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Supreme Court Decision Leads To Secession Or Civil War

On Friday December 11, I saw that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This decision by the Supreme Court surprised me almost as much as the presidential election itself.

What other court is there to arbitrate the law concerning this presidential election? Besides the voters themselves, if the legislators and governors of other states believe that there was wrong doing by another state, where is this complaint supposed to be heard and adjudicated?

Myself and millions of others have seen plenty of evidence that there was a great deal of fraudulent voting and vote counting in this presidential election, especially in the states where the election was close. A few examples of this are the video of hidden luggage containing thousands of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta, a postal service truck driver testifying that he delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots from New Jersey to Pennsylvania that were mishandled, a batch of several hundred thousand 99% Biden votes being tabulated by a Dominion voting machine where the race had been close to 50%-50%.

There are thousands of people who have completed sworn affidavits describing the vote fraud and tabulation fraud that they witnessed. Rather than riot, make threats of violence, and make threats of retribution, millions of people were waiting anxiously to see everything come out in court. This was important not just to have a particular candidate win, but to see whether this election was fraudulent or valid.

It is ridiculous that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas complaint, which was supported in writing by at least eighteen other states. The purpose of the complaint was to begin addressing what happened in this election, as quickly as possible. The response of the Supreme Court, indicates that they have no interest in arbitrating the evidence of fraud in this election.

Myself and millions of others now believe that we can not trust or rely on the Supreme Court, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, liberals, Democrats, the mainstream media, or the information tech companies to follow any rules, laws, or the Constitution because of their corruption and lies.

It is clear now that our differences are irreconcilable, and that we should separate ourselves from this corruption, lawlessness, disregard for the Constitution, and attempt to institute socialism.

The most civil and least violent way to separate, would be through a legal process where individual state legislatures declare their state’s intention to secede from the United States. Further, the conservative states should probably form a union into something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Texas is perhaps the only state that could exist solely by itself if it wanted to secede from the United States, because Texas has sea ports, a border with a foreign country, international airports, energy resources, farming, industry, technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. But most states would need to ally with other conservative states.

This legal secession of conservative states would be nonviolent if the Federal Government did not try to prevent this. If they did, then there would probably be a Civil War.

I perceive that most liberals and Democrats, do not realize the resolve of conservatives to not accept Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as President. I can see that liberals and Democrats do not realize that there is going to be a Civil War over this.

What the liberals, Democrats, Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the information tech companies have not realized, is that all branches of the U.S. military and the National Security Agency will side with the conservatives, and there is no way that that the Federal Government can stop the secession or win a Civil War.

Now I Want To Irritate Dutch Pilot Girl

Because there is nothing to do in North Dakota, there are very few women, and because I’m mean, I now want to irritate Dutch Pilot Girl.

Possibly, you will see from this first video, why I want to irritate her:

Because Dutch Pilot Girl did a good job landing this 737 airliner, and she is pleased with herself, how can I not want to pull her tail, I can’t help it.

Unlike most YouTube women, Dutch Pilot Girl is almost completely honest about her background and her career. Yes, partly she is promoting herself, but she does provide so much truthful, honest, in-depth information, that she is a very good source for young people to know what is required to become a commercial pilot.

Dutch Pilot Girl is very intelligent. English is not her first language, but she speaks English much better and more precisely than most English people and Americans. I honestly do think that she is in the top 1% intelligence-wise, but combined with her ambition, perseverance, dedication, discipline, perfectionism, self-confidence, physical health, and self-control, she could have just as easily been an excellent medical doctor.

I believe that most women seek prominent or prestigious occupations out of vanity and pride, not because of a deep desire to perform this work, especially for careers as military pilots, commercial pilots, medical doctors, attorneys, or judges. In one of her YouTube videos, Dutch Pilot Girl alludes to the fact that she knows this, and warns people to be honest with themselves about their motivations.

There are a couple of cases that come to my mind, about women pilots who were in it for the prestige, accolades, and recognition, rather than really wanting to and deep down believing that they could perform this job. One was of a recent news story about a young female co-pilot on a small commercial airliner who was given the chance to land the plane, she mis-aligned the approach, was instructed to abort the landing, to go back around, and she began crying and sobbing to where the senior pilot had to take over and land the airplane. She felt that she had blown her chance, but that wasn’t completely true, until she began crying and sobbing uncontrollably while at the controls.

The second case is very well documented and written about. There was a female U.S. Navy pilot who was supposed to be the first female Navy pilot to be assigned to an aircraft carrier. Normally, it is written in stone that if a Navy pilot while in training misses and aborts more than one aircraft carrier landing, they are out of the pilot program. The reason being, is that there is no room for mistakes, the pilot must be able to land on the aircraft carrier deck every time, or he, his crew, and his aircraft will be lost.

This female Navy pilot while in training missed several aircraft carrier landings. In some of these cases she was instructed to return to dry land rather than be allowed to attempt another landing on the carrier deck because she was missing so bad and becoming flustered. Her flight instructors recommended that she not be allowed to continue, because they were describing her as letting the airplane get ahead of her, not being able to keep up with it.

If it weren’t for her pride and ego, trying to prove something, trying not to let other people down, she might have recognized that she was not up to this, that this wasn’t for her. She became frustrated at another missed landing on the carrier, maneuvered the aircraft in an erratic way that was known to cause an engine stall, at a low altitude and low speed the aircraft stalled, the backseater ejected just in time, but the pilot did not and she was killed.

I didn’t mean to get off onto such a serious tangent about a fatality, but I wanted to point out that I believe that some women, maybe even most women in my opinion, become pilots because of the prestige and attention, rather than really wanting a career as a pilot for what they will be doing and because they have a genuine aptitude for it.

Dutch Pilot Girl seems to be a very good commercial pilot, in just about every way. She does appear to have excellent ability, enjoys what she is doing, and is very proficient. Having said this, I want to begin picking on her.

The amount of annoyance that I want to arouse in Dutch Pilot Girl, is not to drive her crazy, but merely to make her nostrils flare with anger and disgust, and cause her to breathe hard. I am not sure that I can achieve this in just one blog post, but I will give it a try.

Here is another YouTube video of Dutch Pilot Girl that can be used to try detect any of her flaws and vulnerabilities:

O.K., Jesus that gave me a headache. Dutch Pilot Girl is so logical and full of facts. Possibly one of the few ways to get her off track with her normal self would be to get her drunk, but who knows what would actually happen. She might actually become more uninhibited and become even more enthusiastic about facts, figures, and information, now what?

But first, do you think that it is suspicious that she acts like and does her eyebrows like John Maclean?:

One of the reasons why I referenced this John Maclean video, besides the eyebrows and manner of speaking, is because it kind of brings to mind the question, do you think that Dutch Pilot Girl has a romantic preference for men or for women?

My opinion, is that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s strong personality, almost a domineering personality, is that she might prefer to seduce hot young women. However, because she has an amicable, and at times slightly flirtatious personality, she might like men too.

I was thinking, that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s flexible sexuality, intelligence, language proficiency, perseverance, dedication, determination, indomitability, perfectionism, and work ethic, she would make an excellent spy, maybe she is a spy! But for who?

In dating Dutch Pilot Girl, I expect that one would need to have a very neat, clean, fit, and tidy appearance. Perhaps a male with some ruggedness would be permissible to her. One’s home, vehicle, and possessions would also have to be neat, clean, and tidy. Men would be expected to have their life and career in order. Hot young women would be allowed to have some disorder in their home, and a small amount of confusion about their direction in life.

I believe that getting Dutch Pilot Girl drunk and uninhibited, causing her to let down her guard and abandon caution, would be rewarded with an outpouring of pent up lust, desire, and affection. I would be very disappointed if it didn’t.

How People Are Illegally Denied A Firearm Purchase In Dickinson North Dakota

In my previous blog post article, I wrote about how the manager of a gun store in southwest North Dakota was illegally using gun buyers’ personal information from their NICS paperwork that was kept on file at this store.

Although firearm purchases were being handled by store employees, who had the gun buyer complete the NICS paperwork, and then called the NICS system while the customer was standing there, at a later point in time after the customer had left the store, the manager of the store got into the gun buyers’ files, and used their personal information to look them up on the internet.

Some readers are thinking, “So what, what difference does that make?”  To many gun buyers, they believe that the Second Amendment To The U.S. Constitution where it says “the right to keep and bear firearms shall not be infringed” means what it says.  People who buy guns from an FFL licensed gun store know that part of the law now is that the store must have the gun buyer complete the NICS paperwork, the store will call this information in to the NICS center, and will receive the response “Proceed”, “Delay”, or “Deny” the purchase.  Many gun buyers don’t like this, but this is the process now.

What is not part of the process, is other people at a gun store who are not involved in the gun sale and NICS personal information transmittal, to later go back through gun buyers’ files and look them up on the internet.  If you read my previous article, all gun store employees must complete and sign and FFL Form acknowledging that they can not use the NICS information for unauthorized use.

