Amazement And Enjoyment When People In Dickinson Get What Is Coming To Them

Though most people would think that it is perverse, sinister, and sick, that I get so much enjoyment out of bad things happening to people in Dickinson, I not only admit to it, I want to talk about it.

Never, ever in my life had I personally witnessed so much cruelty and hatred towards other human beings, as I saw and experienced in Dickinson, North Dakota during the oil boom that occurred from 2007 through 2014.

There is no where in the United States with more vacant, barren, undeveloped, unoccupied cheap land, than in the Dickinson area, but due to greed, wickedness, and evil in the hearts of people in Dickinson, there became a false and manipulated “housing shortage”, in order to fleece, extort, abuse, and take advantage of the people who came here for work.

The local people in Dickinson were mean and cruel to the out of state workers in just about every way.  As neighbors, co-workers, business owners, and landlords the local people in Dickinson were mean, hostile, unfriendly, uncooperative, hateful, undermining, and sabotaging.

I relish, savor, rejoice, and give thanks when something very bad happens to people in Dickinson who did something to me.

In my mind, I keep a list of everything and everyone who has done something bad to me in Dickinson, and I check them off every time something bad happens to them.  I would like it even better if I created a written list to look at, of very bad things happening to people who did something to me:

D.S. – interfered with me having a place to live – dead

N.F. – interfered with me having a place to park my equipment – stroke, paralyzed

J.K. – interfered and endangered me at work – skull crushed

M.C. – interfered and endangered me at work – cancer

M.D. – interfered and undermined me at work – cancer

C.S. – interfered with me at work – lost business, left town, end of career here

J.M. – caused me problems at work – being sued for money, lose professional license

R.V. – interfered with me getting hired – arrested, lost job, publicly humiliated

K.H. – interfered with me at work – lost job, arrested, left town, publicly humiliated

E.D. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town

D.C. – interfered with at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

R.R. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

L.F. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town

M.G. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

W.H. – nasty/disrespectful to me at work – lost job, left town

H.W. – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

Steve ? – interfered with me at work – lost job

Kelly ? – interfered with me at work – lost job, left town, end of career here

I honestly and truthfully like it when bad things happen to people who did something to me.  I hope that more, and more, and more bad things happen to the people in Dickinson who deserve it.

I am not claiming that nothing bad will happen to me, it probably will.  However, regardless of what happens to me, I want to live and endure long enough to see everyone in Dickinson get what is coming to them.

I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, to list the specific terrible things that I want to happen to specific people in Dickinson, and perhaps I will write this list too.

4 thoughts on “Amazement And Enjoyment When People In Dickinson Get What Is Coming To Them

  1. While I certainly understand small town politics, I find myself wondering what ever could cause such ill will towards you?
    Race, ethnicity, religion, politics. etc. ‘It’s been my experience that nobody is “just an innocent victim”.
    There is always an incident that started the ball rolling the wrong direction, at least in some one’s mind.
    I personally was a Mayor of a small Midwest city for 10 years, and an Alderman 6 years prior to that. I did this while I managed my young “typical” family consisting of my wife, a son and a daughter. Additionally I owned a landfill of all things to further place scrutiny upon my life.
    All of this took place before I ever made it to 40 years old.
    Needless to say I could not please everyone. But… quandary was a simple one to establish the root causes of.
    It would appear that your business/career entailed some aspect that people found objectionable or offensive, which once again….I realize “you can’t make everyone happy”.
    I don’t know your type of business, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or politics.
    That being said.
    These are important factors that you’ve neglected to include to better paint a picture of the common elements by which “most” people “unfortunately” pass judgment.
    Quantifying my own past history as a man who fell under like circumstances I feel it’s necessary for you to be forthright as to these defining parameters.
    Mob mentality is an unfortunate element of society. I read and hear of it every day in every part of our world.
    I left the life I previously described as a young man with an anger and hate towards many people that rightly deserved my scorn. People that had gone so far beyond their normal parameters of daily life to make my life a living hell.
    Shortly after that I found myself in a divorce with my wife, a divorce with my business partner and then defrauded of over a half a million dollars from my recent business sale by my own investment banker.
    Although the banker went to a Federal prison, It was of no solace and just the beginning of a downwards spiral that lasted for 5 years.
    I found myself like the character Steve Buscemi played in the movie “Billy Madison” forming a mental list of “people I have to kill some day”…hah!
    Like you I could only see the wrong others had done to me.
    Not that I’m a religious man, but I found myself broken and on the verge of homelessness and one day reached out in a feeble plea to God.
    With nothing left to give, I told God I would give without expectation of anything in return.
    Long story short, I took the hobby I once enjoyed of exotic cars and pursued making it my new job.
    By chance I was working on a Ferrari for a very important man who would come to the shop I was working at every night after he left his business. He asked if he could watch and talk with me as I worked on his Ferrari.
    Long story short. This man would soon offer me a opportunity to become his personal car collection manager, private mechanic and probably my best friend.
    12 years later I have enjoyed a career that others only dream of.
    I look back at that 5 year period of anger, pain, brokenness, desperation and think only of the mistakes that lead me to that spot.
    Do I think God intervened? Well…..I asked him to, so I have to acknowledge the coincidence at a minimum. I maintain my own kind of relationship with that same God that I talked to on that day. It’s what helps me through my life, not that it’s a panacea for everything that confronts me in my present life, but it’s what I do.
    I once thought and felt all the same things you presently feel. I once relished the thought of all those who worked so hard to make my life fall apart suffering fates worse than death. I once saw no hope.
    My hope for you is that through time and holding tight the things that still bring you happiness you are able to find your peace.
    There will be a day you’ll watch those who did you wrong suffer by their own design, but never believe for a second that you had a hand in it.
    That will destroy your soul and invalidate everything good you’ve ever believed you’ve done right.
    Your not alone in this world of shitty ill intention-ed people. Many like myself share like stories, some much worse.
    I’ve told many people. “Be noticed for the good you do, not the bad”.
    Best of luck.


