Two Very Funny, Short, YouTube Videos

It has been very, very cold and windy in Dickinson, North Dakota lately.  I choose to not go outside or go anywhere unless I have to, like move my vehicle to a different spot further down the street so that it doesn’t get ticketed again by the Dickinson Police, and threatened to be towed.  But if I actually left my apartment and went anywhere, the Dickinson Police would get me, the Meth addicts would get me, or the hoodlums would get me.  Read the Dickinson Press newspaper Police Blotter.

I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos:  Dixie Cryptid and Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search about Bigfoot;  Scotty Kilmer about cars and car repair;  and Nika Banana to see what she is doing and leave her annoying comments.  But in between I watch a lot of random videos about new discoveries, the history you don’t know, abandoned places, unexplained mysteries, badly behaving people, and funny animals.

Below I am including two of the funniest animal videos that I have ever seen:


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