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A Few Comments About Black Workers In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am seeing more and more Black workers in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Some of these Black workers are from other areas in the United States, and some of them are from foreign countries.

What I, and other people have noticed, is that these Black workers appear to do pretty well working at WalMart, CashWise, and the fast food restaurants in Dickinson.  I am not saying that is all they can do, or that is all they are good at, I am saying that they appear to be doing well at their jobs.

It appears that they are showing up on time, doing their job, not making mistakes, trying to do a good job, maintaining a good attitude, appreciating their job, and allowing the businesses that they work for to operate.

I admire how most of these Black workers are doing in Dickinson.  They take a job, try to make the best of it, do their work, appreciate their job, take their pay, and make a life for themselves and their families in Dickinson.

Now that I think about this, whether these Black workers are from someplace else in the United States, or a foreign country, they act like first generation immigrants, that are appreciative for the new and better opportunity that they have, and they try to make the best of this opportunity.

What I hope doesn’t happen, is that the 2nd generation of these Black families that have moved to Dickinson, the children that are raised here and go to school here, don’t act like many of the people that we have in the United States.

I was going to write that many of the local people in Dickinson would refuse to work at WalMart, CashWise, or fast food restaurants, because they feel that it is beneath them, or that this work is undesirable.  However, many people in the United States feel this way.

Here is what I have seen with many workers in the United States.  They don’t want to show up to work on time, or they do not want to show up to work at all.  You can give them clear, detailed instructions, and they will still fail to accomplish simple tasks.  Left on their own, there is no telling what some people will decide to do or figure to do on their own.

For instance, I worked at ship yard.  There was a fuel tanker ship that was docked, with some of its cargo tanks open, and being drained of fuel.  Even when the tanks were drained and cleaned, there was still a constant tremendous amount of ignitable fuel vapor.  On the warf, before the gang plank to the ship, “No Smoking, No Open Flame” signs were posted.  The crew foremen would go over with all of his workers, no lighters, no cell phones, no cameras, no battery operated anything, on this fuel tanker ship that was being worked on.

Sure enough, about two or three times a year, there would be a Great American, standing there on the deck of a fuel tanker lighting up a cigarette, not understanding that he was about to ignite the entire ship and the hundreds of people working on it.

In my lifetime of work, I have seen workers that are so stupid, there is almost no way to foresee what they will do, so it is better to not even have them if you can’t watch them the entire time.

I have seen workers that will mess up any assignment that you give them, both intentionally and unintentionally.  I have read military training manuals, that have names for all of the different ways that workers have for intentionally and unintentionally failing at work.  Some of these are, malingering, loitering, pilfering, spoiling the work, spoiling the material, destroying the work, and malicious compliance.

When I have seen the Black workers in Dickinson at WalMart, CashWise, and the fast food restaurants, I do not see them intentionally or unintentionally hindering, delaying, impeding, or destroying the work, like I often see other workers do.

I Am Going To Be The Proudest Person In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am going to be the proudest person in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Who would have thought that I would end up having the greatest and longest lasting success in Dickinson?  Who would have thought that I could permanently change Dickinson for the better, and help tens of thousands of people?

On Tuesday of this week, my website was viewed by 1,102 people, on that day alone.  This is pretty good readership.  I was happy about this.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I am getting the truth out about Dickinson.  I am exposing the bad things in Dickinson.  Slowly but surely, Dickinson is going to change, the more people that discover what is going on.

However, in addition to getting the truth out about Dickinson, I have found a more powerful way to change Dickinson for the better, and for ever.  There have been three oil booms in Dickinson, the 1950s, the late 1970s, and the late 2000s.  Despite thousands of workers from all over the United States coming to work in Dickinson during the oil booms, they didn’t change anything.

The early German and Ukranian settlers that homesteaded in western North Dakota in the early 1900s, had the Catholic Church as their main cultural and societal influence.  Hatred, hostility, unfriendliness, mistrust, lack of cooperation, and lack of education was fostered, supported, and encouraged in western North Dakota.  When there wasn’t an oil boom going on, the local people were not friendly, helpful, or cooperative with each other, and they looked upon someone else failing as satisfying, gratifying, and an opportunity to take advantage.  When there wasn’t an oil boom going on, the local employers paid very low wages deliberately so that the local people could not afford to protest their mistreatment, get ahead, get an education, or get out of North Dakota.

