Trying to help with the truth about Dickinson, North Dakota

The purpose of this blog, is to try to give people truthful information about Dickinson, North Dakota, so that people can use the information to decide whether to come to Dickinson or not, to help people understand what Dickinson is like, and to help people figure Dickinson out.  I want to cover everything, I try to cover everything, that you would need to know.  Maybe also, I would like to change some things about Dickinson that are not right, and exposing them will help to change them.

I have written about the Dickinson Mafia, the Dickinson Police Department, the City of Dickinson, Dickinson State University, property owners in Dickinson, real estate agents in Dickinson, oil field workers in Dickinson, white trash in Dickinson, women in Dickinson, hostility in Dickinson, prostitution in Dickinson, entertainment, recreation, culture, employment, and other things.

It may surprise you to hear this from me, but Dickinson has the potential to be the best city in North Dakota in several different ways.  Thanks to the Dickinson Mafia, the layout and growth of Dickinson has been controlled according to their strategic plan, which no one has been allowed to fuck up, so that at this time every thing about Dickinson allows it to physically expand outward without obstruction or awkwardness.  In comparison, Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City are a mess.  Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City have allowed the wrong development in the wrong places, and now they are difficult to travel around in, even though their populations are not that large.  Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City have allowed the wrong development in the wrong places, and now they have a bunch of shit in the way of new development.

Dickinson has a good airport that is just outside of town, it is easy to find, easy to get to, and has room for every kind of expansion that is needed.  Dickinson has the recently completed Dakota Prairie Refinery, which also has plenty of room to expand, and it will expand.  Dickinson has many new homes and apartments that have recently been completed, enough to allow more people to move into new housing.  Dickinson now has many restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, car dealers, heavy equipment dealers, Wal-Mart, and Menards.  Dickinson has a newly completed $50 million hospital which receives emergency patients every day from up to 100 miles away by ground and air ambulance.  Dickinson has other large medical clinics.  Dickinson has the West River Community Center which is possibly the nicest gym facility in the United States, even though Dickinson only has a population of about 30,000 people.    Dickinson has a large recreational lake right in the center of town.  Dickinson has a rail road running through it.  There is still so much vacant farm land on every side of Dickinson, for Dickinson to expand into, there are no physical barriers.  It is very easy to drive through and around Dickinson, Interstate 94 and Highway 22 run through it.

When I stop and think about it,  Dickinson really is on the precipice of being the best city in North Dakota, because everything is in place right now to allow it to grow, to feed its growth, to support its growth, with there being nothing in the way of its growth, which is not the case in Williston, Bismarck, and Watford City.  Additionally, on each side of Dickinson, within 25 miles, are the long-established and still growing towns of Killdeer, New Hradec, Richardton, Gladstone, New England, South Heart, and Belfield.

Why wouldn’t I be thrilled to be here?  I have waited my whole life to be in the right place at the right time.  I missed out on being in Tampa in the 1980s, or in Phoenix in the 1970s, both of these cities grew, and grew, and grew, because there was no physical barrier to expansion and there were so many of the ingredients necessary for growth.

I will tell you why I am not thrilled to be here.  Dickinson is cold from the end of September until the middle of May, about eight months out of the year.  And when it is cold, it is also grey, not sunny.  There is still a shortage of women, and as I found out recently, the women here see no point in dating you if you are not going to marry them.  You had better not go to a bar and drink in Dickinson, the Dickinson Police will take you to jail for DUI even before you have a breathalyzer test, and will arrest you and process you into jail even after the breathalyzer shows that you were below the legal BAC.  The people in Dickinson are not friendly, they do not like people from out-of-state, they will find anything about you to not like because they like to hate people, as a matter of fact they hate each other, though they hate you more.  There is not a lot in Dickinson to do for entertainment, unless you like hating people for entertainment.

I suppose whether Dickinson grows or not will depend on whether the amount of oil field jobs remains steady, drops off, or increases.

Please tell your friends about my blog, I want people to hear what I think is the truth, rather than be lied to by the Chamber of Commerce and real estate agents.

3 thoughts on “Trying to help with the truth about Dickinson, North Dakota

  1. They hate each other……SO true. I cleaned house for a lady before who was a total sweetheart. I loved her so much. She has a severe health issue. Know what her overriding concern is living here (shes a local)? Going out in public. Shes afraid she will be judged, and called lazy and made fun of. I shook my head and thought, who ARE these people who would do this?!?


