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Many Of The Issues This Spring Are Too Tangled For Me To Write About

This winter and early spring of 2022, I have spent a great deal of time following many different news items, but most of them are too complicated and unclear to make sense of and write about.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, in my opinion, in many people’s opinion, is not what it appears to be, or what we are told. Yes, Vladimir Putin would like to have Ukraine, its resources, its seaports back under Russian control. Yes, Vladimir Putin does not want NATO forces in Ukraine. But, there is evidence that the Ukrainian government is so corrupt, that Vladimir Putin might be doing the Ukrainian people a favor by taking control of its government.

In the United States, President Joe Biden has shown signs of dementia both before and during his Presidency. There has been substantial evidence of immense vote fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election. The U.S. Supreme Court, Vice President Mike Pence, Republican Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, State Courts, U.S. News, all appear to be in collusion to allow a fraudulent U.S. Presidential Election and a visibly incompetent mentally-ill person to serve as President.

In North Dakota, which is a very conservative state, there is widespread evidence that many politicians with Democratic beliefs at heart, claim to be Republican and run as a Republican in elections, but once elected, they behave like a Democrat. This happens with City Commissioners, County Commissioners, State Representatives, State Senators, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, and even the Governor of North Dakota. North Dakotans don’t seem to notice until the damage is already done.

I think that North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker would have made a better U.S. Senator than Senator John Hoeven. John Hoeven was Governor of North Dakota from 2000-2010, and U.S. Senator from 2011-2022. That’s twenty-two years in politics, and his net worth is about $45million. This is the exact same thing as Senators Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham, they become life-long politicians, are super-wealthy, are so far out-of-touch with normal life, they are like royalty. The U.S. was never supposed to have a permanent ruling-class royalty like the Czars of Russia, ordinary everyday citizens were supposed to participate in government for a brief time, hence avoiding corruption.

In my local District 39, there are multiple people running for State Senator and State Representative. Leading up to this race, there was a recent change in the North Dakota voting district map, which both the timing and configuration appeared to me, in my opinion to involve “gerrymandering”, changing the boundaries to disadvantage certain local politicians and candidates, and give an advantage to others. The first evidence of this, in my opinion, appeared at the District 39 Republican Party Officer election held in Amidon.

At the District 39 Republican Party Officer election in Amidon, from this point on, in my view, there began a division into two factions, one group aligned with business, and the other aligned with conservative principles. In making decisions, the first group asks themselves, what do the wealthy people who backed them expect them to do, and the second group asks themselves what does the Constitution say, how does this affect people’s rights, impact families?

The North Dakota Highway Patrol, in my opinion became the victim of the “Me Too” movement. What most people don’t know, is that there are probably only a total of fifty Highway Patrol a.k.a. State Police in North Dakota. On any given night, there are only about twelve Highway Patrol on duty across the entire state. The next closest HP Officer available for backup, is usually at least eighty miles away. In order for HP Officers to be able to handle potentially dangerous or deadly vehicle stops by themselves at night, the NDHP usually only hire experienced military combat veterans, typically U.S. Marines who have recently gotten out of the military or are already working in another Law Enforcement agency.

The NDHP Officers are usually more no-nonsense when they make a traffic stop. This is because of who the NDHP hires, the NDHP training, and because they want these HP Officers to continue operating in a military-like fashion. Very recently, a woman was stopped for speeding in the Fargo area by a HP Officer, and afterward she made a formal complaint alleging that the HP Officer got too personal with her because he asked her about going to college, what were her career plans, and he later tried to “follow” her on Instagram.

Over the preceding year there had been a couple of allegations by two women against two NDHP Officers for what was alleged to have occurred during a night of partying amongst a handful of off-duty HP Officers. Supposedly, at an HP Officer’s house, alcohol was consumed and so-and-so touched so-and-so.

In my opinion, NDHP Officers have suffered through their own physical abuse, brutality, horrible conditions, dangerous combat deployments, and mental trauma while serving in the U.S. Military. Now in their late 20s to early 40s, they continue to deal with life & death situations almost every day at work. Society is now so stupid, backwards, and dysfunctional, that we tolerate and seem to encourage women complaining that a NDHP Officer was “creepy” at a traffic stop, or touched her in a hot tub at a party. The stupid bitches that want to complain about what I just said, are too stupid to have any idea what the NDHP Officers have been through. Our society is probably not worth protecting or saving, mostly because we have allowed women to destroy it.

A couple of months ago, not far from where I live, a Hettinger County Sheriff Deputy was called to the Mott-Regent K-12 School, for what was described to him as something like a child-custody dispute. When the Sheriff Deputy arrived, he approached and talked to the suspect, who was the father of a child at this school. The father refused to exit the school, he became more adamant, then combative, then began to physically struggle with the Sheriff Deputy.

The witness statements, school security video, and Sheriff Deputy statements, all indicate that the Sheriff Deputy was choked to the point of unconsciousness twice during his physical struggle with the father, who was also trying to remove a knife from the Sheriff Deputy’s belt. It seems miraculous to me, that the Sheriff Deputy was able reach his firearm, fire once, and kill the father, just before he was choked to death and stabbed to death by the father.

For the entirety of the news coverage of this Law Enforcement Officer shooting at the Mott-Regent K-12 School, the name of the Sheriff Deputy was lawfully withheld at the request of the Sheriff’s Office. Just a few days ago, the name of the Sheriff Deputy was revealed in a news article, because it was contained within North Dakota BCI documents. I have met this Sheriff Deputy several times, and he is probably the nicest, least combative of the Hettinger County Sheriff Deputies. I think that it will be very difficult for him to ever get over this traumatic experience of both almost having been killed, and killing someone else, all happening so quickly, unexpectedly in a normal uneventful routine day.

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas by an 18 year old, is very suspicious to me. The Uvalde Police Department is going to forever face criticism for waiting between 40 to 90 minutes to confront the 18 year old barricaded within an elementary school classroom where he killed two teachers and seventeen children. Were the Uvalde Police Officers following orders to not attempt to enter the classroom, were they waiting for S.W.A.T. to arrive, or were they just too scared of getting shot?

There are several things that make me wonder what actually happened at the school in Uvalde, Texas: 1) The News Media and Law Enforcement have ceased mentioning what happened to the armed Uvalde Police School Resource Officer who was supposed to be on duty at the school, but was absent from the school at that moment for some reason.

2) It was school policy and procedure for all building doors to remain closed & locked on the outside. Why was one school door that normally remains closed & locked, left visibly propped open at that moment? Who unlocked and propped this door open? Undergoing a Police pursuit, how did this 18 year old shooter know to run to the exact school door that was left unlocked and propped open?

3) Several different firearm experts have added up the cost of the 18 year old shooter’s two rifles, one pistol, many rifle magazines, very large amount of ammo, expensive rifle laser sight, and body armor, and calculated that this is about $9,000 worth of equipment. A) This 18 year old had not worked at his job at Wendy’s for a year, he had been mocked in high school for being poor, how did he get $9,000 worth of equipment? B) He did not have a driver’s license, how did he provide ID to purchase his two rifles and one pistol? C) Most experienced long-time shooters have had difficulty obtaining even small amounts of ammo due to supply shortages, how did this 18 year old manage to get 1600 rounds of ammo?

4) Carrying two rifles, one pistol, and the amount of rifle magazines that this 18 year old had, would be extremely difficult, especially while being the subject of a Police pursuit. Military veterans say that these things would be a difficult heavy load to carry, even with practice while on duty in the military.

5) How was this untrained? 18 year old able to successfully flee from a Police shootout with multiple trained Police Officers, get in a vehicle, drive to the school area, and run on foot and enter the school carrying two rifles, one pistol, and many loaded magazines, a difficult heavy load?


I Hate Ashley Timm’s Tattoos

This evening I saw for the very first time, a video from the TikTok account MsAshleyTimm. In this video, Ashley Timm was excitedly explaining that she was unexpectedly asked to interview for the operations manager position where she worked.

I thought that Ashley was very nice looking, attractive, well-spoken, intelligent, and likeable. However, I was horrified to see that both of her forearms were almost completely covered in awkward tattoos. I was so angry at her for doing this to herself.

Even though I knew it was mean, my anger was greater than my concern for Ashley’s feelings, and I wrote, “You could have been so beautiful without those tattoos, you diminished your potential so much, shows lack of good sense.”

In response, Ashley made a TikTok reaction video, as if I was telling her that she would never accomplish or amount to anything. That’s not what I meant at all.

I commented back to Ashley that she had come to the attention of higher management. I said that she would probably eventually meet the actual business owner or CEO, who might invite her to a dinner party or country club. If not for her tattoos, she could have socialized with the upper class, but those people worked too hard clawing their way to the top, to hang with street people.

Ashley replied back that she had already met the business owners, they liked her tattoos, so what I was saying wasn’t true.

I then did some research on Ashley, where she was working, where she was from, what was her background. She was an unusually interesting person.

Briefly, Ashley was from Corona, California. After graduating from high school in 2003, she worked for five years in human resources for a large retail store. Ashley then joined the Navy where she worked in operations for 12 years, receiving several commendations for competency. She was stationed in Japan, Bahrain, and the U.S.

When Ashley’s second enlistment was completed, she began attending college full-time, I believe studying Criminal Justice. At this same time, Ashley is working full-time at her job, and she has just completed writing a “Lesbian Romance Novel”. Ashley is quite vocal about being a lesbian.

In doing my research on Ashley, I watched approximately half of her TikTok videos. More than once she elaborates that she would rather be immersed in hot lava with piranhas and run through a wood chipper than date a man. She is adamant that she is absolutely not attracted to men.

The more I watched Ashley, the more I liked her. Even being as mean as she can be, Ashley comes across as nicer and friendlier than most women. Just about everyone comments that she looks and acts exactly like the actress Amy Adams.

I do like Ashley, her looks, her personality, her mannerisms, her humor, her competency. Even though she’ll deny it a thousand times, I believe that she likes some men, but will not accept these feelings because they go against everything she wants to believe.

My opinion, is that some of the things that Ashley does, staying excessively busy, the tattoos, engaging in minimalism, and some depravation, is to not allow or block out some feelings that she doesn’t want.

Of course, she blocked me. I don’t blame her, she shouldn’t waste her time and energy arguing with me. Thinking of her, even porcupines like to be picked up, held, and petted sometimes.

Here is the first video that I saw of Ashley:


nothing is final but… i’ve only been working here for like a month 😂😂 #fyp #movingonup #hotelbusiness #GameTok

♬ original sound – Ashley Timm

Southwest North Dakota’s Strange Way Of Handling The April 2022 Blizzard

On Saturday, April 9th, a co-worker said something to me about heavy snowfall forecasted for this coming Tuesday. Recently I had been looking at the weather reports for a few days ahead, but I hadn’t noticed that snow was expected. Temperatures for the past week had been in the 50s, and I thought that winter was over.

I had planned on driving my 1982 diesel Mercedes on the long drive to work for the remainder of the spring, summer, and fall because it gets about 25 mpg. This vehicle is not good at all in the snow, because it only has six inches of ground clearance, it’s rear-wheel-drive, and the front end is very heavy. I am glad that someone said something to me about snow, I fear that I might not have realized what was going to happen in time to know that I needed to drive a different vehicle. I thought about what could have happened, having to drive one hour to work, not being able to make it home after work, becoming stuck, inconveniencing other people, and looking like an idiot.

On Monday I put a full tank of gas in my 1997 Dodge 1500 4×4. I bought this truck for $2,000 a couple years ago after seeing it on Facebook Marketplace. I believed that this was a good deal, even though I recognized that this truck either already had or showed symptoms of everything that had gone wrong with my 1996 Dodge 1500 4×4, including a variety of transmission peculiarities, headlight malfunctions, intermittent starter problems, and more. But, I had already learned several work-arounds for what was wrong, and I had faith in this truck, though it was far from trouble-free. I am emphasizing that there is nothing special about this truck.

At the grocery store on Monday, I noticed that the parking lot was much fuller than normal. Inside the store, almost all of the bread was gone. People were stocking up on groceries in preparation for this winter storm. When I looked at Facebook, TikTok, weather reports, and news services on Monday evening, there were notices and discussions about the blizzard that was supposed to begin at 6:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and continue through 6:00 p.m. Thursday evening.

On Tuesday morning at 3:00 a.m., it began to snow. When I began driving to work at 5:00 a.m., the streets and highways had not been plowed at all, not once. The blizzard wasn’t supposed to start until 6:00 a.m., so I hadn’t expected there to be so much snow accumulation right away. The depth of snow, amount of blowing snow, and greatly reduced visibility, made driving difficult. I was glad that there was no one else on the roads at that time in the early morning.

My initial impression, was that the snowplows in the several counties that I drove through on my way to work, hadn’t started plowing yet, because the blizzard had just started. As Tuesday went on, I spoke to co-workers, checked the news, weather forecasts, and Facebook, and I noticed that citizens, the North Dakota DOT, and Law Enforcement were advising everyone to stay home for the duration of the blizzard, if they did not have to be out.

