This Is How Methodists Act

In my previous blog post, I wrote that I hate White People in Texas.  White People in Texas are arrogant, elitist, proud, greedy, self-serving people.  I partly blame the version of Southern Baptists that exists in Texas, the “prosperity gospel” believers, that allow them to believe that they are better than other people, which gives them the right to do the things that they do.

I have written approximately eight blog posts about the German Catholics here in Dickinson, North Dakota, that act almost as bad as the Southern Baptist prosperity gospel believers in Texas.  The Catholics here in Dickinson, North Dakota think that they are better than everyone else, so if they want to gouge people from out of state on housing, violate federal EEO laws to hire their relatives rather than people from out of state, undermine and take advantage of people from out of state, they feel that they are justified in doing so.

The German Catholics in Dickinson, North Dakota may have no idea that their behavior is not right, because they have nothing to compare it to.  Most of my close relatives and distant relatives are Methodists.  I grew up in a town with many Methodists.  But I also went to Catholic School for four years.  Later I went to school with, and became friends with Atheists, Baptists, Episcopaleans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, Lutherans, Mormons, Muslims, and Seventh Day Adventists.  I read, and I learned about each of these religions.

In this blog post, I will write about how Methodists act.  Primarily, Methodists are moderate, peaceful, conservative, tolerant, and patient.

Methodist Finances:

  1. Methodists seek to have their financial affairs in order, just like every other part of their life.
  2. To not be reckless with money, to not overspend, to live within one’s means.
  3. To not have much debt, and to certainly not have delinquent debt.
  4. A personal bankruptcy to a Methodist, would be a grave moral failure.
  5. To stay employed, to work steadily, to pay your bills, and to save money.
  6. To not buy a home, automobile, boat, motorhome, or airplane as a way to show off.
  7. To make money only in an ethical, moral, right way, to not engage in usury, fraud, deceit, treachery, or taking advantage of others.
  8. Methodists realize as part of their faith and religious beliefs, that no good can come from taking advantage of others, usury, fraud, deceit, treachery, indebtedness, overspending, showing off, and pride.
  9. Methodists have no difficulty seeing the evil in some people accumulating great wealth, while at the same time others in the same community are lacking basic necessities.  Methodists would feel shame and guilt in having excessive wealth while at the same time others in the same community didn’t have enough, due to being less able.  Methodists seek to make sure that other people don’t suffer needlessly.

Methodist Families:

  1. Husbands and wives should stay married, they took their marriage vows before God.
  2. Husbands and wives should not engage in infidelity, they took their marriage vows before God.
  3. Husbands and wives have a duty to act like a civil, decent, moral, ethical, responsible adult, for the sake of their spouse and their children.
  4. Methodists believe in having zero to three children, and that their children need supervision, guidance, instruction, education, and correction.
  5. Methodists realize as part of their faith and religious beliefs, that they should conduct themselves as a civil, decent, moral, ethical, responsible adult, for the sake of their spouse and children, for the sake of their community, and to try to make sure that their children do the same.

Methodist Culture:

  1. Methodists seek to be civil, decent, moral, ethical, responsible, thoughtful adults.  They have read the Bible themselves, and they have had the Bible, what it actually says, taught to them by thoroughly educated Methodist ministers.
  2. Methodists are likely to see the wastefulness, sloth, immorality, and drunkenness in people getting overly entrenched with NASCAR, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and UFC.
  3. Methodist are not likely to want to spend much time in bars.
  4. Methodist are not likely to want to spend much time in casinos.
  5. Methodist do not have any interest in using drugs.
  6. Methodists are not sexually promiscuous, and they do not take advantage of others.

Methodists At Work:

  1. Methodists do not believe in discrimination of any kind.
  2. Methodists believe in performing work competently, and making sure that work is performed competently.
  3. Methodists have an aversion for unethical and immoral businesses practices, so much so that they do not and will not tolerate unethical and immoral business practices, and seek to stop these business practices whenever possible.
  4. Methodists will try to help, assist, instruct, or teach others who are having difficulty in their work, in order for that person to keep their job.  If a person is not capable of doing a job, Methodists believe that that person, no matter who they are, should be removed from that job, for the sake of the work, the company, and everyone else.

I just want to point out how significantly the Catholics in Dickinson, North Dakota behave differently than Methodists.  In #4 above, Methodists at Work, Methodists would never fill all the private and public management positions with poorly educated, incompetent people like has been done in Dickinson.  Methodists would realize that the whole future, economic prosperity, and current functioning of Dickinson has been placed in the hands of not very educated or capable people.  How in the world could this turn out well?

5 thoughts on “This Is How Methodists Act

  1. I have several things to say about Methodists, from my own experience in Texas (a state I absolutely love). I like the way YOU see Methodists better than the way I have known them. I wish I could describe my experience as being identical to yours, because it’s wonderful and in many ways close to ideal. I’ll try to do that tomorrow, as it’s getting pretty late. Let me leave you for now with this: Our Methodist pastor, a man I admired, respected and knew very well through our volunteerism, openly supported Wendy Davis (aka “abortion Barbie”) when she filibustered a few years ago. By then he was no longer a pastor, but had been promoted to a position of some stature within the general conference.


    1. I didn’t really want to get into discussing abortion, because some people feel so strongly that it is murder, nothing but murder, and it can never be anything but murder, and as far as they are concerned there can be no discussion.

      One side of the abortion issue, is whether anyone can or should be forcing women to give birth whether they want to or not. There are many scenarios where women become pregnant against their will, rape, incest, coercion, deception, etcetera, and I don’t believe that they should be forced to give birth. I wouldn’t want to if I were in their shoes, I can imagine how I would feel about it. The impact and circumstances of some unwanted pregnancies on some women, would be enough for them to commit suicide, or desperately try to abort the pregnancy on their own which could lead to their own death.

      I am sure that tens of thousands of women have committed suicide throughout history because of becoming pregnant against their will: victims of rape and incest, or living in a strict non-tolerant society such as Muslim, Orthodox Christian or Jew. etc. Tens of thousands of women’s alternative to suicide has been to try to abort the pregnancy themselves which resulted in their own death.

      What also happens to this day, is that women give birth to babies and dump them immediately after birth so that they die.

      In all societies, people and leaders have had to decide what to about problems and situations. We lock people up in jail cells for crimes. We carry out the death penalty for people who are convicted of murder. We allow people to defend themselves using deadly force when their lives are in imminent danger of being taken. We send members of the military to Iraq and Afghanistan knowing that thousands of them will be killed. And on abortion, the law currently is that women have the right to have an abortion. Locking people in jail cells, executing people, killing people in self defense, sending members of the military to kill and be killed, are all terrible things, but the decision has been made that this is what we are going to do based on all the facts, evidence, circumstances, and possible outcomes.


  2. The United States of America is the best culture the world has seen. At least two generations have not been taught the reasons this is true. They have been taught the opposite and based on lies and and distortions. With increasing speed we are throwing out the tenets which made us unique in history and absolutely exceptional. The choices you mention, in the past, were made by a people far more well-educated than is typical today (despite what you hear, but remember nobody’s had higher self-esteem than the population living now) and deeply rooted in Judeo-Christian values. Throw those out (and not even know what the h*ll you’re throwing out, be so superficially prepared for life that you don’t-even-know or understand what I’m talking about) and see what happens. Now it’s really late, I should be sleeping.


  3. On a much lighter note (and now I will stop for tonight, ha) the Methodists I knew drank like crazy! The difference between them and the Baptists (remember this was Tejas) is the Methodists didn’t hide it. 🙂


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