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Another Reason Why Dickinson, North Dakota Is A Prison Work Camp, Lack Of Medical Care

In my previous blog post I wrote that Dickinson, North Dakota is a prison work camp because I keep getting stopped by the Police.  In the past two years, I have been stopped by the Police in Dickinson, more than in my entire previous forty-eight years of life.

Another reason why Dickinson, North Dakota is a prison work camp, is because of the lack of medical care.

In 2014-2015, the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in downtown Dickinson was closed and the new St. Alexius Hospital on the west side of Dickinson was opened.  Though the new St. Alexius Hospital cost approximately $75-$100 million to construct, it is an empty shell, a facade, and a sham, in several different ways.

For instance, if anyone with a serious medical condition arrives at the new St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson, the hospital staff won’t hesitate to put that patient on the 100 mile, $40,000 helicopter ride to Bismarck, because they know that they aren’t capable of handling this patient with the medical staff and equipment that they have here.  Knowing this, many people in southwest North Dakota travel directly to Bismarck in an emergency, even though Dickinson is 100 miles closer.

What is wrong with the new St. Alexius Hospital, the equipment, and the medical staff?  This great big sprawling facade of a building, was meant to be a monument to the Catholic Church, just like a cathedral.  Rather than using the construction money for necessity, functionality, and efficiency in a medical building, they built a great big hollow temple monument.

The great big sprawling empty facade St. Alexius Hospital besides being a monument to the Catholic Church, was also a jobs program for the Catholic Church.  “Good Catholics” from the Catholic School system were awarded administrative jobs, though they held no degree in business administration, nor healthcare.  Nurses, who had nasty dispositions and an unfriendly manner, who would never be hired elsewhere, filled most of the nursing positions at the St. Alexius Hospital because they were local Catholics.

Medical Doctors, who can see what Dickinson is like, see what the St. Alexius Hospital administrators are like, and see what the St. Alexius Hospital nurses are like, take a pass on working in Dickinson, unless they have gotten into trouble elsewhere and don’t have any choices left.  Even the medical doctors with a troubled past don’t stay in Dickinson very long.

Most local people in Dickinson know better than to go to the St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson.  They choose to go to Bismarck if they think that have something seriously wrong, or they go to Sanford Health in Dickinson if they think that their condition is not a severe emergency that requires driving to Bismarck.

Even though the medical staff, nurses, and doctors at Sanford Health are at a much higher professional level than the Catholic jobs-program staff at the St. Alexius Hospital, Sanford Health is a get-em-in and get-em-out quick type of operation, not at all like seeing a traditional family practice medical doctor who wants to know and understand his patients.

When I have needed medical care in Dickinson, I have found that I was shit-out-of-luck.  When I had a sudden, fast growing mole appear on my back, which looked and acted like a carcinoma, I couldn’t get an appointment with a dermatologist in North Dakota, not even in Bismarck, any sooner than six months.  I had to drive 750 miles one-way to Idaho in order to see a dermatologist the following week, who examined this mole, and froze it off for $100.

I have had severe allergy attacks in North Dakota, where my eyes swell shut and are so sensitive to light that I can not see.  I explained to the medical doctor that I saw at the Sanford Health clinic that my allergy attacks are so severe, that I thought that I needed something like epinephrine, which people who are allergic to bee stings use.

This young lady medical doctor was working as a “locum tenens”, a temporary doctor used to fill a staff shortage.  Her home was in Florida.  She didn’t understand what I was saying, she didn’t know what I was talking about, and she prescribed me some useless medication that didn’t work, that cost over $200 to cover only one or two allergy attacks.  She made some remark about “when I see my primary care physician”, because she was too young and dumb to know that this is it, this is all that there is in North Dakota, this visit with her is all the medical care that I am going to get in North Dakota.

Last week, I had an allergy attack that was so bad, not only did my eyes swell shut to where I could not see, I began to have trouble breathing, and I didn’t know if I was going to die.  In a panic because I began to not be able to breathe, I was about to call an ambulance, but I didn’t want to go to the St. Alexius Hospital because those fucking ham-fisted, fat, scowling, battle-axe, bitch Catholic women would only make it worse.  Stupid fuckers would take my blood and try to make me have a CT-scan or MRI, just to pay for their machine, even though I was having an allergic reaction.

