Miss Teen Poland Swimsuit Competition

I don’t really like beauty pageants, and I kind of feel sorry for young women trying to get ahead by appearing almost completely nude.  However, this feeling of sympathy, comes from being brought up with the wrong idea and understanding of women.

It’s a trick and deception to feel sorry for women.  The reality is that you will never in your life come across anything more treacherous, dishonest, scheming, and malevolent than women.  Once you understand this, you are on your way to having a happier, more successful, more productive life.  If you fail to understand this, you will fail in life, likely always being poor, in debt, and miserable.

So sit back and enjoy this video of young Polish women competing against each other to prove who is the hottest, most attractive, and most desirable for mating:


Contestant #10 at the 2:50 mark, is that Codi Miller?  I didn’t know that Codi was Polish.  Is she allowed to do this, I think that she is like 25 years old now?….O.K. I saw from the pageant banner at the end of this video that this pageant was in 2013, so Codi would have been 19 years old then.

Here are some of my favorite viewer comments:

Gerald Wilson
Not a tattoo in sight….. simply lovely !
Peter Stevenson
Nice to see girls that are not covered in tattoos
c Mc
All the diversity you need, red hair, blond, dark and light brown, black hair, light skin, tanned skin, brown eyes, green and blue eyes, don’t need any more diversity.
Nobody Move
Next year, Miss American contestants will be required to wear full bee keeper outfits at all times. Sad. 😦
micky rooney
How very politically incorrect…..i’m glad to say
John Campbell
See ya later, I’m moving to Poland. 😀
Mike Boyd
Greatly enjoyed this. But actually would like to see their moms, too!
Something to keep in mind, is that Polish women age very well, they keep their looks for a very long time.  And these women are willing to work, you could get one of them and put them to work right away doing book keeping, working at a bank, being an office administrator, dispatcher, dental hygienist, beautician, bartender, or stripper.


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