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Review Of De Porres House Of Barbering In Dickinson, North Dakota

In about 2016, I began going to the Big Sky Barber Shop in Dickinson, owned by Matt and Paul Ellerkamp, who are cousins.  Matt and Paul were fairly polite and cordial to everyone, and for a time I believed that they were the best and most skilled barbers in Dickinson.

Even though the oil boom was over in Dickinson by the end of 2015, in 2016 and 2017 it was hard to get an appointment at the Big Sky Barber Shop, they were usually booked solid.  When I was getting my hair cut by Matt, I learned that he had a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Mary in Bismarck.

If anyone wondered why Matt was a barber, at $20 per haircut, times three customers per hour, times eight hours per day, that equals $480 per day, $2,400 per week, $120,000 per year.  But cutting hair all day long, and being on your feet all day long, is not easy, it is hard work.

It was not too much of a surprise to me, that Matt and Paul decided to relocate from their small, cramped barber shop, to a new location in 2018.  They were both making good money, they were usually completely booked, so why not get a bigger and nicer place.

I was surprised that Matt and Paul decided to occupy the whole ground floor of a historic building downtown, that required a complete and total renovation.  I had been inside of this building before recently, and I knew that this was a huge undertaking, what were Matt and Paul doing I wondered?

It turned out that Matt and Paul were opening “De Porres House of Barbering and Lounge”.  I was worried that they had gone too far, they might have been better off just sticking to being barbers, what they had been successfully making money at.  In any small town, especially Dickinson, you need to be very cautious about grandiose business plans.  Dickinson has gone through some very, very lean times in the past.

Today, was my first, and last time, trying to get my hair cut at De Porres House of Barbering and Lounge.  The four on-street parking spaces in front of De Porres were occupied, so I parked in the city lot across the street.  I didn’t know how busy they were going to be, it was about 10:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.

When I walked in the front door of De Porres House of Barbering, I was shocked, and I thought to myself, “What is this place?”, because there was an alcohol bar, bartender, and lounge right when you walk in.  I was thinking, this is not what I wanted at all, I just want to get a haircut, that’s all.

I guessed that you were supposed to ask the bartender if they had any walk-in appointments available, and the bartender asked me my first and last name, and he put me down for 10:45 a.m. with “Dave”.  In a matter of seconds I received a text message on my phone that I had an appointment at 10:45 a.m., they must have had my name and phone number in their system.

I had a coke to drink while I waited, and there was a man and a woman seated in the lounge who were apparently waiting to get a haircut.  In the back, I could see that Matt and Paul were busy with other customers, and so was the barber named Dave.  Within a few minutes, I received a text message that my appointment was now being re-scheduled to 11:00 a.m.

At first I was not too annoyed, I was just not very comfortable in this place, I was not seeking this kind of experience, I just wanted a haircut.  A customer went and sat at the bar drinking a beer, he told the bartender that his occupation was as a commercial truck driver.  Keep in mind that this was now 10:45 a.m. in the morning.

As I continued to wait, I saw a very large message board, where customers had paid in advance for haircuts and pints of beer for the local Catholic Monsignor and Catholic priests.  This was very off-putting to me, as I believe that the Catholic Church is probably the most corrupt institution in the World, and each local Monsignor and priest is complicit in this corruption, if not actively involved in molesting children.

I found myself becoming more and more angry, as my re-scheduled appointment time for 11:00 a.m. came and went.  I said to the bartender, that I was very angry, I no longer wanted a haircut, and that I would not ever be coming back.

I now think of Matt and Paul Ellerkamp as assholes.  This De Porres House of Barbering and Lounge is more like a monument to themselves, and something that arose out of their ego, pride, and arrogance.  They went from having a quick, efficient, dependable barber shop, to something that is an impediment and obstacle to getting a haircut.

I would not want this kind of lounge at a car dealer service department, a tire store, an attorney’s office, a dentist’s office, a chiropractor’s office, or any service provider where I came to get something done quickly, competently, and efficiently.  Alternatively, why don’t the Paragon, the Spur, the Rock Bar, Bernie’s Esquire Club, and the Eagles Lodge start cutting hair?

If you want to go to a barber shop like the Big Sky Barber Shop used to be, where you can quickly get in and get out with no fuss, I recommend Luke Simons’ Gentlemen’s Barber Shop.


Video Showing Why The Theodore Roosevelt Library And Museum Is Not Being Built In Dickinson, North Dakota

For those of you who don’t know, Theodore Roosevelt before he became president of the United States in 1901, from 1883 to 1885 he spent time on a cattle ranch approximately forty miles west of Dickinson in an area that is called Medora.