The reason why I wrote the previous article and am now writing this article, is because a friend of mine has been prevented from purchasing a firearm for the past 2-1/2 months because of the actions of this particular gun store manager in southwest North Dakota.

My friend who is in his early 50s, in March-April of 2020 he completed classroom instruction, written tests, shooting tests, paperwork, photo submittals, fingerprinting, and FBI background check in order to receive his North Dakota concealed weapons permit.

One advantage of obtaining a concealed weapons permit, is that it certifies that the background checks have been completed, and that the permit holder is legally authorized to own firearms.  Usually, the NICS check and the FFL gun store firearm purchase proceeds much more smoothly if the buyer has a valid concealed weapons permit.

In May, my friend with his new North Dakota concealed weapons permit was able to purchase a 9mm handgun in Dickinson without any NICS delay.  In June he purchased a smaller concealed carry .380 handgun with no delay.  In July he had to return his newly purchased .380 handgun to the manufacturer due to a defect.  In August this manufacturer sent my friend a replacement 9mm handgun in lieu of repairing the defective .380 handgun.

In September my friend attempted to purchase a .22 rifle from a gun store in southwest North Dakota.  He was told by this gun store that his purchase was delayed by NICS, but no reason was given.  My friend could not understand this delay, nor could I, nor could his other friends.  He had a valid North Dakota concealed weapons permit, this should not have happened.

At first, when my friend was finally able to contact an actual person at NICS, they told him that he was purchasing too many firearms, that he would be delayed until the end of September.  Then, throughout October my friend was delayed in purchasing any firearm.  Then throughout November my friend was delayed in purchasing any firearm.  Being prevented from purchasing any firearm for September, October, and November, this isn’t really a delay, it’s a denial.

What happened?  How did my friend who obtained his North Dakota concealed weapons permit in May, who was able to purchase one handgun in May, one handgun in June, and receive a replacement handgun from a manufacturer in August, why did he become banned from purchasing any firearm by NICS immediately after attempting to purchase a .22 rifle from a gun store in southwest North Dakota?

My friend, myself, and his other friends began to believe that the gun store where he tried to purchase the .22 rifle had “Red Flagged” my friend.  By “Red Flagged”, we mean that the gun store made some kind of written or verbal statement to the NICS center that my friend was prohibited from owning firearms, such as being mentally ill, mentally incapacitated, a drug-addict, currently facing criminal charges, convicted of domestic abuse, or some such thing.

When I began talking to this gun store manager, that is when he admitted to me that he was going back into gun buyers’ files, and using their personal information on the NICS application to look them up on the internet, to see who they were, what they were doing, and decide what he was going to do to them.

Because of this gun store manager’s actions, my friend has been unable to buy any firearms at any gun store in Dickinson for the past 2-1/2 months, though he has a valid North Dakota concealed weapons permit.

If you are a gun owner in Dickinson, you need to think twice about trying to purchase a firearm from a gun store in southwest North Dakota, because a store employee could just Red Flag you to NICS after going through your personal information and looking you up on the internet.

Southwest North Dakota Gun Dealer Illegally Uses Buyers’ Personal Information

About one month ago, the manager of a store that sells guns in southwest North Dakota told me that he had gone into his store’s paper work files of gun buyers, looked at the personal information provided by a gun buyer on their NICS form, and performed an internet search of this person on social media.

The reason why this store manager told me this, was because he did not know that this was very illegal, and strictly prohibited conduct of a licensed FFL gun dealer. Below is the Federal Government Form that FFL gun dealers and their employees must sign:

Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) Officer/Employee
Acknowledgment of Responsibilities
under the
National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

Being an officer or employee of the following named Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL):

Name of FFL ___________________________FFL Number______________
Business/Trade Name (if different from FFL name)_____________________
FFL Address City___________________ State__________ Zip____________

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand
my obligations and responsibilities under the NICS as an FFL officer
or employee, as detailed in the FBI outline: Responsibilities of an
FFL under the NICS. In consideration of being permitted access to NICS related information as part of my employment, I accept and agree to
comply with these obligations and responsibilities. I further
acknowledge my legal obligation to the NICS, my employing FFL, and
affected firearms transferees to safeguard all NICS-related information
to which I may be exposed and to protect it from unauthorized use or disclosure. I also acknowledge that all communications with the NICS
Section, including telephone or electronic, are subject to monitoring
and/or recording by the FBI or its representatives, and that my
participation in any communications with the NICS Section constitutes
my consent to such monitoring and recording.
Officer/employee signature __________________
Officer/employee name __________________
Date signed __________________
Witnessed on behalf of the FFL by:
Witness signature __________________
Witness name __________________
Witness title/position in FFL __________________

If you wish, you can look up this FFL Form and other information using this link:

For those of you who do not purchase or own firearms, what I am writing probably does not matter to you. For those of you who do purchase and own firearms, many of you are probably leery of providing a record of your firearm purchase to the Federal Government, because it could eventually lead to more Federal Government regulation, rules, and laws concerning this firearm.

Many people who purchase and own firearms believe that the original and complete wording of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, where it says, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”, that this means that there should not be any interference, obstruction, blocking, delays of people lawfully obtaining firearms, but the NICS process is interference, obstruction, blocking, and delays.

If people want to purchase a firearm from an FFL gun store, they are required to fill out the NICS paperwork, which includes Full Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Drivers License Number, Current Home Address, Phone Number, and I believe Place Of Birth. This personal information is usually transmitted to the NICS center via a telephone call from the FFL gun store employee while the gun buyer is present.

The purpose of the NICS process, was to quickly determine if the gun buyer is legally prohibited from purchasing a firearm. The most common reason for a person to be legally prohibited from owning a firearm is previous conviction of a felony.

From the Federal Government Form for FFL gun stores that I included a copy of above, it states that the FFL gun store employees must read and sign that: “I further acknowledge my legal obligation to the NICS, my employing FFL, and affected firearms transferees to safeguard all NICS-related information to which I may be exposed and to protect it from unauthorized use or disclosure.”

The manager of this FFL gun store in southwest North Dakota, telling me that he went into the file of a gun buyer, after their NICS had been called in, after they had left the store, to collect their full name, date of birth, and current address to go look them up on social media to satisfy their personal curiosity, is exactly the Unauthorized Use that is never supposed to happen.

To put this another way, what if you went to a hospital for medical treatment, and you supplied your name, date of birth, social security number, current address, and other personal information as required. Hospital staff who receive this personal information are not supposed to go look the patient up on Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn,, to find out where they work, who they are in a relationship with, how much money they make, what kind of house they live in, to satisfy their own personal curiosity. The same principle would apply to people who work at a Bank who have access to your personal information.

I notified the two owners of this FFL gun store by e-mail, including a copy of the Federal
Government Form for FFL gun stores that prohibits unauthorized use of the NICS personal information provided by gun buyers, but they did not respond.

Because I received no response from the owners of this southwest North Dakota gun store, the following day I called the ATF in Fargo that handles the licensing and regulation of firearms dealers in North Dakota.

To me, this is just another example of ignorance and corruption in North Dakota. The manager of this gun store, not only did he not know that it is illegal to use gun buyers’ personal information for his own entertainment, enjoyment, and curiosity, he doesn’t see this as unethical or inappropriate. Neither do the two owners of this gun store.

A Bigfoot Story That You Need To Hear About Killing Bigfoot

Mostly because of the internet, everyone on Earth now has had the chance to look at Bigfoot photographs and videos, and read or listen to Bigfoot encounter stories. The 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film still remains as one of the best videos. Here is a short stabilized version of this video that removes the video camera shake:

In 1995, a website called the “Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization” a.k.a. “BFRO” was created to allow people to report their Bigfoot sighting, which would be added to a database for public viewing. For twenty years, I thought that the BFRO was a giant leap forward, until some researchers came to the conclusion that the BFRO was a U.S. Government front operation.

If you read Bigfoot reports, encounters, and sightings for more than twenty years like I have, you would have come across reports where Bigfoot were becoming either overly friendly, losing their fear of people, aggressive towards people, or murderous towards people. It appears that the role of the BFRO organization was to create a publicly well-known and trusted reporting center where people would contact them to report Bigfoot sightings, encounters, or bodies.

In this article, with the two videos below, I want to try to show you that the U.S. Government is very interested to learn immediately of Bigfoot sightings, encounters, shootings, fatalities, or Bigfoot bodies, so that they can begin the cover-up ASAP if necessary.

Skeptics often ask, if there was or is a Bigfoot, why hasn’t one ever been killed or captured? The truth is, going back to the 1800s, there have been many reports of Bigfoot being captured, shot, or found dead. Just one recent example, when Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980, and forest fires occurred, many firefighters and emergency personnel witnesses injured or dead Bigfoot on Mount St. Helen. Here is just one video about this, but there are better reports online from actual witnesses:

What is believed by myself and others, is that if enough people call-in or submit a report to the BFRO for Bigfoot sightings or encounters in a specific geographical area, the BFRO probably contacts or shares this information with a special U.S. Government office, which employs teams of experienced predator removal agents to deal with “problem” Bigfoot.

