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Judge Blake Kilbourne For Yourself, Listen To All His “The Godcast” Episodes

Yesterday I wrote a blog post article defending the Lutheran Church in Dickinson and Pastor Blake Kilbourne. A group called Anonymous Comrades Collective had spent over a year compiling a dossier to use against recently-hired Pastor Kilbourne, labelling him a “white nationalist”, “white supremacist”, “neo-nazi”, and “nazi”.

Today I received a comment to my blog post article, stating that Pastor Kilbourne had used the word “kike” when referring to Jews in his podcasts. So I went and read the Anonymous Comrades Collective dossier a third time, to find out how to listen to Pastor Kilbourne’s podcasts.

What I found, is that Pastor Kilbourne and a co-host named “Myles”, every Sunday they broadcast a discussion on a religious topic, from a conservative Christian perspective. So far, in listening to this “The Godcast” program, it seemed very scholarly and professional.

Why not judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne for yourself, after you have listened to one or more of the 194 episodes of the “The Godcast”, that you can find by clicking this link https://thegodcast.libsyn.com/

I hope that the Lutheran Church leadership and members will judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne by what he has actually said in his broadcasts.

In Defense Of Dickinson Lutheran Church And Pastor Blake Kilbourne

On Tuesday evening I read a Dickinson Press newspaper article titled, “Dickinson-based Lutheran church rocked by allegations”. After reading this newspaper article, and the source material that was the basis for this article, no where was there any information that the Lutheran Church in Dickinson had anything to do with this.

I repeat, there is no evidence that the Lutheran Church in Dickinson had anything to do with any wrong-doing or any kind of scandal. Pastor Blake Kilbourne was hired in November of 2021, and what Pastor Blake Kilbourne may or may not have done, did not involve the Dickinson Lutheran Church or its congregation.

The reason for this shocking newspaper headline, is that some activist group called “Anonymous Comrades Collective” had spent more than a year compiling a dossier against recently hired Pastor Blake Kilbourne for what he and his wife discuss and write about in their personal life, that could later be used to harm them. Planning and waiting for just the right time, dumping this dossier on his new employer the Lutheran Church in Dickinson and the Dickinson Press newspaper at the same time, before either the Lutheran Church or Pastor Blake Kilbourne had time to read it and examine it, was intended to cause the most amount of damage.

The obvious intent of Anonymous Comrades Collective’s work was to harm and harass Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife, wherever they went, whatever employment they gained, in order to not allow this couple to have their 1st Amendment Right To Free Speech. If what Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife were discussing and writing about was illegal, this could have been reported to the Police, FBI, or Department Of Justice a year ago, months ago, but it wasn’t illegal. So the only thing that this ACC group can do is try to incite public hatred against this couple in order for them to lose their employment.

At the end of this blog post article I will give the link to both the Dickinson Press newspaper article and the dossier of allegations against Pastor Blake Kilbourne and his wife. After reading this dossier, an overview of what I saw, was that Pastor Blake Kilbourne wrote articles and social media comments using a pseudonym because he did not want backlash and retaliation against he and his wife for their political, religious, and social views.

From what I read, politically Blake was conservative, anti-immigration, anti-illegal immigration, anti-crime, anti-corruption, pro-military, pro-traditional family. Religion-wise, he was anti-homosexual, anti-transgender, pro-Bible. Socially, his views were against rioters, against instigators of social unrest, against people who try undermine, ruin, and destroy society.

In the dossier, there is a great deal of using the labels “White Supremacist”, “White Nationalist”, “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi”. It doesn’t appear that Blake ever identified himself as any of these, these labels with derogatory connotations were placed on him by Anonymous Comrades Collective. His wife is alleged to have made the comment that if someone wanted to refer to her as a “Nazi”, that she would accept that because it was being used as a label now for people who are conservative.

One of the pieces of evidence against Blake, is that he said that “Count Chocula” of the chocolate flavored breakfast cereal, was Jewish. What if he had said that “Count Chocula” was Jehovah Witness or Mormon? Why is it that no one is allowed to mention anything about Jewish people, yet people are free to make jokes about Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Baptists, Catholics, and Pentecostals?

It appeared to me that the ACC group who prepared the dossier against Blake were either entirely or heavily funded by Jewish anti-defamation, anti-Semitism activists. Many people in the U.S. are currently angry at Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein for being caught at sexually abusing women and children. Angry at Goldman-Sachs Bank for involvement in financial crises and the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank scheme. Angry at financier George Soros who appears to be funding and instigating riots in the U.S. Angry at Mark Zuckerberg for orchestrating anti-Republican censorship, and pro-Democrat favoritism on Facebook. Yet no one is permitted to mention the Jews, lest they be labeled “White Supremacist”, “White Nationalist”, “Nazi” or “Neo-Nazi”?

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen missing persons researcher David Paulides have a video taken down, Bigfoot researcher Steve Isdahl have a video taken down, preppers and comedians have videos taken down, and North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker have his medical license threatened for speaking his mind. In the U.S., people were never supposed to be censored like this, or have their career threatened for expressing their beliefs and their opinions.

For low-intelligence people, it’s easy for them to become stirred into a mob by inflammatory accusations, which was the sole purpose of this dossier created against the Kilbournes. If anything the Kilbournes had done was illegal, they would have been arrested and charged with a crime. It’s true that not everything wrong is a crime, however, would each of us want to have our lives ruined by a group of paid activists who spied on our family for over a year to compile evidence against us?

Here are the links to the Dickinson Press newspaper article and the dossier against the Kilbourne’s https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/news/local/dickinson-based-lutheran-church-rocked-by-allegations https://accollective.noblogs.org/post/2022/01/21/superlutheran/