When there was an oil boom, many of the local people, especially the land owners, property owners, and real estate agents, had no morals and no ethics in taking advantage of the out of state workers tremendously.  Though there is more vacant unoccupied barren grassland outside of Dickinson than almost anywhere else in the United States, and absolutely no reason there could not be affordable housing, the local networks of Catholics conspired to create a shortage of affordable housing in order to raise housing prices by 400% to 500%.

I could point out every day, that the Catholic Church and the Catholic School in Dickinson fosters and teaches the belief that they are “better” than non-Catholics, that they are “better” and “good” in comparison to the out of state workers, and that they are entitled and have the right to take advantage of the non-Catholics and the out of state workers.  I could point out every day the network of Catholics in Dickinson in political office, in every City of Dickinson administrative office and department, in law enforcement, fire department, judicial system, school system, business association, chamber of commerce, board of directors, and private company management and ownership, that seeks to promote, benefit, favor, and advance local Catholics, and to hinder, obstruct, and not advance non-Catholics and out of state workers.  I could point this out, but this will not change things in Dickinson very quickly.

How I can change Dickinson for the better, and change it for ever, is to persuade as many black men as possible to move to Dickinson and impregnate as many women as possible, as quickly as possible.  In this way, the heirs to the land, property, and businesses in Dickinson will be these black children.  The Catholic Church will lose its control over the people in Dickinson.  The greedy, hostile, uncooperative white men and women who own and control land, property, and businesses in Dickinson will lose their control over the people in Dickinson.  The overwhelming number of black children will then grow up and take over Dickinson.

The culture in Dickinson will change as these black children grow up.  Instead of having short, fat, pale, cankle-calved, mean women, the black mixture will make the women taller, leaner, tanner, friendlier, and more rational.  The restaurants will improve, and there will be more variety in restaurants.  The character of Dickinson will become more relaxed, friendlier, and less mean, hostile, and uncooperative.

As Dickinson becomes more like New Orleans or Chicago with a majority black population, then Dickinson will be less primitive and more civilized than it is now, and safer for out of state workers to move to.

Is Dickinson, North Dakota Racist?

Is Dickinson, North Dakota racist?  The short answer is, yes, but not very much, comparatively speaking.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least amount of racism like San Francisco, and 10 being the highest amount of racism like Apartheid in South Africa in the 1960s and 1970s, Dickinson is about a “4”.  You might think that a “4” is pretty bad, but I want to explain why it isn’t as bad as you think.

The people that are from Dickinson, or western North Dakota, they don’t necessarily think that whites are better than blacks, they just don’t like people who are from some place else.  They don’t believe that blacks are less trustworthy than whites, they just don’t trust people who are from some place else.  It is not that you are black, it is that because you are black, you must be from some place else.

The people that are from Dickinson, or western North Dakota, they don’t necessarily want to do anything mean to black people, but since they are from some place else, they might wish that they would leave.  It is not that they don’t want to live or work with black people, it is just that they are wary of black people because they are from some place else.

The unfriendliness that black people might experience in Dickinson from the local people, might feel like racism, but the local people treat all of the people from some place else like this.

The Lutheran Church, which is the second most powerful and influential Church in North Dakota, is very welcoming and generous to black people, almost as if they are trying to make up for two hundred years of mistreatment of black people.  Lutheran Social Services which is headquartered in Minneapolis, and is very active in North Dakota, is constantly trying to help black refugees from around the world.

When neo-Nazis or White Supremacists groups tried to get established in North Dakota in recent years, the citizens very actively tried to drive them out.  In recent years, North Dakotans do not want any neo-Nazi or White Supremacist activities in North Dakota.

The women in Dickinson are tired of white men, because there are so many white men.  The women in Dickinson have watched movies, ESPN, and pornography, and now they all want black men.

Everything that I wrote up above would make Dickinson about a “2”, on a scale from 1 to 10, on racism.  However, because there are many white male workers from the South, Idaho, and Montana living in Dickinson, North Dakota, their attitudes towards blacks probably ends up making Dickinson about “4” overall, on a scale from 1 to 10, on racism.

My Forecast For Dickinson, North Dakota

During the past week I read several newspaper articles and several business journal articles about the price of oil.  Each of these articles explained that the price of oil could go down to $20 per barrel.  It was explained that in the past four or five years, many oil companies took out large loans in order to grow and expand their companies, with the expectation that they would have high revenue in the coming years.  In the past two years, the price of oil has fallen from over $100 per barrel, to $30 per barrel.  The oil companies with large loan debt, are having to continue to pump oil in order to pay the interest on their large loans, even though the price of oil is low, which just continues to add to the oversupply of oil on the market, and keeps the price of oil low.