Readers may be wondering, why was I at work? I have been working at this particular 100-acre industrial site for the past five years, which is manned 24 hours per day, every day of the year, including every holiday. If someone from the company that I work for wasn’t on site performing hourly reporting/documentation, we would all lose our jobs, not just the people who didn’t show up.

On Tuesday evening, I was able to drive home. There were some snowdrifts on Hwy 22, and visibility was reduced at times, but conditions were nearly the same as what a driver would encounter during a typical North Dakota winter snowfall with high winds. Wednesday morning was when some of my co-workers began calling in saying that they could not get out of their driveway because the city streets had not been plowed, or they made it out to the highway, but the highway had not been plowed.

I realized on Wednesday morning that I was possibly going to have to stay at the industrial site where I work for a day or two, to fill-in for co-workers who could not get there. I stopped at a rural small-town gas station to fuel up my truck again. At this gas station, 9 times out of 10 the card reader on the gas pump will not process my debit card, and I have to go inside to pay. But this gas station was closed now, because of the blizzard. Luckily, my newest credit card worked at the pump. However, there was large diesel Chevy 3500 truck towing a large equipment trailer that was parked at an adjacent pump, not pumping diesel, not running, that looked to be stuck there because the fuel pump card reader wouldn’t work.

Later on Wednesday, an older co-worker of mine called and said that he could not come to work, not because the roads weren’t plowed, but because he could not get fuel for his large Chevy 3500 dually, because his local small-town gas station was closed. He and his wife did not have a credit card or debit card. ( Some readers will know and understand why some people don’t have a credit card or debit card, while other readers will not know or understand.)

Between Wednesday and Thursday, three of my co-workers were unable to make it to work, one because city streets were not plowed, one because highway was not plowed, and one because he could not get fuel, the gas station was closed. A fourth co-worker got stuck going home, because the city streets were not plowed. I had to stay at work to cover two shifts for other people, in addition to my own work shift.

When I was able to leave work to go home on Thursday evening, at the same time that the blizzard was supposed to have ended at 6:00 p.m., the roads that I took for the first 30 miles were icy, but not covered in deep snow. Unexpectedly, when I got to within 20 miles of my house, Hwy 22 was closed by a Sheriff and Highway Patrol. There was a tractor-truck & trailer, and two small Kia cars behind it, bumper-to-bumper at a complete stop on Hwy 22, without their hazard flashers on, waiting to be rear-ended, just sitting there about 300 feet from what looked like an accident.

I drove up to the where the Sheriff was standing, and then I could see that something like a Chrysler 300 sedan was stuck or stopped at a snowdrift in the road. There were no emergency vehicles, tow truck, or snowplow anywhere. All the Sheriff had to say was, “Hwy 22 is closed.” I turned around, and while driving back, I stopped and told the male driver of the first Kia car, “There’s a snowdrift, the road is closed, going to be closed for a while.” As I started driving away, I heard this man in the Kia yelling at me out his open car window, “Fuck you, you mother fucking cocksucker.”

I think that the man in the Kia was yelling and cursing at me, because he was wanting to ask me when the road would be clear, and how to get where he was going, but I had no answer for him, I wasn’t in charge of this, and there was no alternate route that I could tell him. Shortly after this, I saw that my Dodge truck transmission overheat warning light was on, so I had to pull off the road at a turn-out and stop. With the slightly bad transmission in this Dodge truck, I can’t drive the whole way home in 4wd-high, or with the overdrive enabled.

I went back to the industrial site where I worked. I looked on the internet, and I could not find any clear answers on what highways were open, what highways were closed, and when closed highways would be open. I hated to even try, but I was tired of still being at work, so I set out attempting to go a different way which I knew would be much, much worse.

I drove 20-35 miles west on a small highway that was icy and had bad snowdrifts, to get to Hwy 85 that had flashing signs saying it was closed, drove 45 miles on closed Hwy 85 that was very icy, with very bad snowdrifts, to get to another very icy, worst snowdrifts-of-all highway for 20-35 miles. Along the way, I saw a couple of 4-wheel-drive vehicles that had gone off the road and became stuck, but no one was still inside them.

I was thinking and realizing, that just because that Chrysler 300 on Hwy 22 couldn’t make it past that one snowdrift when I was 20 miles from my home, I had to turn around and drive 90 miles the other way, and go through at least a dozen snow drifts that were as bad as that one on Hwy 22, but in the dark. If that tractor-truck & trailer behind the Chrysler 300 would have been in front of it instead, that snowdrift would have been obliterated enough for everyone behind the tractor-truck & trailer to get through.

Being upset and dissatisfied with what had happened over the past three days, I was puzzled at how southwest North Dakota had handled this blizzard. It can snow in North Dakota from October through April, often times for days and weeks in a row throughout the winter. Starting out with completely clear & dry roads on Monday April 11, why was it such a big deal and difficult job that snow plows couldn’t run on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday?

To put it a different way, North Dakota has to cope with snowfall from October through April, it can snow for days and weeks in the winter, how could the snowplows in North Dakota be overwhelmed from just three days of snow in April? The highways in rural areas did not have an accumulation of deep snow due to the high winds, the problem on the rural highways was snowdrifts in certain places. It appeared to me that one single county snowplow making one pass per every 1-2 hours would have adequately dealt with the snowdrifts.

The other thing that was very upsetting to me, and handled wrong in my opinion, was that every small-town gas station and rural emergency services building was closed. If I would have had to pick up a stranded motorist on Hwy 22 or Hwy 85, where would I take them? What would I do with them? I couldn’t have taken them very far, Hwy 22 and Hwy 85 were closed, remember?

It appeared to me, that for some reason, the snow plows were held back from going anywhere, or prevented from doing very much on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in certain counties. I don’t know what political fight was going on, or if some type of statement was trying to be made, by making sure that roads would be closed, instead of open.

Here are a couple of Facebook comments from Friday, from people wondering the same things that I was wondering:

Connie O. H.,  “Are the county plows out on the county roads?”

Thomas J. S., “It was a big snowstorm, and certainly a serious challenge to life and limb, but IT WAS NOT a “blizzard” by the definition used by the National Weather Service…The people of North Dakota know what a blizzard is, and this storm lacked 2 of 5 required parameters.”

The more I thought, “What would I have to do with a stranded motorist? Take them back to my house, feed them, find them a place to sleep?” Then I realized, that’s why all of the small-town gas stations were closed, the owner/managers/workers didn’t want people being dropped off, having no place to go, and having to stay inside a gas station & convenience store that normally closes at 6:00 p.m. Like Daytona Beach during Black Spring Break, all of the businesses in North Dakota close during a blizzard.

In order to understand how much North Dakotans really do not want to help other people, here are some quotations that I copied and pasted from Facebook:

Ryan B., “They should have let them sit there. There is no reason official’s should risk their lives for stupidity.! Before anyone says you don’t know their reasons let me help you I don’t care!”

Lisa K. to Ryan B., “EXACTLY!! It was all about THEM! Now they have put other peoples live in danger because they were a-holes!”

David H., “Lots of warning should of just let them sit.”

Jason B., “Its like camping….for morons.”

Pam S. A., “stop defending these fools”

Joyce S. P., “…our first responders should NOT be expected to risk their lives because of someone elses stupidity and gross neglect of common sense…there needs to be a huge fine AND jail time for any and all that require a rescue like this UNLESS it was truly a matter of life or death that caused them to be out on the roads.”

Elizabeth K., “Shame on those people that put others at risk!”

Bob B.K., “And Why were they out on the roads???? GOOD GRIEF!! People must think that it will never happen to them.”

Mavis T. B., “Some people have absolutely NO common sense.”

Dana S., “Had to travel during a no travel warning didn’t they.”

Rock T., “You know the old saying. There’s a blizzard coming, let’s drive around and get stuck so people can risk their lives saving us!”

Do North Dakotans even know that there are heavier snowfall areas than North Dakota?  Alaska, the mountains of Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon have much heavier and more frequent snowfall than North Dakota.  Do people in AK, CO, UT, WA, and OR want to deny drivers who get stuck in snow assistance?  Probably not, because it is a common occurrence for drivers to get stuck in the snow in winter.  And these states make an effort to keep the roads clear, even when it is snowing and the wind is blowing.

Rising Fuel Prices Makes Me Even More Proud Of My 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel

When I was a kid growing up in the 1970s in Florida, my family was very car-conscious. My parents had a love of cars, that had to do with their appearance, performance, style, and as a status symbol. My father was an attorney in a small town, he didn’t make enough money to buy what would have been his first pick of new cars, but by looking in the newsprint Auto-Trader Classifieds and used car lots, he was able to buy a Lotus Europa, an Austin-Healey, a Porsche 914, an Audi 5000, and a couple of Jaguar XJ6s.

All of these used cars that my father bought needed never-ending repairs. Especially bad, by far the worst, were the XJ6s, so he bought two of these. The 1978 XJ6 became abandoned in the side yard, because it wouldn’t start. I needed to go somewhere one day, and I took the keys to it, it started, and I drove it. I thought that I was going to get in trouble for taking it, I was a sophomore in high school, but I didn’t, so I just kept driving it.

At my high school, in several of my classes, was a tall, pretty girl, whose parents owned five car dealerships. Through high school, she sent me a subscription each year of the duPont Registry car magazine. The duPont Registry at that time was a thick, gloss print magazine of exotic cars for sale: Porsche, Ferrari, Aston-Martin, Mercedes, Maserati, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Pantera, BMW. Here is a link in case you want to see what this magazine looks like these days https://www.dupontregistry.com/autos/

( The tall, pretty girl in my high school classes, the closest resemblance in appearance, demeanor, and speaking, is this girl Jane from Vero Beach, Florida https://www.tiktok.com/@nachoslicker/video/7074611747117714731?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id6947746048560809477 )

Looking at and reading about all of the exotic cars for sale in the duPont Registry, and trying to work on the broken cars that my family owned, was probably the main reason why I wanted to go to college to become a Mechanical Engineer. I wanted to understand, design, develop, and work on cars, and be able to afford the cars that I wanted to own.

When I finally graduated from college with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, one of the first jobs that I had was working at a bridge construction company in Florida. At this company, there was an engineer in his 50s named John who had worked all across the U.S. and South Africa. He considered himself to be an expert on Mercedes, especially diesel Mercedes. Nearly every day for the time that I worked there, we talked about Mercedes, especially because he was always going to look at cars that were for sale. Back then, you always wanted to see its “Book”, it had to have its “Book” if it was going to be considered an “honest” car.

As it was becoming the later half of the 1990s, from the automobiles that Mercedes began introducing, it appeared that the prominence of Mercedes was over. The peak of Mercedes design, style, sophistication, engineering, and distinction had been reached with the mid 1980s-early 1990s “S-Class”, designated within Mercedes as W126 (You don’t have to watch the entire 26-minute video below, this is just to get the general idea.)

The Pinnacle Of Mercedes, the W126

The 1990 300SE shown in the video above was roughly an $50K-$60K car when new. Though this car was well-made, from new it required regular scheduled maintenance at the Mercedes dealer, which was expensive compared to a Ford or Toyota. Once this vehicle became 5-6 years old, repairs on something like the air-conditioner could be several thousand dollars at a Mercedes dealer.

These mid 1980s-early 1990s S-Class W126 Mercedes were intricately complicated in electrical, fuel injection, and transmission. Once these cars became 10 years old, their used resale price was down to $8K-$20K, compared to their original sales price of $50K-$60K. One reason being, if the transmission needed an overhaul, the engine & transmission had to be removed from the vehicle as one unit, the transmission alone could not be removed by itself.

In my opinion, which is probably the truth, Mercedes began to be so electrically over-complicated because it was in competition with Lexus. Prior to the Mercedes W126, Mercedes owners had been satisfied with a more spartan vehicle: sturdy seats, plain dash & door trim, straight-forward analog gauges, simple controls, durable transmissions, reliable engines, and very high build-quality. These were the Mercedes W116 and W123:

Mercedes W116, 300SD shown above

In the video above, this shows an S-Class W116, which was a luxury vehicle. However, the Mercedes W123 consists of 240D, 300D, and 300TD which were used in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle-East, and South America as personal vehicles and taxis:

Mercedes W123, 300D Turbodiesel shown above

In the 1970s-1980s there were three different World events that caused gas shortages and periods of high gas prices in the U.S. In 1973 there was an Oil Embargo by OPEC. In 1979 there was the Iranian Revolution. In 1980 there was the Iran-Iraq War. At that time, diesel was less expensive per gallon than gasoline. And diesel vehicles got higher mpg than gasoline vehicles. In the U.S., the vehicles available that used diesel, got good mpg, and were reliable were Volkswagen Rabbit, Isuzu Pup, Audi 4000/5000, Mercedes 240D/300D/300TD.