I am going to include a story below, which describes how these U.S. Government predator removal teams get called in. I am going to begin this video from the YouTube channel “Dixie Cryptid” at the 22:22 time stamp, so that you can hear this particular story. The reason why I want you to hear this story, is because this is a very, very typical way that Bigfoot have been dealt with for the past seventy years, by predator removal teams:

I will be one of the first people to tell you that Cameron who created the “Dixie Cryptid” YouTube channel, will sometimes read listener submitted stories that sound like they could be fake, but this story doesn’t sound like one of the fake ones. Even Steve Isdahl with the YouTube Channel “HowToHunt” occasionally will read a story that we viewers will comment about it sounding fake.

The researchers and website creators get truthful honest information sent to them, along with misinformation from pranksters and hoaxers. You shouldn’t just take the Mount St. Helens video and this Dixie Cryptid video shown above as definitive proof, you should continue to look for other sources of information on this subject.

Here is a very, very hard to find resource that contains roughly one hundred historical actual newspaper articles about Bigfoot from the 1800s and 1900s:

North Dakotans Have Just A Few More Days To Calmly Purchase Their Supplies

On November 12, nine days ago, I wrote a blog post article explaining to North Dakotans that they needed to start buying emergency supplies due to coming civil unrest and corona virus lock downs. There was no need to panic, they just needed to begin buying extra supplies now.

Today, November 21, I read a Reuters news article that documented actual panic buying and shortages in California, New York, Arizona, and Washington. In these states, supposedly due to increasingly severe corona virus restrictions, stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, and Kroger have either sold out or experienced shortages of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, Lysol wipes, and spam. You can read this article for yourself:

People in North Dakota need to realize, that when this type of behavior occurs on the west coast and the east coast, that it takes anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks to reach states like ND, SD, and WY.

It doesn’t matter that North Dakota is very different from California or New York, it’s the nature of people in North Dakota to read, hear, or see the news and what is happening elsewhere, to take it all in, to process the information, deliberate, and then come to many of the same conclusions as the people in California and New York came to, that no one wants to be without necessities during a time of emergencies.

There is no need for North Dakotans to begin panic-buying, however, North Dakotans do need to pay attention now to making sure that they have enough supplies of necessities, because pretty soon they will be more difficult to obtain.

I Had To Take Hannah To The Veterinarian This Morning

In yesterday’s blog post article, titled “Is There Something Wrong With Purina Dry Cat Food?”, I was complaining that after buying Purina Kitten Chow for my seven month old cat named Hannah Lee Duggan, my cat wouldn’t eat anything for the past three days. My cat wouldn’t eat the Purina dry cat food, another brand of dry cat food, sliced turkey, or sliced ham.

This was very troubling and hard to believe, because this cat named Hannah, she was a stray cat that I had been feeding at the job site where I work for the past five months. Hannah, her brothers, her mother, and her father were voracious eaters. They were always very eager to get whatever food was put out for them.

About three weeks ago, I caught Hannah Lee Duggan and took her home with me, because I thought that I was going to save her from something bad happening to her. One by one, her three brothers had disappeared, never to be seen again. Myself and my co-workers, we didn’t know if an owl, hawk, or coyote was getting them.

When I got Hannah home, I kept her inside the house and I wouldn’t let her outside because I didn’t want something to happen to her, she is still a small cat. Within a couple of days, Hannah would come and sit beside me on the sofa. She liked to be petted, scratched, and held. She liked to sleep beside me, on top of me, or down beside my feet.

For the first two weeks of having Hannah at my house, I had to clean her litter box about twice per day, because she pooped and urinated so much. After she hadn’t eaten for the past three days, the amount of feces in her litter box dropped off significantly.

This morning was the fourth day that Hannah had not eaten. When I checked her litter box, not only was there not any feces, there were not any litter clumps from urination. Hannah had quit drinking water too. For the past week Hannah’s disposition has been very pleasant and affectionate, though she has lost some weight.

When I called the veterinary clinic in Dickinson this morning at 8:30 a.m., luckily I was able to get an emergency appointment for Hannah at 10:00 a.m. this morning. I hated to have to catch Hannah and fight her to get her into her cat carrier, she had been in such a pleasant and affectionate mood all this week. She didn’t understand why I was trying to catch her and take her somewhere, she thought that this was her home now.

The vet check-in went smoothly. Pretty soon we were taken to an examination room. The young veterinarian woman was able to take Hannah out of her cat carrier, hold her, handle her, examine her, and do a blood draw without Hannah panicking and struggling too much. This was surprising to me, I had warned this young veterinarian that Hannah had been a stray feral cat.

From the physical examination of Hannah, feeling her belly and organs, taking her temperature, taking her heart rate, examining her eyes, ears, mouth, and throat, the vet could not find anything wrong. The vet said that Hannah looked and acted healthy. I had to wait about twenty minutes for the results of Hannah’s blood test.

It turned out that Hannah tested negative for Feline FIV and everything else that they tested her for. When the veterinarian technician began talking about possible “hospitalization”, then possibly “surgery”, I was beginning to picture a $2,000-$3,000 vet bill. I was getting ready to have to explain to them again that this was a stray feral cat that I had taken home with me from a job site, you people are getting the wrong idea.

I didn’t want to leave Hannah at the vet for “hospitalization”, because I couldn’t see spending $100 per day or more for keeping her in a cage where she would be frightened, confused, and probably be even less likely to want to eat anything. I explained to the vet technician, and then to the veterinarian that I didn’t want to leave Hannah, she would not understand, she would think that I was abandoning her, she thought that she had had a new permanent home with me.

The veterinarian said that if Hannah did not eat anything by Monday morning, that I would need to bring her back. She would probably have to be hospitalized for them to try to get her to eat. Then if she didn’t eat, she might have to have surgery.

I asked how much did this hospitalization cost? The veterinarian said $38 per day, which I was relieved to hear. I thought that they were going to try to charge me $100-$150 per day. The veterinarian said that most cats do well with their stay at the hospital. I don’t know, I thought that Hannah would feel that I was abandoning her and not ever coming back, when she thought that she had a new permanent home with me.

The veterinarian gave me five cans of Science Diet cat food, which is supposed to be a better and more appetizing cat food. The total bill for this visit was $275, which I thought was fair.

I can’t believe this though, this is ridiculous. I took a stray feral cat home with me, that just as easily could have stayed right where it was at the job site. Now, a few weeks later, this cat is needing emergency vet visits, and possibly hospitalization and surgery, WTF? I don’t know if I will pay for any surgery. I can see paying for a week of hospitalization, but how much will a surgery cost? Is this cat going to have continuing health problems?

Update 11/21/20:  When I got Hannah home from the veterinarian on Friday at noon, I opened a can of the salmon Science Diet cat food that the vet had given me.  Hannah did not eat this salmon Science Diet cat food when I put it out for her, nor later that evening, nor that night.

At about 7:00 p.m. I put a small piece of cooked chicken breast out for Hannah, but she did not eat it then, nor later that night.

At about 8:00 p.m. I put a small piece of raw beef out for Hannah, and she ate this small piece at about 11:00 p.m.  So I put out five more small pieces of raw beef out at 12:00 a.m., and Hannah ate them.

Between 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. I saw that Hannah had consumed about 1/3 of a bowl of water.

At 6:00 a.m. I put out six small pieces of raw beef, and Hannah ate them within about 1/2 hour.  At 7:00 a.m. I put out another seven small pieces of raw beef, and Hannah ate them within about 1/2 hour.

At 9:00 a.m. I put out eight small pieces of raw beef, and at 5:00 p.m. Hannah ate these eight small pieces, plus another four small pieces that I gave her while she was eating.

At 7:00 p.m. Hannah ate another eight small pieces of raw beef.

Hannah has been in a good mood all week.  She is behaving well and is acting very friendly.  She does not appear to be in pain or feel sick.  The only indication that she was sick, was that she went for four days without eating anything.  Her bowel movements and her urination became much smaller and infrequent.

I am beginning to believe that Hannah has some kind of intestinal blockage, that makes her not feel like eating, and makes her bowel movements very small and infrequent.  I don’t know if she has a hair ball, swallowed some foreign object, or if the Purina Kitten Chow plugged her up.  She is not coughing or throwing up.

I don’t know if Hannah is going to get better on her own or not.  I don’t want to take her to the veterinarian hospital because I think that she will be less likely to eat there and poop there, due to being confused and frightened.

Update 11/23/20:  By Monday Hannah was eating, drinking, pooping, and urinating normally.  On Sunday she passed a couple of very hard, dark stool, with a small piece of fiber, like a carpet fiber in them.

I am not sorry that I took Hannah to the veterinarian, it’s probably better to err on the side of caution, or find out sooner rather than later if your pet has something wrong with it.  However, I am glad that I held off on the hospitalization and surgery, especially for a cat that was behaving fairly normal, other than not eating.

