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German Catholics In North Dakota Part II

When I lived in Arizona, I worked in health care.  Wherever I went, to a critical care unit in a public hospital, to a private skilled nursing facility, to a Hospice House, to an assisted living facility, I always ran into the Catholic Nuns, Sister Elizabeth and Sister Augustine.  Both of them were Irish, both of them were in their 70s.

Sister Elizabeth and Sister Augustine were tireless in visiting the poor, the sick, and the elderly.  I had a great deal of admiration for them, once I realized that they weren’t going to try to hit me.  They were a source of inspiration in elderly patients, both because of their boundless energy, and because they were there to give Holy Communion.  Once, one of the Nuns left behind the bag of communion wafers, and I was going to eat them all, and the Catholic patient was gasping at me, ” Oh God no!”

These two Irish Nuns cheered me up too.  I still remember the joke they told me about the two parrots that had been taught to say, “We’ re two hookers, and we’re here to have a good time!”  The punch line was, they went to live with two male parrots who said, “See, I told you there was a God!”

When Sister Augustine slipped on some wet tile, and broke her hip, she was only in bed for about one month, before she was walking and back on duty.  Most women in their 70s would have been wheel chair bound for many months, if not forever.  Sister Augustine was determined to get back on her feet, to help people.  She and Sister Elizabeth helped many, many people.

Why can’t the Catholics in Dickinson be like this, reaching out to people, trying to help people?  In Dickinson, I have seen the Catholics turn their back on people in need, and try to withdraw from helping people.

There was a young Catholic priest in Dickinson, who began talking to me when I was on the internet in a public place, looking at profiles of women on the internet dating site Plenty Of Fish.  I believe that he thought that I was looking at pornography, because I was looking at pictures of women, but it was just a dating site.  He talked to me about the Assumption Abbey in Richardton, which was a Catholic Monastery built in the early 1900s.  He was inviting me to visit the monastery grounds which occupied about 100 acres, they made soap and other products, and meet the monks.

A couple of years later, I spoke to the Abbot of the Assumption Abbey, and he was anti-everybody, the last thing they wanted was to have to deal with people for any reason.  I thought, “Huh, that’s odd, the Catholics used to send monks off to far away places like  Africa, South America, the Pacific Islands, to reach out to, and engage the savages, yet here in North Dakota, the Catholics don’t even want people on their property!”  So much for Christian outreach. The Catholics in Dickinson have the attitude, “Go fuck yourself!”  (Actually, if you read a recent comment to one of my blog posts, it says, “Go fuck yourself!”)

In Dickinson, they have a charity benefit and auction at Trinity High School, the Catholic School.  It is a spaghetti dinner, and you can buy raffle tickets for a Camero.  I wanted to go to eat and buy a raffle ticket.  In the parking lot, the local people were glaring daggers at me.  Inside Trinity High School, the people were very hostile and unfriendly to me.  I decided to not eat, and just buy a raffle ticket.  It was $10 a ticket.  I handed the young priest a $20, he gave me a ticket, and not any change.  I had to be stern with him about handing him a $20, and him not giving me change, to get my $10 change.

After the date of the raffle, I looked and looked and looked to try to find out if I had won the Camero, or who had won the Camero.  I never could find out who won the car, which made me believe that these Catholics here in Dickinson are crooked, nasty people.

I had to do a construction project down the street from a Catholic School in Dickinson.  The wind picked up one Saturday morning, and balls started rolling off the roof of the school, and rolling down to my truck, I collected about four of them.  I thought to myself, those poor kids probably all got beat for these balls going missing.  I put them back inside the fence.  When some Catholic woman arrived later that morning, she got out of her car and just glared at me menacingly.  I thought, “What is wrong with these Catholics in Dickinson, they are the exact opposite of what Christians are supposed to be, what are they teaching in Church here, why are they like this?”  This was not nearly the last time I found Catholic women in Dickinson to be glaring and scowling at me with hatred for reasons unknown to me, other than me merely existing.

The Catholics in Dickinson outwardly show hostility and hatred towards others for merely existing.  This leads me to believe that the Catholic Church in Dickinson is actively teaching their members to treat others with scorn, hatred, and hostility.  Besides the glaring, scowling, and nasty treatment by the Catholics in Dickinson, they have a revulsion to helping anyone.  Why does the Catholic Church hold services in Dickinson?  It has nothing to do with Christianity.  Why does the Catholic Church in Dickinson collect tithes, offerings, donations, and bequests?  I think that the Catholic Church in Dickinson, its leadership and its followers, is not a Christian organization, but a hate group.

A tree will be known by its fruit.  Does a bad tree produce good fruit?  You only have to read your Bible to know that the Catholic Church in Dickinson, and the Catholics in Dickinson are not Christians.

Facebook in Dickinson, North Dakota

I hesitated to write this blog post, I didn’t want to give this secret away.  On Facebook, I have found so much information about people in Dickinson in a short time, that would have otherwise taken me about fifteen years of living in Dickinson to find out.  I have written in about 40% of my blog posts, that there had been a shortage of women in Dickinson.  During the first year that I lived in Dickinson, I thought that there was some genetic reason why nobody here had attractive daughters.  Later I found out that the attractive women were just hiding.  I found out that if you went to the grocery store before 5:00 p.m., before the oil field workers got off work, you would see some attractive women shopping.

In Dickinson, I wasted probably two years of my life trying to look for women to date on internet dating sites.  I found out, that if a nice looking woman has to advertise on an internet dating site to get asked out, she is probably driving men away in person.  This is an understatement.

One day in Dickinson, I met an attractive young waitress, and I later looked her up on Facebook.  On Facebook, she had all of her “friends” listed.  I could not help looking at some of her attractive “friends” profiles on Facebook.   I was just viewing Facebook profiles, when I started to realize, this is telling me a lot.  It was like someone was taking the time to tell me who everybody was in Dickinson.  I could see who everyone’s friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives were, where they worked, where they went to school.  A tremendous amount of information.

I still to this day don’t know where all of these good looking women in Dickinson hide most of the time, but I know a lot more about their behavior.  They like to list other good looking women as “friends”, they do not like to show ugly “friends”.  Good looking women like to go places.  It seems like for them, the point in going to some of the places they go, is to take pictures of them being there.  It appears that the young women in Dickinson most often date people that they went to high school with, or people that they work with.

I suppose if a guy wanted to, he could look on Facebook, pick any young woman he wanted to date, look at her pictures, read where she works, read what her interests are, and then go see her at her job at Ace Hardware.  “Yes, I’m here to buy some sealant for my turtle’s aquarium.”.   “Oh wow!  You have a turtle too?”.  “Yes, I got him after my bar mitzvah.”. “Oh wow!  You’re Jewish too, so am I.”

Anyway, as I mentioned in a recent post, I have more than enough young women around me now that 80% of the oil field workers have left the state, and I don’t want any more.  I look at some young women’s profiles on Facebook in order to see how bad an idea it would be for me to date them.

I don’t want to talk about looking at women on Facebook any more right now, in order to talk about some other important things.  I have written about the Dickinson Mafia in about eight of my blog posts.  They are a group of men who have had a great deal of control over what goes on in Dickinson, for many years.  They are not all bad, they have accomplished some good things, but they had a hand in keeping wages low in Dickinson up until this most recent oil boom.  Just as the pretty women on Facebook like to show other pretty women as “friends”, the Dickinson Mafia like to show other connected people, and their minions as “friends”.

Just as I met one pretty girl, and then found her “friends” on Facebook, I looked at the Dickinson Mafia “friends”.  It’s funny, none of the Dickinson Mafia friends have hard labor jobs, or even difficult jobs.  Most of the Dickinson Mafia friends have gone to college, which is not typical for Dickinson.  Though their male offspring sometimes look weak and not sharp, they still have good looking wives.  I’m not too interested in criticizing the Dickinson Mafia right now, I am trying to point out that they look after their own.

If I hadn’t known before, I know now, that I will never get very far in Dickinson.  I am not from here, I didn’t go to school here, I didn’t marry the right person’s daughter, and I didn’t curry favor with the Dickinson Mafia.  Like I started out saying at the beginning of this post, Facebook showed me what it might have taken fifteen years of living in Dickinson to find out: who is who, who knows who, who is related to who, and that’s how that works.

Before some readers go and get depressed, and other readers gloat that everything is as it should be in Dickinson, I want to point out that Dickinson is changing.  There is a likelihood that those who mistreated and took advantage of other people during the past several years will reap what they have sewn, especially the landlords, property managers, and property investors.  Keep me posted on Facebook when you go bankrupt.

That other thing about not being successful if the Dickinson Mafia don’t want you to be, if Dickinson is prohibitive to people making money, there won’t be many people staying in Dickinson. The Dickinson Mafia could end up owning a bunch of failed businesses and property that is worth nothing if too many people move away.





The Boom Went Away, And Women Changed in Dickinson

I have written nearly sixty posts now, and in about 40% of those posts I mentioned the shortage of women in Dickinson.  I have devoted about six posts to describing the shortage of women in Dickinson.  I wrote about not ever looking at internet dating sites until I came to Dickinson, the need for prostitution in Dickinson, women in Dickinson not wanting to be bothered by oil field workers, you can go back and read those posts.

Things have changed now, they have definitely changed.  I waited about one month to write this post, to make sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.  Many women are starting to be nice to me now.  I have lived in Dickinson for over three years now, and in the past, women were never nice or friendly toward me.  I am the same person I was three years ago, only older, what has changed?