The origin of my 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel is as follows. A farmer named Don Zimbleman of Fullerton, North Dakota bought this Mercedes new at a dealership in 1982. On November 17, 2020 there was a Don Zimbleman Farm Retirement Auction where this Mercedes was sold as lot #50. Don Zimbleman died four days later at the age of 85. Here is his very interesting obituary https://www.dahlstromfuneralhome.com/obituary/donald-zimbleman

The person who bought this Mercedes at auction for about $2,600, was a Missile Systems Crew Chief at Minot Air Force Base. He removed the exhaust, fuel pressure limiter, turbo boost limiter, and installed a larger turbo. A little more than a year later, in 2021 an oil field worker from Watford City bought this Mercedes, with the intention of putting its engine into a Toyota truck, and scrapping the car. In the Fall of 2021 I bought this car for $3,000, and saved it from being destroyed.

My 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel

When I bought this 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel, no one was impressed. I take that back, one of my co-workers who is in his early 60s, he recognized the car before he recognized that it was me driving it. He told me that he had always wanted one, his employer let him drive his in about 1990, it was very fast he said, it would go about 120 mph. How fast does this one go? About 125 mph, it has a larger turbo, and no exhaust on it.

But the important thing now, is that it gets about 30 mpg, because most of the driving that I do is not in stop-and-go-traffic, I mostly drive on highways in rural areas.

An Examination Of Golf Cart Girl Cass Holland

Over the past six months I have watched roughly a dozen TikTok videos from “Golf Cart Girl” Cass Holland. On the surface, in these videos Cass Holland is young, very attractive, funny, and she has a good disposition. But Cass is a good example for me to use in order to explain what other women are doing wrong.

The first few Golf Cart Girl videos that I saw of Cass Holland, I didn’t like her. I thought that she was a typical big-boobed, blond, dumb, complaining girl, with a stupid job. A couple of her videos were about some golfer who was trying to impress her and get a date with her. He took out a hundred dollar bill, tore it in half, and told her she could get the other half if she had dinner with him, something like that, he may have offered her additional money I believe to have dinner with him.

She didn’t like this man’s tactics, she thought about what to do, and she handled it appropriately, herself. She didn’t stomp off to the Club House trying to complain about him to the golf course manager or other golfers, trying to get him into trouble, making allegations of sexual harassment or solicitation.

As I continued to watch more of Cass Holland’s videos, it became apparent that she gets propositioned all day, every day at work. Sometimes subtly, bluntly, cleverly, awkwardly, funny, embarrassingly, appropriately, inappropriately. It is part of the job, in a way.

How can I say that being sexually harassed is part of any woman’s job? To answer this, is going to take more than one or two sentences, this may take more than several paragraphs: There are things that men do for fun, hobbies, sports that they play. Golf is a sport that men play during the day, that tends to have mostly successful, professional men that are business owners, managers, or are wealthy and able to be absent from a place of employment for the entire morning or afternoon during the middle of the week.

As part of a morning or afternoon outing with a group of men golfing, they engage in joking, amicable, friendly, boasting, competitive, or sparring conversations. And, just as likely consume some alcohol while golfing and socializing. In this frame of mind, it is not surprising that these men have something to say to the Golf Cart Girl, that they think is funny or entertaining.

In order to not ruin the jovial mood, make any golfer feel bad, or begin a confrontation, a smart Golf Cart Girl will not lash out and attack every golfer who says something stupid to her. Stop and think about this. If the Golf Cart Girl got into a fight every time a golfer said something that she didn’t like or thought was inappropriate, would ANY or MANY male golfers choose to buy drinks from her? Would male golfers choose to not even continue going to this particular golf course if the Golf Cart Girl was contentious?

In the 1990s there was a best-selling book titled, “The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People”. In this book, the author states that the first three habits are, “Begin with the End in mind. Put First things First. Think, and Choose your response.” I don’t know how or where Cass Holland learned or came to know these three things, but she does.

Beginning with the End in mind, I think that Cass Holland thought about the money that she stands to make, the pleasantness of being able to work outside on a beautiful golf course, and the interesting successful people that she gets to meet at this particular place of employment. Putting First things First, Cass understands in her mind that selling as many drinks as possible and receiving as many tips as possible is the First Thing.

When men golfers say things to Cass that she does not like, she is able to Think and Choose her response, that is based on her already keeping the End in mind, and putting First things First. Is it best to say nothing at all? Is it best to say, No, but thank you. To say something funny? To let them down easy? To give a warning? To act ambivalent or un-phased?

Does it really matter that a man has said something stupid to her? Or does it matter more that she is getting off work in a couple of hours, has sold $2K worth of drinks, and has made $400 in tips that day?

From what I have seen, 90% of women wouldn’t last much longer than one week as a Golf Cart Girl at the golf course in the Phoenix area where Cass Holland works. 30% of women would be trying to find someplace to park and hide so that the didn’t have to work. 30% of women would be glaring, sneering, and snarling at the golfers. And 30% of the women would be too desperately trying to go home with a millionaire golfer.

Something else that Cass Holland handles well, is not being fooled by every handsome millionaire golfer that tries to get into her pants. When you see one of the TikTok videos that I include below, you will understand that all men are going to try to get her, but she has to reject 99% of men in a way that is not going to offend them.

Being careful to maintain a reputation of not being fooled by other women’s philandering husbands, has won Cass tolerance, if not admiration from women golfers and the wives of golfers. It also helps that Cass deals well with women golfers, even though women are in the minority and don’t generate as much in drink sales or tips.

Like I said, 90% of women would not last much longer than one week as a Golf Cart Girl at a prestigious gold course, and one of the reasons why is that most women not only do not get along with men, they don’t understand how detrimental other women can be to their success.

Because of the way that Cass conducts herself, not fighting with men even though they may have said something inappropriate, not hurting men’s feelings when she rejects them, not being fooled into sleeping with other women’s husbands, not going home with every handsome millionaire who asks, and is pleasant with women golfers, the women likely think very highly of Cass and want her to remain working there.

As far as women are concerned, it’s probably O.K. or amusing to them that their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends look forward to seeing the attractive Gold Cart Girl who always rejects their advances, but not in the least bit funny if there was any chance that she would agree. And perhaps the majority of women could be persuaded, which is why the majority of women couldn’t keep this job for much longer than one week.

Lastly, I want other women to take notice that Cass Holland does not have any tattoos, piercings, or smoke, like a street prostitute or side-show freak.

Polygamy Gets Women Off The Street And Keeps Them Out Of Trouble

When I was a child, a teenager, and later as a young man, I thought that polygamy was wrong. I believed that if polygamy was allowed, every celebrity, professional athlete, and wealthy man would have several beautiful wives, and that there would not be any beautiful women left over for normal marriages.

I could easily see, that young women and women in their thirties would jump at the chance to be one of the wives of a celebrity or professional athlete, to be photographed and videoed, shown in magazines, tabloids, and on television, to be talked about. Showing off their expensive jewelry and expensive designer clothes.

As I grew into my late thirties and early forties, primarily because of the internet, I began to lose all belief that women had any virtue, goodness, trustworthiness, or morality. Of course, growing up I witnessed and experienced some badly behaving women, but I thought that this was just SOME of them, I didn’t know that just about ALL of them were like this.

When the internet gave women anonymity, the ability to write about what they thought and what they wanted with little fear of consequences or being shamed, it revealed that women were about the least trustworthy, most treacherous, most immoral thing on this earth.

The internet showed that women, for attention and for money, will not hesitate to take off all of their clothes and perform any and every sex act imaginable. Prior to the internet, women tried to maintain many illusions, such as they were saving themselves for marriage, sex was something they engaged in with people they cared about, or that they were monogamous with their husbands.

It wasn’t just the proliferation of internet pornography that showed what women are really like, dating websites revealed even more about the true nature of women. Dating websites provided millions of written statements from women expressing what they really, truly wanted, that was in essence: Women wanted a tall, handsome man, that earned a large amount of money, who would pay for their house, automobile, clothes, food, jewelry, accessories, travel vacations, children, pets, hobbies, not question them, and allow them to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

Consequently, many men came to the realization that what women were saying, was something like, “Women want to be married, but they don’t want to be a wife.” Which means, women want a man to pay for everything, but women don’t want to do anything in return.

In the Bible and the Quran, there is a great deal of writing on women, describing the deception and treachery of some women, and describing the virtuous acts of other women. But the theme of both the Bible and the Quran is consistent, women need supervision, order, and direction in order to prevent them from succumbing to their own nature of deviousness, deception, treachery, immorality, destruction, and evil.

Because of the failed social experiments of the United States, where women were mistakenly given the right to vote, the ability to work outside the home, given the idea that they should pursue careers or higher education versus becoming married, that they could divorce their husband whenever they liked, that the Government would force men to give disobedient women a substantial portion of their earnings, we have had a collapse of families, society, communities, law & order in the U.S. We can’t even have a competent President fit for office, thanks to women voting.

There are many signs of society and women being ruined. Overweight women with their hair dyed purple, blue, red, or pink, covered in tattoos, their bodies mutilated with piercings, smoking and using drugs, glaring, leering, sneering, neglecting their children, being loud and contentious, plotting ways to make false allegations against men.

One way to prevent young women from becoming like this, from ruining themselves, is through Polygamy. If successful and wise married men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, who have a wife in her 40s, would take-on an additional young wife of about 20-22 years of age, they could spare her and keep her from all of the misery, mistakes, and suffering that non-attached women put themselves through, because they don’t know any better.

Ideally, young women would pass from the love and protection of her own father and his household, into the care, love, and protection of her new, older already-married husband’s household. In Church or school interaction, families could plan and decide together who would be a suitable, compatible household for their daughter to transition into. With everything planned in advance, ahead of time, young women wouldn’t have to go through a period in their lives with no direction, no supervision, not knowing what to do, vulnerable to being taken advantage of, or being influenced the wrong way.

There are many reasons why it is such a good idea for a young 20-22 year old woman to become married to a successful man who has a wife in her 40s. A man who works, can’t be at home 24/7 to watch his wife and make sure that she isn’t getting into trouble. As soon as he leaves home, his wife could be talking to some other man on the phone or internet, inviting some man or naer-do-well people over to his house, using illegal drugs, leaving home to go to a bar or drug-house, inviting men over to have sex with her. But none of this is going to happen if this man’s 40 year old wife is standing there watching his 20 year old wife.

The first wife in her 40s, now has a renewed purpose in life, she can watch the second wife in her 20s, teach her, instruct her, mentor her. The first wife in her 40s, she doesn’t have to do all of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry herself, she can delegate some of this work to the 2nd wife in her 20s, and supervise that this work is being done correctly.

The first wife in her 40s is probably tired of having sex with her husband, she would probably prefer that her husband just leave her alone in this regard. Now, the first wife can get a good night’s sleep, without being disturbed or bothered. The husband can enjoy and look forward to being with his new second wife in her 20s every night, just like it was his honeymoon all over again, with a young lady who is soft, affectionate, and eager to please him.

So as the reader can see, when successful men take on a younger second wife, it is actually doing women a favor, because it keeps women from getting into trouble and ruining themselves.

Isabel Paige Is Quitting Tiny-House Living, The Truth I Want You To See

During the past ten years there has been a popularity of people writing about and making videos showing Van-Life, Tiny-House Building, Tiny-House Living, Off-Grid Living, Sustainable-Farming. Unfortunately much of this is misleading or even fake. Ordinary people, especially young people are getting the wrong impression of what is actually going on, and they are making plans to copy what they see, not understanding that this is not real.

One of the most popular Van-Life, Tiny-House, Off-Grid, Sustainable-Farming YouTubers is Isabel Paige, with over 600K subscribers to her channel. Myself and a few other people, have tried to point out that Isabel Paige has over-glamorized Tiny-House, Off-Grid, Sustainable-Farming

My criticism of Isabel Paige’s YouTube videos, is that I believe her viewers do not realize the amount of help, assistance, support, and backing that her parents provided. That Isabel’s viewers do not know that her parents own the land where Isabel built her tiny-house, that her parents’ fully equipped second home is several hundred feet away, that her parents bought the land in 2015 to legally grow marijuana, that’s what kind of “farm” it was.

Supporters of Isabel respond to these criticisms by saying that Isabel already said that her parents own the land, or that her father helped build her tiny-house, but there are always signs that many viewers don’t know. For instance, a viewer in Florida tried to start a GoFundMe in order to raise money for Isabel to have car repairs, not knowing that Isabel’s parents are multi-millionaires. How this viewer got this idea that Isabel didn’t have money, may have come from Isabel talking about trying to save money for her tiny-house by working as a waitress, and working at a farmer’s market.

Another area of criticism that I and few others had about Isabel’s videos, is that much of what she was doing was counter to survival. Examples of this, frequently bathing naked in the icy river where she could have fallen and gotten hurt; trodding through the snow and performing chores outside with clothing that was not protective enough; going far from home into the woods without a firearm; not spending enough time actually farming.

This week, Isabel announced that she was moving out of her tiny-house, leaving the farm, and that she was now embarking on a life of travel and videography. There are probably a thousand different responses to this news, myself, my response was something like “that figures…I knew it…I told you so…she was never into farming…she grew out of it…living in a tiny-house is not fun after all.”