Leaving North Dakota To Get Medical Treatment

On about January 25, 2018 I noticed that I had a new mole on my right shoulder.  I was very concerned that this might be a melanoma because it had an irregular shape, color, and surface.

I knew that I should try to get this mole looked at and removed by doctor right away.  A week later I began trying to find a dermatologist in Dickinson, North Dakota where I have lived and worked for the past five years, a town of about 25,000 people.

I found out that there were no dermatologists in Dickinson, but there was a dermatology clinic in Bismarck, the state capitol, 100 miles away.  When I telephoned this clinic, the Mid Dakota Dermatology Clinic, I was told that the soonest available appointment was 6 months away.

Six months wait to see a dermatologist is way too long if you think that you have melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer if left untreated.  I tried telephoning other dermatology clinics in Bismarck, but these other clinics had a similarly long wait.

I then telephoned a dermatologist that I had seen eight years ago in Idaho, and his office had appointments available each week in February.  I made an appointment for February 21, in order to be able to plan being away from my job in Dickinson.

I knew that this was more than a 12 hour drive back to Idaho, and more than $300 in fuel for the round trip.  Due to the snow and ice covered roads, it took me 16 hours to get to where I was going in Idaho.

At the dermatologist’s office in Idaho, the check-in patient paperwork took me 4 minutes to complete.  The medical assistant then took me to an examination room and spent about 3 minutes talking to me and photographing my mole.  Then the dermatologist came in.

The dermatologist looked at the mole on my shoulder for less than one minute, he then said that this is either a mole or a squamous cell, neither of these have the ability to spread cancer throughout your body, so if I were you, I would just get this frozen off, and this whole visit will cost you less than $100.

It took this dermatologist less than two minutes to freeze this mole, and then I was done.  It took two minutes to pay the $99 bill using my debit card.

This whole dermatologist office visit from when I arrived there to when I left, took less than 20 minutes.  It was no big deal.

I have had the experience many times in North Dakota, that what are normal ordinary things to do in other states, can hardly be accomplished in North Dakota.  If anyone has ever seen me sometimes characterize North Dakota as being backwards and primitive, this is why.

Locum Tenens, Sugit Loco Isto, Dickinson, North Dakota

Dickinson, North Dakota goes through a lot of doctors and nurses.  As I explained in a recent previous blog post, I see brochures, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, and press releases about a new medical professional arriving at an office, clinic, or facility in Dickinson, and then within a couple of months, they are out of here.

It really does not look good on a medical professional’s resume, to accept a position, and then leave within just a few months.  It looks like something went wrong, like there might possibly be something wrong with this medical professional.  It makes a prospective employer wonder what went wrong, what happened, and is this person likely to do this again?

A medical professional sure had better have a good reason for taking off so quickly.  They do, “It was Dickinson, North Dakota.”

As I explained in a recent previous blog post, a medical professional could spend half of their income on a place to live in Dickinson, and they would still be living amongst dirty uneducated oil field workers, and having to listen to and smell their dirty diesel truck loudly idling right outside their windows.  In addition to this, the local facility administrators and the local nurses are ignorant, locally educated, primitive, backwards, mean, hostile, unfriendly, not cooperative, not helpful, and hateful.  This is why Dickinson goes through so many doctors and nurses.

In order to fill the medical staff shortages, many facilities in Dickinson hire doctors and nurses through temporary agencies.  These medical professionals are referred to as “locums”.  I asked a doctor if they were referred to as a “locum”, and they said yes, actually, more formally they were referred to as a “locum tenens”.

I had at least three years of French, which is based on Latin, and one year of Latin, and it was annoying and puzzling to me that the temporary medical professionals were referred to as “locums” or “locum tenens”, because these words have nothing to do with medicine, and I wondered what the hell they were talking about.  The literal translation of “locum tenens” means “place holder”, I looked it up.

Back in a more civilized time in world history, temporary medical professionals were referred to as “locum tenens” or “place holder”, because they were merely filling in for a medical professional who was absent or on leave.  I was reading this, and I was thinking to myself about Dickinson, “Yeah, right, absent or on leave, Ha!”