So many oil field workers have moved away, that there is probably an equal number of men and women in Dickinson now.  So many young men oil field workers have moved away, that there are more young single women, than there are single men in Dickinson.  Right now, I have, let me count, about seven women under the age of 30, who are acting like they would like for me to ask them out.  They come and sit beside me, come and hang around me, want to talk to me, this is completely different.

I think that the main reason why these young women are interested in me now is, first: I appear to have a job and I am able to remain in Dickinson; second, I have been here for several years and I don’t have a bad reputation, I have not taken advantage of women or been abusive; third, I am kind of mild mannered, polite, and clean.  These qualities weren’t good enough to attract women in the past in Dickinson, but they are good enough now.

I guess these young women are scared, and they want to survive.  They don’t want to be alone, they don’t think that they can make it on their own.  I don’t think that these young women do a lot of reading, I don’t think that they pay attention to economic forecasts.  I think that something in Dickinson has really alarmed them, and alerted them that things are bad.  The only thing that I can think of that would have been noticeable to them, would be the disappearance of oil field workers.  Apparently this scared them so much, that they now look to me as someone who can possibly help them.

The truth is, I am worried too.  I don’t know what I am going to do.  I don’t know what is going to happen to me.  Rather than thinking this is my big chance to have sex with all of these young women, I am not in the mood.  I only feel like talking to them enough to figure out what is going on with them, to see if there is anything I can say or do to help.  The outlook is so bad in Dickinson now, I don’t know what any of us can do.




Helpful Advice for Women in Dickinson, North Dakota, Part II

In this post, I want to give more advice for women in Dickinson to consider.  I hope that young school girls in Dickinson will pay attention to this advice.

Women, and young ladies, you probably see many women in Dickinson who are married and have children.  You might get the impression that this is what you should do too.  Wait, wait, just because it seems like everyone in Dickinson gets married at a young age and has children, doesn’t mean that’s what you should do.

For women, getting married at a young age, and having children right away, makes it very difficult for them to change their mind if this is not what they want.  It might feel like it is impossible to continue education or pursue a career at this point.

At a young age, or in high school, women may think that it would be cool to move in with a guy right when they turn 18.  They can have sex any time they want, as much as they want, drink as much as they want, smoke pot, and nobody can say shit.  Oops, oh shit, I’m pregnant.

The things that young women in Dickinson might be impressed with right now, like a cute guy with a big truck and an apartment, might not seem important, exciting, or anything they want when they get older.

I hope that I am not the only one telling you young women that you should continue your education after high school for at least another two years to get your associates degree.  Your math skills and English skills are good enough right out of high school for you to continue on through the basic college general education courses in math, English, biology, foreign language, western civilization, psychology, political science, etcetera.  You will be much more appealing to employers, you will have a wider variety of career options, and you will have a higher rate of pay.  Also, if you ever want to, you can go another two years and get a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree.

Please get your associates degree!  You will always know that you could have easily have gotten your B.S. or B.A. if you had wanted to.  Some of the college courses that you take to get your associates degree will make you see things differently than you did in high school.  Some of the college courses that you take to get your associates degree will show you the level of writing, detail, research, calculating, and presentation that would be required of you in a professional work environment.  If you do get married and have children, with an associates degree, you will be better able to earn money for your family if you ever need to.

If you go to college, you will have a chance to meet people from different areas of the country.  You might find that you like different things that you didn’t even know about.  Give yourself the chance to see what the world is like before you get married and have children.

I want to talk a little bit now about not getting pregnant.  You should not get pregnant until you are absolutely sure that you want to get pregnant.  I don’t want you to be scared of having sex, I want you to be knowledgeable about sex.  Please read several women’s health articles on the internet that explain clearly, scientifically, the whole process of an egg going down the fallopian tube, when it reaches the uterus, and when it is able to be fertilized by sperm, and where you are at in your menstrual cycle.  Don’t rely on where you are at on your calendar to not get pregnant, but be aware of where you are at.

Women, you should carry several good, not out-of-date condoms in a concealed area of your purse.  Yes, you.  It is not the guy that is going to get pregnant.  You are the one that is going to let him do it, he might not know.  I say several, because one can get damaged just getting it out of the wrapper, now you’re down to two.  I recommend getting Trojan condoms that have the spermicide lubricant.  Yes, you need the lubricated ones, they break a lot easier if they aren’t lubricated.  Keep them in a concealed area of your purse or handbag so that they don’t get damaged, so that your little brother doesn’t find them, and so guys don’t see them and think “they are in”.  You need to have them with you, sometimes you might want to do it so bad that you don’t even care, so you need to have them with you.

When I just started having sex in my late teens, I used a condom that was not lubricated, and it tore, and I didn’t stop, I might have only had one.  In my twenties, I wanted some women so bad in the moment and I trusted that they knew what they were doing so I didn’t use a condom, I didn’t know they were going to let me have sex so I didn’t have any.  In my thirties, I had some women on top, and that position causes condoms to pull off, at the worst possible time.  Each of these instances was a mistake.  Each of these instances caused me a lot of worry.  At least once, a girlfriend chose to take the morning-after-pill, so that she would not become pregnant.

Helpful Advice for Women in Dickinson, North Dakota, Part I

In this post, I would like to give some helpful, useful advice for women in Dickinson.  It is not too late for you.  You young school girls in Dickinson, you need to read this too.  I would like to give you some advice to better your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Please start exercising.  It may be difficult to get started, but try to do just a little at first.  The West River Community Center is a very warm, safe, pleasant environment to not only exercise, but to socialize with other women.  Take the time each day to get out of your house, away from your work, away from your children, away from your husband, and take time for yourself.  Try walking the track on the upper level, try stretching and doing floor exercises upstairs.  Later, you may want to join the group stationary cycling class, or the aerobics class.

Start with making a small amount of daily exercise, a daily habit, and a lifelong habit.  When I worked in healthcare, I often saw elderly women naked.  Some women in their eighties, who did water aerobics daily, had smoother, tighter bodies than women in their 20s!  The women nurses even complained, “Shit, you’ve got better legs than me!”  The women in their eighties just laughed, and said they did water aerobics every day.

When you begin exercising, and taking care of yourself, your self-esteem increases, and your positive mental attitude increases.  Within a couple of weeks of beginning a daily exercise routine, your flexibility, strength, and endurance will improve.  You are better able to engage in life activities, whether it is playing with your kids, going on outings, working, or having sex.

Please, please try to take care of your physical health.  Your children, your husband, your boyfriend, your parents, or your employer probably already depend on you.  Be physically able and strong to help take care of your family and your responsibilities.  Being in good physical shape and exercising daily will help you cope with stress.

For selfish reasons, please also take care of yourself.  If you can afford it, go to a beauty salon, get your nails done, get your toe nails done.  Please read fashion magazines like “Cosmopolitan” and “Vogue”, so that you can get ideas on how you might do your hair, your makeup, your nails, your clothes.  It is obvious in these magazines that the models are beautiful, glamorous, and greatly desired.  Don’t you want to be beautiful, glamorous, and desired too?  It is O.K. to admire shoes, dresses, coats, handbags, and jewelry.  There are events in Dickinson where you can get dressed up, such as the events at the Astoria Hotel ballroom, and the Grand Dakota Lodge.

Even if your husband, boyfriend, and family are from Dickinson, and have never encouraged women getting dressed up, that doesn’t mean they know everything and are always right.  Although it might be too much of a shock to them if you changed completely overnight, I bet they might be happy and impressed if you got a hair cut that really looked good on you, or an outfit that really looked good on you.

For your sake, and for the sake of your kids, please try to read to become knowledgeable about different things outside of Dickinson.  Just think, do you want your kids to be able to experience more things in life, or not know about opportunities they have in life?  Just as an example, every now and then, buy a magazine like “Architectural Digest”, “Yachting”, “Sailing”.  These magazines show how wealthy and successful people live, their homes, their furnishings, their jewelry, their cars, their boats, where they travel, the things they get to do.  In a big way or a small way, when people or kids see some of these things, it inspires them to want to be successful, to finish school, to think about what type of career they may want to have, to think about marrying a person that will help them to be successful.

If you are of the opinion that it is not a good idea to see expensive clothes, jewelry, furniture, houses, cars, boats, planes, vacation destinations, beautiful glamorous women, when these things are not relevant to you or your children, I think you are wrong.  Any progress that we have made as human beings has come through education and becoming more and more aware.  It is harmful, limiting, and dangerous to not know what is going on in the world.

School Assignment, Dickinson, North Dakota

Hello, and thank you for reading my blog.  The purpose of this blog is to tell people from out-of-state, what Dickinson, North Dakota is like.  Additionally, I hope that people from Dickinson read this blog.  The people here in Dickinson should be ashamed of how badly they treated everyone during the oil boom.  The people here in Dickinson were hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, and they took advantage of people.

I want people to know the truth about Dickinson.  I don’t want people to get misinformation about Dickinson from the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Dickinson, or Dickinson State University.  Because I have written approximately forty-five blog posts about Dickinson, this site usually comes up on the first page of search engine results for “living in Dickinson”, “working in Dickinson”, “moving to Dickinson”, “relocating to Dickinson”, “women in Dickinson”, “corruption in Dickinson”, “nightlife in Dickinson”, and “the Dickinson mafia”.

Even though this site comes up on the first page of search engine results, there should be more views every day, from school kids doing their homework assignments for instance.  There should be more school kids looking at this site, but that doesn’t surprise me too much, North Dakota ranks first in some categories of illiteracy.

I want to write this blog for the school kids in Dickinson, to give them some useful information for their school assignments and reports on Dickinson, and to give them some useful life information.

