A Few Things To Do This Winter In Dickinson, North Dakota

There is not a lot to do in the winter in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I will give a few things that I think you will like.  There are not very many good restaurants in Dickinson, and if you have read some of my previous posts, you will already have heard some of my complaints, especially about poor service, and even no service.  I want to recommend a restaurant that always has excellent service, and excellent food.  Don Pedros Mexican Restaurant is just to the west of Ace Hardware.  The wait staff is the most professional of any that I have seen in Dickinson.  Before you place your order, you are served tortilla chips, salsa, and bean dip, which is very good.  Everything that I have ever ordered has been very good.  Every time that I have eaten at Don Pedros, I have had to take the rest of my food with me in a to-go box, there has been more food than I could eat at one time, and it is too good to let it go to waste.

Sometimes after I get done eating in Dickinson at night, I am not ready to go home yet, especially if half the purpose of me going out to eat was to get away from the other people back at my house.  The movie theater in the Prairie Hills Mall usually has movies that start after 9:00 p.m.  I saw several good movies there including “American Sniper” and “The Judge”, and I even saw some movies that I did not want to see, just to have something to do.  It is a nice, clean, seemingly new movie theater, and after 9:00 p.m. there are mostly only adults.

In a previous post, “Surprise Sighting of Attractive Women in Dickinson”, I wrote about going to the Chili Cook-Off at the Astoria Hotel back in January, and that there was an enormous amount of good-looking women there.  On February 14, I went to a fundraiser for an animal rescue shelter at the Astoria Hotel, there were a lot less people, but the catered food was very good, there were very good-looking bartender women, and there were some nice looking women in the Astoria Hotel bar and at the event.  So now, in the winter, I recommend going to the events that are hosted inside the hotels in Dickinson, the large events attract a lot of good-looking women, and even the small events are worth going to.  On February 21, there is a Gumbo Cook-Off at the Quality Inn, I recommend going to that.

Lastly, I am again recommending that everybody go to the West River Community Center.  They have the indoor hot tub right next to the indoor water park pool.  They have the indoor lap pool, two indoor tennis courts, four indoor basketball courts, indoor volleyball court, three indoor racquetball courts, weight training area, rock climbing wall, and indoor track.  If you are wearing jeans and a jacket, you can still walk the indoor track, five laps equals a mile.

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