Proposed Rough Riders Strip Club In The Prairie Hills Mall, Dickinson, North Dakota

In this blog post I will explain why the proposed Rough Riders Strip Club in the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson, North Dakota is a good idea.

From approximately 2011 through 2018, Dickinson State University administrators, professors, local business people, city government representatives, developers, and architects worked on plans and fundraising to construct the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum in Dickinson, North Dakota.  For those of you who don’t know, before Theodore Roosevelt became President of the United States in 1901, he spent several years in the 1890s living on a cattle ranch not far from Dickinson.

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum was something that was going to be a permanent attraction in Dickinson, and something that would help to fill the void that was left when so many oil field workers moved away after the boom ended in 2014.  Unfortunately, important and influential people from elsewhere, steered the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum away from Dickinson, to the town of Medora forty miles to the west.

Before he became President, Theodore Roosevelt was known for leading the first voluntary U.S. Cavalry Regiment in the Spanish-American War in Cuba, called the “Rough Riders”.  Hence, many things in this area are named “Rough Riders Hotel” or “Rough Riders Saloon”, in remembrance of the time that Theodore Roosevelt spent here.

Though Dickinson may not be able to have the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, it can have the biggest and best strip club in North Dakota, called the “Rough Riders Strip Club”.

In 2018, the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson experienced the closing of its three largest stores, JC Penny, Herbergers, and Odyssey Theaters.  There are several important reasons why the Rough Riders Strip Club should be located in the Prairie Hills Mall, besides being able to occupy the vacant space left by Herbergers or the Odyssey Theaters.

The Prairie Hills Mall is located centrally in downtown Dickinson, just north of Interstate 94, and beside Highway 22.  It is surrounded by approximately sixteen restaurants and ten hotels.  Because the Prairie Hills Mall is surrounded by about fifteen acres of paved parking lot, this parking lot is large enough to accommodate nearly two hundred tractor trucks & trailers in addition to normal vehicles.

Due to the location of the Prairie Hills Mall in Dickinson at the intersection of I-94 and Hwy 22, and because Dickinson is the nearest large town for one hundred miles in any direction, it is a natural convenient stopping place for commercial truck drivers.  With easy parking and easy access to a large modern strip club, which would soon become famous, and access to sixteen restaurants and ten hotels, this would become the busiest town in North Dakota.

It wouldn’t just be the commercial truck drivers who would get off the interstate in Dickinson, with the attention and publicity, everyone would want to stop to see what was going on in Dickinson.

Who is going to work there you may ask?  If you have read very many of my other blog posts, you might have seen that I often complain about there being a shortage of attractive women in Dickinson, and that most of the women in Dickinson are unfriendly.  Yes, that is true.  However, looking on Facebook, in this area, if you just look up the women with the last name of “Zastoupil” or “Miller”, there you will find enough attractive women with O.K. personalities to fill most of the dancer positions.  There are enough DSU girls to fill in for the Zastoupil and Miller women on their days off.

DSU girls can work some of the bar positions.  Dickinson High School girls and Trinity High School girls can work the waitress positions.  There are a few nice looking housewives in Dickinson that can work as hostesses, cashiers, or fill-in for the dancers on short notice.

What about the rest of the women in Dickinson, how about them?  I have envisioned a special opportunity for most of the other women in Dickinson, unlike anything else in North Dakota.  The other women will be known as “The Heidi Heitkamp Girls” or the “Heidi Girls” for short.

The Heidi Girls can wear red hair wigs, and they can all be called “Heidi”.  Now get ready for this, whenever a truck driver parks, a Heidi girl will trot over, pulling a rickshaw!  That’s right, pulling a rickshaw, just like the ones in China and Vietnam, except for these will probably have rubber car tires.

For free, the Heidi Girl will transport any truck driver in her rickshaw in between the strip club and his tractor truck.  However, if the truck driver wants to be taken to Taco Bell, Bernie’s Esquire Club, or a hotel, an extra charge will apply.

Now, if the owner of the Prairie Hills Mall is concerned about the running of the Rough Riders Strip Club, the long-time manager of the Mall, Peggy O’Brien, she can manage the strip club too, and also fill-in.

15 thoughts on “Proposed Rough Riders Strip Club In The Prairie Hills Mall, Dickinson, North Dakota

    1. Jmal,

      There don’t need to be any Black strippers in Dickinson. Any Black man can find dozens of White women eager to have sex with Black men among the waitresses, bartenders, store clerks, and WalMart shoppers in Dickinson.


    1. Jmal,

      Yes, enroll at Dickinson State University, or visit the Odyssey Cinema on the DSU campus. You are probably going to have to deal with a lot of White girls, professors, and coaches offering themselves to you, but there are some Black girls attending DSU in Dickinson.


  1. GENIUS! Dude I loved every damn word of this, absolutely Thee best literature I’ve had the plesure of reading In ages. Not only do I think this is a spectacular Idea, I must say it’s been 30 min since I finished reading it and only now can I type this comment because I’ve finally slowed my uncontrollable laughter and subsequent tears enough to articulate it! You sir deserve a Reward or at least a lap dance! Thank you, thank you very much I needed that lil pick me up!