The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is probably about 3:1, which is not normal.  Because there are way more men in Dickinson than women, there is a shortage of women for men to date, and marry in Dickinson.  There should be a strip bar, where men can go and talk to women and see them naked, but the City of Dickinson will not allow that.  There should be prostitution in Dickinson to provide women for men to date, but the City of Dickinson will not allow that.  Thank God there aren’t any rapes!  Because there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, most of the women in Dickinson do not try to stay in-shape, dress nicely, look nice, or be pleasant.  Most of the women in Dickinson are overweight and unfriendly.

There is not a lot to do in Dickinson.  It is cold from about the beginning of October through the end of April, that’s seven months.  It would be nice to go out to bars at night to have some drinks, but the City of Dickinson has instructed its police officers to be very aggressive in arresting people for Driving Under the Influence.  In fact, the Dickinson police arrest people and take them to jail, even before giving them a breathalyzer test, if they are under the legal limit at the police station where the breathalyzer test is given, they are still under arrest, are processed into jail, later post bail, and pay $3,000 up-front to an attorney.  Don’t let mom and dad go out to bars in Dickinson, they might get a DUI, lose their job, and then you’ll be out on the street!

Going out to restaurants in Dickinson is not that great either, the service is usually very bad.  The servers in Dickinson restaurants have been led to believe that all of the oilfield workers in Dickinson make over $100,000 per year, that’s what the television news says.  The servers have had the expectation that every oil field worker would spend $100 every meal and leave them a $20 tip.  The servers are angry that they aren’t making $300 per day at Applebees, Perkins, Country Kitchen, and Players Club.

There are not a lot of restaurants in Dickinson.  Prior to 2008, people in Dickinson did not go out to eat because they did not have much money, they were paid very low wages.  The local companies in Dickinson paid very low wages in order to control their workers.  The workers could not get ahead, they lived paycheck-to-paycheck, they could not afford to lose their job, they had no savings, they were completely dependent on their employer, they had to keep their job even if they were mistreated.

Because wages were low in Dickinson prior to 2008, home rents were low.  A one-bedroom apartment was probably $300 per month, a three-bedroom house was probably $700 per month. Due to the oil boom, by 2011, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment went up to $1,500 per month, a three-bedroom house went up to $3,500 per month.  This huge cost increase in housing not only hurt the oil field workers, it hurt the local people too.  This is why some people say that people in Dickinson were very greedy and took advantage of people.

That’s enough for now, your brains are probably jumping like a toad!  Please, please feel free to write comments and ask me questions.  I’ll go ahead with what will probably be a FAQ, Frequently Asked Question:

Question:  You seem to hate Dickinson, why don’t you just leave?

Answer:  I stay here because currently I can make more money here than elsewhere.  I have a home in a different state that I would like to go back to, but unemployment is high in that state.  While I am here, I would like to get the truth out about Dickinson, so that people from out-of-state will know what it is like, and maybe not come at this time.  I hope that I can change some things in Dickinson by exposing them.



Some Good Businesses In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written a lot of negative things about Dickinson, North Dakota:  Extremely high housing prices, shortage of women and lack of attractive women, prostitution not being allowed though it is needed, police being over zealous in DUI arrests so you can’t safely go out to bars, lack of entertainment and things to do, inhospitable and uncooperative local people.  Why would you want to live here?  You probably don’t want to live here, I don’t recommend it.  Right now, you do not want to move to Dickinson, North Dakota, because many people have just lost their jobs, and there are not many job openings.

If you are here in Dickinson, or if you come to Dickinson, there are a few businesses that I have good things to say about:

Don Pedros Restaurant:  I have eaten here about fifteen times in the last two years.  The servers have always been pleasant and quick.  The food has always been good.  Every time I have eaten here, I have had to get a to-go box because there has been so much food.  By far the best restaurant in Dickinson, because it is always quick, good, and more than you can eat.

Dan Porter Motors:  I have had a Toyota truck serviced several times, and had several repairs done.  They have always been quick, did a good job, and the prices were fair.

Charboneau Dodge:  I have had a Dodge truck serviced several times, and had several repairs done.  They were able to fit me in a couple of times so that I wasn’t without the use of this truck for long.  The prices were fair and the repairs were done right the first time.

Parkway Ford:  I have had a Ford truck serviced and repaired a couple of times.  The prices were slightly higher than what I thought they should have been, but I knew the specific repairs would take a long time, and they were done right.

Paradise Cleaners:  Huge improvement over the cleaners/laundry that had been in Dickinson in the past.  This cleaner is what you would find in a normal city.

Prairie Hills Mall Cinema:  The three movie theaters are in good condition, they are not over-full, many different movie times throughout the day.  You can watch a movie and forget you are in Dickinson.


I can almost recommend the West River Community Center:  It has two indoor pools, one outdoor pool, four full-size basketball courts, three indoor racketball courts, two indoor tennis courts, indoor track, weight room, rock climbing wall, cardiovascular equipment.   The WRCC is open to everyone for a small daily fee.  However, Dickinson State University, which is not even a fourth-rate college, has its thugs/athletes come and use the WRCC.  Given that Dickinson State University has academic standards that are less than that of most community colleges, and their level of athletics is less than that of a large public high school, you can imagine the type of trash they get for their football and track programs.  Probably 80% of the people that came from the hood, that are now living in Dickinson, that can hook you up with some crack, came here because of an invitation from DSU.

How I Live In Dickinson, North Dakota

The purpose of this blog is for me to tell people from out-of-state what it is like living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Also, if people who live in Dickinson, North Dakota, should happen to read this blog, I want them to see what I see, and know what I have experienced.

I want to be able to tell the truth, so I don’t publish my name, and I try to be vague about the details of my life, so that no one can figure out it is me, and make me stop.

In particular, I did not want the owner of the house where I live, to find out that I write this blog.  I have lived in this house for two years now, and the owner of this house and me, we have had a lot of arguments.  The owner of the house where I live is in his fifties, he is from Dickinson, and he graduated from Dickinson State University.  If he became aware that I was writing so many negative things about Dickinson, he would probably say, “You need to get that shit off of there right now!”

I didn’t start out planning to write so many negative things about Dickinson, I just try to write truthfully, and I don’t want to censor myself on this blog. I have to mostly keep my mouth shut when I am out in Dickinson in order to not have problems.

There are some good points and some bad points about the person who owns the house where I live.  I have gotten a lot of information from him about the history of Dickinson, and things that have gone on in Dickinson.  The rent is not too high.  I have been allowed to keep construction equipment on the property without complaint.

I want to tell about some of the bad things, so that people can know what it is like when you have to live with somebody else due to the very high cost of housing in Dickinson.

Though the owner of the house has lived in Dickinson his whole life, he does not have any friends.  This is not uncommon in Dickinson, because the local people are not friendly to each other.  He has never been married, and he has not had a girlfriend for a long time.  This is also not uncommon in Dickinson, because there is a shortage of women.  Not having any friends or a girlfriend, has led to some quirky behavior, annoying behavior, gross behavior, which I am exposed to and have to deal with.

If you have ever seen the television show from the 1970s, “Sanford & Son”,  about an African-American junk dealer in Los Angeles living with his son Lamont, the inside of the house where I live is exactly the same, and I am kind of like Lamont.  The house has junk throughout the house, there has never been a girlfriend or a concerned friend that has helped the owner to see and understand that this had gotten out of hand.  I have had a couple of my friends come by the house, who I knew could take it, and they thought it was kind of funny.  But I know that I can never invite a woman over here, because they would freak out in a number of ways.  They would be scared of the carpet, the furniture, the bathroom, they would probably not want to have anything to do with me either after seeing where I live.

There would be several additional problems with me inviting a woman over to the house where I live.  The owner of the house is always here, he does not have anything to do or anywhere to go, which is a common problem for everybody in Dickinson.  He has not had a girlfriend for a long time, and there is a scarcity of women in Dickinson, so if I brought an attractive woman home, he would be unable to take his attention off her.  As it is, he stays in the living room all the time, even if he should fall asleep at 6 pm, 8 pm, 10 pm, midnight, he just stays in his Lazy Boy chair in the living room, as if he is guarding the living room, as if he is scared that he is going to miss out on something by going to his own bedroom.

When the owner of the house is in the living room, whether I am in the living room, or my bedroom, he talks to himself.  He sometimes mutters,” I did the best I could…bla, bla, bla”, or cries out, “I’m sorry!…bla, bla, bla”  Sometimes when I am in my bedroom, he goes on a long angry rant talking to himself out in the living room, when I am trying to fall asleep, and I feel like yelling, “Shut the fuck up, you fat fuck, shut up!”  I can only imagine what a fiasco it would be me having some woman in my bed, trying to have sex with her, and she would say, “Stop, stop, what the fuck is that?  Is that your room-mate out in the living room talking to himself?  This is too creepy, I’m getting out of here!”  Yup, can’t bring any women over to my house.

Trying to help with the truth about Dickinson, North Dakota

The purpose of this blog, is to try to give people truthful information about Dickinson, North Dakota, so that people can use the information to decide whether to come to Dickinson or not, to help people understand what Dickinson is like, and to help people figure Dickinson out.  I want to cover everything, I try to cover everything, that you would need to know.  Maybe also, I would like to change some things about Dickinson that are not right, and exposing them will help to change them.

I have written about the Dickinson Mafia, the Dickinson Police Department, the City of Dickinson, Dickinson State University, property owners in Dickinson, real estate agents in Dickinson, oil field workers in Dickinson, white trash in Dickinson, women in Dickinson, hostility in Dickinson, prostitution in Dickinson, entertainment, recreation, culture, employment, and other things.

