Solution To New Teacher Hiring In Dickinson, North Dakota

If you have been reading the Dickinson Press Newspaper for the past month, you would have seen several news stories about a large number of teachers, administrators, principals, and even the school superintendent resigning.  There were at least one or two news stories about the school board members responsible for hiring new teachers, making the announcement that they are going to have to suspend the normal teacher hiring practices and review processes, in order to hire enough teachers for this coming school year.

I have talked to an older friend of mine, whose parents and grandparents were teachers in Dickinson, who is now too old to work in the oil field anymore, if he would like to become a teacher, now might be his chance.  He said no, he didn’t think that he could put up with the disrespect from students that teachers have to endure now, he would probably slap a kid.

Today, to my surprise, I was reading a nation-wide news story, about a beautiful young teacher in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, named Stephanie Peterson Ferri, being arrested for having sex with her 14 year old male student.  Whenever I read the comments that readers leave to these internet news stories, I always see comments that somewhat reflect what I think, “Where were these hot women teachers who had sex with their students when I was in school?”

Growing up, my parents were not too strict, not too conservative, and mostly aware of reality.  If when I was 14 years old, a beautiful young woman teacher was having sex with me, my parents would have wondered what was wrong with her, because I was mostly annoying and irritating.  They would have felt sorry for her.  However, they would have looked at this, as her helping me.  As far as my feelings at the time, this would have been the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

Rather than going to the police, my parents would have hoped that this would go on for as long as possible, so that I would shut up and grow up.  They probably would have been willing to pay her, a lot.

When I was reading this news story about this 26 year old teacher Stephanie Peterson Ferri, different news services were showing similar stories related to this one, such as the case of 24 year old Debra Jean Beasley who was a teacher in Tampa who had sex with her 14 year old student.

I did some more reading, and here is a list of thirty-seven attractive young women teachers who were arrested for having sex with their male students:

Sarah Fowlkes, Sarah Jones, Alexandria Vera, Hunter Day, Alaina Ferguson, Carrie McCandless, Brianne Altice, Haeli Noelle Wey, Mary Haglin, Virginia Houston Hinckley, Kathryn Ronk, Melody Lippert, Michelle Ghirelli, Tiffany Michelle Geliga, Danielle Watkins, Stacy Schuler, Brittni Colleps, Megan Crafton, Carole Ann Hope, Ashley Anderson, Gabriela Compton, Gail Gagne, Nadia Christine Diaz, Lauren Redfern, Kristin Leone, Kathyrin Murray,  Kacy Wilson, Sheral Smith, Loni Marie Folks, Tara Driscoll, Amy Victoria Beck, Lisa Glide, Amber Jennings, Sandra “Beth” Geisel, Pamela Rogers Turner, Erin McAuliffe, and Laura Ramos.

In the above list of thirty-seven women teachers, I did not include approximately five women who were not very good looking.  It is kind of surprising and noteworthy, that the vast majority of these women teachers were attractive or very good looking.

The ages of the male students involved with these women teachers ranged from 13 years to 18 years.  It seemed that the majority of the students were either 14 years or 17 years of age.  In about half of these cases, it appeared that these women teachers were sentenced to a small amount of days in jail and long probation.  In only about 25% of these cases were these women teachers sentenced to more than one year in prison.

These women teachers have experience, and Dickinson needs many new experienced teachers right now.  Dickinson also needs more attractive women.  There are many apartment vacancies in Dickinson now, especially apartments in the building where I live.  Let’s all give them another chance.

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