The Phat Fish Brewery Is Family Friendly

In 2019 a new pizza restaurant and brewery was opened in Dickinson, North Dakota, called “Phat Fish Brewing”.

I kept hearing and reading that this restaurant and brewery is “family friendly”, which I think means that you can bring your kids with you, that it is O.K. for kids, or that it is meant for kids too.

From the Phat Fish Brewing website, it says:

“We are a family-friendly Brewery and Pizzeria with unique offerings created just for Dickinson!”

From a Dickinson Press newspaper article, where a reporter interviewed the owner:

“The new restaurant on Villard Street promises original brew and family fun…..A kids area is planned, and an area for adults to play games.”

“You don’t have to be 21 to be able to come in and have a pizza and a soda,” Scharf said. “We’re going to be doing our own custom root beer and cream soda. We’ll have root beer floats and smores pizzas.”

This is kind of what I picture in my mind:

2 thoughts on “The Phat Fish Brewery Is Family Friendly

  1. My fiance and I went there this summer shortly after they opened on a Sunday afternoon and it was ok, but I said I’ll come back next year. The business will either be well run and tidy by then, or out of business and I won’t need to worry about it.

    There is nothing wrong with the place, but nothing special either. There are other options that I prefer much better for now.


    1. Rusty,
      I deliberately tried to not be critical of this brewery/restaurant in a blog post. I waited, but couldn’t help attaching this particular video of kids singing karaoke while their parents get drunk. Even without any background information or context, the way that this video was filmed, the children come across as innocent and unknowing, but there is a sense that something is wrong, that everything is not O.K. This is kind of how it is when parents take their kids to a restaurant/pub/tavern to drink.

      It was pointed out to me, that about fifteen years ago, where the Brickhouse Grill is located now, someone started a brewery called the “Rattlesnake Brewery”. A great deal of time, energy, and money was spent in setting up the Rattlesnake Brewery, but it turned out that people in Dickinson did not want to spend more money for brewery beer than they could get beer for in other bars. The business closed, and all the contents of the Rattlesnake Brewery were sold off for much less than it cost, it was a big loss.

      Also, a few blocks down the street from the Phat Fish Brewer, is the Paragon Bowling Alley, which has pizza, beer, maybe ten bowling lanes, pool tables, video games, a full alcohol bar, blackjack dealers, and a diner with a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. Dickinson is primarily a blue collar town, the Paragon Bowling Alley is in a blue collar neighborhood, so is the Phat Fish Brewer. I don’t know how nobody could tell ahead of time how this is going to work out.


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