Is There Something Wrong With Purina Dry Cat Food?

This article heading photograph shows a 16 lb bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle dry cat food, and a 3 lb bag of Purina Kitten Chow dry cat food. The stray feral cats that I feed at work and the kitten that I brought home will not eat either of these Purina dry cat foods.

I am suspicious and angry about what this Purina dry cat food contains. For more than the past fifty years Purina has been making dog food and cat food. Purina has many years of experience and research in making pet food. What did Purina do with this dry cat food, to make cats refuse to eat it?

My suspicion is, that Purina knows very well what food ingredients pets like and what they don’t like, what are expensive ingredients and what are inexpensive ingredients, and they have tried to push the limits on including the maximum amount of inexpensive ingredients to try to maximize their profits.

To put it another way, how could Purina be in the dog food and cat food business for more than fifty years, spending millions on research, and produce cat food that cats will not eat, not even stray feral cats that are starving and desperate for something to eat? How could Purina do that, and why would they do that?

My opinion is, that if the corporate directors of Purina want to try to see if they can include pet food ingredients that animals will not even eat, then I can never trust the Purina pet food company.

North Dakotans Need To Begin Preparing For Nationwide Civil Unrest And Shortages

Sometimes I wish that I could shake and slap every North Dakotan awake, for their own good.  No one else is going to tell them what I am about to tell them, so it must not be true, how could it be true?

Most North Dakotans are in-tune with what North Dakota is and is not, what it has and it doesn’t have.  The fact that there are less than 800,000 people in the entire state, that people are spread out over a large area, that there are very few large cities in North Dakota.  That’s good that North Dakotans understand themselves, more than sixty percent of them voted for Donald Trump, recognizing how disastrous Joe Biden would be for North Dakota as President.

But thirty percent of North Dakotans were and are too stupid to even realize that Joe Biden whose hands shake uncontrollably with tremors, who often speaks as if he has lost his mind, who is suffering from advanced stages of dementia, who has said that he will ban hydraulic fracturing to extract oil, and that he will block the construction of oil pipelines, they voted for Joe Biden to be the next President, even though this will be devastating to North Dakota.

Maybe this message isn’t for those thirty percent who are so stupid that they voted for Joe Biden.  My belief is that many of the Joe Biden voters in North Dakota get their pay check from the government, and therefore think that they will be spared if the economy crashes.  Why else would they vote the way that they did?

The warning that I am going to give and explain to North Dakotans, isn’t really about what is going to happen in North Dakota at first, it’s about what is going to happen to the rest of the country first.

Whether Joe Biden is sworn in as President or not, there is probably going to be rioting and looting in the large cities on the west coast and the east coast, and other large liberal cities, cities like:  Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Albuquerque, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta.

The reason for the rioting and looting, whether Joe Biden is sworn in as President or not, is that the masses of poor, uneducated, miserable people crowded together in the big cities are tired of being poor and having no opportunities.  They want more, they want better conditions, they want free health care, and access to free money, and they have been taught by the media and the Democrats that the way to get anything, is to riot, loot, burn their city, cause violence, and to disrupt their city in order to get media attention and efforts to pay them off.

At this time, the widespread belief in rioting, looting, burning, violence, and disruption is being reinforced by main stream media, and Democrats, in that the City Councils, Mayors, and Governors do nothing to stop this, they won’t even call it what it is, and refer to this behavior as “demonstrations” or “protests”.  The main stream media and Democrats are supporting this type of disruption and chaos, because it aids and coincides with their plans.

Here is the point that I want North Dakotans to understand, as far as the main stream media, the Democrats, and the millions of poor city-dwellers are concerned, they don’t want the conservative mid-western U.S. states to merely watch the riots, looting, burning, violence, and disruption on TV, they want the mid-west states to suffer from it.

The urbanites have realized that rioting, looting, burning, violence, and disruption gets them attention and causes efforts to be made to pacify them, but in order to really get something they are going to have to affect more people.  They are going to have to disrupt interstate travel, interstate and nationwide distribution, manufacturing, nationwide infrastructure and utilities, international shipping, and cause resources to be redirected to them.

The reason why the main stream media and the Democrats have brought these millions of poor city-dwellers to this type of thinking and behavior, is that the liberal media and the Democrats want to bring about a Revolution.  There must first be a Revolution, and then a response, in order to transform the United States into a different type of country, to Socialism.

If there can be enough chaos and disruption in the large liberal cities to slow down international shipping to ports and airports of strategic resources, components, parts, electronics, medication; a disruption in manufacturing; an interruption in the nationwide distribution of food, medication, and necessities; an interference with telecommunications, energy distribution, and water distribution, all of these things would affect the conservative mid-west states, which would then have to accept the Federal Government’s “emergency measures”.

The first time I heard the expression, “Don’t let a crisis go to waste”, I believe that it came from President Barack Obama’s Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel were heavily involved in Chicago politics, and there is evidence that they both were followers of Chicago activist Saul Alinsky who wrote  Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer (1971), a guide to organizing and directing poor city dwellers during a conflict.  I believe that the Democrats went from “Not letting a crisis go to waste”, to “Creating a crisis, that they could then use to achieve their political goals”, which is exactly what the Communists did.

The take-away that I want North Dakotans to get from this article, is that the Democrats will soon use the unhappiness and anger of the millions of poor city-dwellers to allow them and encourage them to cause disruptions which will affect the whole U.S. with shortages of one kind or another.  Increasingly severe corona virus lock downs could even be one of the tactics that the Democrats will use to create shortages.

So, I strongly recommend that North Dakotans begin steadily building up their personal home supplies of necessities that they will need if there are shortages:  bottled water; batteries; storable food like canned goods and dry goods; pet food; medication; paper towels; toilet paper; firearms & ammunition; emergency cash; things of value to use for trade; very warm clothing in case of power outages.  Come up with your own list of things that you might need.

Remember, the Democrat tactic now will be to create a crisis, in order to implement Federal Government “emergency measures”, which will be an attempt to change the U.S. more towards Socialism.

Update 11/16/20: I expected to have difficulty in convincing North Dakotans that they have something to worry about, that the rest of the U.S. and especially the densely populated areas would be experiencing such calamity and shortages that people in places like Dickinson would need to start building up their preparedness supplies.

Today I saw a CNN news article with photos, showing a line of 1,000 cars waiting to get food at a food bank in Texas.  Please look at these photos and read the article.  In a single day 25,000 people went through this line to receive food assistance.  40% of these people were using a food bank for their first time.  If you can’t tell what is going to happen in the rest of the country from this, there is nothing that will make you understand.

I Caught Hannah Lee Duggan And Took Her Home With Me

At the industrial job site where I work in North Dakota, most of my coworkers like the feral cats that hang around. They each have their own unique personality, idiosyncracies, and behaviors that we observe. How they fit in, socialize, and interact with other cats, other animals, and us.

When the site is not busy, we are able to put food out for the cats. We don’t want the cats hanging around when the site is busy, because we don’t want them to get run over by vehicles, tractor trucks, or heavy equipment.

The male cats seem to be the most wary of people, always acting like they think that someone is going to do something to them. Which is good, because we might have some oddball worker from another company who might do something mean to a cat, especially a feral cat.

The female cats seem to be more ready to accept food from us, and wanting for us to give them something to eat, whereas the male cats try to act like they don’t need our food. This all changes in the winter though when there is less natural prey for the cats and it becomes, very, very cold.

The smallest female cat at the site, is actually the most dominant cat. She does not hesitate to chase after and attack any other cat that is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, in her opinion. She is kind of like Judge Judy, she is always putting the other cats in their place.

In February or March of 2020, we noticed that the Judge Judy cat was becoming fatter and fatter, it became obvious that she was pregnant. We were glad that this happened when it did, because she would be able to give birth when it got warmer in May.

One or two of my coworkers asked me to try to find out when and where this Judge Judy cat had her kittens, because they wanted to take one of them home with them. When this cat became much, much smaller suddenly, and we knew that she must have had her kittens, she hid them so well, that we never could find them.

It wasn’t until late June, quite a long time to keep kittens hidden, that the mother cat brought her kittens out into the open. They appeared to be about six to eight weeks old. Several times each day, we saw this mother cat bring mice, other small rodents, and birds back to her kittens. She was a very good hunter. There were four kittens.

In late July, the mother cat was down to three kittens. We don’t know what happened to the fourth kitten. It could have been an owl, a hawk, or a coyote that killed her other kitten. At least her other kittens were getting bigger, so they would be less likely to be carried away by an owl or a hawk. Here is a photo of the three kittens at this time:

In the photograph above, the grey and white kittens were male, and the tan and white kitten was female. It became obvious for a number of reason who the father was. Each kitten was a mix between the father and mother cat, as you can see from this photo:

As winter was approaching, I was concerned about what was going to happen to these cats. At this job site, it gets down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. To be clear, I am talking about 40 degrees below zero degrees, and that’s not even including the wind-chill effect.

