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Where Do People’s Souls Go When They Live In Dickinson, North Dakota?

In my previous blog post, I explained that trauma and prolonged suffering or unhappiness can cause a person’s Soul to leave their body.  Knowing that people would doubt what I was trying to explain, I also copied and gave a lengthy and thorough explanation that was written by someone else.

One of the points that I was trying to make in my previous blog post, was that people who are aware of Out-Of-Body Experiences and/or Astral Projection, where the Soul leaves the physical body, these people think that this only occurs when people meditate or sleep under peaceful and tranquil circumstances.  However, the Soul will leave the body under conditions of trauma or prolonged suffering or unhappiness.  Hence living in Dickinson, North Dakota, people’s Souls are trying to leave their physical bodies pretty much all the time.

When I wrote about disassociation of the Soul from the physical body, I did not mean “dissociation” a term which psychologists and psychiatrists use to try to explain an unconscious coping mechanism that a person’s psyche uses to cope with trauma.  I have found that psychologists and psychiatrists sometimes try to suggest or infer in their analysis that the Soul or Spirit is just a mental a concept and not something that actually exists separate from the physical mind or physical body.

In order to convince the reader that I am not making this up, I will provide another excerpt taken from the website address https://www.mysticeye.co/single-post/2017/03/01/Soul-Retreival:

“The physical body is animated by the spirit and the spirit can fragment. This happens a lot in trauma specifically when the soul is overwhelmed. It disassociates from the body to feel safe.

 The soul literally gets scared out of the body and fragments. This can manifest as psychological disassociation or any other form of mental illness. All victims of trauma show signs of disassociation such as victims of war, rape, car accidents. In the moment of severe trauma the soul separates itself or leaves the physical body and is scared to come back into the body until it knows and understands that it is safe. Many people report feeling “above” their bodies in times of trauma. Or they say that they felt as if they were “witnessing” the event from a third-party perspective. This is because the event is too traumatic for the soul so it leaves until it is coaxed back.This is where the process of soul retrieval comes in and the shaman…

 A shaman will act as a spiritual lawyer to coax the soul back to the body. Many of the times the soul doesn’t know that the body is safe again. Its last experience with the body was scary and overwhelming. It still believes or thinks that the body is in danger. The shaman acts as a spiritual lawyer to coax the soul back to the body. It allows the soul to see that the body is now in a safe location and can return back to its original home.”

Where do people’s Souls go in Dickinson?  In my case, when it is very cold and windy outside, with very cold wind chill, and I have to work outside in the miserable and unbearable wind and cold, if I have driven one of my Toyota trucks, my Soul will go and sit in my truck.  Or, if I have to work in a very bad, hostile, unfriendly, miserable, dangerous, circumstance, my Soul will go and sit in my truck.  This is why I like to drive my own vehicle to work locations, because me and my Soul can both just get in my truck and leave.

Other times, like when I have not driven my own vehicle to work, I don’t know where my Soul goes.  If there were any nice pleasant restaurants in Dickinson, with nice friendly waitresses, my Soul would probably come back when I went to eat after work.  But since the restaurants in Dickinson are so shitty and the waitresses are so mean and nasty, my Soul stays gone.

At night, when I am laying in bed, sometimes I try to consciously convince my Soul, that during the night, it should go to one of the women’s houses on my List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, and pull their toes while they are trying to sleep, but I do not think that it ever does this.  Instead, my Soul goes to some classroom which typically reminds me of High School, and sometimes some of my High School acquaintances are there.  I usually get impatient after a while and begin to realize, and then I announce that I don’t know why I am here, I already have a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering, me being here is ridiculous and unnecessary, and I leave.

Come To Dickinson, North Dakota For Enlightenment And Spiritual Awakening

Come to Dickinson, North Dakota for Enlightenment and Spiritual Awakening.  There is no need to travel to Nepal, Tibet, Sedona, or Sante Fe.

The Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Wicca religions have sects and followers that believe enlightenment and spiritual awakening can be reached through the practice of Asceticism.  Asceticism involves abstinence from physical and sensual pleasures, renunciation of material possessions, and much time spent alone reflecting upon spiritual matters.  Some Ascetics practice self-infliction of pain, making their body suffer, or maiming their body.

When you live in Dickinson, North Dakota, you will experience no earthly pleasures, no enjoyment of anything, no distraction of women and sex, and plenty of discomfort, suffering, pain, misery, and maiming.

