People Not Getting Arrested For Crimes In Dickinson, North Dakota

Sometimes in Dickinson, North Dakota, I have been disappointed, angry, upset, and frustrated that some people do not get arrested for crimes that they commit in Dickinson.  It is upsetting because not only do some criminals not receive any punishment for their crimes, there is no deterrent to them continuing to commit crimes, but I know that if I did what they did, I would instantly get a year in jail.

A couple of years ago, I was at an event in Dickinson.  I did not consume any alcohol during the event.  After the event was over, I was talking to the event organizers, when I was attacked by an event attendee, who I had never met before, named Shaun.  Myself, the event organizers, and other event attendees were shocked when I was struck in the shoulders by Shaun, and I was knocked off my feet.

As I quickly got up, Shaun continued to try to attack me, and about four or five people tried to hold Shaun back, as he was yelling “I will fucking kill you!”  I had a metal object in my hand, which I was going to use to hit Shaun in the head, if I needed to.

The security guards telephoned the Dickinson Police, followed Shaun for several blocks, as his girlfriend was telling people that she was a Police Officer or that she worked for the Police.  Right when Shaun and his girlfriend were getting into a taxi cab, Police Officer Justin arrived, and stopped them.

Myself, the event organizer, and several security guards told Dickinson Police Officer Justin that I was struck suddenly by Shaun punching me in my shoulders, which knocked me backwards off my feet.  Police Officer Justin said that he could not charge Shaun with assault because he had not witnessed the assault, but that he would charge him with disorderly conduct.

What Police Officer Justin told me at that time, was that if I had hit Shaun in the head with the metal object that I was holding, that I would have been arrested for aggravated assault, for using deadly force against someone, when deadly force was not called for, even though Shaun was yelling, “I will fucking kill you.”

In a later meeting at the Dickinson Police Department with more senior Police Officers, I was again told that I would have likely been charged with aggravated assault if I had hit Shaun in the head with a metal object, as this would be viewed as use of deadly force.  I still to this day, disagree with, and do not understand, why when a person is attacked in North Dakota, they can not defend themselves by any means necessary.

There was never any record of Shaun attacking me.  Police Officer Justin did not charge Shaun with disorderly conduct, or anything at all.  I did some checking and asking around to find out what was going on.

Shaun’s girlfriend who was there that night, telling people that she was a Police Officer or that she worked for the Police Department, had in the past worked for the Dickinson Police Department in administration or as a dispatcher.  I do not know if the Dickinson Police Department did not file any charges on her boyfriend Shaun as a favor to her.

I looked up this girlfriend on the North Dakota Court Records Repository, and I saw that she had been arrested twice for bad check writing, and once for hit and run leaving the scene of an accident, which says something about her character, and the Dickinson Police Department for hiring her.  Her boyfriend Shaun had been arrested a couple of months earlier for DUI in Dickinson.

I found out a couple of places where Shaun was performing some work, and I knew the managers at these locations.  Within a couple of weeks of Shaun attacking me, he was arrested in Watford City for a bench warrant for failure to appear at his DUI court case in Dickinson.

One of the managers that I spoke to about Shaun, said that Shaun was very passive, and that his attack on me was not like him.  I was curious and interested to see what happened, what would Shaun do next.

Recently I spoke to person who knew Shaun, and I said that I was interested to see what had happened with him, he had never been charged by the Dickinson Police for attacking me, had he done anything else crazy?  Yes, “He beat the fuck out of his girlfriend, and he held his girlfriend and her manager hostage and would not let them go.”

I then looked up Shaun on the North Dakota Court Records Repository, and there is no record of Shaun assaulting his girlfriend, or holding his girlfriend and her manager hostage and not letting them leave.  Women are funny, they pay no heed and take no warning to someone who acts violently towards others, then when they turn violent toward them, beating them or holding them against their will, they just accept it, and don’t even report it to the Police.

In North Dakota, “kidnapping”, has a mandatory sentence of life in prison.  But they just let things like this go in Dickinson.

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