I thought about it, and I believed that if I could get some of these feral cats to come and sit inside of the office trailer to warm up when I was at work, that it might help them to not be under stress from the cold all the time.

In early October, it was already getting down to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. So I began tricking the kittens into the office trailer, by putting food just inside the door, then closing the door behind them. I even tricked the mother cat into the office trailer a couple of times. I didn’t listen to their complaints, and eventually they would calm down, and go sit down:

The female kitten, I named “Hannah Lee Duggan”, after the YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan because their markings were exactly the same, white and tan.

The bad thing about inviting/trapping Hannah Lee Duggan inside of the office trailer, was that she pooped on the floor. You had to watch her the whole time. In order to not have to keep track of her, I picked her up to put her in a chair, and she pooped all over.

One day after having a few days off from work, when I returned to work, the two male kittens were nowhere to be found. This was highly unusual because each of the kittens always stayed together and played together throughout the day. At first, I thought that either a site worker did something to them, or an animal had gotten them. But after a few days of asking around if anyone had seen them, it became to appear more likely that these two male kittens had climbed up inside someone’s car engine, and had been driven away to who knows where.

This was very sad that the mother Judge Judy cat had put so much work into hiding, feeding, and raising these kittens, and now there was only one that had survived, the female kitten Hannah Lee Duggan.

I didn’t know how I was going to take Hannah Lee Duggan back to my house, because she kept shitting everywhere. I brought a cat litter box and cat litter to the office trailer to see if Hannah Lee Duggan would use the litter box, and she did. The next day I was going to bring in a cat carrier and catch Hannah Lee Duggan and take her home with me. Also, there was a fairly large gash on Hannah’s side, that I didn’t know what it was from, it may have been an owl or a hawk had tried to carry her away.

The following day, I had Hannah Lee Duggan inside of the office trailer with me. I kept her inside because I wanted to be able to grab her when I got ready to leave for the day. A couple of times during the day she had gone into the open cat carrier by herself, but I didn’t want to lock her in it too early, so that she could use the litter box.

Twenty minutes before I had to leave for home, was when I grabbed Hannah Lee Duggan to stuff her inside of the cat carrier. She didn’t want to go in, and she began shitting everywhere, on my pants, on my shoes, everywhere. I was about ready to give up, I didn’t need this aggravation, so in anger I grabbed her very forcefully with heavy gloves on, and shoved her ass inside the cat carrier no matter how much she protested. Once she was in, she didn’t have much to say.

Hannah did not have much to say on the nearly one hour drive home. I had already prepared another cat litter box with litter in the living room of my house, and I put the cat carrier with Hannah in it, right in front of the litter box for a few minutes before I let her out of the cat carrier.

She stepped out of the cat carrier like she wasn’t upset, stretched, and then she walked over to and under the sofa. I let her stay under the sofa for several hours without bothering her. Then I tried to get her to come out, because if you let cats get into the habit of hiding under furniture, that is what they will do for the rest of her life.

When I got Hannah to come out from under the sofa, she walked around normal for a few minutes, then she found something else to go hide under. I would only let her stay under something for a few hours, before I would try to get her to come out. I saw that she was using the litter box. She was using the litter box so much, that I had to clean the litter box at least twice per day.

After a few days of clean water and normal cat food, Hannah’s digestive problems seemed to clear up. Everything was a first, grabbing her and putting her on the sofa, was the first time that she had ever been on a sofa. Scratching her head, her neck, and her chin was the first time that anyone had ever scratched her.

Soon, Hannah realized that she liked being petted and scratched, and she was always coming over to me wanting to be petted and scratched. Then, she realized that she liked being held, and that she would much rather sleep beside me, or on top of me.

Now, Hannah is sometimes a nuisance, because she persistently wants to climb on top of me, kiss me on the mouth, and wedge herself up under my chin, kneading her needle-like claws into my neck.

This is quite a change for Hannah, not having to be afraid of coyotes, owls, and hawks trying to catch her, not being out in the wind, the rain, the snow, and the cold. She is behaving fairly well, not tearing anything up yet. I might try to catch her mother, the Judge Judy cat, we will see.

What Does The 2020 Presidential Election Mean To People In Western North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post article, I explained that there is an appeal to Communism and Socialism, in that it promises a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources.  However, the mechanisms by which Communism and Socialism redistributes wealth and resources is by totalitarian dictatorships, with brutality, no freedom, no choice, no alternatives.

I believe that the poor urban city-dwellers in places like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore looked forward to getting free health care, child care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, provided by the government, that is why they voted for Joe Biden.  But don’t these people know, that when the government takes everything from the rich and upper-middle-class, the government takes over all businesses, provides everything for everyone, that life for everyone in the U.S. will become the same as it is in Russia, China, Cuba, or Venezuela.  Do people in the U.S. really want to begin living like the people in China?

In North Dakota, like most of the sparsely populated, agricultural mid-western states, the majority of people voted for Donald Trump.  The majority of people in the mid-western states want to continue living the way that they have been living, with as little government intervention and interference as possible.  A smaller Federal government and less Federal income taxes would be preferable, the opposite of the feeling of the urbanites on the west coast and the east coast.

If Joe Biden is elected President, and it looks like this could happen, he has said in the past that he would like to eliminate hydraulic fracturing as a means to produce oil wells.  In North Dakota, it wasn’t until the invention and use of hydraulic fracturing in the early 2000s that North Dakota oil could be extracted profitably.

Due to the current World oversupply of oil and oil market manipulation to cause the price of oil to remain at $40 per barrel, North Dakota oil can not be produced profitably at this time.  Since 2015 when the price of oil dropped, the number of oil drill rigs operating in North Dakota has gone from 190 down to 10 operating drill rigs currently.

It is estimated that each operating drill rig in North Dakota creates 100 direct and associated jobs.  190 operating drill rigs in 2015 means 19,000 jobs were created, whereas 10 operating drill rigs currently means at least 18,000 jobs were lost.  This drill rig count has everything to do with the price of oil, and whether oil can be produced profitably or not.  North Dakota oil can not be produced profitably at all without hydraulic fracturing.

For the oil producing states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, not only will these mid-western states not have operating drill rigs if hydraulic fracturing is banned, energy companies, oil companies, and oil-field service companies will begin moth-balling their facilities, which would include operations offices, equipment yards, truck fleets, pipe-lines, and refineries.

How could the Marathon owned refineries in Mandan and Dickinson, North Dakota refine oil if their regionally produced oil extracted by fracturing is no longer available?

Another casualty of the Joe Biden Presidency will be oil pipelines.  Again, and again, and again liberal activists and liberal judges have delayed the construction of such pipelines as the Trans Canada Keystone XL pipeline, and interfered with the operation of completed pipelines such as the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Will any private company risk the huge investment to construct or operate any oil pipeline if the President himself Joe Biden is likely to assist the road blocks, legal battles, and impossible permitting processes?

I don’t think that North Dakotans have thought this through, because they didn’t have to, Donald Trump was most likely going to win re-election.  Right now, local economies in western North Dakota are treading water, not really advancing, but trying to stay afloat.  I don’t think that anyone could have predicted the terrible multiple affects a Joe Biden Presidency would have on North Dakota.

It’s not just that North Dakota oil can’t be produced profitably without hydraulic fracturing, the existing infrastructure such as the DAPL oil pipelines, Johnson’s Corner oil storage terminals, the Petro Hunt Killdeer refinery, Marathon Mandan refinery, and Marathon Dickinson refinery are relying on this regional oil supply and oil pipelines.

The Most Important Election In The History Of The World

This November 3, 2020 Presidential Election is the most important election in the history of the World.  The whole history of mankind, our evolution, experiences, development, discoveries, knowledge, technology, wars, exploration, and expansion has gotten us here to where we are now.  Will we be able to go any further, to continue on, or is this as far as we will go?

The United States for the past two hundred years has been the most free, the most open to discovery, innovation, expansion, invention, prosperity, and individual success.  This Republic/Democracy combined with Capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights has allowed more individual freedom, more opportunity for every individual, and more equality for every individual than at any time in history, anywhere.

I have lived long enough, experienced enough, read, learned, and became educated enough, to know that Communism and Socialism does not work.  There is an appeal to Communism and Socialism, that the World’s resources can and should be shared more equally.  However the mechanisms by which Communism and Socialism must seize and redistribute resources, are totalitarian governments with brutality, intolerance, injustice, and inhumanity.

Ever since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, Communism and Socialism have spread to various countries:  Russia, China, East Germany, Cuba, and Venezuela.  Very soon after the establishment of Communism in Russia and the confiscation of private farms, which were turned into cooperatives, there was widespread famine.

