Exposing Some Bad Things In Dickinson, North Dakota

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for five years now.  Ever since I came to Dickinson, I could tell that there were things going on that were wrong.  There were things that were adversely affecting me, my friends, and other people that I met.  I wanted to know what was going on, what were the reasons, what was behind all of this.  Eventually I created this blog website, and here are some of the things that I wrote about:

  1. The gouging and taking advantage of out of state workers on housing.
  2. The deliberate creating of a shortage and not alleviating the shortage of housing in order to keep prices high to benefit local property owners.
  3. OSHA refusing to investigate the work site death of Eric Haider.
  4. No one being charged with manslaughter over the work site death of Eric Haider.
  5. Public and private businesses violating EEO laws in order to hire friends and relatives.
  6. Failure of the Department of Labor to hold employers accountable for non-payment of wages.
  7. Long history of companies and employers in Dickinson attempting to keep wages low in order to prevent employees from ever getting ahead or being able to leave.
  8. Not allowing prostitution though the ratio of men to women varied from 3:1 to 30:1.
  9. Newspaper reports of multiple occurrences of local men resorting to sex with cows and horses in this area.

One of the causes of the injustices that I have listed above, appears to be the Catholic Church in Dickinson.  The Catholic Church in Dickinson has encouraged the Catholics to believe that they are better than everyone else, has encouraged anything that brings money to the Church, and has not discouraged or spoken out against the mistreatment or taking advantage of others.

A second cause of some of the injustices in Dickinson, appears to be the Dickinson Mafia.  The Dickinson Mafia are a group of men who own businesses, who hold public office, who are on boards of directors, and who manage some of the large companies in Dickinson.  They sought to keep wages low so that workers could never get ahead, would have to work their whole life for low wages, and could never leave.  The Dickinson Mafia also sought to control Dickinson by giving jobs as favors or rewards to people who did what they wanted, and not giving jobs to people that were independent, regardless of education, skill, and qualifications.  The Dickinson Mafia was greatly responsible for the Nepotism and Chronyism that goes on in Dickinson.

A third cause of some of the injustices in Dickinson, appears to be the failure of the police, the judicial system, and the press to hold people accountable for wrong doing.  I have come across situations in Dickinson, where individuals should have been arrested but were not, should have been prosecuted but were not, should have received long prison sentences but did not, and should have been fully covered in the Dickinson Press newspaper but were not.

Some of the really bad bad things that have been done by prominent people and businesses in Dickinson have been covered by newspapers outside of Dickinson, such as the Jamestown Sun, the Grand Forks Herald, and the Bismarck Tribune.  This is one way to handle it, and leave the Dickinson Press newspaper out of it.

The Bismarck Tribune newspaper did publish an article approximately one year ago, that described the failure of the North Dakota Department of Labor to hold employers accountable for non-payment of wages to workers.  There had been a two year wait after a worker complaint had been filed, before a case worker was even assigned to the complaint.  75% of the Department of Labor complaints were against oil field companies in western North Dakota.

I myself was shorted wages by an oil field company in the Dickinson area, so were some of my coworkers, so were some former employees of this company.  I called the North Dakota Department of Labor, and there were four other complaints against this company by former employees for non-payment of wages.

The Dickinson Press newspaper writes glowing newspaper articles about this company and the owner.  How can that be?  I began asking many local people about this company and the company owner.  I wanted to know why was he doing this, how did he think that he could get away with this, and what kind of person is he?  I found out more and more.

In high school, in the seventh grade, this company owner raped a boy in the gym locker room.  It was a very severe sexual assault.  He should have been arrested, convicted, sent to a juvenile detention center, and been registered for life as a convicted sex offender.  None of those things happened.  I asked why this didn’t happen.  I was told because of his family name, who his family was, and because his family had money.