In approximately 2014, Dickinson State University began the process of taking print and photographic archival records of Theodore Roosevelt, and digitizing them so that they could be stored and accessed electronically with computers.  Though other people may have had the idea a long time ago, this is when it became more well known and discussed that Dickinson State University might be a good place for a Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum.

Having the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum at DSU would have greatly increased the importance and prestige of Dickinson State University.  It would have kept DSU in the news perpetually, and brought more students, researchers, professors, funding, grants, and donations.

This would have been very good publicity for the City of Dickinson, and something that it could boast about.  Increased visitors, tourists, researchers, and students would have meant more revenue for restaurants, hotels, and businesses in Dickinson.

A Theodore Roosevelt Foundation was formed in order to plan the funding, design, and construction of the Presidential Library and Museum in Dickinson.  Donations and grants were sought, and the City of Dickinson pledged to provide more than a million dollars.

In order to have an excellent board of directors for the Theodore Roosevelt Foundation, board members were selected from scholars, business people, and descendants of Theodore Roosevelt throughout the United States, living on the east coast, the west coast, and in large cities like Denver.  This selection process was the beginning of the end, this would turn out to be disastrous for Dickinson.

People living on the east coast, the west coast, and places like Denver, they are liberal, they hate places like small town conservative Dickinson, North Dakota in the mid-west.  Before long, out of nowhere, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum began speaking on behalf of North Dakota in regards to the construction of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Dickinson, and the Governor did not want it to be constructed in Dickinson either.

With very little effort, the majority of the people on the board of directors of the Theodore Roosevelt Foundation became persuaded by Governor Doug Burgum that it was O.K. for the Presidential Library and Museum to be constructed elsewhere, even though it was the people of Dickinson that came up with the idea, plans, and had formed the Theodore Roosevelt Foundation in the first place for the purpose of building the Library and Museum in Dickinson.

This was a great tragedy for Dickinson, but I understand North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum’s dislike for Dickinson.  The local people in Dickinson, are mean, hostile, unfriendly, unhelpful, and uncooperative.  They hate people who are from someplace else, they mistreat and take advantage of people who are from someplace else, and they hate education.  The local people in Dickinson have been like this for more than the past one hundred years, and they are changing at a snail’s pace.

From the point of view of the people in Fargo, Bismarck, and the Governor, having the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Dickinson, would be a public relations disaster for the State of North Dakota, with the way the people in Dickinson act.  People from around the World might have traveled to Dickinson to visit the Library and Museum, researchers, scholars, professors, and tourists, only to be stopped and arrested by the City of Dickinson Police, assaulted by hoodlums, robbed by Meth addicts, taken advantage of by Dickinson businesses, and treated like shit by the people in Dickinson.

The local people in Dickinson don’t know how bad they are, they think that they are friendly.  I have attached two short videos below that are a re-creation of what people like Governor Doug Burgum may have experienced in Dickinson.  In the first video, this shows how local Dickinson women act when they are employed at local businesses.

In the second video below, this shows a re-creation of what kind of interaction that Governor Doug Burgum may have had in Dickinson to make him believe that the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum could not be built in Dickinson.

Not Caring About Anything In Dickinson, North Dakota

For the past three months in Dickinson, I leave home to drive more than an hour to work in the dark, I work for twelve hours, then I drive for more than an hour home from work in the dark.  When I get home from work, I eat, then I go to sleep for about seven hours, then it is time for me to wake up to go back to work.

The driving and working, which adds up to a little over fourteen hours each day, is somewhat tiring.  The weather, the snow and ice, the extreme cold, my problems, and my co-workers’ problems, make everything more tiring, it makes it exhausting.

One of my co-workers this winter, he hit a deer on the way to work which totaled his mini-van.  Next, this same co-worker, driving a borrowed vehicle, he hit a snow drift across the road on the way to work, and he damaged his borrowed vehicle.  One week later, this co-worker hit another deer on the way to work, and he totaled his borrowed vehicle.

Very often, the roads are slick and covered with ice and snow.  Due to the North Dakota winds which are nearly constant on the barren prairie, the snow is driven in flurries and drifts across the road, which reduce visibility, and make it hard to see deer and snow drifts on the road when driving.

Me and my co-workers, we just hope that we don’t have car problems.  Today, when the temperature was -17 degrees Fahrenheit, and the Wind Chill effect was -40 degrees Fahrenheit, my female co-worker’s truck battery went dead, while she was running her truck.  It wasn’t her truck alternator, the alternator tested O.K., it was her truck battery.