I have got to find a better Latin name for the medical professionals who come to Dickinson, North Dakota to fill the staff shortages which are a result of the hostile hateful local administrators, nurses, and poor living conditions in Dickinson.  What is a Latin phrase for coming to work in a horrible place, or what is a Latin phrase for coming to work where the local co-workers and administrators keep driving people away?

Using an English to Latin translation, “working in a horrible place” translates to “opus horrendo loco”.  “Working with bad people” translates to “mala operatus est populus”.  “This place sucks” translates to “sugit loco isto”.

I think that advertisements for “locum tenens” in Dickinson, North Dakota should be supplemented with “sugit loco isto”, to be more accurate and not misleading.

Nurses And Doctors Don’t Want To Work Or Live In Dickinson, North Dakota

Nurses and Doctors don’t want to work or live in Dickinson, North Dakota.  From the nurses and doctors that I have met in Dickinson, from them quickly leaving Dickinson after arriving here, from the many temporary agency nurses and doctors in Dickinson that are here to staff the medical facilities, from the temporary agency nurses and doctors that never come back, from the emergency medical flight crew members that refuse to come back to work in Dickinson, from the constantly recurring job advertisements for the same medical personnel for the same position at the same facility, I can see that nurses and doctors don’t want to work or live in Dickinson, North Dakota.

Everywhere in the United States, nurses and doctors are in demand.  They can pick where they want to go.  They asses what they will be paid versus the cost of living, what the medical facility is like, what the healthcare professionals are like, what their work environment will be, what is the character of the community, what can they do outside of work.  What is Dickinson, North Dakota like?

After spending many years in a difficult, demanding, and expensive course of study, nurses, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians assistants, and medical doctors all want to have, and expect to have a good quality of life.  One of the most important things to them is to have a nice, appealing, comfortable place to live.  These professionals when they are young and have large student loans to pay off, are willing and able to pay up to $2,000 per month for an apartment when they first relocate to a new town for work.  Normally, this would allow them to have an apartment on the ocean, a river, a lake, or mountain, that was quiet and peaceful.  However in Dickinson, any young medical professional could spend half their income on an apartment and they would be living amongst dirty oil field workers, their dirty filthy trucks, and instead of peace and quiet, they would be listening to diesel trucks idling loudly outside their window.

The young medical professionals wanted and expected to have a good quality of life, they looked forward to going out to nice clubs and restaurants after work, going to the beach, hiking in the mountains, snow skiing, and meeting and socializing with new friends.  In Dickinson, everywhere you go the town is full of uneducated and ignorant oil field workers and local people.  The oil field workers were often obnoxiously rude, and the local people were unfriendly, not helpful, hostile, and hateful.  There are no nice clubs and restaurants in Dickinson because they allow the oil field workers in, there is no nice beach, no mountains to hike or ski on.

Many of the young medical professionals that came to Dickinson, quickly left after arriving here.  You would see a pamphlet, brochure, or press release about a new medical services professional joining an office, clinic, or facility, and in a few months they would be gone.  There were no nice places for them to live, there were no nice places for them to go outside of work, there were no professional peers their own age to meet and socialize with, there were no exciting, fun, or interesting activities, things to do, or places to go.  They could have gone and used methamphetamine and crack with the oil field workers.

Though there are a few older dentists and doctors in Dickinson that behave like medical professionals, many of the nurses and health care administrators in Dickinson are ignorant, backward, primitive, malicious, hostile, hateful local people with local educations.  These local nurses and local health care administrators in Dickinson are like fiends and psychopaths from movies, or like the Germans in WWII.

For the older nurses and older doctors that work for temporary agencies that come to Dickinson to fill the staff shortages at medical facilities, it is these local Dickinson nurses and local healthcare administrators that make them not ever come back.  They have not ever seen people in professional positions behave in such an ignorant, backward, primitive, malicious, and hostile manner.  They quickly see why there is a shortage of medical professionals in Dickinson.  For the young medical professionals, they leave Dickinson within a few months because work is so bad, and the town is so bad, even though they know having such a short tenure on their resume looks very bad.