In a previous blog post that I wrote titled, “Summary Of Wickedness And Perversion In Dickinson, North Dakota”, I wrote about a very similar incident to the one that I just described above, where a member of a wealthy and prominent local family was convicted of molesting an 8 year old girl.  His prison sentence and restitution was extremely lenient, unbelievably lenient.

In that blog post, I wrote that one of the problems in Dickinson, is that some people in Dickinson think that they are so much better than other people, that they can take advantage of other people with impunity.

As long as the Catholic Church continues to teach that Catholics are better than other people, there will continue to be people trying to take advantage of others, and mistreatment of others in Dickinson.  As long as the Dickinson Mafia continues to practice Nepotism and Chronyism, there will be corruption, collusion, injustice, unfairness, and mistreatment of people in Dickinson.

As long as the police, judicial system, and press do not hold all people equally accountable, there will be corruption, injustice, unfairness, underhandedness, crime, and mistreatment of people in Dickinson.

2 thoughts on “Exposing Some Bad Things In Dickinson, North Dakota

  1. Dickinson has less than 20k people… it’s fucking North Dakota for god sakes. Maybe it’s time to venture out into the world and check out other communities in the 49 states. Maybe your time would be best spent finding a new city you feel comfortable in, rather than the time and effort (and pettiness) you spend writing this ridiculous blog. Your complaining a lot, without doing anything to help yourself.


    1. Josh,

      If you took the time to read “About”, which is about the author, me, you would have read that I have lived and worked in seven different states, in construction, engineering, health care, and government.

      Of anything I have ever done in my life, graduating first in my high school class, receiving academic awards, graduating with a degree in engineering, being a well-paid superintendent and project manager before I was 30 years old, my blog website has been the most fulfilling thing that I have done. Once I began writing about everything that was going on in Dickinson, North Dakota, I began to have more and more insight into what was happening. I didn’t know that my own writing would bring so much personal clarity.

      After writing about Dickinson for one year, I began to broach the subjects that I was writing about with local people. To my surprise, in one-on-one discussions with local people, they were willing to share their own experiences with me. Local people were willing to talk about their opinions, thoughts, feelings, impressions, beliefs, and experiences with me, once I was able to express myself clearly enough and effectively enough that they felt like I had some insight, like it might benefit them to tell me what they thought.

      In the discussions that I began to have with local people, I began to learn more of the truth about what was going on. I learned of the surprising generosity and philanthropy of some residents that is unacknowledged, the talents and ability of some residents that is unappreciated, the beauty of some residents that is missed, the hard work of some residents that they are not thanked for, and the wickedness, mean spiritedness, corruption of other people.

      Part of the fulfillment of this blog website for me, has been the learning of things, figuring things out, the understanding that has come from writing and talking to people. Part of the fulfillment, has been being able to tell other people what I found, to share with them, and to expose things. Perhaps the best part for me, is the opportunity to change things.

      Yes, I can change things in Dickinson. I have changed things in Dickinson. Here are a few of the things that I have accomplished:

      1. In writing about the death of Eric Haider on a job site in Dickinson, a post that was read by 40,000 people, the facts of what happened are laid out in chronological order, one by one, so that it can be more plainly seen, the failures, the mis-steps, the suspicious behavior, the abnormalities, the injustice, and the wrongdoing, so that this case will never go away. If people never forget about this case in Dickinson, they will not forget to use trench-shoring, to look in a trench before backfill, to account for every worker, to not leave a jobsite without accounting for every worker, to use every resource available to recover a worker, and to demand that OSHA investigate and people be held accountable.
      2. To remind the people in Dickinson of the individuals who have contributed time, energy, work, organization, inspiration, and money to help make Dickinson better. So that these individuals get credit, so that people know, so that they do not go unnoticed, and so that people can thank them while they still can.
      3. To point out generous, philanthropic, hard working, good natured, talented, beautiful people so that they can be an inspiration to other people.
      4. To point out bad behavior, greed, jealousy, usury, unethical conduct, mistreatment of others, and the taking advantage of others to serve as a deterrent and discouragement to this type of behavior.


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