Eight weeks ago while I was at work, after I had worked my scheduled twelve hours, I had to continue working for another twelve hours because someone quit, and during this second twelve hours, the alternator on my truck quit working.  My co-workers helped me change my alternator, I was very cold and tired, and my co-workers did 60%-70% of the work, my hands couldn’t feel the bolts, and especially not the screws.

In a recent previous blog post, I wrote about “My $1,000 trip to the Killdeer Mountains” on Christmas Eve, where I cut and destroyed one new tire, destroyed the spare tire, and had to get my truck towed back to Dickinson for a $500 tow fee.  In another recent previous blog post, I wrote about the Dickinson Police ticketing my vehicle and my neighbor’s vehicle, and having my neighbor’s vehicle towed away.  After one week, the tow fees on my neighbor’s vehicle were $405, and he was never able to get his vehicle back.

The way things are in Dickinson, with work, with Winter, the ice, snow, extreme cold, dangerous driving conditions, vehicle problems, and the Dickinson Police, not only is there no desire on my part to go anywhere, it is in fact too costly and too dangerous to try to go anywhere.

Is there anywhere in Dickinson to go, or worth going to, like a nice, enjoyable restaurant?  The answer is no.  Do I want to drive to Bismarck, the State Capitol one hundred miles to the east?  No.

The work, the cold, the dark, ice and snow, it is very bleak living in Dickinson, North Dakota.

On the internet, when I see videos of the cities and suburbs in the South and Southwest, places like Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, there is no way that I want to live like that, like rats and roaches crawling on top of each other, where people have hardly any personal space to themselves.

The only thing good about North Dakota, is that there are very few people, because no one wants to live here.

Watch The Beautiful Young Russian Girl Milana

A couple of days ago, I was watching YouTube videos of young girls performing yoga partner exercises in imitation of experienced yoga practitioners.  These videos were all similar in that these girls could hardly stop laughing long enough to accomplish any of the poses that they were imitating.  They were also similar in that they all had on shorts that were way too short and revealing, and they didn’t care.

I left some comments to their videos making fun of them, but not in a mean way.  I wanted to taunt them some more, because they were kind of looking for trouble and attention anyway, but I didn’t want to get into trouble with my comments, because these girls were about 16 years old.

Later, YouTube included in my list of recommended videos, a Russian video that I thought could have been classified as child pornography.  For those of you not familiar with the internet website YouTube, they are very strict about prohibiting videos with nudity, but it sometimes happens that videos get uploaded to YouTube that haven’t been complained about and removed yet.

I was unsure what was going to happen in this Russian video with a young girl of about 12 years old.  As this video ended, it turned out to not have any nudity, and it was not pornographic, but I wondered what they were doing with this young girl, it looked like she was being exploited.

It turned out that I was wrong, she was not being exploited, I got the wrong impression from the first video of her that I watched.  After watching about five more videos of her, I found out what was going on.

This Russian girl is named Milana.  She is the youngest child, and perhaps she came as a surprise to her parents, a middle-class Russian couple, because their other children are full grown.  Her mother and father are rather large portly Russians, sturdy, with dark features.  It must have come as a surprise to them that not only did they have one more child late in their life, but that this child would be such a fair, delicate, beautiful girl.

Because this girl Milana was such a surprise to her parents, especially her beauty, they began video recording her, and posting these videos to YouTube showing her when she was eleven or twelve years old.  Rather than exploiting her, her father and mother are very proud of her, watchful, and protective.

This first video below, I originally planned on including this video in a blog post without much explanation, just to anger women, who would be sure to think the worst, like I did.

Once I had watched about five of these videos with Milana, my purpose in showing her videos changed.  Her mother and father who are in their fifties, who are not glamorous looking people themselves, realized how remarkable looking their daughter was, and wanted to capture this on video, and share it.

Her parents frequently take her on outings, and it is fun to see how she reacts to things, experiencing sights and places for the first time, as a young new person, unburdened by care, worry, fear, or self-doubt.

In this second video, this is a better representation of what her parents are trying to do with her videos.

What is also interesting to me, is that due to the way that Milana’s parents are, she is not focused on material possessions, cell phone, celebrity news, money, or wanting things.  There are many more videos of her and her family, which show a much different way of life than we have in the United States.

