Surprise Sighting of Attractive Women in Dickinson, North Dakota

On January 24, 2015, I went to the Chili Cook-Off at the Astoria Hotel in Dickinson, North Dakota.  There were about twenty companies that served their home-made chili at this event, which was a fundraiser for rural fire departments.  There were about four bars that served alcohol.  The band “Outlaw Sippin” played from about 9 p.m. to midnight.  There were about four hundred to five hundred people at this event.

I have spent about two and a half years in Dickinson, and I have never seen more attractive women in Dickinson than I saw at this event.  In fact, the last time I saw that many attractive women in one place, was twenty years ago when I was at a school with over 30,000 students.  At the Chili Cook-Off, there were all different kinds of attractive women:  tall skinny ones, tiny petite ones, friendly volunteer women of all ages, cow-girls, hot housewives, pretty geeks, off-duty bartenders, on-duty bartenders, out-of-town girls, local girls, college girls, other kinds too.

I have thought about it and thought about it, why did pretty women come out to this event?  What made this event different?  Three things: large clean bathrooms, tile, and clean, warm, safe environment.  I tried to understand why women decided to come to this event, and imagine what their thought process must have been.  Here is what they must have been thinking, “I would like to go to this event at the Astoria Hotel, they have nice big bathrooms that are clean, and have tile work, and I can drink and have someplace safe to go to the bathroom.  I like tile work.  It will be clean, and warm, and dry, and safe, and not nasty.  I can eat some chili.”

I have done a lot of complaining about the lack of attractive women in Dickinson.  It turns out, that if you have a nice, clean, warm, dry, safe environment, with tile, they will come out.  Also, the women at this event were nice to me, which was unusual, I guess they must have been in a good mood and felt safe.

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