Seeing People In Dickinson Get What Is Coming To Them

In my previous blog posts over the last four years, I have written several times that one of the reasons why I remain in Dickinson, is to see everyone get what is coming to them.  One of my favorite things to do in Dickinson, is to regularly read the Dickinson Press newspaper articles under the headings “Crime And Courts” and “Police Blotter”, because it shows all of the shitty people in Dickinson getting arrested for something, eventually.

In today’s “Crime And Courts” article in the Dickinson Press newspaper, I saw a woman’s name that sounded familiar, arrested for the felony charge of issuing a check with insufficient funds.  Where have I heard or seen that name before?, I asked myself.  Oh yes, it’s that fat bitch from Florida who screwed me, my co-workers, and my company when we showed up to perform work, saying, “We never signed your contract.”

Before anyone says that it is not a felony to write a check with insufficient funds, apparently it is when you do it for the third time in six months.  The first two times, which happened two and five months prior, they were misdemeanors, this third time is a class C felony.

Why I am enjoying seeing this fat bitch from Florida getting what is coming to her, is explained as follows:

In 2017, I was the manager of a small company that had been doing business in Dickinson for twenty years.  There was a large business in Dickinson that had some important work that needed to be performed, so the owner of the company that I worked for, he asked me to explain to another customer that we were already scheduled to work for, why we couldn’t make it there, that we were sorry for the inconvenience that it would cause him.

Myself and two co-workers, we showed up together at this large business lobby to perform work, and I asked for the manager.  The “corporate sales manager”, who myself and my two co-workers knew before she got this job recently, she came out to the lobby and said in a snarky manner, “We never signed your contract, we don’t need you.”

I don’t think that this had ever happened to the company that I was working for.  I was about forty-eight years old at the time, and this had never happened to me anywhere else that I had ever worked.  To a person who is a novice manager, this might seem like something that you could do, but to anyone who had been working in business for even a short while, you would know that there are repercussions from doing things like this.

The actual overall manager of this large business in Dickinson, she had been the manager there for 28 years.  She had been on friendly terms, both personally and business-wise, with the owner of the company that I worked for, for the past twenty years.

What was the purpose of the “corporate sales manager” contacting, requesting, and scheduling work to be performed on the premises by the company that I worked for, allowing us to show up to perform the work, and then telling us “We never signed the contract, we don’t need you”?  Not very good business practice, so the “corporate sales manager” was no longer employed there within a month or two after this incident.

I want to end this blog post by pointing out again, that there are people from all over the United States who moved to North Dakota because due to their actions, behavior, reputation, and criminal record, they were no longer able to obtain employment in the states where they came from.

Employers in Dickinson often perform no or inadequate background checks on employees.  I have already experienced white-trash criminals being promoted to manager at companies in Dickinson, where either myself or co-workers had to look up and show the company owners that these people were convicted of two felony armed robberies in Utah in one case, and another charged with first degree murder and kidnapping in another case.

The Dickinson Press newspaper “Police Blotter” and “Crime And Courts”, and the North Dakota Court Repository are good locations to look up your manager and co-workers in Dickinson, North Dakota, or just do a “Google” search.

3 thoughts on “Seeing People In Dickinson Get What Is Coming To Them

    1. Lee Ann,
      I did what you said, and I looked up the person that I was referring to in this blog post on the North Dakota Court Repository for Stark County, and sure enough, there were two additional recent criminal charges for writing insufficient checks on August 8 and August 13.

      I am surprised that you could tell who I was writing about in this blog post because I never used her name,nor the business that she was working for, however I believed that if she had made as bad an impression with other people as she made with me, that some readers might know who I was talking about.

      In roughly the same time period, and approximately the same circumstances, there was a small woman from New York who worked in business administration, who twice I saw trying to steal bottles of alcohol from either behind a bar, or from a business stock room. I thought, my God, you are going to risk getting criminal theft charges by stealing $40 of alcohol, and you supposedly work doing bookkeeping, accounting, and management? I asked a woman who had been the manager at the same business in Dickinson for 30 years if she had had any problems with her, and she said, “Oh my God yes, I can’t even begin to describe how much she messed things up.”

      Everybody in Dickinson needs to learn this lesson, women from out-of-state who behaved so badly in the state where they were living that they could no longer get a job or lease a place to live, they came to Dickinson because nobody knows them or what they did. They may have been married once, twice, three times, or more. They use a combination of real first name, shortened first name, middle name as first name, maiden name as last name, first marriage last name, second marriage last name, in various combinations so that it is more difficult for people to look them up to see the criminal charges that they accumulated elsewhere.


  1. I read your blog every so often. The minute you said she was from Florida I knew exactly who you were talking about. She has pulled shady shit associated with her shop in town so I completely agree with your assessment on her.


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