Probably most of Isabel Paige’s viewers don’t think that she did anything wrong. I do. I think that there were many young people that used Isabel Paige’s videos as an excuse not to go to college, not to go to tech or vocational school, not to seek an apprenticeship, not to do any real life planning, but think that they could just drift around and daydream. I think that some people planned on homesteading, following Isabel Paige’s videos as a model.

Below, I want to explain some of the unique things about Isabel’s circumstances, so that people can clearly understand that Isabel had a lot of support and backing, especially from her father Steve, that most people do not have to this degree. I will try to explain this using a kind of time-line.

From 1978 to 1983, Isabel’s father Steve spent five years in college studying primarily mechanical engineering, fine arts, and studio arts. Twelve years later, Steve began designing, manufacturing, and distributing a variety of consumer products via three separate companies that he founded in 1995, 1996, and 2008. These products that he produced in his own manufacturing plant, and contracted foreign manufacturers to produce overseas, were sold around the world. The sale of one of his companies in 2013 is estimated to have yielded several million dollars. Steve’s financial success through the 1990s-2000s, allowed his family to live in a $2.5 million home overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, which they still own and occupy.

In 2013, Steve started a legal marijuana growing company in eastern Washington State. In the 2013-2015 time frame, Steve purchased several large acreages in eastern Washington. At one of these locations there was a single-family home that was recently built by either Steve or the previous property owner, that Steve and his family used as a vacation home until he and his wife were ready to relocate from Seattle.

In approximately 2016-2017, Isabel was going to college in Australia, then living in New Zealand, then living in India to pursue Yoga.

In June of 2018, Isabel was living in a van in Hawaii, and working as a waitress.

In the end of Summer 2019, Isabel was living in her parents’ $2.5 million home overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, and working as a waitress. Here is a video showing the view of where Isabel was living at her parents’ Seattle home in 2019, plus several views of Isabel visiting her parents’ second home in eastern Washington, and an explanation of how she had started out going to college in Australia, then living in New Zealand : https://youtu.be/kYtYKpB2h8o

In the Fall of 2019, Isabel got the idea that she would like to go live at her parents’ second home in eastern Washington, she was talking about doing it, but she kept her job in Seattle until April of 2020.

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, Isabel is living in her parents’ second home in eastern Washington. In the Summer of 2020, Isabel and her father begin building Isabel’s tiny-house. Isabel’s tiny-house is completed in about November of 2020.

In January 2021, Isabel goes on a trip with Hannah Lee Duggan in Florida. Spring of 2021, Isabel does some more interior work on her tiny-house. In June 2021, Isabel’s boyfriend Logan from Tennessee comes to stay for a while. In July of 2021 Isabel, Logan, and her family begin building an “Art Studio” that is slightly larger than Isabel’s tiny-house. November of 2021, Isabel and Logan finish construction of the Art Studio.

January 2022, Isabel is alone in her tiny-house. 2nd half of January, Logan returns, he and Isabel both get sick with Covid. February 2022, Isabel and Logan are done living in the tiny-house and the farm, they are leaving and not coming back. Here is the video about leaving: https://youtu.be/QooZrcx0mm8

In the Fall of 2019, Isabel was saying that her parents’ farm in eastern Washington was where she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She moved onto the farm in the Spring of 2020. In the Summer of 2020, Isabel and her father began building her tiny-house. In the Summer of 2021, Isabel and Logan began building their Art Studio. In February 2022, she’s done???

Most people, including myself, if I lived in a large $2.5M house overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, I would be beyond satisfied with that. It doesn’t get any better than that, I don’t need to move. But let’s say that I did have a life-long dream of living in the mountains, in a forest, beside a river, and that I had a tiny-house and an art studio built there, WTF!, how does your supposed spend-the-rest-of-your-life/life-long-dream get boring in less than two years, and you’re ready to walk away from it all?

I am trying to point out two things. One, that off-grid/tiny-house/sustainable-living/homesteading must not be as exciting, fulfilling, fun, and glamorous as portrayed in YouTube videos if it gets old, boring, tiresome after less than two years. Two, that what other people might have intended to copy as a model for off-grid/tiny-house/sustainable-living/homesteading, saving and using every resource they possess to accomplish, wasn’t actually a long-term plan, it was all just like a privileged child’s backyard play set.

Update 3/13/22:  For a more complete discussion about Isabel Paige quitting her tiny-house, off-grid, sustainable-farm, and beginning to make van-life videos, watch Jasmine Cherry’s YouTube video about this, and read the comments to this video:

The Mormon Church Does A Good Job Keeping Girls From Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, Tattoos, Piercings, Obesity, And Promiscuity

When I was living in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2007, the real estate prices kept getting higher and higher, way out of proportion to the local wage rate. Even though I loved living in Flagstaff, I couldn’t afford to live there much longer, I wasn’t making enough money to keep up with the cost of living.

I began trying to figure out where I could move to, that had the same climate, geography, terrain, and small-town lifestyle as Flagstaff, but didn’t cost so much. Several people who were older, more experienced, and more travelled than me, told me that I would like Idaho, that I would do well there, that there were a lot of Mormons there, that I would fit in.

I was not a Mormon, and I didn’t know very much about Mormonism. What I thought that I knew, was that Mormons didn’t smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, and that they were very family oriented. What’s wrong with that? Who could argue against that?

When I arrived in Idaho, one of the very first things that I was surprised with, was how beautiful, healthy, and friendly the women were. The women really did look different, they had much healthier looking hair, very clear skin complexions, straight white teeth, strong erect posture, and unashamed, direct, friendliness.

As I began living in Idaho, I started to learn more and more about Mormons, Mormonism, The Book Of Mormon, their culture, values, and lifestyle. I was invited to attend Mormon Church services. I began to see that the Mormon Church required a complete commitment, unlike some of the other religions that I had previously been exposed to in the past.

Just off the top of my head, some of the things that I recall about the Mormon Church: Monday was “Family Day” for staying home and doing things with family; Tuesday might have been women’s day to volunteer with food processing, food storage, food distribution in order to maintain a six-month supply of food; Wednesday was something like Bible Study or Church Work Groups; Thursday? Friday? Saturday?; But Sunday was the big day where all Mormons attended their specifically assigned “Ward”, had a general meeting of the congregation with everyone present, then broke up into several different study-groups, some of them for adults, some for children, some for men, some for women.

Because I was most likely a Methodist from my Huguenot heritage, had attended a Catholic elementary school, and my next-door neighbor while growing up was the Pastor of an Evangelical Church, I was dumbfounded when in a Mormon men’s study group, someone read from the the Book Of Mormon or the supplemental Doctrines & Covenants, “Just as God evolved, so too can we evolve, and become gods of our own planet one day.” What???

To me, at that time about 40 years old, that was sacrilege to suggest that God “evolved”, and that we could “become like God”, and “become gods of our own planet one day”. That was about the most heretical, sacrilegious thing that a person could say. I believed that there was no way that I could participate in the Mormon religion and the Mormon Church.

As time went on, years passed living in Idaho, I learned more and more that the best employment was reserved for Mormons in good standing, that the Mormon Church kept thorough records and tabs on everyone. Average jobs in Idaho were for average Mormons. Bad, low-paying, undesirable, fringe jobs, left-over jobs, the crumbs were left for non-Mormons.

However, the crime was not bad, there was no disorder, the cost-of-living was not high, life was calm and peaceful in Idaho, all of these things were the result of firm Mormon control. I could not make very much money in Idaho, because I would not become a Mormon. All I had to do was go along with every part of the Mormon program, and I could then have a good job and a beautiful wife, they would just pick one from the herd for me.

In my mind, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the strenuous, constant demand of time from the Mormon Church for all of their required activities. If I had a beautiful Mormon wife, day-by-day she would become more and more disappointed in me, and I could see that I would have ruined her life. This would be especially cruel, because Mormon girls are so pure, innocent, trusting, caring, nurturing, and loving.

In the strong, committed, tight-knit Mormon families, they are very focused on how they raise their daughters. Mindful to be gentle and loving with their daughters, but making sure that their daughters become accustomed to work, being disciplined, not succumbing to laziness, or forming any bad habits. Their daughters are shielded from the bad things in the world, not exposed to violence, hate, bad language, vices, sexuality, immorality, or bad behavior, so that they become trusting, kind, caring, nurturing, gentle, and loving.

One of the things that the Mormon Church, Mormon community, and Mormon families do, is offer to any Mormon, that if they are not going to remain committed, and follow the rules, that they should depart from the Church, community, or family. Inevitably it does happen, often with teenagers, that they want to rebel against one or more of the Mormon practices. This can manifest as a teenager experimenting with alcohol, drugs, or sex. The Mormons believe that it is better for these apostates to leave, rather than infect and pollute others.

On the internet, there are hundreds or thousands of ex-Mormons who try to share their bad experiences with the Mormon Church. At first, I read their stories and saw them as a warning against the Mormon Church. But as I began to read each of their stories, especially the stories from ex-Mormon women in their twenties and thirties, I saw that as they were breaking away from the Mormon Church or shortly thereafter, they were engaging in sex outside of marriage, using alcohol and drugs, getting tattoos and body piercings.

These ex-Mormons were trying to tell their individual stories like the Church did something wrong, whereas I felt, “You fools! You idiots! You morons! Look what you are doing! Look at what you are doing to yourself! The Church didn’t do anything wrong, YOU ARE!”

It’s like watching a train wreck, a Mormon mother and father raised a young girl with love, kindness, thoughtfulness, discipline, and purpose, shielding and protecting her from everything bad in the world, helping her to grow up strong and healthy. And in return, the very first thing that she does when leaving home to go to college, is start smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, and having sex!

I say, if she wants to be a dirty whore, let her! Be done with her! But don’t let her back into your lives and your community. Let her live in the world, as an unwed welfare mother, with her STDs, her tattoos, and her body piercings. Let her live with the blue-haired, lesbian, Democrats.

Explanation Of Depression And Suicides In Dickinson, North Dakota

A few days ago I saw an article titled, “Stark County officials notice an increase in suicide cases”. I am going to share the link to this article, but there is very little substance to it, and not much information: https://www.kfyrtv.com/2022/02/05/stark-county-officials-notice-increase-suicide-cases/?fbclid=IwAR2Hxlq8d2PDe8I6mHqgABe56vQVZhcm-EcO3IpxUlqdQrrsBZ-oCoMTtEM

I am going to explain some of the causes for depression and suicide in Dickinson, which not only do city officials, politicians, leaders, organizations, associations, and citizens not ever acknowledge or talk about, they all actually contribute to the problem!

Western North Dakota is very sparsely populated, there are fewer than 800,000 people in the entire state of North Dakota. From November through April, for these six months the weather is usually very cold, grey, with sustained high winds. The very low population, and very bad weather for most of the year adversely affect people, culture, and social interaction.

Some of the results of very low population, low socialization, and prolonged bad weather are: The ratio of men to women is 3:1 ; the women who are here try to have an ugly appearance and a nasty personality; the attractive women with good personalities leave the state; high rate of alcoholism; high rate of illegal drug use; employment of people with repeat criminal history; very low education level; local Police dealing with everyone as if they are all criminals; Catholic Church trying to take advantage of the situation by making things worse, manipulation, and control.

Men in Dickinson are faced with literally everything I mentioned in the paragraph above, on a daily basis. When men go to work in the morning, have any work break during the day, and when they get off work in the evening, they will most likely never see a nice looking woman for weeks on end. However, every day they will see overweight, misshapen women, with jack-o-lantern faces sneering, leering, glaring, and trying to act like burly men.

At work, trying to complete work is often dangerous and frustrating. It’s having to deal with co-workers and management who have very low education level, criminal records, who come to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol, whose focus at work is not on the job at hand, but getting high and drunk as soon as possible. Their actions endangering everyone else, their stupidity causing failures, their mistakes they try to blame on others, the success of others they try to take the credit for.

Because of the extremely low education level in Dickinson, the high number of criminals being employed in Dickinson, the high rate of illegal drug use, the high rate of alcoholism, the Dickinson Police take the approach that everyone in Dickinson is a criminal, drug addict, and driving under the influence, and they don’t hesitate to stop and question everyone as often as possible, as if they are prisoners in a prison.

If a man working in Dickinson did try to socialize in one of the few ways possible, by going to a bar, the Police in Dickinson note every vehicle parked at bars, and try to follow and stop the vehicle for any reason possible. If a man tried to meet a woman on the internet in Dickinson, if the woman was attractive, 95% likelihood it’s a fake profile created by the Dickinson Police in order to entrap someone.

Everything that I have described so far, the Mayor of Dickinson likes it this way, the Chief of Police likes it this way, the Chamber of Commerce likes it this way, the business owners like it this way, the Catholic Church likes it this way. Why do I say this? Because none of them ever, ever admit to what is going on, try to change what is going on, but only help to continue it. The majority of people in Dickinson being uneducated, in the criminal justice system, with a fat ugly nasty wife, turning to alcohol, and illegal drugs, a controlled wage-slave likely to have an early death so that they can’t draw any benefits.