Young High School Girl With Tourette Syndrome

I was watching videos on YouTube last night, when I saw a video of a young high school girl in Canada who has Tourette Syndrome.  For those of you who don’t know, a person with Tourette Syndrome will make spontaneous involuntary movements or verbalizations.

One of the most noticeable and problematic aspects of Tourette Syndrome, is that people who have this disorder can spontaneously and unintentionally utter the worst possible words and statements, at the worst possible time, such as appearing to call people “nigger”, “cunt”, “whore”, “slut”, or announcing “I like to have sex”.

The first video that I watched from this young lady, Claire Sophia, was about twenty-six minutes in length.  She was home in bed, and she woke up at midnight to make this video.  She read from her notebook, the phrases that she commonly spoke and she demonstrated the movements that she commonly made.  Though she was calm, relaxed, and comfortable in her own bedroom, demonstrating her common phrases and movements often led to her involuntarily repeating these phrases and movements in the video.

From this first video that I watched from Claire Sophia, I got the wrong impression.  I thought that she had some control over her spontaneous phrases and movements, that she could suppress it or catch it if she was paying attention.  As I watched several more of her videos, I saw that she sometimes had very severe fits that lasted for half an hour that she was unable to stop.

It is important for people to watch several of Claire Sophia’s videos for the following reasons.  Although many people know or think that they know what Tourette Syndrome is, they may not really know how upsetting, insulting, embarrassing, and provoking the verbalizations can be unless they see it.  Also, the verbalizations and movements could lead observers to mistakenly believe that they have some kind of mental illness or psychosis such as schizophrenia or hallucinations.

The video below, is an example of a moderate occurrence of involuntary verbalizations and movements in Claire Sophia.  In other videos, she has much more severe effects.

In the second video below, this shows a more severe period of Tourette’s for Claire Sophia.


The Danger Of Getting Towed In Dickinson, North Dakota

About five days ago I had a bright orange ticket from the Dickinson Police Department left on my vehicle windshield.  This ticket was for having my vehicle parked on the street in one spot for more than 48 hours.  The ticket was only $15, but there was a notice that my vehicle would be towed away in 48 hours if I did not move it.

Since I bought this vehicle, I have had a fear of it getting towed.  It is a full-time four-wheel-drive vehicle, similar to an all-wheel-drive vehicle.  If my vehicle is towed the wrong way, the damage that is caused to the transmission costs over $4,000 to repair.

Jeep Grand Cherokees with Quadra-Trac, AWD Audis, AWD Mercedes, AWD BMWs, AWD Subarus, and Range Rovers, have all four wheels permanently linked to the transmission and transfer case.  If a tow truck driver lifted one end of one of these vehicles with a wheel cradle, and towed it with the other set of wheels on the ground, it would break the linkage in the transfer case.  For a Jeep Grand Cherokee the linkage is a chain in the transfer case, and this repair costs about $2,800 from what I have read, but for all the other vehicles mentioned above the linkage is a viscous coupler, and the repair is more than $4,000.

Would a tow company admit to causing $4,000 damage to a vehicle from towing it the wrong way?  If you watch The People’s Court on television, the answer is no, tow companies do not usually admit to towing a vehicle the wrong way.  You would have to file a small claims court case against the tow company and you would have to prove with evidence that the tow company caused the linkage in the transfer case to break, which they would deny.

Another problem that I worry about now that I see that I am going to get ticketed for leaving my vehicle parked on the street for more than 48 hours, is what kind of parking rotation procedure am I going to use every 48 hours, to where my vehicle doesn’t end up in the same exact spot six days later.  I could move my vehicle three times in a six day period, and the Dickinson Police Officer who ticketed my vehicle would be back on duty, and he would say, “I am going to call to have this vehicle towed, it is in the same exact spot where I ticketed it six days ago.”

I telephoned the manager of the apartment building where I live, and I said that in the 1-1/2 years that I have lived in this building, I have parked on the street, because I realized that there is a shortage of parking in front of the building, but since I am going to get ticketed now for parking on the street, can I have an assigned parking space?  The apartment manager said that they can not assign a parking space to everyone, there are not enough spaces for everyone.  I asked if they had a garage available, and the manager said that they might have a garage available, and it would cost $60 per month.

On the same day that my vehicle was ticketed about five days ago, the vehicle behind me was also ticketed.  The owners of the vehicle behind me, I don’t think that they understood the ticket or the threat of being towed, because they are from a foreign country, and they did not remove the bright orange ticket from their vehicle, or move their vehicle.  About one day ago, their vehicle got towed.