It may surprise you to hear this from me, but Dickinson has the potential to be the best city in North Dakota in several different ways.  Thanks to the Dickinson Mafia, the layout and growth of Dickinson has been controlled according to their strategic plan, which no one has been allowed to fuck up, so that at this time every thing about Dickinson allows it to physically expand outward without obstruction or awkwardness.  In comparison, Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City are a mess.  Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City have allowed the wrong development in the wrong places, and now they are difficult to travel around in, even though their populations are not that large.  Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City have allowed the wrong development in the wrong places, and now they have a bunch of shit in the way of new development.

Dickinson has a good airport that is just outside of town, it is easy to find, easy to get to, and has room for every kind of expansion that is needed.  Dickinson has the recently completed Dakota Prairie Refinery, which also has plenty of room to expand, and it will expand.  Dickinson has many new homes and apartments that have recently been completed, enough to allow more people to move into new housing.  Dickinson now has many restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, car dealers, heavy equipment dealers, Wal-Mart, and Menards.  Dickinson has a newly completed $50 million hospital which receives emergency patients every day from up to 100 miles away by ground and air ambulance.  Dickinson has other large medical clinics.  Dickinson has the West River Community Center which is possibly the nicest gym facility in the United States, even though Dickinson only has a population of about 30,000 people.    Dickinson has a large recreational lake right in the center of town.  Dickinson has a rail road running through it.  There is still so much vacant farm land on every side of Dickinson, for Dickinson to expand into, there are no physical barriers.  It is very easy to drive through and around Dickinson, Interstate 94 and Highway 22 run through it.

When I stop and think about it,  Dickinson really is on the precipice of being the best city in North Dakota, because everything is in place right now to allow it to grow, to feed its growth, to support its growth, with there being nothing in the way of its growth, which is not the case in Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City.  Additionally, on each side of Dickinson, within 25 miles, are the long-established and still growing towns of Killdeer, New Hradec, Richardton, Gladstone, New England, South Heart, and Belfield.

Why wouldn’t I be thrilled to be here?  I have waited my whole life to be in the right place at the right time.  I missed out on being in Tampa in the 1980s, or in Phoenix in the 1970s, both of these cities grew, and grew, and grew, because there was no physical barrier to expansion and there were so many of the ingredients necessary for growth.

I will tell you why I am not thrilled to be here.  Dickinson is cold from the end of September until the middle of May, about eight months out of the year.  And when it is cold, it is also grey, not sunny.  There is still a shortage of women, and as I found out recently, the women here see no point in dating you if you are not going to marry them.  You had better not go to a bar and drink in Dickinson, the Dickinson Police will take you to jail for DUI even before you have a breathalyzer test, and will arrest you and process you into jail even after the breathalyzer shows that you were below the legal BAC.  The people in Dickinson are not friendly, they do not like people from out-of-state, they will find anything about you to not like because they like to hate people, as a matter of fact they hate each other, though they hate you more.  There is not a lot in Dickinson to do for entertainment, unless you like hating people for entertainment.

I suppose whether Dickinson grows or not will depend on whether the amount of oil field jobs remains steady, drops off, or increases.

Please tell your friends about my blog, I want people to hear what I think is the truth, rather than be lied to by the Chamber of Commerce and real estate agents.

July 2015 Update for Dickinson, North Dakota

Hello everyone.  I have not written any posts for this blog for a little over two months.  I have had many ups and downs here in Dickinson in the past two months, work related, women related, housing related.

Please, if you are considering coming to Dickinson at this time, don’t.  Many, many people here are wanting to leave, including myself, but we can’t because we don’t have enough money to leave.  Even though it is the peak of the work season, this is about the least amount of cash-on-hand that I have had in the past twenty years.  I am almost a pay-check-to-pay-check person now, though I have never been before at any time in my life, thank you Dickinson.

I tried to remain calm here in Dickinson as the work has gone away since about December of 2014, waiting for things to sort themself out.  I remained as manager of a small company because I liked the owner, I liked the company, and I liked the work, but my pay went down and down.  I held off, but finally accepted a job at a competitor company which had much more work, but found out within a couple of days that the company was one of the sleaziest places that I had ever worked.  I soon realized that they had more work because they were slightly lower in price, but were greatly lower, vastly lower in the skill level of their personnel, and their ethics were that of the worst-of-the-worst, bottom-of-the-barrel car salesman.  So back to my previous employer I went, learning that not only do you have to be wary of strangers in Dickinson from out-of-state, who may stab you in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but Jesus, you have got to be even more careful about going to work for some of the companies operating here in Dickinson or you will get mugged, raped, and robbed by them.

People in Dickinson now, there are people like myself and others who would like to leave, but don’t have the money to leave.  But there are other people, maybe even myself, that are too stupid to know to leave.  The top income earners had been the young, able-bodied men who worked on the drill rigs, twelve hours per day, two weeks straight, then one week off.  When the drill rigs shut down, these guys went home, they went someplace else, they left the state right then going about 80 miles per hour.  Maybe I should have too, but I did not know what I would do for a living back in Idaho where I still have a house, I thought I would be better off here in Dickinson, but now I am more stuck than I was back in December, January, February.

As the oil field worker men left town, and it became Spring, then Summer, the women came out of their holes and began to move about.  Women began letting me get close enough to them to talk to them and pet them, though you still have to be careful about what you say, so that they don’t start squealing,”That guy is bothering me!, that guy right there!”, also, don’t try to pet them, I said that they let me get close enough to pet them.  Anyway, they keep asking me,”Do you like Dickinson?”  What they are trying to figure out, is if you are going to stay.  What they are trying to figure out, is if you just want to have fun/sex with a girl/woman while you are here, like it doesn’t really mean anything to you, and then you are just going to leave, maybe when they just start to really like you, maybe when they become pregnant, maybe when they are making plans to marry you, are you going to do that, just leave one day?  I am not handsome enough for women to want to have sex with me just because I am so handsome.  For some women, there are guys that are so handsome, they will have sex with him just to not miss the opportunity.  But that’s not me.  Women will consider having sex with me because I am clean, healthy, polite, and have potential in their minds, in some ways, but they have to have more reason than that.  Getting off the track slightly, a sufficient additional reason might be that they are mad at their boyfriend or they are drunk.  Getting back on track with my point, even if women in Dickinson like you or find you attractive, they don’t want to date you or have sex with you unless you tell them that you like Dickinson, meaning that you are willing to stay here, meaning that you potentially would want to marry them.

Having lived in Dickinson for three years now, and having met more women this summer than ever before, because so many men have moved away, the women will let me talk to them now, I got a lot more insight and have more of an understanding of women in Dickinson now.  Most of the people from Dickinson are Catholic, most of the women in Dickinson are Catholic.  Most of the women in Dickinson have a view of life where they want to be married, have multiple children, and have a husband that takes care of them and their children.  In their view, it would be a good idea to get the best possible husband, one who is tall and handsome, one who has good earning potential.  If they spot a guy like this, they had better try to get him quick before some other girl in Dickinson does, because there is only a limited selection in Dickinson, if you don’t get a good guy right away, just look at what you will have to pick from, guys that none of the other women in Dickinson wanted! For the women in Dickinson, if the guy doesn’t want to marry them, the women have to drop this guy right away and try to hurry up and find some other guy they like, who does want to marry them.

I don’t look at dating this way.  I meet young women who are appealing because they are healthy, in shape, have a lot of energy, and are friendly.  I would like to go ride bikes, hiking, or canoeing with these young women.  I meet women who are older than me, who are knowledgeable about law, business, art, architecture, and history.  I would like to talk with these older women.  My point is this: I don’t demand, require, or expect that any woman meet a list of qualifications for me to like them or date them.  Also, I don’t mind if they want to date for a week, a month, a year.  I couldn’t say if I would want to marry them unless I knew them very, very well, and even then I realize that I could be mistaken about what the woman is really like.  So, in short, I don’t ask women out with the expectation or desire that this will culminate in marriage.  I like women, I like being with women, so it is enough in itself just to have the company of a woman I like.  I don’t have to “own” her and “control” her, shouldn’t she be able to do what she wants, when she wants?  I can kind of see why women want to get married, and I would agree to get married if I could see the marriage working out, but I don’t have the same policy/procedure as women in Dickinson regarding dating, that is to only date people who have the intention of marrying them.

I could be mistaken, but elsewhere I believe that there are women who want to date men because they enjoy their company, they are physically attracted to them, they share common interests and opinions, they enjoy going places and being together, yet the woman does not want someone telling her what to do and when to do it, she wants her own house, her own furniture, her own pets, and her own car without having to compromise or get agreement from someone else.  In Dickinson, women want to make sure up front that you want to get married, have kids, provide for them, and every aspect of your life will be geared to accommodating your wife and children, until you die.  So women in Dickinson will try to find out right away if you plan on staying in Dickinson, if you don’t plan on staying in Dickinson, then you probably don’t have the intention of marrying them, and they don’t want to waste their time dating you.


April 2015 Summary of Dickinson, North Dakota

You do not want to come to Dickinson, North Dakota, at this time.  There have been many, many jobs that have gone away in the past two months, mostly because of the low price of oil.  The price of oil is so low right now, that the oil companies who own the wells do not want to pump the oil out of the ground.  It had cost the oil companies so much to lease land, clear the well sites, drill the wells 5,000 feet deep, fracture the wells, install the pump jacks, install the tanks, that they can’t even break even on the money they spent unless they can sell the oil for more than about $70 per barrel.  The price of oil right now is about $35 per barrel.