  2. I think your “Blog “ says a little something about your self as well . Judging females by THEIR body’s instead of who they are for one shows to me …what I think your reflections apon your self. Those girls with mean personalities are probably creeped out by your ugly personality and low self esteem. Feel free to message me for some advice.


    1. Alexis,
      When I grew up in the 1970s, there was still a partnership between men and women. Most men sought to be, and expected to be fathers, husbands, protectors, and providers. Since women figured they needed men, and wanted one, most women sought to be attractive, pleasant, agreeable, cooperative, mothers, wives, and homemakers.

      All of this has changed, everything has changed. Women came to believe that they were equal to men, and therefore they should have the same occupations as men, roles as men, incomes as men. Women began to contend with men and strive against men. Society, the media, and the government helped the idea that women did not need men, that they could raise kids alone, they could do everything themselves.

      In the past several years, more and more women have turned to the tactic of accusing men of illegal actions in order to get ahead. False allegations against male Police Officers, fathers, husbands, employers, supervisors, co-workers, and classmates for such things as assault, sexual assault, and harassment.

      Now that I am almost 50 years old, I can see that the world has changed drastically. I am so grateful that I never became married, because I most likely would have become divorced. I am grateful that I did not have any children. I am grateful that I did not have to pay child support.

      The only thing that women have to offer me that I might want, is sex. But women seek to contend with and strive against men now, so I would have to be very wary of any woman wanting to have sex with me, because it would likely be a trap. The only solution would be a mutual agreement where the woman agrees to take $200 to $300 from me for sex, and that’s it.

      I expect nothing but treachery, trickery, scheming, plotting, conniving, false allegations, and crying-victim from women now. The true nature of women has been pretty much completely exposed, and the world is about ready to make a correction concerning women. History is going to repeat itself.


  3. You’re the reason it won’t pass, enjoying a females body is one thing that’s understandable they are beautiful. But judging them only by that factor and don’t care about who they are as a human being is a somthing else .


  4. So you think strippers are going to have sex with you for money ? That’s not their job, technically that’s illegal. As well you’re 50 years old and your still alone ? For me at that age I would understand stand that I would need to under go some changes. I understand how things used to be but, things change for the better . You probably have no use for a real woman , because your not a real man your self .


    1. Alexis,
      I believe that you are too young to have had the chance to think things through in life. From your point of view, imagine if you had to ask young men out on dates, pay for dinner and drinks, and they were not very appreciative or good company. Eventually you found a young man to marry, and he wanted and insisted that you pay $8,000, two months of your salary, for an engagement motorcycle.

      This young man planned the wedding, to be held out in the woods, where all the guests would go hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and barbeque, with all the food, drinks, entertainment, and accommodations costing $15,000 that you were going to have to pay for.

      Imagine that your new husband wants you to buy a $200,000 house when you make $50,000 per year, and he makes $25,000 per year. Imagine that your new husbands also wants you to buy him a new Ford F-150 that costs $50,000. You buy the house, and you buy the new Ford F-150 that you can barely afford, and then your husband keeps talking about wanting a new bass fishing boat.

      After your husband has been pressuring you for the past eight years to buy all these things for him that you could not afford, and forcing you to work 60-70 hours per week to afford the $200K house, $50K Ford F-150, and $25K bass fishing boat, he files for divorce.

      Your husband wants you to get out of the house, and continue to pay for the house, the Ford F-150, the bass fishing boat, and keep the $8,000 engagement motorcycle, and pay $1,000 per month in child support.

      Would you do this, how does this sound, pretty ridiculous right? Why would men want to have anything to do with women?


      1. Johnny Deadcolt,
        I still think about the Rough Riders Strip Club, its feasibility, the logistics, financing, management, and staff. One of the problems, is that the Prairie Hills Mall parking lot was not designed or constructed to handle a large amount of tractor truck and heavy commercial truck traffic. The Prairie Hills Mall parking lot has a not very thick layer of asphalt. To handle a great deal of tractor truck parking, the entire parking lot would probably have to be six inches of concrete, very expensive to even get the parking lot ready, maybe a millions dollars for the parking lot alone.

        Or, are you talking about Heidi Heitkamp being hushed suddenly? She lost the election as North Dakota senator. She did mention recently running for governor of North Dakota, but I hope that she would never be elected governor.

        Oh, now I see what you are talking about, my comment notification didn’t show me that you were talking about the comments that were left by Alexis Moss. I looked her up on Facebook. I don’t know if you know who she is, or if you know her personally, she is a college student at Dickinson State University, and it looked like she might have had a boyfriend currently. Sometimes, when women are willing to spend time arguing with you, they secretly like you, want to talk to you, or want to be subdued by you. I thought that it would be better for me, and for her, for me to not become personally acquainted with her, it would just be problems for both of us.


      2. Amen 🙏 and we’ll spoken points.
        I do think the business model for strip clubs is antiquated. Eventually, the newness would wear off, and it would become yet another Twin Peaks or Hooters business model. With the onset of a plethora of free Internet porn, and Chipotle’s, the average local Joe, and frat boys from your local university would not patronize the strip club, nor the surrounding restaurants and hotels. + , contrary to what’s been posted here, strip clubs can become a sore spot for drugs, prostitution, and other nefarious activities and headaches for your local Johnny Law department. Just my .02 cents.


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