Judge Blake Kilbourne For Yourself, Listen To All His “The Godcast” Episodes

Yesterday I wrote a blog post article defending the Lutheran Church in Dickinson and Pastor Blake Kilbourne. A group called Anonymous Comrades Collective had spent over a year compiling a dossier to use against recently-hired Pastor Kilbourne, labelling him a “white nationalist”, “white supremacist”, “neo-nazi”, and “nazi”.

Today I received a comment to my blog post article, stating that Pastor Kilbourne had used the word “kike” when referring to Jews in his podcasts. So I went and read the Anonymous Comrades Collective dossier a third time, to find out how to listen to Pastor Kilbourne’s podcasts.

What I found, is that Pastor Kilbourne and a co-host named “Myles”, every Sunday they broadcast a discussion on a religious topic, from a conservative Christian perspective. So far, in listening to this “The Godcast” program, it seemed very scholarly and professional.

Why not judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne for yourself, after you have listened to one or more of the 194 episodes of the “The Godcast”, that you can find by clicking this link https://thegodcast.libsyn.com/

I hope that the Lutheran Church leadership and members will judge Pastor Blake Kilbourne by what he has actually said in his broadcasts.

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