Living in Dickinson, North Dakota, there is very little to do, and nowhere to go.  There is a shortage of women, and a scarcity of attractive women.  Living here, you will forego all forms of enjoyment.  Many people in Dickinson experience and practice the abandonment of personal hygiene.

Self-infliction of pain comes when you go outside, live in a poorly insulated trailer, or go to work in Dickinson.  Work in Dickinson involves co-workers who are mean, hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, and undermining.  Work in Dickinson consists of long hours outside in the cold performing physical labor which is dangerous.  Co-workers assist with the infliction of pain, suffering, misery, and body maiming while at work.

The police in Dickinson are very helpful in making people’s lives even more ascetic, assisting with the deprivation of enjoyment, pleasure, money, and in providing confinement.

After living in Dickinson for approximately five years now, I have come to realize more about the Soul.  Many people are familiar with out-of-body experiences, and/or astral projection, where it is believed that the Soul or Astral Body leaves the physical body at night during sleep under certain conditions, usually conditions of peace, quiet, and tranquility.

However, living in Dickinson, your Soul or Astral Body, will be trying to leave most of the time, even during the day.  To a lay person, bystander, or an uninitiated person, the self-denial and self-infliction of pain practiced by the Ascetics might be seen as purification, dedication, devoutness, withdrawal from the world, and focusing inward, in order to achieve enlightenment.  However, the constant condition of pain, suffering, misery, and unhappiness, causes the Soul or Astral Body to begin disassociating from the physical body.

With only my random thoughts and no intention, I would often find myself thinking of living in Dickinson as being like a Jew in a concentration camp.  Especially at work, where I was cold, dirty, hungry, having to defecate on the ground, and being endangered and mistreated by hostile Germans, how could I not feel like a Jew in a concentration camp?  I thought of the daily lives of the Jewish prisoners, the horrors and the torture that they had to endure.  I had wondered before, and I began to wonder now, how does their physical body, Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul cope with torture, and at what point do these elements of a person shut down or leave?

I remembered a conversation that I had had in the past with an engineer who was much older than me, who said that he believed that when the body experiences physical pain to a certain point the Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul realizes that it is time to leave, and it vacates the body, rather than stay any longer.  I also remembered a story that was told to me by a minister, who described the daily physical abuse that a child had experienced from his parents every day of his short life, that amounted to torture.  One day, the child died.  An autopsy was performed, but no cause of death could be found or determined.  It was apparent that the child had been abused, but there was no injury that had caused his death.  It was as if his Consciousness, Spirit, or Soul decided to go ahead and leave this physical body.

I will give an explanation of this from sources other than myself.  From the website address http://www.sacredserpent.net/soul-retrieval.html, I have taken the following excerpt:

“As a rule soul loss occurs due to trauma. Children are most susceptible to soul loss, as they are more vulnerable than adults and still more connected to the world of spirit or Otherworld than most adults are. When a child gets abused or suffers great distress or unhappiness he or she will often instinctively try to escape to the Otherworld to flee from the pain and to find peace or happiness.

But soul loss affects not only children but people of all ages. Typical triggers for soul loss are accident, injury, shock, trauma or prolonged unhappiness. An event that triggers soul loss in one person may not cause soul loss in others with a similar experience. It depends on how severe the shock or suffering was felt from a subjective point of view….

Physical injury is not a prerequisite for soul loss. It is not unusual for people who were involved in a car accident but suffered no physical injuries whatsoever to have soul loss. The loud sound and the impact cause shock. Your soul thinks you are dying and “ejects”. It may come back later when the shock wears off, or part of it may stay out. Any severe shock can cause soul loss….

Only very severe and / or repeated trauma can cause total soul loss. The result of total soul loss would eventually be death, or at the very least coma.”

In the above excerpt, this was the first time that I have heard of partial or incomplete Soul loss, where one’s entire Soul does not disassociate during suffering or trauma.  But the description of the circumstances of Soul loss were so clear, and the explanation was in conformity with what is written by others elsewhere, that I quoted this source.

The point that I wanted to make, is that people who have associated Out of Body Experiences and Astral Projection, where the Spirit or Soul leaves the physical body, with meditation, sleep, peace, and tranquility, they can come to Dickinson, North Dakota, live here for a while, and they can experience their Soul leaving their physical body all of the time.