not widely known, and in some cases only a few people know about, and I need to make it known.

I hope that what I write will give Steph Young more things to consider, research, and write about.  Everything that I am writing about, I don’t consider it to be mine or have any exclusive right to it.  I hope that the subjects and the details interest people, and that they will find out more themselves, discuss it, and share it with others.