The oil companies who own the wells, not only do not want to pump oil out of the ground right now, they don’t want to drill new wells, they don’t want to fracture new wells that have already been drilled, they don’t want to repair wells that have just started to have problems.  The oil companies don’t want to do anything right now, except wait.

As you might imagine, when the oil companies don’t want to do anything, they let people go.  The oil companies, the drill rig companies, the fracturing companies, the oil field service companies have all let people go.  Many oil field workers have already left North Dakota and have gone home or gone elsewhere.  Because of oil field work slowing down, because of oil field workers going home, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels are less busy, and they will let employees go also.

The price of hotels, apartments, trailer parks, and houses is still very high.  The property owners, property managers, real estate developers, real estate investors, and real estate agents are all trying their best to keep the prices high, even though it is inevitable that prices here will eventually come down greatly.  People in Dickinson will begin to lose their homes to the banks soon because they are unable or unwilling to pay their mortgage.  They may be unwilling to pay their mortgage because the house that they bought for $300,000 is now worth about $150,000, they may owe $250,000 for a house that is worth $150,000.  People will abandon the manufactured homes that they bought because they are unable or unwilling to pay.  Real estate investors and real estate developers will have to sell their properties for low, low prices because they have no other choice but to sell or let the bank take possession.

In order to keep the riff-raff out of Dickinson, the police are very eager to pull over motorists in Dickinson.  Once they stop a motorist, they can check for outstanding warrants, non-payment of child support, driving without a license, driving without insurance, driving under the influence, possession of firearms, possession of a controlled substance, and they would love to make an arrest.  If you have an out-of-state license plate, you have an even greater chance of being stopped.  If you have a construction worker’s truck that is more than a couple of years old, you have greater chance of being stopped.  The police in Dickinson are enforcing a local social decision, they do not want out-of-state workers ruining their town.  If you get stopped in Dickinson, and you are an out-of-state worker, the cost of going to jail, hiring an attorney, and possibly losing your job, and losing your housing,  is going to bankrupt you, you will leave Dickinson poorer than when you got here.

The people in Dickinson are unfriendly and not helpful.  There is no homeless shelter.  There is no cheap campground, they have made sure to end that.  You can not sleep in your car in the Wal-Mart parking lot, you can not sleep in your car in the truck stop parking lots.

The women in Dickinson are unattractive and unfriendly.  There is a shortage of women.  The ratio of men to women is probably 3:1.  There is very little to do in Dickinson for recreation or entertainment.  It is cold here for seven to eight months of the year.  The people here do not like out-of-state workers, they are hostile to them.  The people here are not very friendly or social with each other even.

Please do not come to Dickinson, North Dakota.  If you do, you will only find that what I have written is the truth.

What Dickinson, North Dakota, Is Like

When I was a kid in the 1970s, when my family went on vacations, we visited old houses and museums.  When we went to St. Augustine, Florida, we visited the oldest school house in the United States, which I believe was built in the late 1600s, and also some other old houses that were built in the 1800s.  When we went to Key West, Florida, we visited the house where the writer Ernest Hemingway had lived, I believe this house was built in the 1930s, and we also went to the Naval museum.  In Sarasota, Florida, we went to the Ringling Circus winter residence, I believe this house was built in the 1930s, and we also went to the Ringling Circus museum.  In Savannah, Georgia, I remember when I was about eight years old, it seemed like we went through about a hundred houses that were built in the 1800s.  Outside of Lynchburg, Virginia, I went through a residence of Thomas Jefferson, called Poplar Forest, that was built in about 1790.

In contrast to what I saw when I had visited old houses and museums in other states, in the Dickinson area of North Dakota in the early 1900s, families were living in 10’x12′ grass sod huts, with dirt floors, dirt walls, no furniture, no paintings, no photographs, no children’s toys, no phonographs, no pianos, no indoor water pump, no indoor toilet.  In order to understand what living in Dickinson, North Dakota, is like now, you have got to realize and understand that many people in this area of North Dakota lived in very primitive conditions up until very recently.

When I had travelled to other states and visited old houses, I could see how the people had lived in the past, what types of things they did to prepare food, how they decorated and adorned their homes, what kinds of “modern” conveniences they had, what they did in their spare time:  read books, write letters, draw, play an instrument, play board games, swing on porch or tree swings, ride bicycles, play lawn games.  However, when I visited old houses outside of Dickinson, visited the pioneer museum, looked at old photographs, and talked to Dickinson residents, I found that the people here had had very little, often times they did not even have all of the bare necessities.  The harshness and starkness of life in this area of North Dakota is partially the cause of people in this area being unfriendly, inhospitable, jealous and malicious to people from out-of-state, and behaving in a primitive manner.

There are some psychological theories on human development, that explain human behavior based on what is called a “hierarchy of needs”,  which basically says that humans will try to fulfill their most basic needs first, in this order: 1)oxygen, 2)water, 3)food, 4)clothing, 5)shelter, 6)personal security, 7)mating, 8)security of family, 9)social interaction within family, 10)social interaction within extended family, 11) social interaction within a village,  … and when the basic needs have been fulfilled, later, there comes the expression of religion, creation of laws, passing on of learning,  …. and if a group of people passes out of the primitive stage of development they begin to have higher learning in the areas of science, math, medicine, art, architecture, and philosophy.

In order for a group of people to pass out of the primitive stage of existence, there has to be enough resources available so that the people do not have to spend every minute of every day just trying to survive.  Unfortunately in North Dakota, that didn’t happen.  Resources were so scarce in fact, that people looked and looked for something to build their houses with, and all they could figure to do was to cut the grass sod and stack it, in order to make the walls for their house.  They looked and looked, and all they could find to use to heat their home was dried buffalo dung, so they burned dried buffalo dung for heating and cooking.  Forget about furniture, forget about wall paper, forget about art or photographs on the wall, forget about a piano or a phonograph, this was just bare survival.  This was the early 1900s in North Dakota.  Back East, people were painting, boating, playing tennis, playing golf, riding bicycles, attending concerts, going on picnics.

If you looked at a map in the early 1900s, you could see the state of Vermont, Maine, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, …O.K., these are cold states.  On the map you could see the state of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Texas.  In those states, they have houses, built of wood, with furniture, they had houses there for a couple of hundred years already.  Why did people in North Dakota, stack grass sod to make a 10’x12′ house, and collect buffalo dung to burn, when they could have moved to the southern United States?  I asked a Dickinson resident in his late 50s one time, why people in North Dakota didn’t look at a map, and move south?  Why didn’t people in North Dakota read a book or a newspaper and realize that they didn’t have to live in the cold and the barrenness?  He replied that people just didn’t really think you could do that.

If you come to North Dakota, you will see that there are not very many trees, it is mostly grassland and badlands.  There used to be a lot of buffalo, now there isn’t.  There are some deer, but not a lot.  It is cold October through May, eight months of cold.  If you stay here for a year, and you have to go outside in the winter, you will begin to understand how hard it was to live in North Dakota.  The people in North Dakota had such a hard time trying to survive, that they did not progress to the higher levels on the human development scale, they were stuck at the lower levels, spending all of their time trying to meet basic needs.  As a result, there was no architectural development in this area of North Dakota, all structures are very basic.  The education level is very low due to children having to leave school at an early age to work on the farm, and very few families able or wanting to have their children go to college, which contributes to ignorance and primitive behavior.  Due to it being so hard for people to survive in North Dakota, they do not have any concept of hospitality.

The local people in Dickinson think that they are friendly, but because this area had been isolated in the past, with many people here never traveling outside this area, and the education level being very low, somehow the people here do not realize that they are in fact, unfriendly.  Their sense of friendliness and helpfulness to other human beings is not very civilized.  Just this evening, I was watching the evening news with a Dickinson resident, where it was shown on the news that a Southwest Airlines passenger ran to the bathroom on the airplane, and was heard groaning, about ten minutes prior to landing.  The flight attendants assumed the man was drunk, didn’t check on him, and had everyone de-board the plane at landing, and called the police.  The passenger was found dead in the bathroom, he had had a brain aneurism.  The Dickinson resident stated,”They are not required to do anything, a person is not required to do anything, you might think that someone has to help somebody else, but there is no law requiring people to help somebody else.”

Because the people in Dickinson had had such a hard time trying to survive, and they were not able to progress to the higher levels of human development, there are other manifestations of this in addition to the lack of architectural development and lack of hospitality.  People in Dickinson do not have an appreciation for beauty, recreation, and leisure.

I have written several posts to this blog about women in Dickinson being overweight, out-of-shape, unattractive, poorly dressed, and making no attempt to look attractive.  In architecture, painting, sculpture, dance, music, poetry, and writing there is the pursuit of beauty, but they don’t have that here, they are still primitive here.  I think that the women here would not be so overweight it they had the concept of recreation, where you swim, walk, ride bikes, roller blade, canoe, sail board, play tennis, play golf, but they don’t understand recreation.

If you come to Dickinson, as I have written elsewhere in this blog, there are certain things that will get you into trouble with the local people.  If you have a wife or girl friend that is not overweight, they won’t understand this, and they won’t like this, so I recommend if you have an attractive wife or girl friend, that you keep her out of sight, they don’t appreciate or understand beauty, and they tend to be jealous.  If you have an Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, or Mercedes, they will not like it, they will not work on it, and they will not like you, they don’t appreciate or understand beauty, and they tend to be jealous.  If you talk about warm weather, the beach, sailing, surfing, running, rock climbing, swimming, bicycling, or travelling, they won’t like this, they won’t understand, and they will just get mad and frustrated, they don’t appreciate or understand recreation and leisure.  As I have stated before, if you want to know what living in Dickinson will be like, you need to watch the movies “Deliverance”, “The Grapes of Wrath”, and “Planet of the Apes”.