The Catholic Church in Dickinson helped to create and perpetuate these miserable conditions in Dickinson in order to maintain power and control over people, and also because the Catholic Church is ruled by Satan, whose purpose is to torment people. The Catholic Church encouraged and fostered: a low education level; women to be sloven, overweight, nasty, contentious, and bitter; people to use alcohol and smoke; people to engage in crime, illegal drug use, and gambling. All of these things are a stumbling block for people, keep them in a state of torment and trouble, prevent people from becoming self-aware.

The Catholic Church in Dickinson has plotted, planned, and schemed to get politicians, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, the Chamber of Commerce personnel, School Board personnel, organization and association personnel, County Commissioners, City Commissioners, State Representatives to go along with it’s program of controlling people by making them miserable, uneducated, criminal, substance addicted wage-slaves.

The Catholic Church built the new St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson, which is a jobs-program for Catholics, and another mechanism of control used by the Catholics. At this time, the Catholic Church in Dickinson has a scheme to control mental health services in Dickinson: through planting politicians at different levels who have been placed to direct and control funding; through planting personnel within organizations, associations, and groups; through control of the facilities to be used.

Everything is set up in Dickinson for ordinary working people to be as miserable as possible, and if they turn to health care or mental health care in Dickinson, it’s like running into the hands of your captors.

( Note: If you go to a business in Dickinson, especially a hospital, clinic, or mental health facility, and you see ham-fisted, cankle-calf, no-neck, battle-axe, jack-o-lantern, nasty, burly women, get out! It’s Catholic controlled, and ruled by Satan himself! )

So in summary, it’s Satan and the Catholic Church schemes in Dickinson that is causing depression and suicides, it’s part of their plan.

Bowman County Sheriff Frank Eberle Speaks Out Against Federal Government Taking Farm Land

In January 2021, President Biden signed an “Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.”  In this order, President Biden set a “goal of conserving at least 30 percent of our lands and waters by 2030.” The Biden administration refers to this Executive Order by the short name “America the Beautiful”. Opponents began calling this the “30 x 30 Land Grab”.

Many people were suspicious about the origin, purpose, and implementation of this Executive Order.  The U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity, which first convened in 1992, had recently set a new goal of conserving 30% of the world’s land by 2030.  Here in the United States, the Center for American Progress (CAP) published a report in 2019 titled “How Much Nature Should America Keep?”  In the report, CAP not only endorses the 30% goal but also advances arguments that 50% should be secured by 2050.

Federal Government agencies and environmental groups began promoting the “America the Beautiful” program to the pubic, stating that land will be obtained “voluntarily”. However, skeptics and opponents of this program fear that land will be obtained “by any and all means possible”, by force, and without consent.

Here is a short, one-page, easy-to-read explanation written by the Governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts: https://governor.nebraska.gov/press/30-x-30-land-grab

( If you want to read the actual Executive Order on the White House website: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/01/27/executive-order-on-tackling-the-climate-crisis-at-home-and-abroad/ )

Two bills that seek to stop President Biden’s “America the Beautiful” Executive Order have been introduced in the Senate and House. The “30×30 Termination Act” as named in the Senate and the “No Land Grab Act of 2021” in the House. You can read about the reasons for these two opposition bills here: https://www.asas.org/taking-stock/blog-post/taking-stock/2021/06/28/no-land-grab-act-of-2021-and-30×30-termination-act-introduced

The U.S. Senate Bill the “30 x 30 Termination Act” originated in Kansas. The U.S. House Bill the “No Land Grab Act of 2021” originated in Colorado. In Nebraska, over half of its counties have passed resolutions formally opposing the “30 x 30 Land Grab”.

In Bowman County, North Dakota, last week Sheriff candidate Jason Dodge presented a Resolution to the County Commissioners for their consideration. The resolution, titled “Resolution Opposing The Federal Government’s “30X30” Land Preservation Goal”, If adopted, will be our County’s direct , United, and unwavering response to President Biden’s Executive Order 14008 “ Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” also known as “America the Beautiful” or commonly as “The 30X30 Land Grab”.

Bowman County, North Dakota Sheriff Frank Eberle wrote in a Facebook post recently, “We learned about a dangerous attempt by the federal government to attack our ranchers and farmers by stealing their land, under the name of climate change,…as your Constitutional Sheriff, I stand with our ranchers and farmers, and will deputize as many of our citizens of Bowman County as necessary to bring a halt to this unconstitutional act…Today, I will be contacting every Sheriff in the state and our Governor to stand in opposition to this threat.”

Allegations Of Improper, Possibly Illegal Voting At ND District 39 Meeting

In November of 2021, the North Dakota Legislature approved a re-districting map that was required due to the results of the 2020 U.S. Census that showed a change in population in different areas of North Dakota. For reference, here is an article describing this https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/north-dakota/articles/2021-11-10/north-dakota-legislature-approves-new-redistricting-map

In the Dickinson area where I live, I was aware that the re-districting map caused the need for there to be a new election of District 36 and District 39 officers, because some of the current elected officers no longer resided within these re-drawn districts.

In April of 2021, Andrew Kordonowy, Kari Roller, and Aliesha Simons were elected as District 36 Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer. For reference, here is an article about this, which mentions who the other candidates were https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/district-36-elects-new-chairman-as-constituency-disappointed-with-state-gop

For the past several weeks, I was interested to see the outcome of the District 39 re-organization meeting, partly because I wanted to see what district Andrew Kordonowy, Kari Roller, and Aliesha Simons belonged to now. I was hoping to see Luke Simons begin the process of returning to the North Dakota Legislature as a Representative, because I think that he was wrongfully removed from office last year, without due-process.

The District 39 re-organization meeting was advertised for several weeks in advance, and was to be held in the very small town of Amidon located on Hwy 85, on Monday evening January 31. This location was said to be “neutral”, which is probably true, but it is also centrally located within the re-drawn District 39.

On Tuesday evening, the day after, I watched the over 2-hour video of the District 39 re-organization meeting, candidate introduction, voting, and results. Here is this video


Ben Simons, who had been the District 39 Chair prior to April 2021, to my surprise he lost the vote about 70-150 to Jacob Odermann. (If you look at the April 2021 District 36 election of officers, John Odermann ran for Vice-Chair against Kari Roller.)

Aliesha Simons, who had been the District 36 Secretary, she lost the vote about 70-150 to Hope Klein for District 39 Secretary.

Kari Roller, who had been the District 36 Vice-Chair, she lost the vote about 97-110 to Andrew Larsen for District 39 Treasurer.

The reason why I am focusing on Ben Simons, Aliesha Simons, and Kari Roller, is because each of these Republicans who had been district officers prior to the re-districting, now held no position. The second reason why I am scrutinizing these three election results, is that from the vote count, there appeared to be about 150 voters that came to back the NEW candidates.

I was performing research on Tuesday and Wednesday about what the agenda of Jacob Odermann and Hope Klein was, who was backing them and why, when I began reading allegations that on Monday evening two large party-buses serving free alcohol had brought people to the Amidon District 39 meeting to vote against Ben, Aliesha, and Kari. This would explain the seemingly strange 150 voters who came to back the NEW candidates.

I think that it is wrong, and unethical to round-up people using a party bus serving alcohol to transport them to a District meeting with instructions on who to vote for. However, what probably makes this ILLEGAL, is that one individual paid the $39 Republican Party registration fee for each one of these voters. Once a voter receives a monetary benefit, specifically a $39 Republican Party registration fee payment, and is instructed to vote a certain way, this is ILLEGAL:



Whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate; and

Whoever solicits, accepts, or receives any such expenditure in consideration of his vote or the withholding of his vote—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

The other thing that I can not understand, is why at this District 39 re-organization meeting, where Ben Simons had been District Chair in the past, the designated re-organization meeting leader, immediately turned over the leadership of the meeting to Jacob Odermann the instant the 70-150 vote count was read for District Chair, and Jacob was already prepared with how to proceed with the remainder of the nominations for officers, voting, vote counting, agenda items, and the over-head-projector screen presentation???  It was as if this election result must have been guaranteed prior to election night?

I Shouldn’t Be Recommending Dickinson To Anyone, But I Did

When I look at the statistics for this blog each day, there are hundreds of views from more than a dozen foreign countries. The majority of my blog views are not from North Dakota. I think that North Dakotans intentionally try to not read my articles, because they don’t like what I have to say.

Ninety percent of my viewers don’t even know why I am writing about Dickinson, North Dakota. During the 2007-2014 North Dakota Oil Boom, this place was like no place else in the world, except for Williston, and Watford City. It was a spectacular mess here, in both a good way and a bad way.

Western North Dakota is very, very sparsely populated. The land is rolling grassland prairie, with extremely high winds and very cold temperatures in a long, more than six month winter. Most of the local young people with any intelligence, ability, talent, or ambition tried to get out of here because it was miserable.

Up until 2006, most of the local jobs paid about $8 per hour. Why only $8 per hour? Because everything was controlled. Wealthy people, high-paid professional people, business owners, property owners, bank employees, hand-picked government employees and civil servants, all played a specific role in keeping wages low, controlling who got hired for what job, who was able to live where, who was approved for a mortgage, car-loan, or student financial aid.

However, when the 2007 North Dakota Oil Boom began due to both the high price of oil at that time and the invention of hydraulic fracturing oil extraction, the immediate demand for labor caused oil companies, oil service companies, tanker truck companies, and heavy construction companies to offer $16-$23 per hour to anyone who could just show up.

Within a couple of years, the wage-control and employment-control in Dickinson was shattered. Anyone could get a high-paying job in Dickinson, it didn’t matter what their last name was, who they were related to, who they knew, where they were from, or what they looked like.

The housing control, that was a different story. There became a great shortage of housing. Local wealthy people, property owners, business owners, and banks focused all of their anger, hatred, evil, and wickedness on taking advantage of out-of-state workers seeking a place to live. Old one-bedroom apartments that had rented for $300 per month prior to the oil boom, quadrupled to $1,200 per month. Homeowners rented tents in their backyards for $750 per month.

Large real estate developers from out-of-state began building extended-stay motels, apartment buildings, and single-family homes as fast as they possibly could to try to cash-in during the oil boom. In 2013, the newly completed extended stay motels wanted $750 per week for a room, that’s $3,000 per month for a room. (Keep in mind, the mortgage payment for a $600K house is $3,000 per month.)

After the North Dakota Oil Boom ended in 2015 due to the price of oil falling and remaining below $80 per barrel, most of the out-of-state workers left western North Dakota and returned to the states where they came from. It took a couple of years, but by 2017 the apartment owners across Dickinson had to greatly reduce the cost of apartment rent, there was an abundance of vacant apartments.

Homeowners and real estate agents in Dickinson refused to believe that the oil boom was over, and continued to have houses for sale at ridiculously high prices. That was O.K., because there wasn’t anyone around to buy these houses anyway. In the small towns within a 60-mile radius of Dickinson, there began to be many “for-sale-by-owner” houses for $50K-$150K that were a good deal for this area, because the recently created higher wage-rates had not fallen very much.

For the first time ever in my life, after having lived in eight different states, now in my late forties, living in Dickinson I found that housing was affordable in comparison to local wage rates. For a large two-bedroom apartment, my rent was only 10% of my income. For my next-door neighbor who had kept his job on an oil drill rig, his rent was only 6% of his income.

I am well aware that this affordability of housing in comparison to wage-rates only exists because of the over-supply of apartments after the North Dakota oil boom ended in 2015, and most out-of-state workers left this area. If there was a large influx of workers to this area, the apartment rents and house prices would go up, and the wage-rates would go down. So I can’t be widely advertising for people to move to Dickinson, because it would ruin everything.

Several months ago there was a middle-aged woman living in Massachusetts who began writing to me about the difficulties that she was having. There were few job openings where she lived, competitiveness for jobs, low wage-rates, mistreatment and being taken advantage of at work, very high housing costs, crime and drug dealing where she lived.

I felt sorry for this woman. After corresponding with her for a few months, and reading her blog post articles, I believed that she was intelligent, hard-working, dependable, and independent, and that she could do very well in Dickinson. I know for a fact that she would have no difficulty obtaining employment in this area because of the kinds of jobs that she had had in the past, nor any difficulty finding a cheap place to live, that was much safer than where she is currently living.

I explained in detail to her why and how she could move here, but to my amazement and disbelief, she said, No, that’s O.K. I couldn’t believe this! She had described to me that she was doing worse than living paycheck-to-paycheck, she couldn’t afford the house that she was living in, her employer was abusive, her neighborhood was bad, her neighbors were criminals and drug dealers. I didn’t regret trying to help her, but it turned out to be a waste of my time.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a young couple located in the Tampa area, who had been sleeping in their Honda Pilot SUV for several months because they couldn’t afford a place to live. Both she and her boyfriend had jobs, but they were not making enough money, they had bad credit, and no one would rent an apartment to them. I watched about ten of their TikTok videos where they showed where they had been renting for $1,000 per month, but this condominium unit was sold to someone else.