    1. Steveo1963,
      I read your comment, and I want to briefly explain. For the past four years, this subject is primarily what I have written about. I have probably written three hundred blog posts on this particular subject.

      In roughly 2009, the U.S. went into an economic depression due to the burst of the “housing bubble”, the over-inflation of house prices that had been going on for years. Perhaps most people had taken out a second mortgage on their home because they had increased equity due to housing prices rising, they used the second mortgage money to buy an expensive vehicle, buy a boat, put a kid through college, etcetera. Also, there were real estate investors who owned multiple houses with multiple mortgages, who were able to rent these investment houses out for more money per month than the monthly mortgage payment.

      The economy in most places in the U.S. had been doing well due to construction. When there was an inevitable correction in real estate and house prices, most people in the U.S. suddenly owed more money in total for their house, than their house was actually worth. Homeowners quit paying their mortgages, real estate investors began losing their investment homes, and construction on new homes ceased, all across the U.S.

      In the small town in Idaho where I currently owned a home and was self-employed, the roofers, framers, drywallers, painters, electricians, plumbers, concrete workers, heavy equipment operators who had been doing well financially, suddenly they were all out of work. It was the same all across the U.S.

      Meanwhile, in the least populated state in the U.S., North Dakota, population about 800,000 for the whole large-sized state, there was an oil boom going on due to “fracking technology” which finally allowed North Dakota oil to be extracted profitably. North Dakota wasn’t sparsely populated for no reason, the temperature in the winter gets down to -50 Fahrenheit, probably the coldest of any state. Also, the landscape of North Dakota is primarily open grass-land prairie with no trees, and desert-like badlands.

      Getting to the point, people from all over the U.S. who had just lost everything in the economic depression, came to North Dakota because it was publicized and advertised all over the U.S. that many jobs paid $100,000 per year in the North Dakota oil boom. This was not true, but a couple hundred thousand people eventually came to North Dakota looking for work, believing that they would make $100K per year.

      Because of the influx of people into the oil field towns like Williston or Dickinson, population 15,000, the rents which historically had been low, went from $300 per month, to $600, then $1,200, then $1,800 per month. Some out of state workers could afford to pay this rent by getting four working adults into an apartment meant for one or two people. Many, many out of state workers ended up sleeping in their vehicle wherever they could hide along roads, at shopping centers, at truck stops, in industrial areas, at parks. Some people who came didn’t have a vehicle, they slept under bridges, beside the railroad tracks, along drainage ditch banks.

      Keep in mind, that motels, rental houses, and apartment buildings in Dickinson had been owned and paid for a long time ago, the owners of rental properties didn’t have their costs double, but they doubled and quadrupled the price of rent because they thought that they could get away with it. Also keep in mind, that the people who came to Dickinson for work, most of them had just lost everything in the economic depression, and they had wives and children to support, they couldn’t afford to pay $2,000 per month for a one or two bedroom apartment. (At this time, in most places in the U.S., you could rent a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with a yard for $1,000 per month.)

      In my case, when I first came to Dickinson in 2011 , I had a $500 1978 camper on the back of my 1996 truck. I slept in the back of my truck at a truck stop. When I got a job, for $16 per hour, I slept in the back of my truck at the company that I worked for. When I was hired, the manager of the company that I worked for, he said that the company would provide a place for me, and two other new-hires to stay. Within a couple of weeks, the company had purchased an old, used single-wide trailer for us to stay in, and they began searching for a lot to put this trailer on. Meanwhile, several of the local workers from Dickinson employed at this company, namely M.C. and E.D. mentioned in my list above, they complained about the company trying to find us three new-hires a place to live, to such an extent, that the company didn’t provide us housing like they said they would.

      Again, the local workers at this company in Dickinson, they would not gain anything by causing me and the other two new-hires from being provided a place to live, which we would have to partially pay for, the local workers complained about housing being provided for us, just out of petty spite and hatefulness. Then, the local company workers began complaining that me and another new-hire got to sleep in our vehicles on company property, and not pay rent. Finally, I had to explain to the local workers at this company, that I had a home payment, utilities, property taxes, insurance payment, just like they did, but my home was back in Idaho, I can’t afford to pay for two homes.

      So yes, M.C. who was the primary complainer about the company in Dickinson finding a place for me and two other new-hires to live, so that the company did not find us a place to live like they said they would, and we had to sleep in our vehicles in the parking lot for months, yes, I am glad that M.C. now has cancer.

      This comment of mine is getting too long to explain very much about being endangered and being interfered with at work, but it was more pettiness and hatefulness from local people towards people who were from somewhere else.


  2. You are seriously disturbed and need help. I use to live here and was born here. I stumbled on your blog looking information about Patterson lake. I was curious why we never fished there growing up. Your small minded words about small minded topics made me smile so much about the fact that I don’t live there anymore. I am now in Seattle Wa. You are the pinnacle of what is wrong in that town and why I left.


    Someone who realized life in Dickinson is hardly life at all.


    1. Blah,
      Yes, living in Dickinson is like living in a prison work camp, where the only thing you have to look forward to is something bad happening to someone else, because nothing good ever happens. This is why people in Dickinson try to help other people fail, so that they can feel good about themselves when someone else gets injured, gets sick, loses their job, or dies.


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