Prostitution in Dickinson, North Dakota

When I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in May of 2011, I became bored and lonely.  There was not a lot to do, and I did not know very many people.  I did not see very many pretty women anywhere that I went in Dickinson, and most of the women were not friendly to me.  It became apparent that there was a shortage of women in Dickinson.  I had never wanted to look at an internet dating site until I came to Dickinson, but at this point, I thought that I would try it. 

At first, I set up a free user profile on “”.  On “” I found that there were very few women within 100 miles of Dickinson, and about 9 out of 10 of them were unattractive.  I then set up free user profiles on “”, “”, “”, and “”.  Using these four additional dating sites, I found that there were still very few women within 100 miles of Dickinson.  One of the reasons why there were so few women from Dickinson on the dating websites, was because there was a shortage of women in Dickinson, the ratio of men to women was probably 3:1, women here did not have a hard time getting offers for dates.

In the evening after work, I would look at the five different dating sites to see if any nice looking women from Dickinson or the surrounding area had joined, but they hadn’t.  For entertainment, I began looking at the profiles of women in other states.  Very soon I began to see some things in the profiles of women that upset me.  At first I thought that I had just come across some bad, shallow women.  But after several weeks of reading women’s profiles, and reading about two hundred profiles, I found that I hadn’t understood women at all, and this was very upsetting to me because I was forty years old.

What had started out as me trying to meet some women in Dickinson by looking at internet dating sites, really changed my life and opened my eyes.  I thought that I had understood women, but I hadn’t understood them very well at all.  In person, in magazines, in books, in movies, and on television, women talk about romance, true love, a spark, a connection, chemistry, finding their soul-mate, commitment.  But apparently what they say and what they want are entirely different things.  The internet dating sites, prompted the women to select the specific things that they were looking for, which revealed what women were really looking for.

Most women were looking for a guy with a high income, a high paying profession, a higher education level, who was good-looking, athletic, in-shape, liked to travel, and above all, most important, was tall.  I thought, “What the fuck?  Yea, there are guys like that, but they get to date models, they don’t date 40-year-old, short, plump women with four kids at home, like you.  No wonder you are divorced, you’re crazy.”

Me, I don’t care if a woman is 5′-0″ or 6′-0″, if she is 18 years old or 50 years old, if she is a hotel maid or a medical doctor, if she didn’t graduate from high school or has a PhD, if she is poor or if she is wealthy, I don’t care.  When I saw that most women have an income, occupation, and education requirement for men, I realize that most women want someone to pay for everything they want.  When most women have a height requirement for men, I guess that most women must be scared that something or someone is going to get them, and they need to be protected.  Does that sound like a child to you, someone that has never grown up, wanting someone else to pay for everything and protect them?  Now, I never had less interest in dating or getting married.  Maybe I should just hire a prostitute?  That would save me a lot of time, energy, effort, and trouble.

Some older out-of-state workers in Dickinson told me to look on a website called “Back Page”, and look under “escorts”.  I did look.  There were some nasty looking women, but also some hot looking women.  I said to the older workers that were around,”Some of these women are good-looking, but how many men do you think they are with each day?  Do they take showers after every guy?  This is kind of gross.”  An older guy answered, “These women are professionals, they know what they are doing.  You are much more likely to get a venereal disease from some easy girl that you meet in a bar, than you are from an escort.”

I started doing research on prostitutes, and I found a website titled “The Honest Courtesan, by Maggie McNeill”.  This is a very informative website, Maggie McNeill is one of the best writers that I have ever read.  I am sorry to take the mystery out of it for you, but Maggie McNeill is not her real name, she grew up in New Orleans, she went to Catholic School, she went to a University in New Orleans, and I believe that she graduated with a degree in English.  She was a librarian I believe.  When she got to be about 30 years old, she began stripping because her ex-husband had left her with a lot of debt, then she found out that she could make a lot more money as a prostitute.  She admits that she had always liked having sex, even from a young age, and that she had had sex for money for the first time when she was in college.  If you ever wanted to know anything about prostitutes, read her website, because that is all she writes about, you can ask her questions.

I asked Maggie McNeill some questions, she was very nice.  When I went to work in other states, and when I came back to North Dakota, I would look at the website “Back Page” because I was tempted.  I was tempted because I don’t like women wasting my time, I don’t mind being nice to women, but I don’t feel like playing stupid games with stupid women, I don’t feel like tricking young women, I don’t want to lie to older women who want promises, and I don’t feel like misrepresenting myself to women who expect to gain something.  I also don’t want to get any woman pregnant accidentally.  It would be easier for me just to pay an escort $250.  You could get a nice looking woman without all the frustration and stress, and then be left alone.  There are two reasons why I never did, one was that it is just so unappealing to be with a woman that has already been with four guys that day.  The second reason is getting arrested.

I read some of Maggie McNeill’s website posts that have some information on how to not get arrested.  Some of the commenters to her posts have been in the military and they have some good advice on how to not get arrested.  If you read Maggie McNeill’s website, and you read other newspaper articles on the internet, you will see that very often the police will put their own ad for an escort on “Back Page”, when you show up to meet your escort, you are arrested.  This is what happened in the beginning of February in Bismarck, North Dakota.

I am so tired of Dickinson, I am so tired of there being a shortage of women in Dickinson.  I don’t want to have sex with some local guy’s wife because she is trying to get back at him, or she is tired of him.  I have considered going over to Bismarck to meet an escort so that I am not going to have difficulties here in Dickinson.  But I was watching the local television news in early February, and the asshole police in Bismarck were so proud that they had sixty-five callers in response to their “Back Page” ad for an escort.  The asshole police in Bismarck were saying, “Obviously, there is a greater demand than there is a supply, we were not even able to arrest all of the callers, we were so swamped with calls.”  No Shit you stupid asshole cops!  What do you think you have accomplished?

There are way more men in Dickinson than women.  Most all of the truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers have realized that the women working as cashiers, waitresses, and bartenders are tired of being hit-on all the time.  The men have realized that the housewives in Dickinson don’t want to be bothered when they have to go to the grocery store.  So, the men look at the ads for escorts on-line, they call to make an appointment, they want to meet an escort at a hotel in Bismarck so that they don’t get into trouble here in Dickinson, and the brilliant police in Bismarck arrest them. 

The truck drivers, construction workers, and oil field workers are trying not to bother or accost women in Dickinson when they decide to spend $250 on an escort and make an appointment with an escort.  If the police are going to arrest men in this area for making an appointment with an escort, I hope that men in Dickinson will begin to proposition women at work and housewives like never before, unceasingly and inappropriately, including the police wives. Since the police don’t want there to be prostitutes, I hope that men start bothering the women in Dickinson all day long, every day, everywhere they go, so that the women and the police wives will start screaming at the police,”Let them have their prostitutes you stupid fucking assholes!”

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