Some Support And Understanding For Stephanie Peterson Ferri

Last week, a very beautiful 26 year old science teacher maned Stephanie Peterson Ferri in New Smyrna Beach, Florida was arrested for having sex with a 14 year old male student.  I don’t want to vilify or ridicule this young teacher like some news services and viewers seem to be doing.  I would like to try to explain and understand why she might have done this.

Stephanie became married to a firefighter in 2015.  From what I read, it appears that he was on duty at a fire station in DeLand, Florida, 30 miles to the west of New Smyrna Beach, when his wife was having sex with this student at her home, usually between the hours of 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.  Two weeks prior to her arrest, she had filed for divorce from her husband.

As young and attractive as Stephanie is, on any night of the week she could have driven to Daytona Beach, twenty miles to the north of New Smyrna Beach, and met a man at a gym, bar, nightclub, shopping center, the beach, or at an event.  However, here are some reasons why I think that she didn’t do this:

  • It is risky and uncomfortable meeting a stranger for the purpose of having sex.  She would not have known if a strange man would have been physically abusive with her, psychologically abusive with her, whether he had any type of disease such as hepatitis, lyme disease, tuberculosis, herpes, HIV, syphilis, etcetera.
  • She might have only wanted a brief sexual relationship, and feared that some men would have wanted more, to telephone her, to try to show up at her home, to try to show up at the school where she worked, to try to force her to have more contact and involvement with them.
  • She might have believed that any kind of relationship that she had with a man, would have resulted in criticisms, questions, advice, counsel, and demands that she did not want.  Men do tend to be domineering.
  • The sex that she had been having with men was unpleasant to her.  Maybe they always wanted her to do something that she didn’t want to do.  Maybe they never did what she waned them to do.  Maybe the men that she was with were done too quickly, lacked enthusiasm, and had no interest in pleasing her, only in satisfying themselves.

There may be others reasons that I did not include in my list above, why Stephanie did not seek out men who were her own age.  Below are a list of possible reasons why Stephanie had sex with one of her male students who was only 14:

  • Having had him in her class, she might have become comfortable with him and at ease with him.  She might have had no fear that he was physically abusive, psychologically abusive, cruel, insensitive, mocking, or mentally and physically unhealthy in any way.
  • She probably did begin to fantasize about him, in the way that she wanted things to be with him.  To have a romantic relationship with someone who would not be judgmental, critical, questioning, demanding, or manipulative.
  • She might have felt safe, that she could be in charge, she could set the rules, she could tell him how things were going to be, she could decide everything that happened.
  • She might have believed that his enthusiasm, eagerness, and desire to have sex would be greater than with men her own age.  She might have believed that she could teach him how to do things the way she wanted, and that he would be more likely to do what she wanted.

All of the reasons that I just gave up above of why she did not want to have sex with men her own age, and she did want to have sex with one of her 14 year old male students, are logical and normal, in my opinion.  It is too bad that in this time, in this country right now, that this is illegal.

In the United States, in any area of the country prior to 1970, there are a number of different things that could have happened in this situation:

  • If this would have happened at a private boarding school for boys, and the teacher would have been as attractive as Stephanie, the father of the boy would have either been pleased or seen very little harm in it.  The father might have even encouraged this relationship to continue, thinking that this was a very good and fortunate experience for his son to have with a knowledgeable and experienced older woman.  His wife may have had no say in the matter, and been persuaded by her husband’s logic.
  • If this would have happened at a very poor school, such as in Appalachia, the parents might not have seen either good or harm in it, only as something that happens in life.  They might have insisted that their son marry her.
  • If this would have happened at a frontier town in the west, it would have been the same as in Appalachia, the parents might not have seen either good or harm in it, only as something that happens in life.
  • In many average towns across the U.S., if the parents found out about something like this, and the fathers saw how good looking this teacher was, all they would be concerned about was trying to convince this teacher to give them a chance too.
  • The only time anywhere in the U.S. that I think that parents would have been outraged, would be when the father or mother thought that their son was being sidetracked from much better things, such as an academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, a relationship with a much more suitable girl, or being “trapped” by a pregnancy.

I don’t think that this 14 year old boy was harmed from this sexual relationship.  I think that a skateboarding accident or a bicycle accident would probably be more traumatic at this age, meaning, not very traumatic.  There is the chance that the media, police, prosecuting attorney’s office, and psychiatrists could make this a traumatizing, confusing, embarrassing, and regrettable situation for him that will take a long time to get over.

The only thing wrong with what Stephanie did, was put both herself and this young man in the situation where if anyone ever found out, it was going to turn into something very destructive because of other people’s interference.

