2nd Post About Women in Dickinson, North Dakota

I have written about women in Dickinson elsewhere in this blog many times.  I think that one of the reasons why I write about women in Dickinson so much is because they are so different from women everywhere else.  Also, the women in Dickinson have a big effect on what Dickinson is like.

I want to again state that I am not trying to make fun of women in Dickinson, or be cruel.  The purpose of this blog is to provide truthful and helpful information to people so that they know what to expect in Dickinson, and perhaps chose not to come.

Recently, I attended an evening event in Dickinson that was primarily a women’s event, with about one hundred women.  I was startled that about sixty percent of the women were under dressed for this event.  I felt like maybe I should offer to let them borrow some of my clothes.  There was not one woman that was over dressed.  I was sad that many of the women were wearing cheap and tacky clothing.  Before I say anything else, I want to say something that I wrote before, apparently women in Dickinson have solidarity amongst themselves that they are not going to buy nice clothes, they are not going to get dressed up, they are not going to put on make up and jewelry, they are not going to stay in shape, and if they all stick with this plan, the men will not notice that there is anything wrong with the way they look.  Just about all of the women at this event were sticking to this plan.

I previously wrote in this blog that I think one of the reasons why women don’t get dressed up and don’t take care of themselves in Dickinson is because they don’t want to attract males.  They don’t want men noticing them, they don’t want men admiring them, they don’t want men asking them out, or trying to pick them up.  There are way more men than women in Dickinson, the women don’t want any more attention.

At this event, there were about ten women who were moderately attractive.  The one that I thought would be the best one for me to mate with, was about one inch taller than me, she had shoulder length brown hair, very pale unblemished skin, narrow set eyes, was slightly hunched over at the shoulders, wearing a tacky leopard spot blouse, she was about thirty years old, not thin, very slightly overweight by about ten pounds.  I thought that she had a kind of dignity to her, though she was not hot, she was not trashy either.  I thought that she probably had not been asked out a lot in her life, and had had time to develop her mind, intellect, interests, coping skills.  I thought she could be a good girlfriend.  Like some kind of prey animal, she must have sensed that I was interested in her, because when I happened to be in her area, she turned her head the opposite direction and held her hair up with her hand in order to hide behind it, so that I couldn’t possibly say something to her like,”Hello.”  I thought that she was going a bit too far, but for her, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Another woman that I was interested in was about forty-eight years old, she was about two inches taller than me, she was probably the best dressed woman at the event, she had very long beautiful legs, was tan, had a sun aged face, and had nice jewelry.  I did not really think that I could get her.  She was much more polished and outgoing than me.  When she and her friend came over to where I was, her friend was asking about her husband, to which she was saying that he works late, he doesn’t get home until about 1 a.m.  At the time, I thought that they were trying to make sure to let me know that she was married, and to forget it.  Now that I am writing this, I am wondering why she was saying in front of me that her husband works late and doesn’t get home until 1 a.m., I don’t think that she meant that as a hint, did she?

The third woman that I was noticing at the event, I at first supposed her to be about twenty-five.  She had pretty long brown hair, she was young and healthy, with a pretty face and a pretty body, she was wearing nice blue jeans and a nice plain white blouse.  I noticed that she wasn’t drinking alcohol, or anything else, or eating anything.  I wanted to ask her why she wasn’t drinking or eating, but thought I had better not, she might be pregnant or sick.  What if I had bought her and brought her a drink, and it turned out that she was eighteen years old, I am sure that her parents and the other women would have liked that, not.  She knew that I liked her, and she spoke to me and was nice to me towards the end of the event.  She left with her boyfriend.

At the very end of the event, I turned and almost walked into a very interesting young lady, well, interesting to me.  She was about 5′-2″, one hundred ten pounds, very long platinum blond hair down to her waist line, white skin, pretty face.  When I almost ran into her, I got the impression that she was kind of like a fairy tale princess, or a fairy tale mouse.  She almost ran into me at the same time, and if I thought she looked like a startled mouse, she didn’t quite react like I was a cat, more like I was a startled rat.  I said excuse me, and kept going.  Later, I talked to her for a while, she was the daughter of one of the people at the event.  I don’t know if she was seventeen, or twenty-one, I didn’t ask.

It is strange, weird, and unfortunate, that the women my age at this event didn’t want to have anything to do with me or speak to me, but some of the older women did, and some of the younger women did.  The two younger women that I spoke with were very attractive, they did not think that they were too good-looking to talk to me, and they were not too scared to talk to me.  There were about sixty women at this event that were my age, most of them were not very attractive, a few of them were moderately attractive, none of them had any interest in me whatsoever, which is even more strange because they had all been drinking alcohol.  I will sum up by saying again that women in Dickinson are not interested in getting the attention of men.

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