An Elderly Woman Gives Her Testimony Of Torture And Sexual Abuse As A Catholic Nun

Yesterday, I angrily left De Porres House of Barbering and Lounge in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I became angrier and angrier, as I waited for my appointment, after I had read a large message board showing how customers had paid ahead for haircuts and pints of beer for the local Catholic Monsignor and Catholic priests.

The Catholic Church is the most corrupt and evil organization in the World, and it was blatantly apparent that both the owners Matt and Paul Ellerkamp and the customers were supporters of the Catholic Church.

Catholics refuse to believe, acknowledge, or understand the horrible corruption and evil of the Catholic Church, and they are complicit in this evil, because they go along with it.

Below I have included a video, where an elderly woman gives her testimony of the torture and sexual abuse that she received as a Catholic Nun.  She gives the details and explanation of how this occurred.

Particularly disgusting, is where she describes how she was given over to a Catholic priest to use for sex, by the Mother of the convent, who told her, “Oh child, it is O.K., your body is not yours anymore, your body has been given over to God.”  The explanation of how this happened begins at the 16:02 minute mark on this video.

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