Warning, Do Not Come To Dickinson, North Dakota

Please do not come to Dickinson, North Dakota, at this time.  Right now, and in the coming months, there will be many people let go from their jobs.  There will be many more people looking for jobs, than job openings.  The people that are already here will be competing against each other and fighting each other for the few job openings that will come up.

According to the “Dickinson Press” newspaper, and some oil field industry publications, there were approximately 280 oil well drill rigs in operation at the peak of the oil boom in North Dakota several years ago.  A little over two months ago, the “Dickinson Press” newspaper had an article about two drilling companies parking approximately eighty drill rigs outside of Dickinson because they were not being operated.  About one month ago, the “Dickinson Press” had an article that said the number of drill rigs operating in North Dakota had fallen to 97.  Now, the number of drill rigs operating in North Dakota is about 80.  The number of drill rigs operating in North Dakota went from 280, to 80 the present time.

According to oil industry publications, one drill rig that is operating, has about 100 direct and indirect jobs created when it is operating:  site clearing operators, dump truck drivers, quarry operators, road construction operators, fence installers, equipment transport drivers, rig erection crew, site trailer haulers, trailer set up workers, electricians, tank battery haulers, water truck drivers, drill rig operators, work-over rig operators, drill rod deliverers, casing deliverers, fuel truck drivers, heavy equipment mechanics, welders, pump jack installers, oil tank installers, containment barrier installers, automation & control installers, etcetera.  Because the number of drill rigs operating went from 280, to 80, 200 drill rigs x 100 jobs per drill rig, equals 20,000 jobs lost. 

Some of the oil field workers who have recently lost their job have already left North Dakota and have gone home or gone elsewhere.  The ones who left right away already knew what was going to happen.  How do you expect to get another job in the oil field when there are 20,000 other people who are also losing their job at this time?

In Dickinson, every hotel, every restaurant, every grocery store, every retail store, every hardware store, every bank, will let a couple of employees go, because business has slowed down, and it will slow down even more.  Car dealers and heavy equipment dealers will let sales people and mechanics go.

Though many out-of-state workers have recently left Dickinson, the RV parks, trailer parks, and apartments will not lower their prices for about a year, and housing prices will remain very high.  The people who lost their job, who currently have housing leases with high rents, will be so desperately in need of money to make their rent payment, they will take any job they can get in Dickinson, and it will be an employer’s market, wages will go down.

Please do not come to Dickinson right now.  There are going to be so many people out of work, so many people looking for work, and no job openings.  Housing prices will continue to be very high.  You will not want to be here.  It is cold here for about seven months each year.  There is not a lot to do for recreation and entertainment.  The people are unfriendly, not hospitable, and not helpful.  There is a shortage of women, and the women here have decided that they are going to be overweight, unattractive, and unfriendly.  The police here are determined to cite and arrest out-of-state workers every chance they get in order to try to encourage them to leave.

Women in Watford City, North Dakota

In this blog post, I will explain that there appears to be a higher percentage of attractive women in Watford City, North Dakota than in Dickinson, due to the amount of women who have come from out-of-state to work in Watford City.  Also, I would like to point out some of the differences between the out-of-state worker women in Watford City and the women in Dickinson.

I have had to work in Watford City, North Dakota for one month now.  I stayed at Teddy’s Hotel in Watford City for the first two weeks, and at Roosevelt’s Hotel in Watford City for the second two weeks.  I look forward to going back to Roosevelt’s Hotel each day when I get done at work, because Roosevelt’s Hotel has about four very attractive women who work at the front desk, and several nice looking women who work elsewhere in the hotel.  When I have to deal with the women at the front desk, like asking them to fax something, extending the length of the reservation, going over a schedule, I can’t think straight, I can’t talk right, I don’t think that I make sense, and it’s because I am distracted by them, in a good way.  I wish I had more reasons to stop at the front desk.

I don’t know if the owner of Roosevelt’s Hotel has a charismatic and charming personality, or if the over-decorated hotel interior attracts very good-looking women, I don’t know how or why, but Roosevelt’s Hotel has somehow managed to hire some women that are very, very hard to find in North Dakota.  The front desk women are feminine, slender, in-shape, healthy, good-looking, poised, have a positive attitude, and are attractively dressed.  Unlike most women from North Dakota, the women at the front desk care about their appearance, they have beautiful healthy long hair, they wear nice modest bits of jewelry that look good on them and match their outfits, they wear tasteful and appropriate dresses, skirts, and slacks.

As I write this, I realize that women in North Dakota make me mad.  I have spent about three years of my life in North Dakota, about two years more than I intended.  I am in my mid-forties.  I feel like my life is concluding in a way that I never would have wanted.  I am living in a place that is unpleasantly cold for about seven months each year.  The rents and property prices are extremely high, especially considering that it is unpleasantly cold for about seven months each year.  There is not a lot to do for recreation or entertainment.  The police will get you right away if you try to drink at a bar.  And the women.

The women in North Dakota are overweight.  They have decided amongst themselves that they are not going to put any effort or care into how they look.  They are not going to exercise, stay in shape, stay fit, or stay healthy.  They are not going to take care of their hair.  They are not going to buy nice clothes.  There is not a chance they are going to shop for shoes, a belt, bracelet, earings, necklace, or a scarf, to put together an outfit to match a skirt.  I could also say that once these women in North Dakota have decided to be unattractive, that this includes being unattractive in their attitudes, intellect, and speech.

What I have previously failed to write about, it just didn’t consciously occur to me, is that the deliberately unattractive attitude of women in North Dakota has carried over into just about every aspect of life in North Dakota.  I have previously written a couple of times about the woman in the Dickinson Department of Motor Vehicles saying to people,”No!, You have to have a North Dakota birth certificate!  We can’t take birth certificates from other states!”  In this case, the deliberately unattractive attitude of women in North Dakota shows up as hostility and ignorance.  I previously wrote about an evening event in Dickinson where about sixty percent of the women were under-dressed.  In this case, the deliberately unattractive attitude of women in North Dakota shows up as “We don’t care how we look, we don’t care if we look bad.”

When I have been in Watford City, and I have met women who are from out-of-state, I have noticed that their attitude is different, it is what I would call more normal.  I guess that I had been perceiving that their attitude was different by observing their actions, their behavior, what they said, and partly by the way that they dressed.  I hadn’t realized until I began writing this post, that when a woman buys and wears nice shoes, nice belt, jewelry, dresses, skirts, and slacks, that it communicates,”I am not ignorant, I care about how I look, I want to be attractive.”



2nd Post About Women in Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written about women in Dickinson elsewhere in this blog many times.  I think that one of the reasons why I write about women in Dickinson so much is because they are so different from women everywhere else.  Also, the women in Dickinson have a big effect on what Dickinson is like.

I want to again state that I am not trying to make fun of women in Dickinson, or be cruel.  The purpose of this blog is to provide truthful and helpful information to people so that they know what to expect in Dickinson, and perhaps chose not to come.

Recently, I attended an evening event in Dickinson that was primarily a women’s event, with about one hundred women.  I was startled that about sixty percent of the women were under dressed for this event.  I felt like maybe I should offer to let them borrow some of my clothes.  There was not one woman that was over dressed.  I was sad that many of the women were wearing cheap and tacky clothing.  Before I say anything else, I want to say something that I wrote before, apparently women in Dickinson have solidarity amongst themselves that they are not going to buy nice clothes, they are not going to get dressed up, they are not going to put on make up and jewelry, they are not going to stay in shape, and if they all stick with this plan, the men will not notice that there is anything wrong with the way they look.  Just about all of the women at this event were sticking to this plan.

I previously wrote in this blog that I think one of the reasons why women don’t get dressed up and don’t take care of themselves in Dickinson is because they don’t want to attract males.  They don’t want men noticing them, they don’t want men admiring them, they don’t want men asking them out, or trying to pick them up.  There are way more men than women in Dickinson, the women don’t want any more attention.

At this event, there were about ten women who were moderately attractive.  The one that I thought would be the best one for me to mate with, was about one inch taller than me, she had shoulder length brown hair, very pale unblemished skin, narrow set eyes, was slightly hunched over at the shoulders, wearing a tacky leopard spot blouse, she was about thirty years old, not thin, very slightly overweight by about ten pounds.  I thought that she had a kind of dignity to her, though she was not hot, she was not trashy either.  I thought that she probably had not been asked out a lot in her life, and had had time to develop her mind, intellect, interests, coping skills.  I thought she could be a good girlfriend.  Like some kind of prey animal, she must have sensed that I was interested in her, because when I happened to be in her area, she turned her head the opposite direction and held her hair up with her hand in order to hide behind it, so that I couldn’t possibly say something to her like,”Hello.”  I thought that she was going a bit too far, but for her, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Another woman that I was interested in was about forty-eight years old, she was about two inches taller than me, she was probably the best dressed woman at the event, she had very long beautiful legs, was tan, had a sun aged face, and had nice jewelry.  I did not really think that I could get her.  She was much more polished and outgoing than me.  When she and her friend came over to where I was, her friend was asking about her husband, to which she was saying that he works late, he doesn’t get home until about 1 a.m.  At the time, I thought that they were trying to make sure to let me know that she was married, and to forget it.  Now that I am writing this, I am wondering why she was saying in front of me that her husband works late and doesn’t get home until 1 a.m., I don’t think that she meant that as a hint, did she?

