Living And Working In Watford City, North Dakota

For both Dickinson and Watford City, North Dakota, I try to write about what living here is like, so that people from out of state will know what it is like. I would like for people to have an accurate understanding of what it will be like before they move here.

In Watford City I have been staying in a company leased apartment for the past four months. In the past four months, of the thirty five apartments that were occupied, I have seen seven apartments break their lease. All of the residents who broke their lease were from out of state. All of the residents who broke their lease were in their apartments for less than seven months.

In most places, like Phoenix or Tampa, someone who relocates from out of sate will stay for at least a year, at least until their lease runs out. If they lose their job, they get another job. Phoenix, Tampa, Salt Lake, Fort Worth, Denver, they are all pretty similar. They have McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, WalMart, Target, K-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse. There is none of that in Watford City.

Most people in the United States like to shop someplace that they like and eat someplace that they like when they get off work. This gives people something to look forward to, and it gives them a reason to work every day. In Watford City, just about every restaurant is terrible and over priced, and the only good places to shop are the CENEX gas station and Tractor Supply. The other thing that most people in the United States look forward to besides going out to eat and going shopping, is meeting and dating people. The ratio of men to women in Watford City is about 6:1, so there is a lack of women to date.

The vast majority of the women from out of state that have come to North Dakota on their own, have very bad backgrounds. They have behaved so badly and made such bad decisions where they came from, that they were no longer able to obtain employment and were not wanted where they came from. Many of these women are physically unattractive and somewhat mentally O.K., or they are physically attractive and mentally crazy, crazy not in a good way.

Unfortunately, about half of the workers who came to Watford City are White Trash. White Trash people are badly behaved, poor, uneducated, ignorant, dirty, and loud.

The local people in Watford City are tired of out of state workers, tired of the greatly increased traffic, tired of new construction everywhere. I don’t blame the local people in Watford City at all. I have to point out that most of the local people in Watford City have not had higher education, and have not traveled very much, so they don’t really see or understand that there is not a lot to do in Watford City.

Altogether, if you move to Watford City, the local people will not like you, most of the people in the area are White Trash people from out of state, if you see an attractive woman she is probably crazy as shit, there is nowhere good to eat, nowhere good to shop, there is very little to do, and it is very cold for about seven months out of the year. I forgot to mention that the police are extremely aggressive in giving speeding tickets and DUIs.

No, I don’t work for the Chamber of Commerce. Yes, I should get an award for this article.

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