Hurricane Harvey Has Reminded Me How Much I Hate People In Texas

Hurricane Harvey has reminded me how much I hate people in Texas.  Not the Black people, and not the Hispanic people, but the White People.

I hate the White People in Texas, more than I hate the Catholics in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I would rather have some militant Muslim extremists living next door to me than White People from Texas, because at least the militant Muslim extremists have principles, believe in something, and live right in comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t stand living in Houston in a predominantly Black neighborhood or a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, because these people are so different than me.  It would be uncomfortable for both me and my Black neighbors or my Hispanic neighbors.  I don’t want to listen to rap music all the time, I don’t want to listen to festival music all the time, and my neighbors would get tired of me complaining to them about their music.

Just like the Catholics in Dickinson, North Dakota think that they are better than everyone else, and think that they are going to advantage themselves, advance themselves, and disadvantage and hinder others, the White People “Texans” act the same way, only more so.

  1.  A perfect example of “Texans”, is Ethan Couch:

Ethan Couch was 16 years old in 2013, when he killed four people while driving drunk and speeding in Burleson, Texas.  One of the passengers in his vehicle suffered complete paralysis.  He was indicted on four counts of intoxication manslaughter.  His attorneys argued that he was so wealthy, that he didn’t know what he was doing.  The judge agreed with this “affluenza” defense, and Ethan was sentenced to probation only, no prison time whatsoever.

Some “Texans” in Texas are so much better than other people, that they can kill four people and not get any time in prison.  Whereas other people in Texas have been sentenced to twenty years in prison for possession of marijuana.

2.  Another example of “Texans”, is Joel Osteen:

Joel Osteen is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.  His father, a former Southern Baptist minister, founded Lakewood Church.  Joel Osteen attended Oral Roberts University, but he did not graduate and he did not receive a degree from divinity school.  He returned to Houston to produce his father’s television ministry program.  He did not preach his first sermon until 1999, when he was 36 years old.

Lakewood Church’s attendance grew.  In 2003, Lakewood Church acquired the former stadium of the Houston Rockets NBA basketball team.  The renovations to the stadium cost $105 million.  In 2012, Joel Osteen’s net worth was estimated to be $56 million.  He lives in a $10.5 million home.

Osteen’s sermons are sometimes criticized for promoting “prosperity theology”, a belief that material gain is the reward for Godly Christians.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, What the Fuck!  Hold on and back up!  In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus Christ the son of God came to Earth and taught, his teachings were recorded by the Apostles.  Jesus said to each of the Apostles, come with me, leave what you have behind.  In one of Jesus’ teachings, a man asked him and the Apostles what must he do in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and Jesus replied that he must give up his possessions, and the man was very sorry, for he had much.

Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, was not supposed to be a money making venture, and people were not supposed to get rich doing it.  The fact that a preacher of the Gospel accumulates $56 million, is not a “miracle”, something is wrong, this should never happen.  The preacher himself should have never allowed this to happen.  Are you going to tell me that there aren’t thousands of needy people in Texas, that need help with food, medical care, and housing?

In other words, the “Texans” in Texas would rather give their money to a rich White Southern Baptist “Texan” that doesn’t need their money, than to poor hungry people who really need it.

3.  A third example of “Texans”, is their catching and keeping immigrants as slaves:

When I worked in southwest Texas near the border with Mexico several years ago, the grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants had signs posted that read, “It is illegal to detain and hold people against their will, and force people to work for no pay.”  What had been happening, was White People near the border with Mexico would come across illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America that had just walked through the desert onto their property.  Tired, weak, thirsty, uneducated, and unable to speak English, these illegal immigrants were completely at the mercy of White People land owners with a gun, out in the middle of nowhere.  The White People Texans got in the habit of detaining these immigrants, not allowing them to leave, and forcing them to work for free, just like slaves.

Rather than feeling sorry for Texans when I see the news coverage of their flooded streets, homes, and businesses, I am sorry that I don’t see more White Texans trying to climb up on electric lines and getting electrocuted.

Yes, I hate Texans.  They are the most arrogant, elitist, self-serving people that I have ever met, and I hate their state.  I hope that the swarms of swimming, clawing, biting rats with rabies half-eat as many White Texans as possible.

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