I Am Going To Be The Proudest Person In Dickinson, North Dakota

I am going to be the proudest person in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Who would have thought that I would end up having the greatest and longest lasting success in Dickinson?  Who would have thought that I could permanently change Dickinson for the better, and help tens of thousands of people?

On Tuesday of this week, my website was viewed by 1,102 people, on that day alone.  This is pretty good readership.  I was happy about this.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I am getting the truth out about Dickinson.  I am exposing the bad things in Dickinson.  Slowly but surely, Dickinson is going to change, the more people that discover what is going on.

However, in addition to getting the truth out about Dickinson, I have found a more powerful way to change Dickinson for the better, and for ever.  There have been three oil booms in Dickinson, the 1950s, the late 1970s, and the late 2000s.  Despite thousands of workers from all over the United States coming to work in Dickinson during the oil booms, they didn’t change anything.

The early German and Ukranian settlers that homesteaded in western North Dakota in the early 1900s, had the Catholic Church as their main cultural and societal influence.  Hatred, hostility, unfriendliness, mistrust, lack of cooperation, and lack of education was fostered, supported, and encouraged in western North Dakota.  When there wasn’t an oil boom going on, the local people were not friendly, helpful, or cooperative with each other, and they looked upon someone else failing as satisfying, gratifying, and an opportunity to take advantage.  When there wasn’t an oil boom going on, the local employers paid very low wages deliberately so that the local people could not afford to protest their mistreatment, get ahead, get an education, or get out of North Dakota.

When there was an oil boom, many of the local people, especially the land owners, property owners, and real estate agents, had no morals and no ethics in taking advantage of the out of state workers tremendously.  Though there is more vacant unoccupied barren grassland outside of Dickinson than almost anywhere else in the United States, and absolutely no reason there could not be affordable housing, the local networks of Catholics conspired to create a shortage of affordable housing in order to raise housing prices by 400% to 500%.

I could point out every day, that the Catholic Church and the Catholic School in Dickinson fosters and teaches the belief that they are “better” than non-Catholics, that they are “better” and “good” in comparison to the out of state workers, and that they are entitled and have the right to take advantage of the non-Catholics and the out of state workers.  I could point out every day the network of Catholics in Dickinson in political office, in every City of Dickinson administrative office and department, in law enforcement, fire department, judicial system, school system, business association, chamber of commerce, board of directors, and private company management and ownership, that seeks to promote, benefit, favor, and advance local Catholics, and to hinder, obstruct, and not advance non-Catholics and out of state workers.  I could point this out, but this will not change things in Dickinson very quickly.

How I can change Dickinson for the better, and change it for ever, is to persuade as many black men as possible to move to Dickinson and impregnate as many women as possible, as quickly as possible.  In this way, the heirs to the land, property, and businesses in Dickinson will be these black children.  The Catholic Church will lose its control over the people in Dickinson.  The greedy, hostile, uncooperative white men and women who own and control land, property, and businesses in Dickinson will lose their control over the people in Dickinson.  The overwhelming number of black children will then grow up and take over Dickinson.

The culture in Dickinson will change as these black children grow up.  Instead of having short, fat, pale, cankle-calved, mean women, the black mixture will make the women taller, leaner, tanner, friendlier, and more rational.  The restaurants will improve, and there will be more variety in restaurants.  The character of Dickinson will become more relaxed, friendlier, and less mean, hostile, and uncooperative.

As Dickinson becomes more like New Orleans or Chicago with a majority black population, then Dickinson will be less primitive and more civilized than it is now, and safer for out of state workers to move to.

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