UFOs in Dickinson, North Dakota

Because it is winter, and there is not a lot to do, I will tell you about UFOs in Dickinson.  If you are from out-of-state, and you ask a local person about this, they will not know what you are talking about.  If you were to find a local person that was living in Dickinson back in 1970, and if they are still mentally sharp, they may know exactly what you are talking about, but there is about a 95% chance that they will tell you they don’t know what you are talking about.

If you are from out-of-state, you may or may not know that in Montana and North Dakota there are Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles with nuclear war-heads, in underground launch facilities, spread out across these states.  If you do some searching on the internet, you can get a general idea of where the launch sites are in North Dakota.  Minot Air Force Base acts as a central command and control location for the ICBMs in North Dakota.  The missiles are below ground level, sitting in a vertical position.  Adjacent to a missile or group of missiles, is an underground command and control center that is manned 24 hours each day, every day of the year, ready to initiate a launch.  You can drive by these launch sites in the northern part of the state, and all you will see above ground is a chain link fence surrounding a small ventilation structure and a small entrance structure.

In the late 1950s, Dickinson Air Force Station was constructed on a butte four miles northeast of Dickinson, and it became active in 1959.  For years and years, the Air Force told the people of Dickinson that the station was a weather radar base, and people in Dickinson believe that to this day.  The truth is that the Dickinson Air Force station was equipped with search and height finding radar that was used to detect unidentified objects and provide range, direction, altitude, and speed to guide interceptor aircraft to reach the object before it reached the missile launch sites.  The Dickinson Air Force Station was designated as a Ground Control Intercept and Warning Station.  The site contained barracks for housing, administrative buildings, control buildings, operations buildings, radar towers, generator plant, club and gymnasium building.  You can look this up on Wikipedia, and there is a satellite photo of this site on Wikimaps from 2015, and you can zoom-in on the satellite photo to get a better view.

According to what I could find, the Dickinson Air Force Station was closed in 1965.  I believe that there is much more to this facility below ground, and I have spoken to some local people who also believe this.  In approximately 1980, more or less, I don’t have an exact date right now, the site was sold at public auction in Dickinson.  I have been told that it was purchased by Mr. Fisher, owner of Fisher Industries in Dickinson, for approximately $45,000.  Fisher Industries is a local company that is a sand and gravel business, that has grown into other industries and other states and is now estimated to be worth $100 million.  Mr. Fisher is said to have sold all of the industrial equipment that remained on site for $45,000, and then he re-sold the property.  The owner of the site, according to some local residents, had to agree to the condition from the government, that people would never be permitted to live in any of the structures on the property.  I do not know if this was because of lead paint, asbestos, or some other reason, but this appears to be the case to this day.

In the 1970s, perhaps earlier, farmers in the New England area about twenty-five miles south of Dickinson, were sighting UFOs at close range, and in some cases UFOs landing.  Farmers in the New England area were also experiencing cattle mutilations, where cattle were killed in an unknown manner, by unknown perpetrators, and organs had been surgically removed from the cattle.  The farmers discussed these events locally with each other and with their neighbors, the town of New England had less than five-hundred residents.  The person that was explaining all of this to me, was living in New England at that time, and he heard these events directly from the farmers themselves who experienced this.  It came to the point where the sightings and mutilations were so numerous, that the Air Force came to New England.  The first thing that the Air Force did was to find out every farmer who had seen something, then the Air Force went to speak to each and every farmer who had seen something.  Then, the farmers no longer wanted to talk about anything that they had seen.  When the farmers were asked by local residents about their UFO sightings, they would say from then on, that they did not want to talk about it, or that it never happened.  The Air Force then built some kind of installation in New England, and had personnel stationed in New England for at least several years, then the Air Force went away.  I have spent several hours searching on the internet for any record of the Air Force installation or activities in New England, but have not found any mention of it.  I can not find on the internet any report of the UFO sightings or cattle mutilations in New England in the 1970s.  This is kind of surprising, and it kind of isn’t.  The person that explained this to me, that had lived in New England at that time, asked another person with us if they had remembered all of this going on in the New England area, and they replied that they did, but this other person did not want to talk about it.

The Air Force activity in Dickinson and New England in the 1960s and 1970s, is not talked about, it is probably forgotten by most people.  The size of the Dickinson Air Force Station makes me believe that much more was going on at that location, because the number of personnel on site was much more than that at a missile launch site.  The barracks, the off-site family housing, the equipment and infrastructure at the site appears to be much greater than would be needed if the only function of the site was to operate the radar.

2 thoughts on “UFOs in Dickinson, North Dakota

    1. Niki Hayes,
      I would like to hear first-hand from people who were there about the construction of the facilities on Radar Base Hill, and what life was like being on duty there. All across the U.S. there were interesting things that were built, some hidden and some in plain sight, that were in preparation for a nuclear war.

      Just a few examples, things like universities and hospitals that were in the plan drawing phase were approached by the government with offers to co-fund the new building if it could be built several stories deeper than planned, with the government having access to the lowest levels for “storage” or government use.


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