This young couple, the boyfriend had a college degree in something like marketing, both he and his girlfriend had student loan debt. They didn’t seem like bad people, criminal people, or drug addicts. I had lived in Tampa for about five years, I know how unfriendly and cut-throat that area can be, it’s almost like a competition or a game that people make to try to hurt and take advantage of weak people. I can see people in Tampa trying to make things as hard as possible for this couple, rather than just helping them a little bit.

I wrote this couple a concise, thorough explanation about the cost of living in Dickinson versus the pay-rate, that they would be much better off trying to live here, but I got absolutely no response whatsoever. This made me angry. Like I said, I know what it is like to try to start out in Tampa after just graduating from college, it’s hard, it’s scary, but I know from experience after having lived there, becoming professionally successful and making money there, that it wasn’t worth living there if you want to have quality of life.

It is unbelievable to me, that I can explain to people living elsewhere, that the amount of hostility and aggressiveness that they deal with minute-by-minute driving in Massachusetts or Tampa, that is the result of scarcity of personal space, competitiveness for jobs, money, housing, every resource, that they don’t have to live like that at all, they can leave, they don’t understand.

Can anyone living on the east coast or west coast understand how much easier life is, how much less stress there is, when your housing cost is less than 10% of your income? I have read that due to the real estate hyperinflation in Boise, Idaho, that local people are having to pay up to 50%-60% of their income for rent now. Yet when I do try to explain to people how they don’t have to live like this, no one listens to me.

I understand why people do not want to live in North Dakota, most of my blog post articles are expressing something negative about North Dakota. But aside from everything else that I have written in this blog post article so far about economics and cost-of-living, North Dakota is least affected by riots, looting, civil unrest, crime, drought, flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, Covid, taxes, restrictive laws, excessive regulations, and social class snobbery.

I tried to never, ever, write a blog post article describing that Dickinson is a good place to live, but it turns out that apparently no one listens to me when I explain its benefits. I don’t want many people to move here, but I don’t mind if someone in a really bad living circumstance would take advantage of this brief time and place of affordable cost-of-living.

Judge Blake Kilbourne For Yourself, Listen To All His “The Godcast” Episodes

Yesterday I wrote a blog post article defending the Lutheran Church in Dickinson and Pastor Blake Kilbourne. A group called Anonymous Comrades Collective had spent over a year compiling a dossier to use against recently-hired Pastor Kilbourne, labelling him a “white nationalist”, “white supremacist”, “neo-nazi”, and “nazi”.

Today I received a comment to my blog post article, stating that Pastor Kilbourne had used the word “kike” when referring to Jews in his podcasts. So I went and read the Anonymous Comrades Collective dossier a third time, to find out how to listen to Pastor Kilbourne’s podcasts.

What I found, is that Pastor Kilbourne and a co-host named “Myles”, every Sunday they broadcast a discussion on a religious topic, from a conservative Christian perspective. So far, in listening to this “The Godcast” program, it seemed very scholarly and professional.

Why not judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne for yourself, after you have listened to one or more of the 194 episodes of the “The Godcast”, that you can find by clicking this link https://thegodcast.libsyn.com/

I hope that the Lutheran Church leadership and members will judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne by what he has actually said in his broadcasts.

In Defense Of Dickinson Lutheran Church And Pastor Blake Kilbourne

On Tuesday evening I read a Dickinson Press newspaper article titled, “Dickinson-based Lutheran church rocked by allegations”. After reading this newspaper article, and the source material that was the basis for this article, no where was there any information that the Lutheran Church in Dickinson had anything to do with this.

I repeat, there is no evidence that the Lutheran Church in Dickinson had anything to do with any wrong-doing or any kind of scandal. Pastor Blake Kilbourne was hired in November of 2021, and what Pastor Blake Kilbourne may or may not have done, did not involve the Dickinson Lutheran Church or its congregation.

The reason for this shocking newspaper headline, is that some activist group called “Anonymous Comrades Collective” had spent more than a year compiling a dossier against recently hired Pastor Blake Kilbourne for what he and his wife discuss and write about in their personal life, that could later be used to harm them. Planning and waiting for just the right time, dumping this dossier on his new employer the Lutheran Church in Dickinson and the Dickinson Press newspaper at the same time, before either the Lutheran Church or Pastor Blake Kilbourne had time to read it and examine it, was intended to cause the most amount of damage.

The obvious intent of Anonymous Comrades Collective’s work was to harm and harass Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife, wherever they went, whatever employment they gained, in order to not allow this couple to have their 1st Amendment Right To Free Speech. If what Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife were discussing and writing about was illegal, this could have been reported to the Police, FBI, or Department Of Justice a year ago, months ago, but it wasn’t illegal. So the only thing that this ACC group can do is try to incite public hatred against this couple in order for them to lose their employment.

At the end of this blog post article I will give the link to both the Dickinson Press newspaper article and the dossier of allegations against Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife. After reading this dossier, an overview of what I saw, was that Pastor Blake Kilbourne wrote articles and social media comments using a pseudonym because he did not want backlash and retaliation against he and his wife for their political, religious, and social views.

From what I read, politically Blake was conservative, anti-immigration, anti-illegal immigration, anti-crime, anti-corruption, pro-military, pro-traditional family. Religion-wise, he was anti-homosexual, anti-transgender, pro-Bible. Socially, his views were against rioters, against instigators of social unrest, against people who try undermine, ruin, and destroy society.

In the dossier, there is a great deal of using the labels “White Supremacist”, “White Nationalist”, “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi”. It doesn’t appear that Blake ever identified himself as any of these, these labels with derogatory connotations were placed on him by Anonymous Comrades Collective. His wife is alleged to have made the comment that if someone wanted to refer to her as a “Nazi”, that she would accept that because it was being used as a label now for people who are conservative.

One of the pieces of evidence against Blake, is that he said that “Count Chocula” of the chocolate flavored breakfast cereal, was Jewish. What if he had said that “Count Chocula” was Jehovah Witness or Mormon? Why is it that no one is allowed to mention anything about Jewish people, yet people are free to make jokes about Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, and Pentecostals?

It appeared to me that the ACC group who prepared the dossier against Blake were either entirely or heavily funded by Jewish anti-defamation, anti-Semitism activists. Many people in the U.S. are currently angry at Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein for being caught at sexually abusing women and children. Angry at Goldman-Sachs Bank for involvement in financial crises and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank scheme. Angry at financier George Soros who appears to be funding and instigating riots in the U.S. Angry at Mark Zuckerberg for orchestrating anti-Republican censorship, and pro-Democrat favoritism on Facebook. Yet no one is permitted to mention the Jews, lest they be labeled “White Supremacist”, “White Nationalist”, “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi”?

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen missing persons researcher David Paulides have a video taken down, Bigfoot researcher Steve Isdahl have a video taken down, preppers and comedians have videos taken down, and North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker have his medical license threatened for speaking his mind. In the U.S., people were never supposed to be censored like this, or have their career threatened for expressing their beliefs and their opinions.

For low-intelligence people, it’s easy for them to become stirred into a mob by inflammatory accusations, which was the sole purpose of this dossier created against the Kilbournes. If anything the Kilbournes had done was illegal, they would have been arrested and charged with a crime. It’s true that not everything wrong is a crime, however, would each of us want to have our lives ruined by a group of paid activists who spied on our family for over a year to compile evidence against us?

Here are the links to the Dickinson Press newspaper article and the dossier against the Kilbourne’s https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/local/dickinson-based-lutheran-church-rocked-by-allegations https://accollective.noblogs.org/post/2022/01/21/superlutheran/

Dating Advice For Jane On TikTok

About two months ago I began seeing videos of a young lady named “Jane” on TikTok. At first, I thought that she was attractive, and upper-class or upper-middle-class, and so did many of her viewers. I am guessing that we thought this because she didn’t behave like most other young women her age.

Jane seemed to have a moderate and considered view on most things that other young people her age are consumed or obsessed with. Getting a job, having a job, having an apartment, having an automobile, clothes, jewelry, travel, boyfriend seemed unconcerning, unimportant, and inconsequential to her.

I liked Jane and I was interested in her, so I began watching ALL of her TikTok videos. She had grown up on the east coast of Florida, not far from where I grew up. I think that a lot of her growing up experiences were very much the same as mine, my sister’s, my sister’s husband, and our friends. All of us knew that we would be going to some college in the South, it was automatic, we didn’t really care, appreciate it, or feel privileged.

Growing up in Florida in a middle-class family, parents play golf, tennis, go off-shore fishing, sailing, boating, and get drunk. Not in a white-trash, I want to beat my wife, I want to curse my employer, I want to fight the cops, get arrested and lose your employment at a weekend cook-out type of drinking, but where everyone gets along and has a good time. This leads to teens learning to drink, and having an enjoyable time with their friends and family on boats, beaches, sand bars, lakes, docks, and backyard pools.

There are probably a thousand small, private colleges in the South, and some public universities that are nearly the same as private colleges. When the middle-class kids go to these small southern colleges, they are amongst their peers with very similar backgrounds. Socializing, meeting people, going out with friends, going to parties, drinking, hooking-up is as easy as riding a bike when you are so immersed with similar people. This experience is also taken for granted, and not fully appreciated at the time.

In many of Jane’s early TikTok videos, she was still living in the town where she had gone to college, it appeared. Like many college towns, there were a dozen fun, entertaining bars within walking distance of each other. In most of Jane’s early videos, she was joking/not-joking about getting drunk, getting high, and acting stupid.

I got the impression that Jane had probably spent a little too much time drinking during college, and was continuing to do so, she was kind of confessing and admitting it. I also believed that Jane had not had very fulfilling romantic relationships, because that was what she was describing.

I have seen extremely beautiful and lovely young women in college not have very good romantic relationships because they didn’t pursue them with any kind of plan or strategy. They didn’t know that they had to have a plan because there was no feeling of urgency or any sense of shortness of time. But before they know it, college is over, and they will never be immersed in a peer group of eligible mates like that again in their life. Then, dating does become difficult.

In a way, I admire Jane and her parents for not requiring there being any urgency for Jane finding a husband. Some mothers have very serious, threatening, and guilt-inducing talks with their daughters about the whole point of them paying for college was for her to find a good husband. From Jane’s descriptions of her mother and father, I think that they tried to offer suggestions and advice to Jane throughout her life, but she just does what she wants.

For the past couple of months, Jane has been making videos that in a roundabout way express her depression and sadness with not being able to meet anyone that she likes, who likes her back. For the time being, I am not going to explain and elaborate any further on Jane’s background and current circumstances, so that I can try to get to the point of giving dating advice to Jane.

Jane is 27 years old now, and I hope that she realizes that she has to have a plan and a strategy to meet someone, she just can’t leave this to chance or randomness, time goes by too quickly. Whether she knows it or not, Jane has a lot of good, desirable qualities. She is attractive, healthy, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, and is not trashy.

To meet suitable men, Jane needs to be able to find them. If Jane were lower-middle-class, or looking for a hook-up, I would tell Jane to join a gym, or how to meet firefighters, but that would just be wasting more time. The suitable men for Jane are wealthier, more educated, and professional. She can find and meet these men through their interests and hobbies.

Most wealthy, educated, professional, and successful men are interested in exotic cars, race cars, motorcycles, expensive watches, fast boats, offshore fishing boats, cruising yachts, sailing yachts, airplanes, and adventure travel. The thing that these men like second to owning their cars, motorcycles, expensive watches, boats, yachts, and airplanes, is someone complimenting and admiring these things that they own.

Jane needs to look at magazines to become very familiar with expensive cars, motorcycles, watches, boats, yachts, airplanes, and travel destinations. Whether Jane works at a golf course, visits a golf course, works at a resort, visits a resort bar or restaurant, gets invited to a party, attends an exotic car auction, attends a classic car show, gets to the pits and infield of a car race, goes to a boat show, attends a tech sales convention, goes on a tour-of-homes fundraiser, works in real estate, works in insurance, is a professional sales rep….Jane needs to look for and listen for men talking about their car, motorcycle, boat, yacht, plane, or where they are traveling, and express to them her interest and admiration.

Stupid women are probably rolling their eyes that they should have to stoop so low as to pretend to be interested in some man’s car, motorcycle, boat, or airplane, HOWEVER, the women who DO express an interest, ARE the ones who get invited to go for a ride, an afternoon of sailing, or a trip somewhere.

If women could think several steps ahead, a man with a $100K car, probably owns at least a $300K home. A man with a $300K boat, probably owns at least a $700K home. If a woman gets invited for a car ride, boat trip, or airplane trip, she will be introduced to this man’s friends and acquaintances who are probably just as successful and wealthy.

I want to emphasize and reiterate, successful, professional, educated, wealthy men place a great deal of importance on their possessions and hobbies. It is very off-putting, irritating, and insulting to these men when other people do not appreciate or recognize the significance of their toys and hobbies. These men are just like happy children when a woman finally compliments and recognizes how wonderful and awesome their possessions and hobbies are.

Many married men have absconded with their plain looking secretary because she pretended to share her employer’s enjoyment of his newest car, boat, or plane whereas his much more beautiful and accomplished wife never did.

