How Black Men Can Get A Free Mercedes AMG G65 In Dickinson, North Dakota

Black men are needed and wanted in Dickinson, North Dakota.  No question about it.  There is a shortage of black men in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Please allow me to explain:

  1.   The vast majority of women in Dickinson and the surrounding areas want black men, not white men.
  2.   The vast majority of women in Dickinson and the surrounding areas can’t stand white men, the way they look, the way they talk, and the things that they do.
  3.   The women have seen black men in magazines, in movies, on the internet, and on television playing professional sports, and they all want black men.
  4.   The women in Dickinson and the surrounding areas are sick of white men spending all of their money on stupid ugly big diesel trucks, ATVs, snow mobiles, hunting equipment, and fishing equipment.  The women long to go to nice expensive restaurants and luxury resort locations with a black man.
  5.   The white men in Dickinson and the surrounding areas try to control all the land, businesses, and money in a stingy greedy way, even though their wives are entitled to half of everything, and these wives want to take that money, and have a good time with a black man.

Let’s face it, the women in Dickinson and the surrounding areas, are entitled to half of the land, businesses, and money.  It seems like the white men do everything they can to make the women miserable, and not let them spend money the way they want to.  All the women are tired of being told what to do by white men.  The land and businesses are worth millions of dollars, why can’t the women use this money to have a nice life, with comfort, nice things, and travel?  They are sick of stingy greedy white men trying to control what they do.

There are hundreds and hundreds of women in Dickinson who have inherited businesses and land in Dickinson, that have become worth millions during this past oil boom.  There are hundreds and hundreds of women in Dickinson that have half ownership in land and businesses that have become worth millions.  These women only want a few things in life: to have nice things, to enjoy life, to go places, and to have the company of a black man.

All black men have to do, is come to Dickinson, and help these women realize their dreams.  All black men have to do, is meet these women, and encourage them to follow their dreams, and let them know that it is O.K. to spend money.  They have been kept down by the white men for so long.

When a black man comes to Dickinson, the first thing he needs to get is a starter girlfriend that can provide him with some money and a place to live.  Just look at the free Real Estate Guides in Dickinson.  These free Real Estate Guides have the names, photographs, and phone numbers for the real estate agent women in Dickinson.  These real estate agent women in Dickinson love black men, and they aren’t hard to get.  All you have to do is just walk into their office, stand there in front of them, talk to them a little, and ask them if they can show you something.  You just watch them smile, jump up, and try to grab the keys to some property where they can take you.  This is like a dream come true for them.

Once these real estate agent women have provided you with money and a place to live, you can look in the Dickinson phone book, and see the listings that have many people with the same last name.  Write down these last names.  You want to try to meet women that have one of these last names, because these are the women that either inherited land or businesses, or married into land or businesses.  Try to let as many of these women as possible take you out to dinner.  At dinner ask them about their family.  These women will think that you are taking an interest in them, but you are trying to find out what land and businesses their father or their husband owns or owned.

Once you find some women that inherited land or businesses, start talking to them about doing things like traveling, visiting foreign countries, visiting exotic places, going to luxury resorts, going to luxury spas.  Keep telling them that they should do things for themselves, that they deserve it.  When they talk about not having money, advise them that they should sell their land or business, or demand that their husband give them half.  Explain that what good is land or a business if it can’t do anything for them.

Once they get ready to sell their land or business for several million dollars, start talking to them about how you wish you could take them places in a luxury automobile like they were a celebrity or movie star.  Start showing them brochures for a Mercedes AMG G65.  Tell them that they would be the only woman in North Dakota riding around in one.  That all the celebrity women get driven around, they don’t drive.

Plan the most lavish, expensive, exotic, luxury vacation for two, that you will go on soon after the land or business sells.  This luxury vacation, hotel, and air fare should cost $20,000 to $30,000.  Have your girlfriend pay for it, so that it’s all taken care of and all set.  Encourage or make sure that she is bragging about this vacation to all her friends and everybody she knows.  A couple of weeks before the vacation, this is when you should have arranged for her to buy the Mercedes AMG G65.  Explain to her that you want to be worthy of her, that you would like to have the car in your name.  If she is the one who has all the money, this makes you feel not good enough for her.  What are people going to think if you don’t have anything, and she has all the money, that you are her butler.  Don’t make me feel ashamed, like I got nothing.  Start to say that you can’t go on the trip with her, if she is going to make you feel like a butler.  In order to not have to go on the trip by herself, she will put the AMG G65 title in your name.

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