The third woman that I was noticing at the event, I at first supposed her to be about twenty-five.  She had pretty long brown hair, she was young and healthy, with a pretty face and a pretty body, she was wearing nice blue jeans and a nice plain white blouse.  I noticed that she wasn’t drinking alcohol, or anything else, or eating anything.  I wanted to ask her why she wasn’t drinking or eating, but thought I had better not, she might be pregnant or sick.  What if I had bought her and brought her a drink, and it turned out that she was eighteen years old, I am sure that her parents and the other women would have liked that, not.  She knew that I liked her, and she spoke to me and was nice to me towards the end of the event.  She left with her boyfriend.

At the very end of the event, I turned and almost walked into a very interesting young lady, well, interesting to me.  She was about 5′-2″, one hundred ten pounds, very long platinum blond hair down to her waist line, white skin, pretty face.  When I almost ran into her, I got the impression that she was kind of like a fairy tale princess, or a fairy tale mouse.  She almost ran into me at the same time, and if I thought she looked like a startled mouse, she didn’t quite react like I was a cat, more like I was a startled rat.  I said excuse me, and kept going.  Later, I talked to her for a while, she was the daughter of one of the people at the event.  I don’t know if she was seventeen, or twenty-one, I didn’t ask.

It is strange, weird, and unfortunate, that the women my age at this event didn’t want to have anything to do with me or speak to me, but some of the older women did, and some of the younger women did.  The two younger women that I spoke with were very attractive, they did not think that they were too good-looking to talk to me, and they were not too scared to talk to me.  There were about sixty women at this event that were my age, most of them were not very attractive, a few of them were moderately attractive, none of them had any interest in me whatsoever, which is even more strange because they had all been drinking alcohol.  I will sum up by saying again that women in Dickinson are not interested in getting the attention of men.

Prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota

When I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in May of 2011, I became bored and lonely.  There was not a lot to do, and I did not know very many people.  I did not see very many pretty women anywhere that I went in Dickinson, and most of the women were not friendly to me.  It became apparent that there was a shortage of women in Dickinson.  I had never wanted to look at an internet dating site until I came to Dickinson, but at this point, I thought that I would try it. 

At first, I set up a free user profile on “Match.com”.  On “Match.com” I found that there were very few women within 100 miles of Dickinson, and about 9 out of 10 of them were unattractive.  I then set up free user profiles on “Mingle.com”, “PlentyOfFish.com”, “DateHookup.com”, and “SeniorPeopleMeet.com”.  Using these four additional dating sites, I found that there were still very few women within 100 miles of Dickinson.  One of the reasons why there were so few women from Dickinson on the dating websites, was because there was a shortage of women in Dickinson, the ratio of men to women was probably 3:1, women here did not have a hard time getting offers for dates.

In the evening after work, I would look at the five different dating sites to see if any nice looking women from Dickinson or the surrounding area had joined, but they hadn’t.  For entertainment, I began looking at the profiles of women in other states.  Very soon I began to see some things in the profiles of women that upset me.  At first I thought that I had just come across some bad, shallow women.  But after several weeks of reading women’s profiles, and reading about two hundred profiles, I found that I hadn’t understood women at all, and this was very upsetting to me because I was forty years old.

What had started out as me trying to meet some women in Dickinson by looking at internet dating sites, really changed my life and opened my eyes.  I thought that I had understood women, but I hadn’t understood them very well at all.  In person, in magazines, in books, in movies, and on television, women talk about romance, true love, a spark, a connection, chemistry, finding their soul-mate, commitment.  But apparently what they say and what they want are entirely different things.  The internet dating sites, prompted the women to select the specific things that they were looking for, which revealed what women were really looking for.

Most women were looking for a guy with a high income, a high paying profession, a higher education level, who was good-looking, athletic, in-shape, liked to travel, and above all, most important, was tall.  I thought, “What the fuck?  Yea, there are guys like that, but they get to date models, they don’t date 40-year-old, short, plump women with four kids at home, like you.  No wonder you are divorced, you’re crazy.”

Me, I don’t care if a woman is 5′-0″ or 6′-0″, if she is 18 years old or 50 years old, if she is a hotel maid or a medical doctor, if she didn’t graduate from high school or has a PhD, if she is poor or if she is wealthy, I don’t care.  When I saw that most women have an income, occupation, and education requirement for men, I realize that most women want someone to pay for everything they want.  When most women have a height requirement for men, I guess that most women must be scared that something or someone is going to get them, and they need to be protected.  Does that sound like a child to you, someone that has never grown up, wanting someone else to pay for everything and protect them?  Now, I never had less interest in dating or getting married.  Maybe I should just hire a prostitute?  That would save me a lot of time, energy, effort, and trouble.

Some older out-of-state workers in Dickinson told me to look on a website called “Back Page”, and look under “escorts”.  I did look.  There were some nasty looking women, but also some hot looking women.  I said to the older workers that were around,”Some of these women are good-looking, but how many men do you think they are with each day?  Do they take showers after every guy?  This is kind of gross.”  An older guy answered, “These women are professionals, they know what they are doing.  You are much more likely to get a venereal disease from some easy girl that you meet in a bar, than you are from an escort.”

I started doing research on prostitutes, and I found a website titled “The Honest Courtesan, by Maggie McNeill”.  This is a very informative website, Maggie McNeill is one of the best writers that I have ever read.  I am sorry to take the mystery out of it for you, but Maggie McNeill is not her real name, she grew up in New Orleans, she went to Catholic School, she went to a University in New Orleans, and I believe that she graduated with a degree in English.  She was a librarian I believe.  When she got to be about 30 years old, she began stripping because her ex-husband had left her with a lot of debt, then she found out that she could make a lot more money as a prostitute.  She admits that she had always liked having sex, even from a young age, and that she had had sex for money for the first time when she was in college.  If you ever wanted to know anything about prostitutes, read her website, because that is all she writes about, you can ask her questions.

I asked Maggie McNeill some questions, she was very nice.  When I went to work in other states, and when I came back to North Dakota, I would look at the website “Back Page” because I was tempted.  I was tempted because I don’t like women wasting my time, I don’t mind being nice to women, but I don’t feel like playing stupid games with stupid women, I don’t feel like tricking young women, I don’t want to lie to older women who want promises, and I don’t feel like misrepresenting myself to women who expect to gain something.  I also don’t want to get any woman pregnant accidentally.  It would be easier for me just to pay an escort $250.  You could get a nice looking woman without all the frustration and stress, and then be left alone.  There are two reasons why I never did, one was that it is just so unappealing to be with a woman that has already been with four guys that day.  The second reason is getting arrested.

I read some of Maggie McNeill’s website posts that have some information on how to not get arrested.  Some of the commenters to her posts have been in the military and they have some good advice on how to not get arrested.  If you read Maggie McNeill’s website, and you read other newspaper articles on the internet, you will see that very often the police will put their own ad for an escort on “Back Page”, when you show up to meet your escort, you are arrested.  This is what happened in the beginning of February in Bismarck, North Dakota.

I am so tired of Dickinson, I am so tired of there being a shortage of women in Dickinson.  I don’t want to have sex with some local guy’s wife because she is trying to get back at him, or she is tired of him.  I have considered going over to Bismarck to meet an escort so that I am not going to have difficulties here in Dickinson.  But I was watching the local television news in early February, and the asshole police in Bismarck were so proud that they had sixty-five callers in response to their “Back Page” ad for an escort.  The asshole police in Bismarck were saying, “Obviously, there is a greater demand than there is a supply, we were not even able to arrest all of the callers, we were so swamped with calls.”  No Shit you stupid asshole cops!  What do you think you have accomplished?

There are way more men in Dickinson than women.  Most all of the truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers have realized that the women working as cashiers, waitresses, and bartenders are tired of being hit-on all the time.  The men have realized that the housewives in Dickinson don’t want to be bothered when they have to go to the grocery store.  So, the men look at the ads for escorts on-line, they call to make an appointment, they want to meet an escort at a hotel in Bismarck so that they don’t get into trouble here in Dickinson, and the brilliant police in Bismarck arrest them. 

The truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers are trying not to bother or accost women in Dickinson when they decide to spend $250 on an escort and make an appointment with an escort.  If the police are going to arrest men in this area for making an appointment with an escort, I hope that men in Dickinson will begin to proposition women at work and housewives like never before, unceasingly and inappropriately, including the police wives. Since the police don’t want there to be prostitutes, I hope that men start bothering the women in Dickinson all day long, every day, everywhere they go, so that the women and the police wives will start screaming at the police,”Let them have their prostitutes you stupid fucking assholes!”

Surprise Sighting of Attractive Women in Dickinson, North Dakota

On January 24, 2015, I went to the Chili Cook-Off at the Astoria Hotel in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There were about twenty companies that served their home-made chili at this event, which was a fundraiser for rural fire departments.  There were about four bars that served alcohol.  The band “Outlaw Sippin” played from about 9 p.m. to midnight.  There were about four hundred to five hundred people at this event.

I have spent about two and a half years in Dickinson, and I have never seen more attractive women in Dickinson than I saw at this event.  In fact, the last time I saw that many attractive women in one place, was twenty years ago when I was at a school with over 30,000 students.  At the Chili Cook-Off, there were all different kinds of attractive women:  tall skinny ones, tiny petite ones, friendly volunteer women of all ages, cow-girls, hot housewives, pretty geeks, off-duty bartenders, on-duty bartenders, out-of-town girls, local girls, college girls, other kinds too.

