Accused Armed Robbers in Dickinson

Ghetto Whites And Ghetto Blacks Now Arriving In Dickinson, North Dakota

When I first came to Dickinson, North Dakota in 2011 during the oil boom, it seemed like about 25% of the young working age males from Idaho came to western North Dakota to work.  The young men who had worked on farms and worked in construction in Idaho, did very well in western North Dakota.  They were accustomed to working long hours, operating equipment, driving big trucks, hooking up and loading trailers, towing trailers, driving in the snow, and working outside in the cold.

Probably the only thing that gave people from Idaho a bad reputation in North Dakota, were the people from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  Coeur d’Alene is only 30 miles from Spokane, Washington.

Spokane, Washington has a population of over 200,000 people.  There is very high unemployment, especially among young people.  With thousands of poor, unemployed, and under employed young people, who are idle, there is a culture of grunge, drug use, crime, and theft.  The culture of, “Let’s steal something, sell it, go buy some heroin, and get high.”

The young men from the rural areas of Idaho who had earned their living from working on farms and working in construction, were pretty good workers.  The young men, and young women, from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, are nothing like the rest of Idahoans.  They come from a grunge, drug, crime, and ghetto culture, where hard work and trustworthiness is not found or practiced.  If you see an Idaho license plate that starts with the letter “K”, stay away.

Many or most of the people arriving in Dickinson, North Dakota right now are not trades people or construction workers, they are ghetto people from places like Los Angeles, Seattle, Spokane, and Coeur d’Alene.

Trades people, people who are electricians, plumbers, mechanics, welders, heavy equipment operators, or carpenters, find out ahead of time what companies are hiring in an area before they move.  There is no point in moving several states away to a particular town, if there is no work in the trade that they do in that particular town.

The ghetto people who are arriving now in Dickinson, did not do any checking ahead of time before they came to Dickinson.  They are stupid, have low intelligence, low education, low information, very little common sense, very little work experience, and very few work skills.  They do not know what companies in Dickinson want, need, and require from their employees.

These ghetto people are not going to be hired at any of the car dealers or equipment dealers in Dickinson.  They are not going to be hired at any of the hardware stores or material yards.  Nor the oil companies, oil field service companies, city, county, schools, or business offices.  A few might get hired as construction laborers, and some might get hired to work in fast food restaurants.

What the ghetto people can do, is commit crimes, steal, and sell drugs.  In Dickinson, on any street, there are trucks with tools in the truck bed, cars with music CDs in the front seat, open garages with tools and sporting goods, and houses with electronics, firearms, and jewelry.

A couple of days ago in Dickinson, I saw two young men who were about 20 to 22 years old, walking around in my neighbor’s back yard.  I asked them what they were doing, and I told them to not cut through the back yards again.  I went and got my neighbor to come out and check his storage sheds and his equipment in his back yard.

Picture this, I live on a downtown city block that is about 400 ft on each side, which is not divided down the middle by an alley way or utility easement.  There are about four houses on the north, south, east, and west sides of this block.  About every other house has a fence around their yard.

I do not know from what state these two 20 to 22 year old young men relocated from, to think that you exit the sidewalk at the middle of the block, to walk between two houses to get into the backyard of those two houses, and then from there you continue to walk on private property through other people’s back yards.

In other words, if you live in a neighborhood where people’s backyards are all back-to-back and side-by-side, and one neighbor would not even think about crossing over into his neighbor’s yard, what do you make of two young adult men deciding to walk through everyone’s private backyards?

When my neighbor came outside to check his storage sheds and his equipment in his backyard, we saw footprints in the snow going up to beside the back corner of his house.  I asked him if those were his footprints, and he said that no they were not, he had noticed those footprints this morning, and that someone had made those footprints last night.

Since I moved to downtown Dickinson about ten months ago, this is a very common thing, especially at night, for hoodlum ghetto people to wander around trying to get into everything and run off with things like monkeys, racoons, or cockroaches.

Update 4/20/2018:

I originally wrote this blog post on 4/3/2018.  Today, I was reading Google Local News for Dickinson, North Dakota, where I saw an article about five people committing an armed robbery in Dickinson, at an apartment about four city blocks from where I live.

I included the arrest photo of three of the alleged armed robbers at the top of this blog post.  This is exactly what I was writing about, when I wrote that many of the people who are moving to Dickinson now, are not trades people expecting to move to Dickinson to practice their trade, they are people coming from the ghettos in cities, who are criminals, thieves, drug addicts, and drug dealers.

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