Answering A Reader’s Questions About How I Date Women In Dickinson, North Dakota

A reader named “Cheryl”, a.k.a. ndgirlone, posted a comment to my blog post “Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, where she asked about how I date women.  To answer Cheryl’s question, for one thing, I give each girl/woman that I like the following Application For Relationship:

Application For Relationship

Please complete the following application.  Please answer all questions.  Please print clearly.  Incomplete or illegible applications will not be considered.

First Name:______________________  Last Name:__________________

Phone Number:___________________  Date of Birth:_________________

Current Address:______________________________________________

Height:_________________  Weight:____________  Race:_____________

Do you have Children:________  How many:_______  Do they live with you:____

Do you want Children:________  When:________________  How many:______

Current Occupation:_________________________

High School years completed:________________  Did you graduate:__________

Name of College or University attended:________________________________

Years at College or University:___________  Degree Awarded:_______________

Do you have any Diseases:__________________________________________

Do you have any Medical Condition:___________________________________

Do you have any Mental Condition:____________________________________

Do you Smoke:__________  How often:___________________

Do you use Drugs:______________________________________________

Are you Currently Married:_____________

Have you ever been Married:____________  How many times:______________

List activities, hobbies, and interests:_________________________________




Tell why you think that you would be a good person to date:_________________




Note:  You will be considered on a number of different factors.  For instance, a not very high education level can be compensated for by a good personality and disposition.

I always have blank Applications For Relationship in my vehicles.  For women that are working when they are dealing with you, like police officers, doctors, and nurses, you can give them an application so that they can fill it out later, and you don’t have to ask them a lot of questions while they are dealing with you.

When you are at a restaurant or a gym, it is better to hand women the application when you are on your way out, instead of when you first get there.

When you receive the completed application back, you can go and look them up on the internet to do a more thorough background check.

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