I have thought about it and thought about it, why did pretty women come out to this event?  What made this event different?  Three things: large clean bathrooms, tile, and clean, warm, safe environment.  I tried to understand why women decided to come to this event, and imagine what their thought process must have been.  Here is what they must have been thinking, “I would like to go to this event at the Astoria Hotel, they have nice big bathrooms that are clean, and have tile work, and I can drink and have someplace safe to go to the bathroom.  I like tile work.  It will be clean, and warm, and dry, and safe, and not nasty.  I can eat some chili.”

I have done a lot of complaining about the lack of attractive women in Dickinson.  It turns out, that if you have a nice, clean, warm, dry, safe environment, with tile, they will come out.  Also, the women at this event were nice to me, which was unusual, I guess they must have been in a good mood and felt safe.

Snake River Women, Preparation for Dickinson, North Dakota

In 2010, I found myself in a bar one evening, not far from the Snake River.  It was summer, and the sky became darker outside as it passed 8:30 p.m.  Gathered were: several veterans of the Vietnam War, a couple of presently employed construction workers, a couple of presently unemployed construction workers, a parolee, a handicapped person, the head bar skank, an off duty bar skank, and a free roaming bar skank.

It was Saturday night, and the bar would become busier as the night moved on.  Angry music was played on the jukebox, “…judging from all the assholes in the room, I’m definitely not alone…”, “…so I jacked the keys to my girlfriend’s car, wrecked that piece of shit, and then stepped away…”  The construction workers played pool, the handicapped guy talked to himself, the skanks smoked and yelled at people.

More and more single guys entered the bar as time passed.  The great big tall guy who owned the trucking company had a pretty good girlfriend, she was a tall blond, pretty, funny, good at pool.  One of the Vietnam Veterans had a very good looking daughter who came in for a short while, but she was gone before long.

When you are a single guy in a bar, you hope that there will be some pretty women that come in, that maybe you can get.  As it became close to 10 p.m., it looked doubtful that that was going to happen.  Unfortunately, it can not be helped, if the pretty women in the town choose not to come to the bar, but instead stay home and bake cookies.

The bar was crowded now at 11:00 p.m., though it was mostly men.  To get out of the midst of the crowd and the noise, I had moved closer to the entrance, at the end of the bar.  Through the window and between the curtains I could see an older 1970s Ford truck, and 1970s Chevy truck, drive by and find a parking spot along the street.  In a minute or so, in walked a slender young man in his mid-twenties, followed close behind by a plump female creature with bright red streaks in her dark brown hair.  In walked a similar young man, the female with him was also plump with dark hair, but this one had blue streaks in her hair.

These two females had normal size breasts more or less, medium length hair, soft pale skin, but their faces, necks, shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs were heftier than normal, almost as if they had been accustomed to pulling wagons or sleds.  They did not appear to be comfortable inside this bar, it was as if it was new and strange to them.  They did not settle down, but bobbed their heads, craned their necks around, as if looking for signs of danger, or perhaps, food.

It was then that one of the Vietnam Veterans leaned over and spoke to me,”You’re looking at them girls over there aren’t you!  Well, I could tell you was.  Look here, do you know where those girls come from?  Those girls is Snake River girls, they come from the Snake River bottoms, the swampy areas, the low areas, the banks.  What you do, is you do like them boys.  You wait till it gets dark, it has got to be after dark, between 10 and 11, you drive along the river road, it has got to be in a truck, maybe, maybe like a great big old Chrysler might work, but just as likely not, it needs to be an old truck, so that they can hear you.”

I can’t say that I looked at this guy with disbelief, because what he was saying seemed plausible.  He continued,”You have got to make a lot of noise, normally if the tail gate is rattling and the doors are sqeaking, they will come out, but if they don’t, you have got to get a piece of pipe and bang on the bed of your truck.  Then you have got to take a flash light and shine it along the river bank, right beside an upturned tree is a good place to look, another good place is if there is a pile of logs and trees from when the river flooded, that is also a good place to look.  Now, you may think that some of these girls are a little hefty looking, not the kind you would see in a magazine, they are different, they are different, but hey, these old country boys don’t care nothing about that .”

I didn’t say anything, or ask any questions, I just nodded my head in agreement, as if what he was saying was easy to understand.  Nothing more was said.  Sometimes, you find yourself in a position, where it is easier to go along and fit in.

Trying To Get By In Dickinson, North Dakota, Part I

Please read my previous blog, “Like Crabs In A Bucket”, that describes how people in Dickinson will possibly try to impede your life.

Below are some preliminary guidelines on how to get by in Dickinson, North Dakota:

Don’t Say Anything!  For reasons that will be explained below, do not say anything!  If people in Dickinson learn that you have an education, that you have a foreign car, that you have a pretty wife or girlfriend, that you have a house, that you are from a different state, you will have difficulties!

Try Not To Let It Be Discovered That You Have An Education!  North Dakota has the largest number of people with less than an 8th grade education, and the highest per capita beer consumption.  So if you hear someone talking about something that is factually not correct, or absurdly incorrect, try not to say anything, so that you are neither agreeing nor disagreeing.  It helps to go and do something else, if you feel tempted to say something.  Remember, people in North Dakota would rather you had done four years in prison than four years in college!

Do Not Let It Be Known That You Have A Foreign Car!  You had better not have a foreign car!  What, do you think you are better than us?  What, are you too good to drive an American car?  Get that piece of shit out of here!

Do Not Let It Be Known That You Have A Pretty Wife Or A Pretty Girlfriend!  If you have a pretty wife, or a pretty girlfriend, do not be seen with her.  If you are seen with her, this will cause bewilderment, confusion, anger, hatred, jealousy, and malevolence.  Most men in Dickinson do not have a pretty wife.  Most men in Dickinson have a wife that is overweight.  I don’t think that they know their wife is not pretty and overweight, they only have the other wives in Dickinson to compare them to.  This is what they are used to.  Don’t rock the boat, keep your pretty wife or girlfriend out of sight.

Do Not Let It Be Known That You Have A House, Or Anything!  If they think that you have anything, anything!, they will be jealous of you.  You must think that you are better than them if you have a: hot tub, drum set, aquarium, etcetera.  That ain’t right if you have a: house, pool, pool table, trampoline, etcetera.

You may think, “So what, I don’t care.”  Do Not Make This Mistake!  You have driven here from a different state and have relocated.  Do you want to lose that job that you just got because your wife came by to drop off your lunch?  Now everybody is mad, and nobody can get any work done becuase you have a pretty wife. How did you get a pretty wife?  Do you have money?  Hey!, how much is this new guy getting paid!  Yeah, how much is this new guy getting paid that he can have a pretty wife?!  That aint right!

Another example:  “Hey, I heard this new guy say that he had a pool.”  Reply, “Well we don’t need any of that shit around here! These people coming from some other state, bragging about how they had a pool!  If their state is so good, then how come they came out here, they probably need to go back there then!”  Yeah!!!

Example:  “I heard this guy say he used to be an engineer, well we don’t need any engineers around here.  I’m gonna drop this board on his head when he walks by.  Look here he comes…”  “Heh, heh, that’ll teach him.”

Remember, Dickinson used to be nice before you got here!  You ruined everything!  We don’t need that (meaning anything you have, anything you have done, anything you are) shit around here!

Improving Life in Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous post, I listed some positive things about Dickinson, North Dakota.  I could have mentioned Alive at 5, which is a street party in downtown Dickinson that is held every Thursday during the summer months from 5 p.m. to about 8:30 p.m.  1st Avenue is closed to traffic from 1st Street to Villard to make room for a band, food vendors, and a beer garden.

I went to about half of the Alive at 5 events, and I enjoyed every one of them.  From what I saw, everybody who came had a good time.  For the first half of the summer, all of the musical performers were very good, but towards the end of the summer, Dickinson hosted two well known performers, Gwen Sebastian, and a few weeks later Kat Perkins.  I met these women, they were very positive and friendly to everyone, they were very nice people, they created a lot of excitement in Dickinson.

The people who came to Alive at 5 were infants to people in their late 80s, moms and dads, kids, teenagers, bikers, hippies, everybody.  As I have stated previously, there is a shortage of women in Dickinson, but at the Alive at 5 event, there were probably as many women as men, and many of the women were attractive.

The Odd Fellows Lodge of Dickinson organized the event, which was a great deal of work.  The entertainers had to be selected, scheduled, booked, and paid, and in order to pay the performers, a lot of money had to be raised in a variety of ways.  Advertising was sold, VIP tickets were sold, donations of labor and equipment were made to set up the event.

I have met some older people in Dickinson, some of them were bikers, hippies, farmers, oil field workers, who told me about the music festivals that used to be held just east of Dickinson in the 1970s, I think they were at the Green River in Gladstone.  These older people that had lived in Dickinson their whole lives, some of the only happy memories I ever heard them talk about was being young and going to the Green River concerts, that or sometimes they would talk about the Queen City Club.

On west Villard, where Aarons Furniture is now, it used to be the Queen City Club.  The Queen City Club was a large bar with a dance floor, and every weekend they would have a band. This was back in the late 1970s and 1980s from what I can gather.  One older guy that I talk to, told me about how everybody used to get dressed up to go out on Friday and Saturday night to the Queen City Club, the men and the women.

But this older guy reminds me, you can’t do that now, nobody can go out and have a good time now, they’re so worried about getting a DUI and losing their jobs.

I enjoyed going to the Alive at 5 event.  I do recall that the police did stay away from most of the Alive at 5 events and did not try to catch people as they left.  I am very glad that the Odd Fellows Lodge members, the volunteers, and the Rock Bar did all the work to have the event.  This made life this year in Dickinson much better.