Today, as I was walking up the stairs, the owner of this vehicle was walking down the stairs.  I asked him if his vehicle got towed, and if there was something wrong with it.  He said, yes, that it had a dead battery.  I asked if there was anything else wrong with it that it would not run, and he said no.  I asked him if he was going to get it out of the tow yard, and he said, “Probably.”  I couldn’t understand why he let it get towed in the first place.

I asked him, and he told me that he was willing to sell this vehicle, and how much he wanted for it, about $500.  I don’t know if there is something else wrong with it, or if he does not have a Title for it in his name, because if it runs O.K. it should be worth at least $1,500.  I don’t think that he knew how much the tow fees and storage fees were going to be, because if he did, he probably would have pushed it or dragged it to a different spot, to prevent it from being towed.

I called the tow company to ask how much the tow fees and storage fees were, and the tow company said $125 for the tow, and $40 per day for storage.  This is the second day that the tow company has had my neighbor’s vehicle, and if it goes just a few days longer, there is almost no chance that he will ever get this vehicle back.  After just a few more days, the tow company fees will be equal to one month’s rent for the apartment that he lives in.

Poor people, are poor because of their life circumstances, mental problems, emotional problems, health problems, accidents, bad decisions, lack of education, lack of understanding, irresponsibility, and so forth.  All they may be able to afford is a studio apartment in an old building downtown with not enough parking in the parking lot, so they park on the street.  All they may be able to afford is an old vehicle with some mechanical problems, that sometimes doesn’t run, that maybe they can’t even drive because they can’t pay for insurance.  So it gets ticketed by the Dickinson Police and towed away a few days later.

At $40 per day storage fees, a poor person is very likely not going to ever get their vehicle back.  They do not understand how quickly the storage fees will accumulate.  The first day $165, in one week $405, in two weeks $685.  What are these fees all about?

In Dickinson, I have some vehicles in storage, and I pay $45 per month.  At the Dickinson Airport, I believe that it costs $8 per day to leave your vehicle inside of their fenced, access controlled parking lot.  However if you are a poor person, with not very good understanding, the Dickinson Police will help to make sure that you get charged $40 per day for your vehicle so that they can take it from you.

To be clear, if you are wealthy enough to own a home, where you can park your vehicle in your driveway, garage, or yard, you won’t have the Dickinson Police bothering you.  But if you are very poor, and you live in the poorest area of Dickinson, and your car doesn’t always run, the Dickinson Police have this scheme where they will take your car and you won’t be able to get it back.

Being so poor, having nothing left, and making poor decisions, the only way that these desperately poor families have to come up with $405 to $685 to get their vehicle back, is to sell their children to sex traffickers.

Miss Teen Poland Swimsuit Competition

I don’t really like beauty pageants, and I kind of feel sorry for young women trying to get ahead by appearing almost completely nude.  However, this feeling of sympathy, comes from being brought up with the wrong idea and understanding of women.

It’s a trick and deception to feel sorry for women.  The reality is that you will never in your life come across anything more treacherous, dishonest, scheming, and malevolent than women.  Once you understand this, you are on your way to having a happier, more successful, more productive life.  If you fail to understand this, you will fail in life, likely always being poor, in debt, and miserable.

So sit back and enjoy this video of young Polish women competing against each other to prove who is the hottest, most attractive, and most desirable for mating:


Contestant #10 at the 2:50 mark, is that Codi Miller?  I didn’t know that Codi was Polish.  Is she allowed to do this, I think that she is like 25 years old now?….O.K. I saw from the pageant banner at the end of this video that this pageant was in 2013, so Codi would have been 19 years old then.

Here are some of my favorite viewer comments:

Gerald Wilson
Not a tattoo in sight….. simply lovely !
Peter Stevenson
Nice to see girls that are not covered in tattoos
c Mc
All the diversity you need, red hair, blond, dark and light brown, black hair, light skin, tanned skin, brown eyes, green and blue eyes, don’t need any more diversity.
Nobody Move
Next year, Miss American contestants will be required to wear full bee keeper outfits at all times. Sad. 😦
micky rooney
How very politically incorrect…..i’m glad to say
John Campbell
See ya later, I’m moving to Poland. 😀
Mike Boyd
Greatly enjoyed this. But actually would like to see their moms, too!
Something to keep in mind, is that Polish women age very well, they keep their looks for a very long time.  And these women are willing to work, you could get one of them and put them to work right away doing book keeping, working at a bank, being an office administrator, dispatcher, dental hygienist, beautician, bartender, or stripper.