The next dating advice that I am going to give to Jane, which is also very important, is that she quit deliberately trying to test people by being gross, sulky, moody, difficult, or sarcastic. Some examples of things that Jane needs to stop doing:

  • Do not talk about or make videos about using the bathroom.
  • Do not show your belly if doing so will be unflattering.
  • Do not stick your tongue out if doing so will be unflattering.
  • Do not get drunk and say that you need more starfish semen.
  • Do not talk about whether you are on birth control or not.
  • Do not become excessively intoxicated.

Jane did not ask for my advice or my mini-biography of her, and she probably will not like this blog post for a number of reasons, one of them being that it’s embarrassing. I point out that I did not use her last name, the town she is from, where she went to school, or where she lives currently.

Here is a 30-second video that Jane made of herself, that I think she would be least offended by me sharing:

Off-Grid, Sustainable Farming Fantasy Versus Homesteading Reality

Several years ago I began seeing YouTube videos made by hippie-type people showing their small “off-grid”, “sustainable farming”, “organic farming”, “tiny-home” homesteads. My recollection is that most of these YouTubers lived in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon, with a few in southern states and on the east coast.

Initially, most of these YouTubers appeared to be hippie men in their 30s-60s, who had considerable experience and knowledge in both homebuilding and farming. About half of the time, these men were accompanied by healthy, energetic women who also possessed practical skills and knowledge.

To sum up, it was evident that these homesteaders had spent at least ten years working in the construction trades, gaining knowledge, experience, equipment, expertise, and money. These people had been planning for at least ten years making a transition from normal urban, suburban, or rural living, to remote, self-sufficient, homestead living.

These people found affordable property, that was suitable for what they wanted to do, and in the quickest, cheapest way possible, they created an access track, cleared a spot for their home, put in a water-well, built a shed for their tools and materials, and began building a small, rough finished home before a winter freeze set in.

In the coming months and years these homesteaders made videos showing how they heated their home; how they stored firewood, water, and food; how they used solar panels, batteries, and generators to provide electricity; how they prepared the ground, planted, fertilized, harvested crops; how they repaired broken equipment; how they dealt with unexpected emergencies.

The amount of work, hardship, suffering, misery, fear, exasperation, and becoming overwhelmed was visible. Some aspects of this life were enviable, much of it was not.

Like everything in life, once someone comes up with an idea, “Copycats” are sure to follow. “Copycats” are one thing, “Posers” and “Fakes” are something else. Like 18 year olds at a party, saying that they are going to “law school” or “medical school” with terrible grades that could never get in, young people with no money, no work experience, no construction experience, no farming experience would say that they were going to “live off-grid” and build a “tiny-house” because it sounded like a cool thing to do, it impressed woke liberal people.

The young “Van-Life” people on YouTube, who had bought an old used van for $1,500, spent a couple of months and another $1,500 to convert it for travel, made videos of their van build and travels. After a year or so their YouTube content became predictable, repetitive, and stale. Even the “Van-Life” YouTubers who had pristine car-show vans that they did not actually stay in, $3K high-def camera drones, swimsuit model companions in Bikinis, and nude video thumb-nails, their content got old.

Some of these young “Van-Life” YouTubers switched over to “Off-Grid”, “Sustainable Farming”, “Tiny-Home” lifestyle videos at about the same time. It’s clear that there is a very large conservative audience for “Preppers” and “Prepping”, and a very large liberal “woke” audience for “Off-Grid”, “Sustainable Farming”, “Organic Farming”, “Tiny-Home” living, that YouTubers began to “fake” to become popular.

Some of the “Van-Life” YouTubers were fake and not real to me, and to others who actually lived in their car, van, converted bus, or small camper. Twice during the North Dakota Oil Boom from 2007-2014, for a period totaling about ten months, I lived in either my truck bed camper, or my 7’x14′ utility trailer in areas that were not campgrounds. Hiding, urinating in bottles, pooping in 5 gallon buckets, wash cloth baths, truck stop showers, below freezing cold, constantly worrying about vehicle getting towed away, stolen, or breaking down, is not fun, exciting, and glamorous as portrayed by fake Van-Lifers who don’t actually live in their van.

Not long after watching some of the very young, single-women homesteaders on YouTube, I became suspicious, because what they were saying and doing was not adding up. They were too young to have had the work experience, or enough money saved up to purchase the property that they were living on, nor were they currently employed which would have been necessary for them to obtain a loan from a bank. The more that I researched some of these YouTube homesteaders, the more I learned that the story they were telling was not the truth.

When I wrote a couple of blog post articles about this discrepancy between what some of the YouTube homesteaders were showing and saying, versus the the truth that they deliberately left out, most of their viewers responded, “So what…, who cares…, it doesn’t make any difference…, it doesn’t matter…, it’s entertaining.., you are just jealous.”

I think that it’s very important not to lead young people, unwitting people, low-intelligence people, and low-information people into believing that “off-grid”, “sustainable-farming”, “organic farming”, “tiny-home” living is a life of leisure, fun, do-what-you-want, when-you-want. 20%-30% of the comments from women, especially young women were, “I want to do this too.., I want to live like this too…” So these videos actually WERE leading people to believe that they were a model, template, and guide for what other people could do.

The easiest way to point out the REAL MODEL of what “off-grid”, “sustainable farming”, “organic farming”, “tiny-home” living looks like, is to look at the history of subsistence farming, share-cropping, and homesteading that occurred in the U.S. from its founding through the 1930s.

To cover it briefly, in the best of times:

The father, mother, and children woke up at 5 a.m. to each do their assigned chores. The mother would add wood to the pot-bellied stove, get the fire going, begin cooking breakfast. The father and children would begin watering and feeding livestock such as chickens, goats, pigs, rabbits, cows, and horses. Gathering eggs, milking cows. Eat breakfast at 6:00 a.m. The kids would get ready for school, maybe get horses saddled or wagon ready if school was too far to walk.

After breakfast, the father would work all day long, plowing fields, chopping firewood, fixing fences, repairing harness or plow, shoeing horses, carrying water to troughs, killing and butchering an animal, preserving animal meat. The mother would clean house, cook lunch, cook dinner, wash clothes, hang laundry, take in laundry, mend clothes, make clothes.

This same routine would be followed six days per week, year after year, only interrupted by someone getting sick, injured, killed, dying, a tornado, hail storm, fire, or blizzard.

In a previous blog post article about six months ago, I wrote that I had found in an online archive of digitally scanned historic records, a copy of a book titled “Standard Atlas Of Hettinger County North Dakota 1917” that was created by a publisher that made these reference books for states in the U.S.  This reference book contained up-to-date maps  of the United States, the state of North Dakota, and Hettinger County, including very detailed Township plats showing the names of families that had been granted 160-acre homesteads following the 1860s Homestead Acts.

Looking at these Township plats for Hettinger County North Dakota in 1917, I could see that at that time, more than half of the Township sections had not been homesteaded yet.  In 1917, on the plat map for Hettinger County, the official “cities” were Bentley, Burt, Havelock, Mott, New England, Regent, and Watrous.  At this present time now, Bentley, Burt, Havelock, and Watrous no longer exist at all, nor do the old towns of De Sart, Pierce, Whetstone Butte, and Daglum.

To be clear about what I am trying to illustrate with this information from the old Hettinger County North Dakota  Atlas, at the absolute peak of homesteading in the early 1900s, more than half of the land in western North Dakota had not been homesteaded, and from the 1920s onward the number of farm families steadily declined.  In this area of North Dakota, there were no new towns created whatsoever at all, just the complete vanishing of Bentley, Burt, Daglum, De Sart, Havelock, Pierce, Watrous, and Whetstone Butte.  Why?  Because homesteading was a tremendous amount of work, and very difficult in comparison to modern life in urban areas.

To illustrate this with pictures, I am going to show some photographs of “abandoned” homesteads from the Facebook Group “Abandoned Dakotas Images”:

Hettinger County North Dakota
Hettinger County North Dakota
Hettinger County North Dakota
Hettinger County North Dakota

These images shown above, are intended to illustrate that even when an entire family of immigrants from Europe came to North Dakota to homestead 160-acres of free land following the 1860s Homestead Acts, and their lives depended on succeeding at farming, either in the first, second, or third generation on their land, it was just too much work, too difficult to continue farming.

Please note that these photographs shared from the Facebook Group “Abandoned Dakotas Images” use the word “abandoned”, the land is still owned by the family members who continue to pay property taxes and visit their family property. These family members would be just as mad at someone coming onto their land uninvited, as you would be if someone came into your house or your apartment.

I Don’t Understand People Being Stranded On I-95 In Virginia For 20 Hours

On Monday of this week, I first saw a couple of TikTok videos uploaded by commercial tractor truck drivers who were stuck on Interstate 95 in Virginia due to snow. Initially, I didn’t pay very much attention to their complaints, this same thing happens around here in mountainous areas of Wyoming and Montana.

On Tuesday evening I saw several more TikTok videos uploaded by ordinary men and women who were stuck on I-95 in Virginia, using the word “stranded” and giving times of 20 hours, 24 hours, 27 hours, without any assistance whatsoever. I thought that these people were just extremely unlucky. However on Wednesday there were even worse reports from people who had been stranded for as long as 37 hours, without anything to eat.

When I began paying closer attention on Tuesday to what was happening to people on Interstate 95 in Virginia, I had no difficulty understanding that traffic had come to a standstill due to snow and accidents, but I didn’t understand why Highway Patrol, Sheriffs, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Search & Rescue, tow-truck drivers, National Guard, and volunteers were not reaching people.

If you think about this, most motorists did not get stuck with a full tank of fuel. An idling vehicle uses about 1 gallon of fuel per hour. Half a tank of fuel for most vehicles is 8-10 gallons, which means that the vehicle could idle for 8-10 hours. But people were stuck on I-95 for 20-37 hours. The outside temperature was reported to be about 19 degrees Fahrenheit. People turned off their vehicles and started them intermittently to warm up, but who knew that their fuel had to last 20-37 hours?

It didn’t matter that some of the stranded motorists were elderly, or mothers with multiple small children, because people reported sitting there for as long as 8 hours without even seeing one Highway Patrol drive by. There was no assistance. People ran out of fuel, water, and food.

On a small scale, it was reported that some motorists shared food and water with strangers who didn’t have anything. And that people went to commercial truck drivers asking for food and water, believing that truck drivers had extra supplies in their sleeper cabs.

What I don’t understand, after living in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and North Dakota, is why the road shoulders of I-95 didn’t look like the biggest monster-truck mud-run the World has ever seen? Besides the paved two-lanes of I-95, there should have been at least three lanes on either side of I-95 with Subarus, Ford Explorers, Jeeps, F150s, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, and Suburbans, trying to make it to the nearest off-ramp.

I am not joking about this. What is wrong with people? Once a person can see that traffic is backed up for miles and miles, with no movement, why isn’t that person looking at a map or their phone trying to determine where the nearest exit is, either before them or behind them?

For me, if I was stuck on I-95 for an hour, at a standstill, seeing miles of vehicles ahead of me, I would be planning on driving on the road shoulder either forward or backward to get to the nearest exit, nearest center median cross-over, the nearest field that led to a road, or an overpass with an embankment that I could traverse. I would probably wait for an hour, but there would come a point that I would try to leave. How could a person not begin to see, that there was no way that traffic was going to untangle in the next 2-4 hours, at a minimum?

I would recognize that not only was it an inconvenience to be sitting there, but recognize that this situation is not being fixed, this is not going to change any time soon, and that this could turn even worse. What happens when people start running out of fuel, water, food, the ability to stay warm?

I am very, very surprised that I have not seen any reports yet of anyone trying to force themselves into another person’s vehicle to try to get warm, take the vehicle, or take food and water, considering that people were stranded for as long as 37 hours.

On Thursday I did see a TikTok video of a full-size Chevy pickup blasting across the interstate median ditch to make it to the opposite side that was completely vacant, which caused another full-size pickup to follow this same path and do the same thing, in order to get out of there. Should have, could have other full-size four-wheel-drive trucks done this, stopped on the other side, offered for people to walk across the interstate to get a ride out of there?

Since the Highway Patrol, Sheriffs, Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Search & Rescue, National Guard were not reaching stranded motorists, should local people with Suburbans etc. driven on the vacant opposite side of the interstate to go get motorists who needed help? Should property owners adjacent to the interstate directed people onto or across their property?

Even though I criticize North Dakota frequently, in a similar circumstance, about 50% of western North Dakotans would have rescued themselves along with the other 50% who were still stuck, even if it meant driving through a median ditch, cutting a fence, driving through a fence, driving the wrong way, getting buried in snow, getting out and digging, pulling other people out.

In contrast to how people sat there on I-95 in Virginia, here is a recent video of how people on I-15 in Arizona/Utah/Idaho/Montana handled a blocked interstate:

You can read about what happened in Virginia here: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/transportation/never-seen-anything-like-it-drivers-stranded-for-15-hours-on-i-95-in-virginia/2926464/

How I Messed Up A Home Purchase Last Week

When I first came to western North Dakota in 2011 to find work during the Oil Boom, the housing prices had quadrupled during the previous four years. This was caused more by greed, than purely a supply/demand relationship. To illustrate this, it came to the point that local people were charging $750 per month to rent a small tent in their backyard. Perform this self-check, could you look out your back window, see someone living in a small tent, and feel good about charging this person $750 per month to live like this?