One article explained that there is about $100 billion in venture capital money, that is waiting to buy the assets of oil companies as they go bankrupt due to the low price of oil.  Once the oil companies go bankrupt, and oil wells are purchased at prices that are well below the costs that went into drilling them, the venture capitalists will be able to sell oil at $20 per barrel, and make money doing it.  When the venture capitalists do this, the price of oil will remain low.  The point is, there are reasons why the price of oil will probably remain low for the next couple of years.

If the price of oil remains low, there will be no new drilling, and no new oil exploration in North Dakota.  It is already known that there is a large reserve of oil in North Dakota in the Bakken formation and the Three Forks formation, but you have to drill about 8,000 feet deep to get it, drill horizontally, and then fracture it, which is costly.  Because of the low price of oil, about 80% of the oil field jobs have gone away in North Dakota since late 2014.

Most of the out-of-state oil field workers went back home when they lost their oil field job.  There were very few high hourly wage jobs with a lot of overtime, outside of the oil field in North Dakota.  Rent was high, there was a shortage of women, it was cold for about seven months out of the year in North Dakota.  Most of the out-of-state workers went home.

I made a joke in one of my past blog posts, that the only people who continued to come to North Dakota in 2015, were people who didn’t watch television news or read the newspaper.  I thought this joke was funny, but it actually is happening.  There are some really unintelligent, low functioning people showing up in Dickinson looking for work and for a place to stay.  The church that I go to is trying to help some of these people that show up at church and ask for help.  I have met these people, and they are really difficult to help, because they have never really understood what is going on where ever they lived.  For instance, in Dickinson now, a cheap hotel costs about $350 per week.  At the temporary labor companies, a worker can maybe get about $350 per week take home pay, if they really, really try, because there is not a lot of work right now.  There is just no way an unskilled laborer who is single, is going to make enough money in Dickinson to afford food and housing.  There is no homeless shelter in Dickinson, so the people that arrive in Dickinson who are poor, low skilled, low intelligence, have a very, very difficult time, especially because it is -15 degrees Fahrenheit right now.  It is really not good when these people show up in Dickinson, because they are just a burden.

There is a second group of people who are moving to Dickinson.  There are a lot of black people moving to Dickinson, and at first I could not understand why.  If you go to fast food restaurants in Dickinson, like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, you will see many black workers, though the population in Dickinson is about 95% white.  If you go to WalMart, you will see many black workers.  What was happening was that people in Dickinson did not want to work in fast food restaurants or WalMart, and during the oil boom, the wages in these fast food restaurants and WalMart went up to $15 per hour more or less, in order to get people to take these jobs.  To black people that had already been working in fast food and WalMart in other states, $15 per hour was nearly twice what they had been making.  Over the past couple of years, word got out about the wages paid in fast food restaurants and WalMart in Dickinson.

I don’t want to work in McDonalds or Burger King, even if you can make $600 per week.  But for black people from Minneapolis or St. Louis that had already been working in fast food for years, this is the same job for nearly twice the pay.  Also, if these fast food workers have a spouse or a friend that they can split the rent with, they are actually better off financially than they were in Minneapolis or St. Louis.

There have been about 1,000 new apartment units that have been built in Dickinson in the past several years.  Right now the occupancy rate for these new apartment units is at about 30%.  The rent in Dickinson is still high right now.  But because the occupancy rate in the new apartment units is so low, and the oil field workers are not coming back, the apartment unit price is going to drop down much lower, and there are many apartments available.  For a time in the near future, the news spread by the black workers in Dickinson will be that there are very high paying jobs in fast food and WalMart, and there are many nice new apartments, with low rent.  Many, many black workers will continue to move to Dickinson for the next year.

It will take about a year for the wages in fast food restaurants and WalMart in Dickinson to drop down to about $10 per hour, because of the large amount of available workers, and business being much slower.  By that time, the black population in Dickinson will be much higher.  I have written in several previous posts, that most of the women in western North Dakota are unattractive and overweight.  Black men like unattractive white women who are overweight, and unattractive white women who are overweight like black men.  If you don’t know this, try watching the Jerry Springer Show, Divorce Court, Paternity Court, or the People’s Court on television.  After several days of watching, “Who that baby’s daddy?”, you will be convinced of this.  The next boom in Dickinson, will be a baby boom.  Who that baby’s daddy?