Under Communism, everyone was supposed to work equally, and receive an equal share.  However, this inspired the newly liberated Russian populace to perform as little work as possible, since there was no incentive to do more.  Plus, what was produced by some, was confiscated for use elsewhere.  This resulted in shortages of food, clothing, necessities, tools, equipment, and supplies, because there was no motivation or reward for people to produce anything or work hard.

In Russia, China, East Germany, and Cuba, there was no freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of religion, because once Communism was installed, and the government was responsible for everything, there could no longer be any dissension, disobedience, criticism, or disagreement with Communism and the government.

This Communism worked so well in Russia, China, and East Germany, that guards with automatic weapons would shoot the citizens as they tried to climb over the barbed-wire fences to escape to a Western country.

The millions and millions of low-income city-dwellers who inhabit places like Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, they look forward to the day when they have free health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education provided for them by the government.  So they voted for Joe Biden.

However, once the government is in complete control of providing health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, people will not be permitted to disagree with the government.  It will be mandatory for people to do what the government tells them to do, as the government is responsible for the well-being of everyone, people will not be permitted to go against and disrupt the government system that provides everything to everyone.

Initially, all of the money that will be required to pay for health care, day care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, will be paid for by taxes on the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class.  But once the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class don’t have any more money to pay these taxes, the government will confiscate their private property.

Once the private property and companies of the rich, upper-middle-class, and middle-class are confiscated, and owned by the government, who will take over and run these companies, farms, mines, and manufacturing?  The government will run these companies, a few educated people will be administrators, a few brutes will be managers, and all you urban city-dwellers who voted for Joe Biden will be working on farms, in mines, and manufacturing for slave-wages.

Attention all you city-dwellers!, when the government provides everything for you, taxes then confiscates the property and companies once owned by the rich and upper-middle-class, how do you think the government is going to continue to supply you with food, clothing, and utilities?  You people are going to have to work all day on farms, in coal mines, in manufacturing plants.  How else is everyone going to be provided with everything?  Do you think that you will have any choice or say once all of you are provided for by the government?

All of you people in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, once the government begins providing you with everything, your health care, child care, housing, utilities, food, and higher education, why do you think that your life will be any different than the people in Russia and China?

A Role Model For Men In Dickinson, Besides Ken Zander And The Man Of La Mancha

In recent blog posts I have written about Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander, as I think that he serves as an inspiration and role model for men in Dickinson.  By his own example, Ken Zander has shown how to live life to its fullest, to go after what you want, that winners never quit, and quitters never win.

Now it is time to give men in Dickinson, an even more powerful example of how they should conduct themselves and live their lives.  You see, men must believe in themselves, they must believe in what they are doing, they must have conviction.

I look around in Dickinson, and I see too many men acting like lap dogs.  I ask you, what good is a lap dog as a leader?  What good is a lap dog when there is work to be done?  What good is a lap dog when there is danger lurking?

In this example of a man that I will give shortly, this is how men in Dickinson should act, whether they are a bar owner, a restaurant owner, a barber, the manager of a car dealer service department, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, or the Sheriff.  You must believe in what you are doing, you must have conviction!

Here, the actor Klaus Kinski portraying Lope de Aguirre, he keeps his head, his focus, his determination, when all of the others around him have given up, that is what makes him a man among men, and a leader of men.  He is fearless, courageous, determined, and resolute.  He believes in himself, and in what he is doing:

Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander Is The Man Of La Mancha

A couple of days ago I read another Dickinson Press newspaper article about Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander and his alleged acts of sexual harassment. Though an earlier newspaper article listed the accusations against him, and reported that the investigation concluded that he was not guilty of sexual harassment, this follow-up newspaper article was about a subsequent County Commission meeting where his accuser and her attorney spoke publicly.

I was thinking to myself, that this would make a very good musical or opera. For ages, Greek tragedies, Italian operas, and modern musicals have been about love, romance, debauchery, unrequited love, and public persecutions. This Ken Zander story has every element of a good musical or opera.

I began thinking about how I would write, direct, script, cast, and choreograph this story as a musical or opera. I could not help but begin reviewing in my mind, every musical, ballet, and opera that I had ever seen, to get some ideas on how to do this. I admire Ken Zander, and I would want someone who resembled him to play his part. Then I realized, “Ken Zander is The Man Of La Mancha, as played by Peter O’ Toole!”

As I began watching more movie clips from The Man Of La Mancha as played by Peter O’ Toole, I found what would serve as a good portrayal of Ken Zander’s romantic pursuit of Lisa Heiser, Stark County Parks Director, played by Sophia Loren:

I hope that these ideas will help to put this story and events into better historical perspective.

An Example Of How It Is Possible For Women To Be Logical

In the summer of 2012 I was working in an oil field in west Texas, right along the border of Mexico. In the town where I was staying, Crystal City, the population was probably about 80% Hispanic, and the inhabitants were more like Mexicans than anything else.

The family roots, customs, beliefs, traditions, practices, behaviors, and policies of the majority of the people in this area of west Texas was Mexican. They did not really like White people, and they often openly acted like they didn’t like White people.

In that oil field of west Texas, just like western North Dakota, there was and is a shortage of women. When I got off of work, the first thing that I would try to do was get something to eat. Soon, I found that the only restaurant in that region that I could reliably get decent food, was a restaurant/bar in Crystal City called Miguelito’s.

The restaurant/bar Miguelito’s in Crystal City usually had nice-looking, pleasant young waitresses, hostesses, and bar tenders. However, due to the Hispanic culture, traditions, and beliefs, it is considered very bad to trifle with the affection of nice young Hispanic girls, especially because they fall in love so quickly and completely. You should not seduce these nice young Hispanic girls unless you plan on marrying them.

After dinner, I would go back to where I lived and begin looking on the internet for women to meet, on sites such as PlentyOfFish. It should come as no surprise that there were very few women on internet dating sites out in the desert of west Texas.

It was truck drivers in Dickinson, North Dakota working in the oil field, that told me when there are no women on internet dating sites, go look on the website “Back Page” under the category “Escorts”. So, that is what I did.

At that time, 2012, before the U.S. Government shut down “Back Page”, there were some very nice looking escorts that advertised themselves. It often seemed too good to be true, like you would respond to a very nice-looking escort’s advertisement, but that is not the girl who would show up. It would be a hideous looking girl who showed up, or the police.

I began trying to look for advice on how to hire a prostitute or an escort, and I came upon a website titled, “Maggie McNeill, The Honest Courtesan”. This website had a tremendous amount of information, advice, and research on prostitutes and prostitution. The website owner had given herself the pseudonym “Maggie McNeill”.

Not only did I appreciate all of the information that “Maggie McNeill” had to offer, she was one of the best writers that I have ever read. Meaning not just amateur lay-person writers, but one of the best writers even among the most famous writers.

When I tried to find out the background of “Maggie McNeill”, I believe that she had a bachelor of arts in English, and a master’s in Library Science. She had been very ahead of her classmates in school, in New Orleans where she grew up and attended Catholic School.

After she graduated from college, she married a man who she met in college and she began working as a librarian. Her marriage did not last, and her husband caused her to be liable for about $90,000 in marital debt. In order to pay off this debt, she began working part-time as a stripper.

While working as a stripper, Maggie McNeill found out from other women that she could make much more money as a prostitute. She found out more about it, and began doing it. She liked it, and she liked the amount of money that she was making.

At some point, Maggie McNeill began writing about prostitution. I think that two of the main things that she wanted to accomplish were to set people straight on wanting to “rescue” prostitutes, and prostitutes being “victims”.

The gist of what Maggie McNeill wanted to explain, is that women have the right to chose whatever kind of work they wish to do, they don’t need “rescuing”, and women are not helpless “victims”. She was trying to explain that prostitution can be much higher paying than other types of work available to women, it allows women to be self-employed, it allows women to have flexibility in their schedule to enable them to do other things like go to school or take care of their children.

When I left comments to Maggie McNeill’s articles asking questions, she replied promptly with helpful answers. I wrote to Maggie McNeill that she was a very good writer, and that I was surprised how logical and direct she was in her writing. She replied that women are some of the most logical writers there are, take Ayn Rand for instance.

Of course I had heard of Ayn Rand before, but I had never read about her, or read about who she was, or what she did. This was someone who I would have benefited from reading much earlier in my life. Ayn Rand was all about logic and “objectivism”. I am still no expert on Ayn Rand, it wasn’t until recently that I could really understand what she was talking about.

Here is a good introduction to Ayn Rand, a 1959 television interview with Mike Wallace:

The purpose of this blog post article is to point out to men and women, that women don’t have to behave like idiots, like they are all currently doing, it is possible for them to use logic and reasoning, so why don’t they?

Why Do Other People Do Well And Did Anyone Get Rich During The Oil Boom

A few years after I began working in the oil field, I tried to learn and understand who and why other people appeared to be making more money than me.

In my mid-twenties after I graduated with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, I began working for large civil construction and engineering companies, first as an estimator and AutoCAD designer, then as a superintendent, project manager, and engineer.  I began getting better and better positions, with increasing pay, and increasing responsibility as I could demonstrate more ability, knowledge, and experience.

