The Jordheim Building Should Become A Mosque In Dickinson, North Dakota

The Jordheim Building in downtown Dickinson, is the tallest building in Dickinson.  Though it is only six stories in height, it looks much, much taller than this.  This building is currently unoccupied, and it is up for sale.

Here is a brief description of this building which I copied from the website

Excellent commercial building opportunity in the heart of the Bakken. Jordheim’s Plaza, 6 story building located in downtown Dickinson, ND. First, 2nd and 3rd floors have been extensively remodeled. Floors 4, 5 and 6 have tremendous development potential. First floor has been finished into office/retail space. 10 remodeled baths with 9 being handicap accessible. First and 2nd floors have central air. Floors 4, 5 and 6 have not been remodeled. Floors 4, 5 & 6 used to be used as hotel rooms. Electrical and new heating systems were completed for the first 3 floors in 1997. Parking lot to the East of the building was resurfaced in 2008. Ground level for building was stuccoed in 2008. Building is located in the Renaissance Zone in Dickinson which might qualify for property tax credits with approved application.

I picture in my mind, a gleaming white building with all commercial signage removed from it, with minarets added to each corner of the building roof, and one large taller minaret in the center of the roof, from which a muezzan calls Muslims to prayer:


If you read the description up above about the current floor plan, you will see that there is space for the Mosque worship area, classrooms for religious instruction, classrooms for a Muslim school grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, space for civic meetings, space for social gatherings, and rooms for lodging.

In the grounds adjacent to the Mosque building, and the City park next door, there could be a Mediterranean market with food, clothing, rugs, jewelry, and other merchandise.

Believe it or not, there is already a large Muslim population in Dickinson, due to the people from African nations that have moved here for work.  Why not make Dickinson an inviting destination for more Africans with the largest Mosque in North Dakota, and fill up all of this vacant new housing?

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