I wholeheartedly believe, that most men, no matter who they are or whatever their age may be, looking at the photograph of Stephanie wearing her bikini, they would love for the chance to be with her.

One of the reasons why stories like this gain so much attention, everyone has to talk about it, and the woman is vilified, is because people are jealous.  Women are jealous and hateful because the young teacher is so good looking.  Men are jealous because they want to be with a woman like this.  I will admit that I am somewhat confused, and jealous.

Dickinson, North Dakota has a teacher shortage right now.  If the people in Florida want to punish Stephanie, and send her away somewhere, Dickinson would be the perfect place to send her.


12 thoughts on “Some Support And Understanding For Stephanie Peterson Ferri

  1. I actually agree with you and if people were a little more educated they wouldn’t react this way? I would be willing to bet that if almost any person would look back within their very own family that a grandparent or great grandparent probably married a 13, 14 or 15 year old with the proposer being at least 10 years their senior! Don’t believe me,GO RESEARCH!


  2. “I don’t think that this 14 year old boy was harmed from this sexual relationship”

    You are so far outside your area of expertise that you might as well be trying to speak mandarin. On what grounds are you doubting this kids emotional distress? The fact that boys only think of sex and therefore can’t feel bad when they are sexually abused?

    Emotional distress is fairly common in survivors of childhood sexual abuse. You are not a psychologist, psychiatrist etc. You have no idea what you are talking about. Stop making a fool of yourself.


    1. Jason Mason,

      When I was 14 years old, myself, all of my male friends, and virtually all of my male classmates were trying and hoping to have sex with girls and women.

      I will go even further, when I was 14 years old, all of my male friends, all of my male classmates, all of my male teachers, all of my friends’ male parents, in fact, all males in the town where I lived, were trying and hoping to have sex with women.

      I try to be civil in my comments, but Fuck You, you fucking God Damn retard Jason Mason, “Field of Expertise”, Fuck You! Every male that I know, or have ever known, is constantly trying and hoping to have sex with women.

      Stephanie Peterson Ferri is a “10”, she is hot, she is better looking than 99% of other women, she is healthy, and in-shape. Getting to have sex with Stephanie Peterson Ferri when you are 14 years old, is like winning the lottery, probably even better than winning the lottery, better than winning a state championship in sports, better than getting a new Corvette. When your are a 14 year old male, there is nothing on earth that would be better than having sex with a teacher as hot as Stephanie.

      For the entire history of mankind, up until the last one hundred years, males and females used to get married and begin having children at the age 14 years.


      1. Hey genius, why don’t we just allow minors to enter into legally binding contracts? Why not allow minors to consume alcohol and psychoactive drugs?

        Can i give you a hint?


        Just because you and all of your little teenie-bopper friends you hung out with in school had stiffies 24/7 that you didn’t know what to do with doean’t mean it would have been okay if adult females preyed on you all. Oh, but we know because we would’ve wanted it that he did too and he liked it – Yeah, and some women have had orgasms while being raped, I guess that means it wasn’t rape because she had an orgasm therefore she wanted it – No

        I give myself a good scrub down with my loofah in the shower and I’ve got erect on occasion…that doesn’t mean i want to f*ck my loofah. Boners are uncontrollable physiological responses.


  3. Everything written in this article is absolutely wrong and moronic. This woman is insecure and obviously has sexual issues tied in with her insecurities and should not be a teacher.


    1. Dana Ward,

      The more I think about it, the more I realize that our society and culture is so wrong. Every animal, not just humans, has a desire to have sex. When any animal reaches a certain age, and sexual maturity, they are physically able to have sex. Human beings begin going through puberty at age 12 years, some earlier than this. For several thousand years, up until the last 100 years, people used to get married at age 13 or 14 years.

      It is convenient and less trouble for parents in the United States, to try to prevent their adolescent children from having sex, than it is to have to deal with a teenage girl becoming pregnant. If some parents had their way, their sons or daughters wouldn’t have sex with anyone until they graduated from college at age 22, law school at age 24, or medical school at age 28.


    1. This page would be excellent empirical evidence in support of the bell curve. Hormones have fogged their mind rendering them incapable of thinking with logic and reason. If it was their 14 year old daughter and a 26 year old male substitute teacher would they be singing the same tune?


      1. Because boys are naturally horny! They are horny from the time they turn 11 or 12 and remain that way for the rest of their lives. By the way, boys can’t get pregnant, girls can and do that’s way it’s O.K. for boys to go after grown women, it’s our natural state, you can’t fight nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I absolutely agree with the comments of Dana Ward and the other that support Stephanie! What 14 year old is not going to want to fuck her!!!!! If she taught in my middle school she would have been impregnated the first week she was there.


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