What Is Wrong With Companies In Dickinson, North Dakota

In 2017, I wrote five or six blog posts explaining how bad it was working for companies in Dickinson, North Dakota, even the companies, or especially the companies that the Dickinson Press Newspaper could not lavish enough praise on.

Working for two of these highly esteemed companies in Dickinson in 2017, I quit because I was not paid the wages that I was owed, and I had to threaten both of these companies with filing a complaint with the Department of Labor, and taking them to Small Claims Court to get the money that I was owed.  One of the “best” companies in Dickinson, already had four complaints against them with the Department of Labor.

I have written about five times now that, “The companies in Dickinson would rather hire someone who did four years in prison, rather than four years in college”, and that, “The companies in Dickinson hate engineers, disrespect, and mistreat engineers in every way possible because they hate educated people”.

Even though I have a degree in engineering, and I have worked as an engineer, estimator, foreman, inspector, superintendent, project manager, manager, and business owner, with absolutely no criminal record, these are the two supervisors that I worked under who each had Four Felony Convictions, at two different companies in Dickinson:


If you are a person with a college education, and you move to Dickinson, North Dakota, this is who you will be working for, and you will not be treated very well.

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