First in Idaho in 2007-2010, then in North Dakota from 2011-present, I learned full-well that people with no education, do not like or appreciate people with an education.  People with no education are very uncomfortable, suspicious, mistrusting, and resentful of people with an education.

This resentment comes from such things as local high school students having jealousy of academically successful high school students who went off to college, hearing about how successful they were, while they went to work as construction labor after high school.  Even though they went from construction labor, to equipment operator, to manager of a construction or oil field company, they always held resentment for people who went off to college.

I can tell you from first-hand experience, the tremendous hatred and resentment that uneducated people in Idaho and North Dakota have for people with a college degree.  This saying that I came up with is completely true, “People in Idaho and North Dakota would rather hire someone who did four years in prison versus someone who did four years in college.”

This is extremely true in Dickinson, North Dakota.  More often than not, local employers hired their class-mates from high school as managers and foremen, even though they had no higher education or management training, but instead had multiple drug convictions, DUI, and assault convictions.  The people in Dickinson were more comfortable with people who were like themselves.

Therefore, before long, I determined that there was no rhyme or reason to why some people in Dickinson working in the oil field had higher paying jobs.  If anything, the dirtier and scummier a person was, the more likely they were to have a higher paying job in the oil field.  If there was any logic to this, the oil field does often rely on people to perform  short-term and long-term hazardous work without individuals questioning or thinking about what they are doing.

But I continued to wonder, was there anyone who did better for themselves by actual thought and planning in the oil industry?  When I worked in the oil field of west Texas for a short while, and when I returned to work in Dickinson in 2013, I realized more and more that even so-called engineers, technicians, and oil company men each only had just a small portion of knowledge.  It was surprising to me that no one working in the oil field, even middle and higher management, had a complete understanding of oil field work and processes.

Shortly after I began writing these blog post articles in 2015, a frustrated woman in Dickinson began leaving comments.  For reasons that will become clear,  I don’t want to use her real name, or even the nickname that I gave her back then, so I will refer to her now as “Nicole” because that’s easy to remember.

Over time, as Nicole left comments to my blog posts, I learned that “Nicole” and her husband “Tom” had moved to Dickinson several months prior.  For many years due to her husband Tom working in the oil industry, they had lived in many different oil field towns, but Dickinson was the worst.  The people in Dickinson were so unfriendly, uncooperative, and hostile, she could not believe it.

Nicole was communicating with me, because she saw that I had written some of the same observations that she had made herself, I had a similar point of view to hers, and she had no one else to talk to.  She had tried to make friends with local wives in Dickinson, but they would not speak to her, they didn’t want to have anything to do with her, probably because she was not like them.

When Nicole elaborated on some of her observations and experiences in Dickinson, she explained a little about herself, both deliberately and unintentionally sometimes.  She came from a middle-class or upper-middle-class normal family on the East coast.  She received at least a bachelor’s degree, probably a master’s degree, she said once that she had worked as an editor.

Like me, she came from such a relatively normal middle-class or upper-middle-class Protestant family, that she cared about what happened around her, and cared about what happened to other people.  Like me, she couldn’t understand why the local people in Dickinson were so hostile and hateful in general, and in particular the incredible greed of quadrupling the cost of housing to where many workers were forced to sleep in their cars at Walmart, the truck stop, Patterson Lake, wherever they could.

I liked Nicole, as there were no women like her anywhere around here.  She was like women that I had grown up with and gone to school with.  As I became more angry, crude, and vulgar in my blog posts, as a result of the prison-like environment that I was living and working in, Nicole didn’t want to communicate with me anymore.  I don’t blame her.  She consciously made up her mind that she wasn’t going to sink to this level, and she was done with me.

Out of curiosity, I used some of the information that she had unwittingly disclosed, to find out her real name, and then her husband’s real name.  Nicole and her husband Tom were exactly my age.  Her husband Tom, like me, he had also graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, but from a slightly more prestigious and much larger university in California.

Unlike me, immediately after graduation, Tom went to work in the oil industry.  He obtained a very good entry-level engineering job with an oil company, and he steadily advanced.  He had been with the same oil company in various positions and locales for the past fifteen years.

I was envious of Tom.  He had the foresight or luck to get into the oil industry and stay there for his whole career.  Unlike anyone that I had ever met personally, he probably did have almost a complete knowledge and understanding of oil field work and processes.

See, this is what I had been wondering for several years, was there anyone who ever got ahead in the oil industry through foresight, effort, and planning?  One of the things that I learned, was that Tom and Nicole’s previous home in Colorado was an $800K home.  I looked through the real estate listing photographs on the internet from when they sold it, and it was one of the nicest homes that I have ever seen, both the home and the property.

What also came up, was that Tom and Nicole had a more than $1 million home in California that was held in a trust.  So to answer my question, “Did anyone ever become rich working in the oil field?”, the answer would appear to be yes.

After I did some calculating, I realized that Tom was probably not paid at a high enough level as an engineer in the positions that he had held, to become a multi-millionaire.  It was partly through he and his wife purchasing nice homes from an early age, holding  them, selling them for more when they had to relocate, buying increasingly expensive homes, and always experiencing increasing equity gains over time.  Nicole worked too.  And I believe that either or both of them had probably inherited property and money.

So, this answered both of my questions that I started out with, “Why do other people do well and did anyone become rich working in the oil field?”  It turns out that it was a matter of having a good education, foresight, sticking with your career, sticking with the same company, agreeing to relocate when required to do so, having a wife who is an effective partner, building equity in your home, being at the right place at the right time, and luck.

I was jealous and envious of Tom to an extent, mostly because of his career and financial success, but partly because of his relationship with Nicole.  But I knew that I could never keep a wife like Nicole, she would leave me, probably very quickly.  I would not have wanted to drag someone like Nicole through the life that I have led.

Currently I am doing O.K.  I have my home in North Dakota, my home in Idaho, and sixteen vehicles.  I am grateful that I do not have any ex-wives or children.  I do not want any wives or children in the future.

I wondered what happened to Tom and Nicole.  In about 2018, Tom and Nicole left Dickinson and they moved to Texas.  Tom started an oil company.  I don’t mean an oil service company, I mean an oil company, like Whiting Petroleum.

Do you know what this means?  The lifetime of money that Tom and Nicole had earned and saved, they used to start an oil company.  They acquired land leases, obtained the permits, hired oil drill rigs to drill, and began trying to own and produce oil wells.  It costs about $1 million to drill one oil well.  Millions go quickly.

In about 2019, many very large apparently successful oil companies began going bankrupt.  For instance, Whiting Petroleum went from a stock price high of $370 per share in 2014, to a low of $0.31 per share in 2020 right after the company declared bankruptcy.

Some of the largest, most successful oil companies operating in Texas such as Chesapeake Energy went from stock price high of $6,260 per share in 2014, to less than $0.20 per share in 2020 before the company declared bankruptcy.

I don’t know how to put this delicately and non-offensively, I was envious of Tom, of his career success, his financial success, and his wife Nicole.  I just have to admit that some people do better than others in life.  Sometimes it’s a matter of effort, intelligence, or luck.  But like I said, I never would have wanted to drag a woman like Nicole through the hardships and disappointments of my life.  But holy shit, getting so far ahead financially after all of that work, and then losing it all at our age, I wouldn’t want to trade places.

The Most Thorough, Comprehensive, And Insightful Information On Women

Over the past fifty years women have become more and more insane, irrational, and irresponsible, to the point that our society does not function anymore.  This is the truth, this is reality, whether you want to accept it or not.

In the United States, 40%-50% of first marriages end in divorce.  The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.  Besides women becoming more and more dissatisfied in marriage, they expect their future ex-husband to continue to pay for everything for them, just as if they were still married, even if this will leave him unable to pay for himself to live.

Family and marriage used to be the most important building block in a civilized, safe, law-abiding society.  Now, marriage is just a legal tool for women to try to confiscate money and wealth from men.

Outside of marriage, women still try to confiscate the money and wealth of men by becoming pregnant, or making claims of rape and sexual assault, even after more than twenty years have passed.

If you don’t believe that society is not functioning anymore, not only are most men beginning to realize that marriage, children, and relationships with women are not worth the cost, things like imitation-women sex-dolls are becoming more widespread and normalized:   This would be funny, until you stop and realize that more and more men would rather have sex with a synthetic doll than have anything to do with women.

In the last several years there have become more and more men that are discussing and writing about their decision to attempt to no longer deal with women under any circumstances, to the greatest extent possible.  This is the MGTOW movement, Men Going Their Own Way.

A reader might say that there have always been men who expressed their decision to not be involved with women anymore, such as philosophers, monks, or French Legionnaires.  The difference is, with MGTOW these men are not disengaging from normal life, they just believe that having any involvement with women will likely ruin their life.