  2. I’m a Black American Male in 30’s from South Louisiana. I’ve worked in the Oilfield my entire life and I’m thinking about relocating to Dickinson for employment and a chance to experience something new and find myself. South Louisiana can seem so unfair sometimes. I have 5 beautiful kids and I’m very caring, peaceful, intelligent, responsible, educated, healthy, Christian. I’ve been mistreated my whole adult life by family, police, and so called friends. It’s like people that I prayed would succeed, didn’t feel the same about me. Like if they can’t get something from you, you was no good. And I really noticed this once I started my own business, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Now since I’m more mature and have a better understanding of people (I can be sensitive and I love me. Just want to be treated how it supposed to be) I want to relocate and secure my future and maybe find myself. Work hard and learn my bible and get away from foolishness and haters. And not get underpaid and work check to check like so many people I know. When the oilfield went down in Louisiana it hurt a lot of people down here. These local jobs ain’t gonna get you by. If I could’ve predicted this in 1998 I would’ve been a doctor. But at the same time, life is good. I’m an AMERICAN!!! If there’s a will there’s a way. So sorry haters. Just know you can save up your money and do what you want too. ✌️❤️✈️😋
    BTW : Thanks for the blog, very helpful. Your too real, funny, enlighten, etc. That Casino trip was crazy lol


    1. Ivan,

      I am not sure whether you would be better off trying to live in North Dakota, or remaining in the South.

      I was getting ready to write that the Christian protestant people in the South were generally always friendly, fair, polite, and helpful towards me. But then I realized and remembered that it is not the same for Black People in the South, the way they are treated by Whites.

      Part of the hostility that Whites have for Black People in the South, or any other place, at this time, is probably due to a scarcity of jobs, difficulty in making money, difficulty in living. If everyone in the United States could get a job that easily paid for their housing, automobile, health insurance, necessities, and allowed them to have extra money for retirement, vacations, travel, etcetera, people would be happier, having a good time, and would be too busy buying things and doing things to want to waste time hating people or fighting with people.

      I think that the Black People hating Black People is probably also motivated by the scarcity of jobs, difficulty in making money, difficulty in living. If every black male in Louisiana could earn enough money to easily afford his own home on five acres, a good automobile, health insurance for his family, pay for all of his family’s necessities, and have money left over for vacations, travel, and retirement, there wouldn’t be so much anger, hostility, hatred, and fighting.

      I just wanted to point out that White and Black fighting and hostility is now probably mostly motivated by economic conditions. There has been enough that has happened for everyone to see that Blacks can be president, doctors, lawyers, pilots, writers, directors, anything that anyone else can do.

      I recently wrote several blog posts about Black Men wanted in Dickinson, North Dakota. This is partly true, and partly not true. After living here for four years, I can say that the White Women here have been very nasty and unfriendly to me, and to most other White Men. They are sick of White Men, because there have been so many of them, that they just take them for granted now, and disrespect them. They are angry about how much money they think that these White Men are getting paid, in comparison to what they make as a waitress, bartender, hotel clerk, store clerk, or bank teller, and what these White Men spend their money on. It is true that all these White Women that I just mentioned, do seem to like Black Men more, because they are different than White Men, they think.

      It is true that there are all kinds of White Women lusting after Black Men in Dickinson, North Dakota because of what they see on television in movies, in the NBA, the NFL, and on internet pornography. Also, these White Women in Dickinson want to use Black Men for the purpose of making White Men angry. There is a shortage of women in Dickinson, and the women in Dickinson would like to make White Men angry by not dating White Men, but by dating Black Men.

      I want to warn you that the big oil companies, the smaller oilfield service companies, and the manufacturing companies in Dickinson are all run and managed by White Men. To some extent, each of these companies tries to hire qualified Black applicants for the purpose of having a few Black employees so that they can demonstrate that they are not being discriminatory. However, each of these companies faces some resistance internally and externally about hiring Black people. For instance, current employees in Dickinson want to get their brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, brother-in-law hired on at these companies. When there is a new hire, and he is Black, the current employees are mad that their brother, uncle, cousin, nephew wasn’t hired, and they have resentment about it, and start stirring things up. Same thing with local people who keep applying, and applying,and don’t get hired, but see that a new employee got hired, and he is Black, and not from around here, and they are mad. I want to warn you that it can work like this, but there is more to it than this.

      Those people who currently work at the companies in Dickinson that wanted to get their brother, uncle, cousin, or nephew hired, they get mad when a White Man from someplace else gets hired instead of their relative, it’s probably just worse for a Black Man because he is more noticeable. The local people who keep applying and applying,and never get hired, they get mad when a White Man from someplace else gets hired, it’s probably worse for a Black Man because it’s more noticeable that he is not from here.

      It also works out at some companies, that the employees and managers are just glad to get somebody that can finally do that job so that they don’t keep having problems, and they don’t care who he or she is, as long as that job gets done.

      I will try to write a blog post to give a little bit more information about moving to Dickinson at this time.


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