In 2011, I stayed in my $500, 1975 truck bed camper on company property where I worked. In 2013, I stayed in my 7’x14′ enclosed utility trailer at various locations that were not campgrounds. 2014-2016 I was room mates with a homeowner in his 3br/2ba home where I paid about $450 per month rent.

The North Dakota Oil Boom ended in 2015 due to the price of oil dropping below $80 per barrel. As thousands of out-of-state workers and their families began leaving to return home, it created a large number of housing vacancies. By 2017, I was able to rent a large 2br/1ba apartment in downtown Dickinson for about $400 per month. Back during the Oil Boom years 2007-2015, this same apartment rented for about $1,500 per month.

Because of the North Dakota Oil Boom, still to this day, there are homeowners in Dickinson who believe that their 1960s, 3br/2ba, 1,400 sq. ft. house, on a small city lot is worth $150K-$200K. And for a recently built, similar house, on a small lot, $250K-$300K. I am not going to stop and explain why this pricing is off, you will probably begin to understand this for yourself as I continue with my story below.

Dickinson is the largest town in southwest North Dakota, with a population of about 24,000 people, a commercial airport, two hospitals, four new car dealerships, Walmart, etcetera. Outside of Dickinson, within a 50 mile radius, there are at least ten small towns, with populations 40-1,000 people. In these smaller towns, there are quite a few houses for sale in the $50K-$150K price range. Sometimes, there are surprisingly underpriced houses in these smaller towns, that are decent size, good condition, and nice looking.

In 2020 I was able to buy a small house occupying two city lots, in a small town 25 miles from Dickinson, for $50K. I was very happy with this. Remember what I wrote, in 2011 I stayed in my truck bed camper, in 2013 I stayed in my 7’x14′ enclosed utility trailer, and 2014-2016 I was room mates in someone else’s home.

The house that I bought was built in 1920. It was well-built and sturdy, although it was not impressive looking at all, nor pretty. I want to point out, that in many places in the U.S. right now, the average home price is about 4-5 times the average person’s annual income, whereas in the town where I bought, the average home price is 1-3 times a local person’s income. It is much less stressful to own a home in this small North Dakota town, compared to elsewhere in the U.S.

The total population of the state of North Dakota is less than 800,000 people. Yesterday I read a newspaper article that said the population of North Dakota actually dropped by several thousand people in 2021. It is usually very cold here from November-April, at least six months of being cold. The cold, wind, barren grasslands, sparse population, lack of things to do, make North Dakota unappealing to many people.

To me, besides Wyoming, or Alaska, I don’t know of anywhere else that I could move to, to get away from people. People have a variety of qualities and characteristics, which one can like or not like, but for me, the best and most comfortable circumstance to be in, is to not have too many people around in the first place, this in itself solves all kinds of problems.

Maybe because of greed, maybe because I don’t like people, especially noisy obnoxious trashy people, for over a year I have thought about how nice it would be to buy the house next door to me. To have that much more of a buffer zone to keep people away from me. There was an elderly widowed lady living next door to me, who was nice and quiet, a good neighbor, but still I coveted her house. It was a two-story house, larger than mine, with a large attached garage.

It was an unpleasant surprise when the elderly woman living next door to me, went into a nursing home about eight months ago. I didn’t think that her health was that bad. From time-to-time I heard news that her health was declining. Several months ago her grown children in their 50s, mentioned to me that her house would probably have to be sold soon.

Even though I wanted to own this house next door to mine, I didn’t think that I could afford it, because it was larger than my house. Keep in mind, I wasn’t going to sell my house, I wanted to keep my house on two city lots, plus obtain the next 1-1/2 city lots next door with this two-story house on them. I wasn’t planning on renting out the house next door if I bought it, because of the “CDC Rent Moratorium” where renters think that they don’t have to pay rent once they move in.

Last week, the adult children of my elderly neighbor said that they would be willing to accept a cash offer from me, and each of my other neighbors, to give each of us a chance to buy the house. They did not want to go through a lengthy, time consuming, tiring process of appraisals, inspections, house showings, and bullshit offers from people who didn’t have money.

I explained that I wanted the house, but I did not think that I could afford it. I asked what was the ballpark price that they were looking for? It was very close to what I paid for my house. I felt that it was less than what the house was actually worth. I was greedy for the opportunity to buy something for less than it was worth, and to have the house next door so that no one else could move in to it and begin bothering me.

In my mind, I knew that I actually had enough money at that moment to pay their cash asking price, but I wasn’t about to spend all of this money, because of the possibility of unforeseen emergencies like becoming sick, injured, or losing my job. I said that I would go to the bank tomorrow to see about getting a personal loan, I was short about $12K-$20K from their asking price.

I added up all of my assets, and the personal loan that I wanted was less than 5% of my assets. I have good credit, the personal loan monthly payment would be less than 8% of my monthly income, so I believed that there was no way I would get denied a personal loan. That night, I completed an online personal loan application with one bank, although I used a personal loan calculator with two different banks.

The following day, I received a message from the bank to call them regarding my personal loan application. The manager of this bank, who I like, she said that the longest loan period they would allow was 36 months. I was angry, I wanted to have loan payments that were like $240 per month for ten years, not something like $750 per month for three years.

I calculated the property taxes on the house to be $110/month, insurance $60/month, electric $60/month, water&sewer $70/month, so that’s $300 per month. I didn’t want to pay another $750 per month for this personal loan. I asked the bank manager lady for any suggestions, she didn’t have any good ones.

I was angry, I dreaded this would happen, once you start getting a bank, a realtor, an inspector, an appraiser involved, something is bound to go wrong and ruin everything. This is why the sellers wanted a CASH offer, so that nothing and no one could get in the way. Just even being short a little bit of money, ruins everything. I thought about using a no-questions-asked credit card check for $12K just to say “fuck you” to the bank, even though the credit card company interest rate would be twice as much.

I sent an email to the seller, explaining the amount of cash that I was willing to pay, the personal loan amount that I had sought to meet their asking price, but that I didn’t want to repay the personal loan over the short period of three years, so unless they had any suggestions, I was out. They replied that they were not willing to do a contract-for-deed, but I didn’t want that either.

For the next week, off and on I had panic attacks about a contract-for-deed going wrong, where I imagined being in the hospital for two months, or jail for two months, or bank auto-pay didn’t work for two months, or the sellers pretended they didn’t get the last two checks in the mail, and I lost $40K because I failed to make two monthly payments. What homeowner wouldn’t want to keep $40K in payments, AND get their house back?

Besides the panic attacks about contract-for-deed gone wrong and imagining monthly credit card payments of $1,000 per month, I realized that what I should have done, was get a personal loan from the other bank for a five-year loan for something like $17K, where the monthly loan payment would about $350. Even if I didn’t like the five-year personal loan, just get the house bought, THEN get a longer-term home-equity loan.

A local person who owns several other houses, bought the house for cash, for less than the asking price that I was trying to meet. Do you see how much of an advantage wealthy people have? Any kind of entanglement with a bank, realtor, home appraiser, or home inspector can knock every non-cash buyer out of competition for a house. California refugees who sell their houses are in this advantageous position against local buyers as well.

Democrats And Liberals Don’t See What They Have Created And Are Doing

Especially because of Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, where people can leave comments, I noticed that Democrats and Liberals are not tolerant, pacifist, supportive of free speech and diversity like they say they are, unless the ideas, views, values, principles, or beliefs coincide with their own.

To give a few examples, a Conservative might say that they support the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the right for citizens to bear firearms shall not be infringed, and cite the disarmament of citizens in Great Britain and Australia as leading to an overbearing totalitarian government. Liberals often respond with a heated tirade of one sort or another, either ranting that people don’t need machine guns, or saying that guns caused the most recent school shooting.

The truth is, that in the U.S. where their is the highest per capita gun ownership, states like Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, there is less crime overall, and less gun crime. It is the majority Liberal Democrat cities, often with the most strict gun laws, that have the highest amount of crime, and highest number of gun crimes, cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.

One more example, Liberals portray themselves as the guardians of people’s human rights, civil rights, and freedoms. Liberals have fought for women to have the right to have an abortion, to have control of their own bodies. Liberals have fought against any kind of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, or disability. Liberals have fought against and prevented people who manifest mental illness from being arrested, detained, imprisoned, forcibly or unwillingly medically treated for their mental illness.

Regarding Covid, many Conservatives are reluctant to get vaccinated because the survival rate from Covid infection is near 99%, and the vaccinations have been reported many times to have caused severe or catastrophic health problems. The Liberal Democrats who used to fight for the principle of people having control of their own body, for pregnant women to have the right to abortion, for homeless mentally ill people to not be forcibly or unwillingly treated for mental illness, for people to not be discriminated against because of their beliefs, these same Liberal Democrats want to have Conservatives forcibly and unwillingly vaccinated, lose their ability to work, travel, and buy groceries, to be imprisoned in detention camps for being unvaccinated.

Here is a very good seven minute video that points out how Liberals and Democrats do not acknowledge what it is that they are doing:

Men, Just Quit Going To Gyms

When I first tried to begin writing this blog post article, I went into too much detail trying to explain my personal background and history in weight lifting, starting from when I was 10 years old, then into high school, college, and in all of the different towns and states where I had lived. In order to not waste so much time, I decided that I only really needed to convey a few main points of my experience:

  1. In Florida where I was born and grew up in the 1970s-1980s, most boys and young men had an interest in lifting weights that went along with wanting to play football, basketball, wrestling, or join the military after high school.
  2. In my experience, most boys and young men were motivated and eager to use their cheap Sears/JC Penny/K-Mart $75-$100 home weight bench sets that they had in their basement, garage, or backyard.
  3. Poor underprivileged white kids and black kids had just as much enthusiasm, maybe even more, than kids from affluent families when it came to weightlifting.  Weight lifting had absolutely nothing to do with money or pretentiousness, but what an individual could actually personally do.
  4. The first commercial gyms in the town where I grew up, which was near Daytona, in the 1970s-1980s, these were weight lifting, power lifting, body building gyms.  These gym members were young men and adult men who had started weight lifting as kids, using cheap home weight sets, and had continually progressed.
  5. Through high school, college, and as a young adult 1980s-1990s, I remember a very strong competitiveness amongst people who lifted weights and did bodybuilding, that was beneficial, motivating, and had no or very little animosity, partly because each person’s lifts, physical results, or personal effort, spoke for themselves.
  6. Beginning in the 2000s, across the World there began a transformation in the business model of gyms, where it was thought that weight lifting/power lifting/body building gyms had limited membership potential, whereas “Fitness Centers” had the potential to attract the most number of people.
  7. “Fitness Center” gyms attracted men and women of all ages, all levels of health, for hundreds of different reasons.
  8. By 2010, in my experience, in almost every gym that I went to, the strong motivation/enthusiasm/competitiveness of weight lifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders was completely gone.  It was replaced with the distraction and hindrance of equipment “dabblers”, equipment “wanderers”, texters, trophy-wives, bored restless teenagers, “Karens”, and attention seeking twats.

Here is the TikTok video that caused me to write this blog post article:

The young woman who made this TikTok video, she is complaining about, “Some creepy old guy looking at her.” Without even starting the video, I can see why the old guy was looking at her. If this woman were at the beach, a swimming pool, a shopping mall, playing volleyball, playing basketball, taking a dance class, this guy would probably look at her in these situations as well.

However, if this same old guy were at a park, and there was a good skateboarder, acrobatic kite flyer, frisbee player, basketball player, dog trainer, guitar player, he would probably watch them too. It just so happened at this gym at that moment, that this young lady was interesting to look at. If there would have been a more attractive lady in the gym at the time, he probably would have looked at the more attractive lady.

If there would have been a great big powerlifter at this gym bench pressing 500 lbs, or squatting 700 lbs, people would have stopped what they were doing and watched, and the powerlifter would have had no problem with people watching him, because it’s interesting.

Is this complaint really about an old guy watching a young lady in a gym, that this is inappropriate, or is this about a young lady feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable because of the outfit that she has worn to the gym? If this young lady had worn baggy sweatpants and a baggy sweatshirt, would it have mattered to her if someone was watching her? Would anyone watch her if she had worn baggy clothes instead?

Do men wear thin, skin-tight, body contour-hugging tights, with bare skin mid-sections to the gym? I have never, ever seen this. So, why do women wear skin-tight, body contour-hugging, bare skin mid-section tights to the gym? Is it because these women are seeking attention? Is the real answer that women dress in attention-seeking provocative outfits in order to get attention, and if men that they like notice them that’s good, otherwise when men that they don’t like look at them they go into attention-getting “victim mode”, “unwanted sexualization mode”, “sexual harassment mode”.

If men have any sense, they will just let women have every gym to themselves, and instead buy weight training and exercise equipment to use at home. Nothing good is going to happen from going anywhere that women act like this, and make accusations.