For me, some of the MGTOW writers which make the most sense are “Hammer Hand”, “RPM”, “Coach Greg Adams”, “Better Bachelor”, and Tom Leykis.  Though these writers, YouTubers, and broadcasters make a great deal of sense to me with their ideas, observations, and arguments, each of them has a certain amount of anger which gets them sidetracked and distracted.

Recently, I began watching a YouTube channel called huMAN from Australia, that is to me like a synthesis of all MGTOW knowledge, observations, and arguments.  This channel was created by a man in his late forties four years ago, and it has about 250 videos.

This YouTube channel creator is a good speaker, he is calm, he remains focused, and he maintains a steady brisk pace.  Women can not say that he is a loser, because he is handsome, physically fit, very intelligent, well-spoken, and probably professionally, socially, and financially successful.

As an introduction to huMAN, I will share a video where he explains that women don’t want to be understood, they just want to be heard, be the center of attention, and waste your time:

Because huMAN stays on track so well, he often gets so far down a mental path that I don’t really want to go any further, I have heard enough, I can’t take any more.  I am not saying that his videos are too long or that he belabors a point, it’s that his analysis is often so thorough that I don’t need or want that much information.

I was glad to know, that his conclusions are ultimately the same as mine, Hammer Hand’s, RPM’s, Coach Greg Adams’, Better Bachelor’s, Tom Leykis’, and all the other MGTOW practitioners :

The way that things are now will ultimately come to an end, and women won’t like it.  When men walk away, the strong independent women will think that they will be O.K., but soon they will find out.

Men will stop paying child support, alimony, and taxes.  The military, law enforcement, corrections officers are mostly men.  They will not do their job, they will not arrest men, they will not incarcerate men, they will not respond to women’s 911 calls.  They will not help women, they will not listen to women, they will ignore women.

Collectively, men are sick of women’s shit.  When all men feel this same way at about the same time, it’s over for women.  Men may or may not go to work, but they are not going to listen to or respond to women, as they are all fed up with women’s schemes of child support, alimony, sexual harassment claims, false accusations, affirmative action, lies, deceit, trickery, and treachery.

When the electric power goes out, the gas utilities go out, the water quits running, the sewer backs up, there are no lights, no heat, no running water, backed up sewer, no food deliveries to the grocery store, no fuel deliveries to the gas station, no one responding to 911 calls,  when women plead for help, men will say, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle, go fix the shit yourself you stupid cunt.”

Escorts Of Western North Dakota

In yesterday’s blog post article about Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander being accused by a female county employee of sexual harassment, I asked why can’t we just have something like this , then women in Stark County won’t have to be harassed anymore.

If you click on the website link up above, you can look at the Gallery photographs and listings of the escorts that are available in the major cities of Italy.  You can read the description of what this escort service is providing.

Why can’t we have this here?  I have copied the description of services from the Escort Of Italy website, and edited it, for use in western North Dakota:

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See, why can’t we have this in western North Dakota where there is a shortage of women?  In the near future, I will copy to this blog post the email addresses for all of the City Commissioners and County Commissioners in western North Dakota, so that you can send them an email message in support of this type of thing.

The Mischievous Deeds Of Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander

On July 22, 2020 there was a Dickinson Press newspaper article that began like this: “Multiple Stark County officials have confirmed that longtime Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander has been accused of a serious human resources violation by a female county employee and that the matter was forwarded to Stark County Human Resources for action.”

I am not a fan of sexual harassment claims or complaints.  I don’t like hearing them or hearing about them.  When I graduated back in 1995 with a degree in mechanical engineering, there was a mechanical engineer in his fifties who I worked with named John, who was a mentor to me.  John who had been much more successful than me with his career in engineering, said to me, “There is no such thing as sexual harassment.”

What John meant was this:  One of the main purposes of human beings is to procreate.  Without this strong persistent drive in human beings to reproduce, human beings would have gone extinct a long time ago.  From the beginning of human kind, males have used whatever means necessary to try to obtain a female to mate with.

Gradually over thousands of years, more civility has been introduced into the mating process.  Abducting women is usually not acceptable anymore.  Brute force has been replaced with other things, such as courtship and dating.  But what hasn’t changed, is the fact that men are still required to take the initiative and solicit women’s attention if they want to be able to mate.

It is ridiculous and absurd that the necessary step of men seeking the attention of women should or could be outlawed.  Most of you readers exist because some form of “sexual harassment” took place.

Now back to the story of Ken Zander’s mischievous deeds.  An October 7, 2020 Dickinson Press newspaper article outlined some of the complaints that were filed against Ken Zander by a female Stark County employee:

“According to the investigation report, a probe conducted by investigator KrisAnn Norby-Jahner into each of the 19 allegations levied against Zander by a female county employee — whose identity is being withheld for this article — outlined the nature and scope of the investigation as stemming from complaints involving sexual harassment and retaliation.”

“The employee alleges that Zander grabbed her buttocks and leaned in to kiss the woman during a work hours meeting, and that when told “never touch me again” Zander allegedly responded by yelling at her, “You better do what I tell you to do.”……

“The employee alleges that Zander sent multiple text messages with lewd, inappropriate and non-work-related images and text.”……

“The employee alleges that Zander pulled his vehicle next to hers and gestured with his hand in a motion going in and out of his mouth while using his tongue to push his cheek out.”…..

“The employee alleges that Zander placed a plate of pumpkin bars on her vehicle seat and made a statement concerning sex, to which she responded that it was inappropriate for him to say that, to which he laughed.”…..

“The employee alleges that an anonymous person informed her that they had a recording of a conversation occurring in a bar between Zander and other prominent members of the community, and that the audio recording captured Zander referring to the employee’s “fat ass” and that she “waddles around” her place of work.”…..

“The employee alleges that she was retaliated against for reporting sexual harassment.”….

The investigator looked into each of the allegations, and found that there was evidence of varying degrees to support some of the allegations, but no evidence in support of other allegations.  Ken Zander did partially admit to some of the alleged events, to the extent that he was just playing a joke.  In the end, this was the official determination as reported by the Dickinson Press:

“An investigation into allegations against Stark County Commissioner Ken Zander has concluded the longtime commissioner did not engage in unlawful harassment, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, retaliation or violations of the county’s payroll policies. The investigation did conclude, however, that Zander violated the county’s electronic tools policy.”

You can read the entire Dickinson Press newspaper article here

I want to acknowledge that I believe that the female Stark County employee who made a formal complaint with these and other allegations, might be devastated that there was no finding of misconduct by Ken Zander.  But I don’t know her.  I don’t know if she will take this in stride, like water off a duck’s back, as if this was mostly just an unwanted nuisance to her, or if this conduct was ruining her job and her life.

I was getting ready to write the following words, “An obvious lesson from this is….”, but the whole point of this blog post article is that there is no obvious lesson from this, because men and women see this completely differently.

I began this article by explaining that men are required to take the initiative and express their interest in women in order to mate.  Men try to speak to women, joke with them, show an interest in them, do things for them, do things to them, in order to gain their attention and affection.

In the real World, for men, in order to get anything, they must put in time, effort, work, energy, thought, and planning.  Hard work, dedication, persistence, sticking to it, not giving up is what is required.  Why would trying to acquire a female to mate with be any different?

Up until about forty years ago, time, effort, work, energy, thought, planning, dedication, persistence, and not giving up did pay off for men in finding a woman to mate with.  Every two months, the very popular syndicated newspaper columnist “Dear Abby” would publish letters from many of her married women readers.  These letters went something like this:

“Dear Abby,

I read your column last week where you published a letter from “Frustrated in Fresno” from a woman who didn’t know how to handle an unwelcome suitor who showed up at her place of employment every week asking her out on a date.

I had the exact same thing happen to me twenty years ago when I was working at a bank.  This construction worker man would come in every Friday and make sure to wait in line for me to cash his check.  Every Friday he would ask me out on a date, and I always refused as he was not my type.

It went on like this for a year, each Friday he asked me out.  Finally, just to get him to quit asking me out and having to tell him no, I agreed to go on one date with him.  To my surprise, he was very intelligent, funny, and had his whole life planned out what he wanted to do.

This November, we will have been married for twenty years, and we have had four children together.  I am sure glad that he never gave up on asking me out.”

Like I said, “Dear Abby” would publish many letters like this every couple of months, so that women could hear it straight from the mouth of other women, that persistence counts, it worked on them, and they were grateful that it did.

Today, women do not see things the same way they did forty years ago, which is a mistake and a detriment to them.  Feminism, Equal Rights, No-Fault Divorce, Mandatory Child-Support, Government Welfare, cosmetic surgery, online dating sites, women’s sex toys, sexual harassment claims, and sexual harassment lawsuits are tools and devices that women have begun using to supposedly help themselves, but these things have broken down society, civility, romance, relationships, marriage, and the happiness, safety, and security of women.

Lastly, in order to keep men out of trouble, especially with the shortage of women in Stark County, why can’t we have something like this, and women in Stark County won’t have to be harassed anymore.